Fortnite X Batman Announce Trailer


  1. Mike Oxmaul

    Mike Oxmaul10 時間 前

    As A Multi Billion dollar company you could’ve at least added a song geez

  2. Cesox

    Cesox10 時間 前

    Maybe if we watch till the end, we’ll get a reward 🙄

  3. Koen Rapp

    Koen Rapp10 時間 前

    i was thinking about getting on this morning but..... like maybe i will if this is freeeeeee

  4. Diego Diaz

    Diego Diaz10 時間 前

    OK I don't like batman being in fortnight cut its basically a game about killing and only using guns so it's not a good fit but I'm not gonna lie the designs look sick especially the classic look

  5. LazyLiko

    LazyLiko10 時間 前

    So uh, Batman’s not in the shop for me??

  6. Jalyn Clark

    Jalyn Clark10 時間 前

    But ...Batman don't shoot guns.....

  7. thediamondomlet Playz

    thediamondomlet Playz10 時間 前

    I woke up at 6 with a stomach ache

  8. _-Carlitos-_

    _-Carlitos-_10 時間 前


  9. Hack Vil

    Hack Vil10 時間 前


  10. Kauan de Souza Novais

    Kauan de Souza Novais10 時間 前

    ja comprei todo o kit da loja de itens menos a picareta kkk tinha 3k500 vbucks, agr estou com 200

  11. Whistlesss

    Whistlesss10 時間 前

    of course you cant buy it with vbucks...its a *€20 pack* !!!! wtf what a scam


    EYE ROBOT10 時間 前

    That's stuped why u not do styel except 2 skins

  13. Mr_Mc_Squid

    Mr_Mc_Squid10 時間 前

    Remember, this is what delayed the live event

  14. Javier Ordoñez Fernandez

    Javier Ordoñez Fernandez10 時間 前

    Dura 30s… por qué tiene 3min? 😂😂😂

  15. JA2E

    JA2E10 時間 前


  16. SwIF Payne

    SwIF Payne10 時間 前

    How did they make 3 minutes out of a 22 second trailer

  17. NessTheOne

    NessTheOne10 時間 前

    wheres superman?

  18. Jayyy-_-

    Jayyy-_-10 時間 前

    Yea epic games clickbaited us so hard, they probably said (free rewards for views)😂

  19. nichts zusehen

    nichts zusehen10 時間 前


  20. VoltageX

    VoltageX10 時間 前

    Epic you cant just lie to us saying we are all going to get a reward for waking up to watch the premiere and then change it with out us having proof i am done playing the game until i see my reward that everyone that watched it deserves

  21. Gabriel Oliveira

    Gabriel Oliveira10 時間 前

    I whatched the Vidio in the correct time an I Didn't receive ,where's it?

  22. Alex _lol

    Alex _lol10 時間 前

    i didnt get the rewards ...

  23. XX DvthegAMmer

    XX DvthegAMmer10 時間 前

    in 0:02 you can ser Joker skin gliding on the back

  24. NBA 2k live mobile Master

    NBA 2k live mobile Master10 時間 前


  25. NoMercy

    NoMercy10 時間 前

    Batman and Guns wtf epic

  26. Ckn Tommy

    Ckn Tommy10 時間 前

    Ma non posso più collegare l’account. Odio la mia vita:(

  27. Zona B. Oculus

    Zona B. Oculus10 時間 前

    Ngl Batman looks a lot better than I imagined!

  28. רויאל בקל

    רויאל בקל10 時間 前

    Wow epic good video but give me my free prize


    J-Hope #ARMY#BLINCK#VIP10 時間 前

    EH ! Il va être 14h passé j'ai rien gratos la 😣 where is my "free reward"?

  30. TheAntii

    TheAntii10 時間 前

    i dont ger a reward

  31. GI7T6N

    GI7T6N10 時間 前

    This is Brocken I playing on phone and tilted town is still there reeeeee

  32. Jhin Exe

    Jhin Exe10 時間 前

    I Am sleepy

  33. NBA 2k live mobile Master

    NBA 2k live mobile Master10 時間 前


  34. Bacon God

    Bacon God10 時間 前

    I am Batman 🕵️ This is universe your universe suck mine is better

  35. Legie 2006

    Legie 200610 時間 前



    DANGER BOY10 時間 前

    Batman in starter pack😠😠😠😠😠

  37. 78_n _

    78_n _10 時間 前

    عرضكمم بيضض

  38. Todd Howard Gang

    Todd Howard Gang10 時間 前

    “I woke up for this?” Why’d you wake up at all for something Fortnite?

  39. Christina Nguyen

    Christina Nguyen10 時間 前

    I was playing just then and it is so lit!!!!!!!!

  40. Murilo Brito

    Murilo Brito10 時間 前

    E a recompensa?

  41. Daniel Medjedovic

    Daniel Medjedovic10 時間 前

    now people with batman skin will hunt down the ones with clown skin rather han getting victory royale

  42. Glock Kingg

    Glock Kingg10 時間 前

    haha im from the uk i didnt have to wake up for this whilst u guys in the us have to go back to sleep

  43. Reza Eshghi

    Reza Eshghi10 時間 前

    I've got nothing to say... :/

  44. Lee Borland

    Lee Borland10 時間 前

    3 min video well yes but actually no

  45. Jason playz Roblox

    Jason playz Roblox10 時間 前

    Well then *Quits Fortnite*

  46. BOI Mobile

    BOI Mobile10 時間 前

    Bro trailer its like 30 seconds and wake up for that

  47. Ada Wong Plays

    Ada Wong Plays10 時間 前

    Definitely buying cat woman

  48. SkepTic Spectre

    SkepTic Spectre10 時間 前


  49. Kevin Tran

    Kevin Tran10 時間 前

    Wow u can do the batman but not the IT 2

  50. Equivalent Exchange

    Equivalent Exchange10 時間 前

    i didnt get any reward. what was the reward?

  51. Javien Rodriguez

    Javien Rodriguez10 時間 前

    They finally did something good

  52. •Sø Bälä•

    •Sø Bälä•10 時間 前

    Não recebi a recompensa 🙄

  53. two cock

    two cock10 時間 前

    so who's buying it (not me)

  54. MinisterKangaroo

    MinisterKangaroo10 時間 前

    Why is the glider so expensive I mean I know that you probably need the money to pay for DC but 1,200 for a glider that plain!?

  55. Darrien Rawls

    Darrien Rawls10 時間 前

    They're going to miss out on money from the Batman skin. Everybody can't afford to put cash into a free to play game. least I can't 😢

  56. soul

    soul10 時間 前

    Why the Fk is this sooooo extended

  57. pumpyjetski

    pumpyjetski10 時間 前

    Tf bye I'm going back to sleep

  58. JackTheLad 33

    JackTheLad 3310 時間 前

    Thought there was a free reward

  59. LegendBader.

    LegendBader.10 時間 前

    Where is my reward?

  60. Cristian De Santis

    Cristian De Santis10 時間 前

    Fortnite, a game fabricated with the ass