Friends Reunion Reboot - PALS (New TV Series 2021 Trailer)


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    Hey guys... thanks for watching this reboot trailer starring Emma! If you enjoyed this video and want to support my channel, then please consider checking out the link below. With a VPN you can unlock the full Netflix library and watch every season of Friends. There's even a 30 day money back guarantee! If you need more help then leave a comment below and I'm happy to explain how this works! *stay tuned for a Part 2 Pals episode coming soon!

  2. Peter van Herp

    Peter van Herp7 時間 前

    @Lyndan Armytage, Founder Of Lynfan Productions I know that you arrogant smart ass, i just wondered while the maker of this didn’t put any of the Phoebe-Mike story in this!

  3. Lyndan Armytage, Founder Of Lynfan Productions

    Lyndan Armytage, Founder Of Lynfan Productions8 時間 前

    @Peter van Herp Dude this is fake

  4. Peter van Herp

    Peter van Herp8 時間 前

    Where was Mike(Phoebe’s husband) in this story?

  5. Lyndan Armytage, Founder Of Lynfan Productions

    Lyndan Armytage, Founder Of Lynfan Productions日 前

    @PatME bG don't beat yourself up over it, it's fooled the lot of people, probably the main giveaway was Ross re-marring, for one that kind of is a sure fire for a show to fail, the producers and directors would know this and the chances of them meeting again, would be close to 0 as they live on two separate continences

  6. PatME bG

    PatME bG日 前

    @Lyndan Armytage, Founder Of Lynfan Productions I didn't notice any of that at all. Makes me wonder what else I miss when I watch movies.

  7. Vanessa Willis

    Vanessa Willis3 時間 前

    I wish it was truuuuue 😭😂

  8. Sarwe

    Sarwe3 時間 前

    Waitttt thissss is fakeeee

  9. Fizza Hamdule

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  10. IMK M

    IMK M9 時間 前

    I literally Googled for date of release after watching this

  11. IMK M

    IMK M9 時間 前

    I literally Googled for date of release after watching this

  12. Papanui iz hea

    Papanui iz hea10 時間 前

    Gail weathers is Courteney Cox's character from scream

  13. Lethao Nguyenthi

    Lethao Nguyenthi10 時間 前

    Again? Another prank? *crying*

  14. GGG Gaming

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  15. Christopher Hintergardt

    Christopher Hintergardt20 時間 前

    So good. Make more thank u

  16. sapir blank

    sapir blank21 時間 前

    Samone pls put this shit on Netflix

  17. Anna Ellison

    Anna Ellison22 時間 前

    Why did I sit here for like 10 minutes to watch this lol

  18. Cris Gomes

    Cris Gomes22 時間 前

    Amazing job. Congrats 👏☝💪💪

  19. Tayler Renee

    Tayler Renee23 時間 前

    This SUCKS!!!!!! I’m a huge “Friends” fan and have been since I could talk, I had every season on DVD before I was in middle school. This is super cringy though.

  20. SD SH

    SD SH日 前

    This didn't feel right...

  21. Deisi666

    Deisi666日 前

    So this is NOT real? I don’t know what to believe anymore. Please stop playing with people’s emotions😭

  22. Ariel Boggs

    Ariel Boggs日 前

    Damn this is good 😂 But also I’m mad

  23. Cool gal Gamer

    Cool gal Gamer日 前

    Is that Emma speaking?

  24. 1deleted3 jerk1

    1deleted3 jerk1日 前

    I am Japanese and a big fan of FRIENDS. I am glad to know that Joey has finally been successful in Japan since we used to watch FRIENDS in Japan in the past.



    Woah this is sad...I thought they lived happily ever after

  26. NationalPat

    NationalPat日 前

    Courteney Cox looking like her wax figure is playing her character.

  27. madani hussain

    madani hussain日 前

    3:31 Monica is looking like an alien now!🙄

  28. Danish ahluwalia

    Danish ahluwalia2 日 前

    This is a lovely trailor.....i can’t believe i knew it from the start but i went out till the end. Cudos girl.

  29. fubly joe

    fubly joe2 日 前

    Oh no can't it be like the normal friends the sarcastic show

  30. Kim Greene

    Kim Greene2 日 前

    These guys are too old to act like this.

  31. Gerardo Sarria

    Gerardo Sarria2 日 前

    I thought this was real until I started reading the comments

  32. Nallheli Alcaraz Bringas

    Nallheli Alcaraz Bringas2 日 前

    Netflix took out Friends from its catalogue in Mexico 🥺 so unfair 😭

  33. Alex Fariña

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  34. Be Ding

    Be Ding2 日 前

    Fuck i thought it's real buddy🙃

  35. Erin O'Reilly

    Erin O'Reilly3 日 前

    No you can’t they took it off the air

  36. Angeline Mckew

    Angeline Mckew3 日 前

    this is incredible!!! haha omg phoebe with the cats haha!! I always related to her hahaha

  37. Daisy Tanner

    Daisy Tanner3 日 前

    This is the best video I have ever seen

  38. ART F

    ART F4 日 前

    it would be nice to see children in New version as friends

  39. MrJester012

    MrJester0124 日 前

    1:44 red tie & black sunglasses - Ross in disguise?

  40. Mohid izhar

    Mohid izhar4 日 前

    Waitttt.... I thought that it was real... OMG😲😂😂😂😂

  41. lego universe Bakti

    lego universe Bakti4 日 前

    Is this real

  42. משה בדוש

    משה בדוש4 日 前

    The year is 2020 should show her emma her birthday video age 18 (season 10 episode 4)

  43. Lisa Müller

    Lisa Müller4 日 前

    How is this possible, I just... I’m -

  44. Clara Franziska

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  45. Raymundo Medina

    Raymundo Medina4 日 前

    Friends is not on Netflix anymore...

  46. H2 Anonymous

    H2 Anonymous4 日 前

    Sorry but, this was pain to watch

  47. Gus Capt America Az Matos

    Gus Capt America Az Matos4 日 前

    I'd watch this

  48. Charley Hodge

    Charley Hodge4 日 前

    Wait they actually make it a new movie For friends

  49. Jess Hulbert

    Jess Hulbert4 日 前

    Imagine if at the end of it when it says she’s waiting fir ben it had cole sprouse at the door

  50. Zhra Zariewala

    Zhra Zariewala5 日 前

    I so glad to be seeing all my friends again. they have become part of my life . thks so much for this reunion.

  51. Noura Nouara

    Noura Nouara5 日 前

    I just hate Emily !

  52. Linda Turner

    Linda Turner5 日 前

    when is it coming ??????????? yaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :*

  53. devika dileep

    devika dileep5 日 前


  54. Hairysteed

    Hairysteed5 日 前

    So, is Ross gonna say the right name this time?

  55. preetam choudhury

    preetam choudhury5 日 前

    dammit now i need netflix

  56. Patrick-Dev

    Patrick-Dev5 日 前

    So this is not REAL? You gotta be kidding me

  57. Alyssa Dana

    Alyssa Dana5 日 前

    I know this is fake but phoebe would defff steals 200 cats lmao

  58. BlueSyrupGC

    BlueSyrupGC5 日 前

    Awesome but one question only Where’s Mike?

  59. grace gg

    grace gg5 日 前

    Me and my pals Shows an empty couch

  60. Dustin Surprises

    Dustin Surprises5 日 前

    I do hope this becomes a Series reboot.

  61. Dustin Surprises

    Dustin Surprises5 日 前

    Wow skipped almost 2 decades of the kid life.

  62. Anya Bee

    Anya Bee5 日 前

    What happened to mike :( Really well done!

  63. x•o•x•o Staci

    x•o•x•o Staci5 日 前

    This is AMAZING

  64. AriV

    AriV5 日 前

    Someone needs to make this real

  65. Johnny Banks

    Johnny Banks6 日 前

    Old Friends ☆ New Fri ENDS ¤

  66. Gabi Carramaschi

    Gabi Carramaschi6 日 前

    this is real?

  67. Abdul Raafay

    Abdul Raafay6 日 前

    work of a Genius👌

  68. Nicholas Mazur

    Nicholas Mazur6 日 前

    sadly its not on netflix anymore

  69. Tim Ko

    Tim Ko6 日 前

    what is the name of the movie in 3:19?

  70. Leontina Goodin

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  71. Von Bon

    Von Bon6 日 前

    If they do a spin off of friends and call it pals then Cole Sprouse has to be the main character

  72. Yaldyz Ibrahim

    Yaldyz Ibrahim6 日 前

    Sad act game not funny

  73. littlemouse91019

    littlemouse910196 日 前

    Could you possibly do a sequel trailer for the Lindsay Lohan movie Just my luck? I feel like the ending was left very open ended with a chance to share more to the story.

  74. 小马Iris要过河

    小马Iris要过河6 日 前

    thank you for sharing! is it tv series or movie?

  75. Kayli Spitler

    Kayli Spitler6 日 前

    No Ross and Rachel would be very happy now

  76. King Gore

    King Gore7 日 前

    OMG, they are old. And I'm an adult.

  77. Aanya Koppikar

    Aanya Koppikar7 日 前

    Is this true

  78. Julian Walls

    Julian Walls7 日 前

    They can’t do a friends reboot because friends is a white reboot of living single 🤣🤣🤣did u guys pay living single any recognition or royalties

  79. Julian Walls

    Julian Walls5 日 前

    @Harold Smith it’s facts sorry living single a year b4 friends both 6 people in an apartment in New York in the 90s only difference is they made friends white oh and both were under Warner brothers they bought the idea for the black show gave the white show the bigger budget paid the actors more and gave more creative privilege to friends it’s all public knowledge have a good day

  80. Harold Smith

    Harold Smith6 日 前

    Completely false

  81. Sejal Sharma

    Sejal Sharma7 日 前

    Is cole still playing the role of BEN??🥺🥺❤

  82. Michael Mendoza

    Michael Mendoza7 日 前

    This is totally fake but I kinda hope they do an actual reboot

  83. end yc

    end yc7 日 前

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  84. Aidan Moffett

    Aidan Moffett7 日 前

    Boopy boopy boop boop boopy boopy boop boop

  85. Punjabi Chopsticks

    Punjabi Chopsticks7 日 前

    I downloaded an app that came as ad during your video .... Thank me later 😎

  86. Alexa Guerra

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    Woowwwwww 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳🥰😭😭😭

  87. Rafa Vieira

    Rafa Vieira7 日 前

    There were moments during this video that I had to keep reminding myself this wasn’t a real trailer

  88. beatriz barbosa

    beatriz barbosa8 日 前


  89. girly games games

    girly games games8 日 前

    Who is the person playing Emma

  90. isa musa sen bizi kutsa

    isa musa sen bizi kutsa8 日 前

    -Repeat after me;I ross -I ross -take the emily -take the rachel HahahahahaLOL

  91. Cosmos

    Cosmos8 日 前

    Wait so this isn't real

  92. Ishan Varghese

    Ishan Varghese8 日 前

    3:41 Is it CGI or what.

  93. Fredrick Matoke

    Fredrick Matoke8 日 前

    What's with Ross divorcing and remarrying people

  94. Allen Schattschneider

    Allen Schattschneider8 日 前

    how many pals season s will there be .i live in united states and love to buy the full complete set of pals

  95. cristina gordillo arevalo

    cristina gordillo arevalo8 日 前

    i love this , i wish it was real

  96. Lucia Eden

    Lucia Eden8 日 前

    I... I don't get it.. How did the creator do this? Did he take different clips from different movies and put it all togheter? Really, I don't get it!! Help mee

  97. Pen Hugs

    Pen Hugs8 日 前

    Sounds like Troom troom

  98. David

    David9 日 前

    It seems rubbish to me....

  99. Alondra Nunez

    Alondra Nunez9 日 前

    So this isn’t real?!

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  101. Honey Bee

    Honey Bee9 日 前

    It was OK until Emily appeared, no Emily for gods sake

  102. Ritesh Wadikar

    Ritesh Wadikar9 日 前

    What will be the Approx date when it will be released?

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    @Ritesh Wadikar hush mode activated

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    Read the description you pilock

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    @Ritesh Wadikar you calling me the stupid one ? You must be playing

  106. Ritesh Wadikar

    Ritesh Wadikar8 日 前

    @Get me to 100 Followers no you idiot, it's real those are the real actor's and those since are not from other movies lol

  107. Get me to 100 Followers

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    @Ritesh Wadikar you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed are you ? They took clips from movies with the old actors in them and put them together, did a bit of photoshop and made this

  108. Alicia P

    Alicia P9 日 前

    Wow great job. But I would have to pass on it though. To go through the emotional rollercoaster is a little much.

  109. Inna Goncharuk

    Inna Goncharuk9 日 前

    Росс красавчик!

  110. Ireene Rossario

    Ireene Rossario9 日 前

    "sometimes i feel like i serve coffee" runs in ur blood girl

  111. Luke Lee

    Luke Lee9 日 前

    I know this is fake but... ended up watching the entire video... you did such a great job. you should be the new producer for the reunion show...

  112. Why are u reading this watch something Idk

    Why are u reading this watch something Idk9 日 前

    I don’t like THE FRICKEN NAME it’s stupid the REAL friends is way better than that will ever be so don’t MAKE IT!

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    Calm down it’s not real wtf

  114. Why are u reading this watch something Idk

    Why are u reading this watch something Idk9 日 前

    They took friends off Netflix every one knows

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    No they didn’t