Fortnite X Jumpman


  1. JohnStoneZ Roblox and more

    JohnStoneZ Roblox and more3 時間 前

    What I hate in fortnite Me:*shoots a person* Person:*builds dubai*

  2. Sh11na

    Sh11na2 日 前

    Fortnite x Subway Surfers

  3. 307df

    307df3 日 前

    Apex is better

  4. TheBlueBeast45 And stuff

    TheBlueBeast45 And stuff3 日 前

    What if they vault building Soccer skins can’t do 90s every 5 seconds then

  5. Hey There Person

    Hey There Person3 日 前

    Yo hold up, If its basketball, why are there skateboards?!?!

  6. TK NaNdo

    TK NaNdo4 日 前

    This has nothing to do with basket ball

  7. The bear Gamer

    The bear Gamer6 日 前

    COMMING soon Fortnite x Nike

  8. JKLitttleMan

    JKLitttleMan7 日 前

    Epic games please add avengers weapons and infinity stones and infinity gauntlet and vaulted weapons to creative

  9. TanTheInkster

    TanTheInkster8 日 前

    OMG i love the comments here

  10. Hahaga123456 Uyiyuyuyuy

    Hahaga123456 Uyiyuyuyuy9 日 前

    The comments are way to funny I swear.

  11. Aiden Hicks703

    Aiden Hicks7039 日 前

    Fortnite x Shazam!

  12. Adrian Garcia

    Adrian Garcia10 日 前

    Litteraly the most cooked game ever with nonstop laggs

  13. Nilay Lochan

    Nilay Lochan10 日 前

    Fortnite:Fortnite X Jordan Michael Jordan: Stop it! Get some help

  14. Spyeye034

    Spyeye03411 日 前

    Fortnite X Original Mario

  15. Giancarlo Vanegas

    Giancarlo Vanegas12 日 前

    Jordans? But they're wearing Nikes

  16. Diablo Midnite

    Diablo Midnite12 日 前

    Wow the male looks so bad

  17. ItzJustFiend 69

    ItzJustFiend 6913 日 前

    Fortnite, can you tell me how to level up my save the world heroes in June 2019? I’d really appreciate it

  18. Kahlaa Rabbani

    Kahlaa Rabbani13 日 前

    Can fortnite please give samsung galaxy A9 high quality, better fps and better graphics pls?

  19. la moul

    la moul13 日 前

    Please fortnite PS3😍😍😍😍



    I did all the challenges

  21. Wincent Śliwiński

    Wincent Śliwiński13 日 前

    Fortnite coś takiego że można wybierać ile chce sie vDolców

  22. AdixoxQ YT !

    AdixoxQ YT !13 日 前

    What music?

  23. Attila Kenderes

    Attila Kenderes13 日 前


  24. Zahide Karacil

    Zahide Karacil13 日 前

    old pumgun is 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 new pumgun is😡😡😡

  25. carry

    carry14 日 前

    I'm just looking for eye hints

  26. 420Cash Money420

    420Cash Money42014 日 前


  27. Chino&Onix Torres

    Chino&Onix Torres14 日 前

    Btw i have the jumpman skins add me on Chinesguy46

  28. Chino&Onix Torres

    Chino&Onix Torres14 日 前

    I need ikonik skin i love the emote its so cool but im poor my fam has 670 cause we bought a good car

  29. Lil BROXA

    Lil BROXA14 日 前

    Você só estão fazendo o jogo piorar

  30. Kenyana Stephens

    Kenyana Stephens14 日 前

    Take team rumble out

  31. Joice Nicoletti

    Joice Nicoletti14 日 前

    Epic Games lança o modo de tempo limitado Para criatura do pico polar é Aparecida do modo

  32. 1 mill subs no vids

    1 mill subs no vids14 日 前


  33. Walaa Sabri

    Walaa Sabri14 日 前

    Hey fortnite I am sorry that I was rude but plz from my heart can you realise Fortnite beta on unsupported devices plz

  34. Team DARKVAVE

    Team DARKVAVE14 日 前

    Pls i need an invitation for the discord of Fortnite

  35. Nehoray The King

    Nehoray The King14 日 前

    ובן זונה

  36. Worse Rose

    Worse Rose14 日 前

    I’m gonna go and burn my Jordan’s now because it’s related to fortnite brb

  37. Matas Baksys

    Matas Baksys14 日 前

    jedi mat

  38. Matas Baksys

    Matas Baksys14 日 前

    why did you dont not set off 3 kills in sanny steps

  39. Timon Tore

    Timon Tore15 日 前

    I have a question: how Can you epicgames Gift other people a Gift for free. Can you please tell me because i have never got a Gift from you.

  40. Rafik Rafik

    Rafik Rafik15 日 前

    Make update gives skins in your locker plz cause I want the fable skin and it's gone

  41. itsisa tv

    itsisa tv15 日 前

    Please make fortnite on ps3 please!!!!

  42. Clark 6543278

    Clark 654327815 日 前

    plees plees

  43. Clark 6543278

    Clark 654327815 日 前

    and the zap u chron

  44. Clark 6543278

    Clark 654327815 日 前

    bring back pump shotgun

  45. Orange Gamer

    Orange Gamer15 日 前

    You suck epicgames

  46. X D

    X D15 日 前


  47. Xaep

    Xaep15 日 前


  48. crowz

    crowz15 日 前


  49. Bl0ck Gamer

    Bl0ck Gamer15 日 前

    Prepare to be overthrown, everyone dies at one point. Except for the king aka the best selling game of all time.

  50. It's our life Casiano Casiano

    It's our life Casiano Casiano15 日 前

    Epic pls add more refund tickets for Xbox 1 I really want a soccer skin thank you

  51. wambui89

    wambui8913 日 前

    me to

  52. Asha Subayar

    Asha Subayar15 日 前

    Plzzz bring it to all devices what wrong with you plZ cant afford expensive

  53. Logan THe RAptOr

    Logan THe RAptOr15 日 前

    *9yo=bRInG PUmP bACk*

  54. Choosymk's Dad

    Choosymk's Dad15 日 前

    Fortnite, I lost my email and it got disabled. My epic is Twistedd_Sparkz and I had 2FA on and I can't get a code because my email was disabled.

  55. Three Gamers

    Three Gamers15 日 前

    We want pump short gun ang lazy lake

  56. Free fire Brasil LIVE

    Free fire Brasil LIVE15 日 前

    Please epic games please pump

  57. Free fire Brasil LIVE

    Free fire Brasil LIVE15 日 前

    Please pump

  58. Free fire Brasil LIVE

    Free fire Brasil LIVE15 日 前


  59. Su Wandi

    Su Wandi15 日 前

    Plis fornite ram 2 gb Phone xiaomi 4 A

  60. NINTENDO switch god

    NINTENDO switch god16 日 前

    How does this have any thing to do with basketball

  61. Valerie Masongsong

    Valerie Masongsong16 日 前

    I have a question if you go to Lava Legends molten Valkyrie wings they look like that monster from Godzilla king of the monsters from the lave leave a like if think that’s a clue

  62. Andy Hawthorne

    Andy Hawthorne16 日 前

    Bring back the pump please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😤😤 it’s not making the game any better

  63. Abbod Yt

    Abbod Yt16 日 前

    I get the skin

  64. Jurassic Predator

    Jurassic Predator16 日 前

    Epic games rocks

  65. FlamSelk

    FlamSelk16 日 前

    Remove pumps what a great update now we can only hit 70-95

  66. FlamSelk

    FlamSelk16 日 前

    Season 9 sucks btw

  67. Yoshi Guy Gamer

    Yoshi Guy Gamer16 日 前

    They made a man after the fortnite event 😂

  68. S Carr

    S Carr16 日 前

    Can leviathan come back please 🐟 👩‍🚀 = leviathan

  69. Evandro Aguiar

    Evandro Aguiar16 日 前


  70. Evandro Aguiar

    Evandro Aguiar16 日 前

    Merda não consegui instalar fortnite


    VAYO RAMÍREZ16 日 前


  72. The MOBILE Gamer

    The MOBILE Gamer16 日 前


  73. Matilde Gym

    Matilde Gym16 日 前

    Le ho finite tutte le sfide

  74. N A

    N A16 日 前

    hello fortnite, what if u let us choose the season we want to play when ww open battle royale!?! Greattt

  75. Jazmin Castro

    Jazmin Castro16 日 前

    Are you going to do Godzilla event or mode

  76. Rafik Rafik

    Rafik Rafik16 日 前

    Bring old fornite guns plz

  77. Rafik Rafik

    Rafik Rafik16 日 前

    Your game is bad

  78. Mr Vania

    Mr Vania16 日 前

    Когда будет фортнайт на андроид не бета?

  79. Richie Yang

    Richie Yang16 日 前

    Is that monster in the ice Godzilla??

  80. Trippy Thz

    Trippy Thz16 日 前

    uhh epic games do you know about jenson snow ?

  81. Torando• Blast

    Torando• Blast17 日 前

    Found a cool glitch to complete the challenges easily: when you spawn in keep on walking to the front. Wait for the timer to reach three and respawn. You will now have no more ice. This is useful for mobile players until it is patched.

  82. Torando• Blast

    Torando• Blast17 日 前

    Finally got the sweaty board thingy:)

  83. Torando• Blast

    Torando• Blast17 日 前

    I’m a mobile player.

  84. irfan ggs1

    irfan ggs117 日 前

    Fortnite X Xbox



    New ps plus skin plz

  86. Felipe Maia

    Felipe Maia17 日 前

    New skins but can’t fix the game

  87. Diego Rojas

    Diego Rojas17 日 前

    Fortnite is the best add merry munchkin pls

  88. Iver Liberal

    Iver Liberal17 日 前


  89. Iver Liberal

    Iver Liberal17 日 前

    Epic i don't want my ice kingdom to be gone pls

  90. Emzy

    Emzy17 日 前

    Epic can u just take out everything in the game for a day and add all the old things back and see how ur game does cuz right now ur game is bs

  91. Drozol 1

    Drozol 117 日 前

    Time to burn my jordans

  92. Venix Gaming

    Venix Gaming17 日 前

    Doea anyone have the link for the grey jordans? Wanted to cop them a long time ago

  93. kevinslime 29

    kevinslime 2917 日 前

    Épic games espero que veas esto soy un jugador de swicht por fa quiero que saquen salvar al mundo para swicht pero que cueste es que quiero el pací de fundadores ojalá vean este mensaje

  94. tyler baker

    tyler baker17 日 前

    I have the skate board on my account its pretty cool to add that

  95. Brandon Mendez

    Brandon Mendez17 日 前

    Fix your game

  96. Frozzy YT

    Frozzy YT17 日 前

    Gliches i fortnite i bye a skin and i don't get🤬😡😡😡

  97. Necrozma Giritina forme

    Necrozma Giritina forme14 日 前

    Frozzy YT do you have the vbux?

  98. Jonaeze Atzas

    Jonaeze Atzas17 日 前

    Fortnite tengo un error me he comprado al pack de jordan pero no me lo dieron y me gaste pavos

  99. Piotr Hazubski

    Piotr Hazubski17 日 前

    Plz double pump plzzzzzzzzz

  100. Syafiq Akmal

    Syafiq Akmal17 日 前

    Hey guys out their are u playing fortnite if you playing fortnite cheak it out the season 10 and of fortnite😭😭😭😭😭

  101. ToxoTron

    ToxoTron17 日 前

    0:01 Cyrax is that you?

  102. felipe rodrigues

    felipe rodrigues17 日 前

    Epic games conversa com a Microsoft pra ela libera o fortnit para o Xbox 360 porque tem pessoas que não tem condições de compra os games avançados 😭😭

  103. Rafik Rafik

    Rafik Rafik17 日 前

    I die in fornite every time you get shot anywhere I'm sorry but I can't handle your game:(

  104. lock here!

    lock here!17 日 前

    Hey epic can you add a donald trump skin pls