Fortnite X Star Wars - Gameplay Trailer


  1. SkeletonGuard45

    SkeletonGuard4530 分 前

    They should've added General Grevious as a skin.

  2. Mack 26278

    Mack 26278日 前

    You need to add more lifetime refunds in fortnite every time is a new season

  3. MrJavi76

    MrJavi762 日 前

    I just wasted 33 seconds of my life watching this

  4. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker3 日 前

    Why am I not it

  5. Dj Wolfgang

    Dj Wolfgang3 日 前

    Kylo ren skin or Sith trooper skin?

  6. Abodi

    Abodi3 日 前

    They Showed A Little Bit Of The Event before release

  7. Light blue

    Light blue5 日 前

    Like όποιος είναι Έλληνας

  8. Sami Ben

    Sami Ben6 日 前

    Oh m'y gode

  9. Cooper Thomas

    Cooper Thomas6 日 前

    Epic games keep the light sabers and the storm troopers

  10. morocco noob

    morocco noob7 日 前


  11. Veselka Bojievska

    Veselka Bojievska7 日 前


  12. Thomas Hughes

    Thomas Hughes8 日 前

    i have sith trooper

  13. Dj Wolfgang

    Dj Wolfgang日 前

    Kylo ren skin or sith trooper skin,?

  14. DraftMe 69

    DraftMe 699 日 前


  15. Pietro

    Pietro9 日 前

    Please, give the style for Rey that she is wearing the hood

  16. TJ Matthews

    TJ Matthews9 日 前

    Bring back some of these skins, they wasn’t around long enough, do more special events like this one in the future and the Winterfest winter free presents was a great idea for 14 days, more events like that in the future

  17. Marshmello Mokadem

    Marshmello Mokadem9 日 前

    Put lightsabers back pleeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeee

  18. Spinosou The very paranoid dinosaur

    Spinosou The very paranoid dinosaur9 日 前

    When ninja has better aim than elite stormtroopers

  19. PervolFN

    PervolFN11 日 前

    Lightsaber joined the party Me : (^_-)

  20. たまこ田之上

    たまこ田之上12 日 前


  21. sil ho

    sil ho12 日 前

    Le sabre laser c de la merde

  22. GhostMaroon 3752

    GhostMaroon 375213 日 前

    Will we have the light sabers and storm troopers in creative in the future?

  23. Alx 1

    Alx 113 日 前

    Battlefront in a nutshell

  24. Ragepas T’es kex

    Ragepas T’es kex13 日 前

    I'm like fortnite it's my favorite games

  25. Данил Твердохлеб

    Данил Твердохлеб14 日 前

    Dear developers, return the skin to the item store, Kylo Ren, please belittle

  26. Julian Gordon

    Julian Gordon14 日 前

    Add light sabers to creative

  27. Rainbow Oblivion

    Rainbow Oblivion14 日 前

    They act like the lightsabers block shots from all sides but boy were they wrong

  28. JoaquinTailsX D

    JoaquinTailsX D14 日 前

    I hate the saber

  29. Alejandro Cortez

    Alejandro Cortez14 日 前


  30. Steven S

    Steven S14 日 前

    Take light sabers out of the game please

  31. Piano Man

    Piano Man14 日 前

    Can u add lightsaber to creative

  32. Khaled Agha

    Khaled Agha14 日 前

    Rey in Fortnite looks more like hermione from Harry potter

  33. Demarion Brown

    Demarion Brown15 日 前

    Take the lightsabers out the game please🤬🤬🤬😡😡😭😭😭😭😭😭

  34. ꧁ReiBooyah꧂

    ꧁ReiBooyah꧂15 日 前

    Fortnite para Android J5

  35. Krissi 2007

    Krissi 200715 日 前

    Vault the lightsaber now

  36. Slime Slime

    Slime Slime15 日 前

    Fortnite should add hellboy as a skin

  37. quran by kids

    quran by kids15 日 前

    When is the kylo ren skin stop coming to the itemshp


    INFINITE PLAyz15 日 前

    Vault the light sabers

  39. Zahraa Kadhim

    Zahraa Kadhim15 日 前

    ban lightsabers BAN THEM

  40. StillBetta80

    StillBetta8016 日 前

    They need to add a captain phasma skin

  41. Blasting FireTNT

    Blasting FireTNT16 日 前

    the mistake that fortnite made... (tHe LiGhTsAbErS!!!!)

  42. Mason Stone

    Mason Stone16 日 前

    We need all the Skywalker's Like episode 3 Anakin and episode 6 Luke so please Fortnite make it happen I hope you do 💙👍🏻😀

  43. TheUltimateSurviv0r

    TheUltimateSurviv0r16 日 前

    If there’s anyone who could gift me a battle pass I’m already lvl 100 😭 and/or a Star Wars bundle that would be immensely appreciated 🙏🏽 My Epic ID is OpticSnypers

  44. Games Only Gaming GOG

    Games Only Gaming GOG16 日 前


  45. scott blackmon

    scott blackmon16 日 前

    I like it

  46. Toa Avon Productions

    Toa Avon Productions17 日 前

    idea: lightsabers in creative! Imagine all the fun games that will be made

  47. ꧁༺•Yoshi Ryder06༻꧂

    ꧁༺•Yoshi Ryder06༻꧂5 日 前

    I made a map for Star Wars, hopefully they add them (they obviously won’t)

  48. MihaiP Gaming

    MihaiP Gaming8 日 前

    Lightsabers are not fun at all

  49. Film industry

    Film industry17 日 前

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  50. TheBattleNetwork

    TheBattleNetwork17 日 前

    The amount of money I would have given if they released an ARC trooper or Clone Commando skin. Missed opportunity...

  51. GoldenNoob 7462

    GoldenNoob 746217 日 前

    Expectation:Working Together to kill Stormtroopers Reality:You getting knocked out and your teammates leaving u

  52. Jeremy Thanaparamy

    Jeremy Thanaparamy18 日 前

    Unless this is boring😣

  53. Spiderman

    Spiderman18 日 前

    Baby Yoda Is green

  54. Aleix Fernandez Perez

    Aleix Fernandez Perez18 日 前

    ¿No estaría mal una colaboración con Transformers ?

  55. code:tridzo

    code:tridzo18 日 前


  56. Harry Symonds

    Harry Symonds18 日 前

    When will these be removed because I’m going to buy one but I’m on holiday so I don’t know when they’re going to get removed

  57. RızeFN

    RızeFN17 日 前


  58. Fide-Eye

    Fide-Eye18 日 前

    2019: Marvel skins and gamemodes in fortnite Also 2019: Star wars skins weapons and events in Fortnite 2020: Fortnite buys marvel and star wars and becomes a movie company 2040: Fortnite owns disney

  59. Brian Ellis

    Brian Ellis18 日 前

    you dumb fortnite

  60. Hector Ruiz

    Hector Ruiz18 日 前

    Why can’t the lightsabers get vaulted

  61. RızeFN

    RızeFN17 日 前


  62. Ivette

    Ivette17 日 前

    they are in the 7th

  63. Spidey time

    Spidey time18 日 前

    If only there was the theme for lobby music

  64. Hunter -777

    Hunter -77719 日 前

    Make a lightsaber pickaxe plz

  65. Abraham Unger

    Abraham Unger19 日 前

    Vault the lightsabers

  66. ItzCloudyy

    ItzCloudyy19 日 前

    Me and my friends playing star wars with nerf guns0:21