Fortnite X Avengers: Endgame Trailer


  1. Colby Plaitin

    Colby Plaitin時間 前

    Stark dies in endgame

  2. CiaránTDD

    CiaránTDD時間 前

    I would rather play Minecraft 1.14

  3. Thomas oc

    Thomas oc時間 前

    Ragnarock would have made a way better Thor



    𝙃𝙤𝙥𝙚𝙛𝙪𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙣𝙚𝙬 𝙏𝙃𝙊𝙍 𝙒𝙄𝙇𝙇 𝙂𝙊 𝙁𝙊𝙍 𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙃𝙀𝘼𝘿

  5. Joseph Martinez

    Joseph Martinez時間 前

    Just saw Endgame, how dare you spoil canon material!

  6. Someonee06

    Someonee06時間 前

    Imagine we go back in time to season 1 with the OG music

  7. Alex Ceja

    Alex Ceja時間 前

    This is a disgrace

  8. LER

    LER時間 前

    Thanks I hate it

  9. sony singh

    sony singh時間 前

    You should team up with Google for the release of the pixel 4

  10. Ice Cube

    Ice Cube時間 前

    Can we all let this shite game die?

  11. Rayyan Fareed

    Rayyan Fareed時間 前

    I am waiting for Fortnite:Justice league Do u?

  12. BirdIsTheWord

    BirdIsTheWord時間 前

    minor spoiler thor becomes tubby

  13. Paul_ paris

    Paul_ paris時間 前

    Avengers are here to end this game. (Fortnite)

  14. Jay Jay Abels

    Jay Jay Abels時間 前

    No Hulk? No bueno.

  15. Trystan Myatt

    Trystan Myatt時間 前

    Watch in speed 0.25 so funny

  16. Pääkkis

    Pääkkis時間 前


  17. like please

    like please時間 前

    Btw there is a spoiler.

  18. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf時間 前

    Yo is that NoobMaster69?

  19. Chris Prillo Is Ebola

    Chris Prillo Is Ebola時間 前


  20. Swift Goofyz

    Swift Goofyz時間 前

    "Balance will be restored" um revert?

  21. Zac Davis

    Zac Davis時間 前


  22. mcdonkey500

    mcdonkey500時間 前

    tfw iron man dies

  23. Big CHUNGUS

    Big CHUNGUS時間 前


  24. Cecilia Yu

    Cecilia Yu時間 前

    What did it cost Mi familia

  25. Toastie156

    Toastie156時間 前


  26. Mad Zac

    Mad Zac時間 前

    wow number 1 trending

  27. kenny ken ben

    kenny ken ben時間 前


  28. James 10

    James 10時間 前

    So the best Franchise teams up with possibly the worst game ever to exist..... what is going on??

  29. Delta -Dz

    Delta -Dz時間 前

    Je pense qui gagne déjà assez d argent comme ça

  30. Edwin V

    Edwin V時間 前

    Why you?.... why you bully me?

  31. Ddullie Dduddongie

    Ddullie Dduddongie時間 前


  32. Emmanuel Jerome D. BARCENAL

    Emmanuel Jerome D. BARCENAL時間 前

    *Omg Fortnite why'd you have to spoil one of the scenes from the movie!? There were people who haven't seen it yet!!!*

  33. The NanoParticle

    The NanoParticle時間 前

    what happens tell me pls

  34. Gabriele Serretti

    Gabriele Serretti時間 前

    Time to commit a hate crime

  35. Darcy Kerse

    Darcy Kerse時間 前

    0:02 I need to say that Thanos looks amazing.

  36. Otaku Scythela

    Otaku Scythela時間 前


  37. SomeSerious Stuff

    SomeSerious Stuff時間 前

    *one does not just simply cross taylor swift in #1 trending with 27 second video*

  38. Javij Gameing

    Javij Gameing時間 前

    0:03 When your squad survives titled towers

  39. Cameron Hamilton

    Cameron Hamilton時間 前

    Stop showing off👿👿👿👿

  40. Ya Boi

    Ya Boi時間 前

    Copying roblox a bit I see

  41. Saif King

    Saif King時間 前

    Can this game get gayer than this

  42. EthanDraws

    EthanDraws時間 前

    Alrighty then, Fortnite. I'm interested.

  43. TechnoSharp

    TechnoSharp時間 前

    I know you watched this more than one time.

  44. Mariana Ramirez

    Mariana Ramirez時間 前

    PERO Q MIER***

  45. abi q

    abi q時間 前

    I was really hoping this would be good but turns out it's a huge fortnite ad.

  46. Sapphire Gamez

    Sapphire Gamez時間 前

    Credit to the dude who got hit by the shield, is he okay?

  47. Mr Yeet

    Mr Yeet時間 前

    Why is the avengers items not red for marvel

  48. Mar Tunk

    Mar Tunk時間 前

    Iron man dies because he uses the infantry gauntlet Captain America picks up Thor’s hammer which was retrieved from the past from the quantum realm via time travel Thanos dies Everyone who died came back Thor’s fat now

  49. JnatasQ

    JnatasQ時間 前

    bro you’re so cool bro, you saw the movie that’s so sick bro. you’re honestly so cool for commenting this and ruining everybody’s fun. keep growing that neckbeard ugly

  50. Moayad Aldhuhayyan

    Moayad Aldhuhayyan時間 前

    ما شوفكم

  51. Moayad Aldhuhayyan

    Moayad Aldhuhayyan時間 前

    وين العرب

  52. Chiweenie Mode

    Chiweenie Mode時間 前

    Chiweenie mode

  53. Anto Z

    Anto Z時間 前

    Fortnite is now going to have to collab with James Charles to keep its game relavent.

  54. Messiah Gray

    Messiah Gray時間 前

    *Superman Dies in Endgame*

  55. ツĴůśŧÑįkツ

    ツĴůśŧÑįkツ時間 前

    Чаво, Каво?

  56. Carlos Carranza

    Carlos Carranza時間 前

    Hell yes

  57. Lucid Opamex

    Lucid Opamex時間 前

    Iron man and captain America die in endgame

  58. revoxx

    revoxx時間 前

    Fortnite bad

  59. Gabriel Moraes

    Gabriel Moraes時間 前

    Name a mor iconic duo

  60. kartikeya chitranshi

    kartikeya chitranshi時間 前

    This is cancer- Papa franku

  61. Riley Kulik

    Riley Kulik時間 前

    How is this #1 on trending ❓❓❓

  62. 0

    0時間 前

    I Love how Black Widow is Missing. Wich, given the context, actually makes sense.

  63. iProdigy

    iProdigy時間 前

    Tony died undoing the snap. Black widow died, sacrificed herself. Gamora went evil and kinda died. Cap went back in time and retired to live with Peggy, basically leaving the timeline

  64. Bryan Morquecho

    Bryan Morquecho時間 前

    Ese pescadito esta genial con el rayo y todo jsjsjs

  65. Lee Animations

    Lee Animations時間 前

    *Raptor dies in endgame*

  66. Ash Greninja

    Ash Greninja時間 前

    drift soud be captain america



    #1 trending in the UK!!

  68. Centen Bak

    Centen Bak時間 前

    i love this trailer i am also happy that thanos has arrived and that even more Avengers have entered the game

  69. Evan LaForge

    Evan LaForge時間 前

    It's... thortnite

  70. DragonfistX_x

    DragonfistX_x時間 前

    They just forgot to put a fat characther for the Thor one haha

  71. ara fiqah

    ara fiqah時間 前

    What ever it take

  72. Nathaniel Mulatz

    Nathaniel Mulatz時間 前

    ara fiqah 😔🙏

  73. Jefferson rosa

    Jefferson rosa時間 前


  74. RJ Long ಠ_ಠ

    RJ Long ಠ_ಠ時間 前

    This game is still alive? Fml

  75. Dang Its Nile

    Dang Its Nile時間 前

    *u spoiled endgame* do you really believe that a fish, banana, and Ceeday killed the big grape

  76. BjarkeN

    BjarkeN2 時間 前

    People still playing this game? Lel

  77. Overlord ➊

    Overlord ➊2 時間 前

    Let Taylor Swift have #1 on trending you dead game

  78. 7B Asger Lindgaard Pedersen Hampelandskolen

    7B Asger Lindgaard Pedersen Hampelandskolen2 時間 前


  79. CL4 Clan

    CL4 Clan2 時間 前

    I bet my friend he wont beat me to 1k hes channel Kryplid Mine is well yea who will win probaly him but plz make me win

  80. Kryplid

    Kryplid時間 前

    Lol everyone sub to me im better Btw werr the same person i just want a code my own not my buddys 😂😂😂😂😂

  81. John Snider

    John Snider2 時間 前

    I didnt know captain america was a d*** and i didnt know thor was a fish

  82. TheJolly Soviet

    TheJolly Soviet2 時間 前

    reported for endgame spoilers

  83. GUBThendrick

    GUBThendrick2 時間 前

    What about endgame roblox, no? Ok

  84. Ridwan

    Ridwan2 時間 前

    Breaking news : *Avengers End game is canceled*

  85. Slow knife

    Slow knife2 時間 前

    F U C K F O R T N I T E A N D T H E G A Y S T H A T P L A Y I T

  86. James Burke

    James Burke2 時間 前

    i gotta say, even though i hate this game, the fortnite cameo in endgame was absolutely hilarious

  87. cracks YT

    cracks YT2 時間 前

    Que buen vídeo fortnite que buena actualización de avenger pues a los que les guste el contenido de free fire pasen por mi canal y verán buenas partidas 💎🙏💎

  88. Lil Goof 2.0

    Lil Goof 2.02 時間 前

    people still play this game?

  89. focus oO

    focus oO2 時間 前

    Do people still play fortnite??!

  90. crazymanash

    crazymanash2 時間 前

    No winners here

  91. Foo FighterFan510

    Foo FighterFan5102 時間 前


  92. Grape

    Grape2 時間 前

    I thought this game was dead

  93. Alex Rivera

    Alex Rivera2 時間 前

    Woah I can’t believe Thanos killed himself after all that hassle! Sad!

  94. Emmanuel Jerome D. BARCENAL

    Emmanuel Jerome D. BARCENAL時間 前

    Thanks for spoiling it bro

  95. Oh Yeah yeah

    Oh Yeah yeah2 時間 前

    *Reality is often disappointing* -vomits at the fact fortnite is doing this-

  96. sazoy1

    sazoy12 時間 前


  97. Animesh kp

    Animesh kp2 時間 前


  98. big chungus

    big chungus2 時間 前


  99. Victor P

    Victor P2 時間 前

    Os heróis ficam iguaizinhos os originais kappa

  100. MITHRAN Studios

    MITHRAN Studios2 時間 前

    Please relese fortnite game for Redmi note 6 pro devices please

  101. ネオ NEO

    ネオ NEO2 時間 前

    Jahseh Onfroy dies in Endgame.

  102. Awake The Gamers

    Awake The Gamers2 時間 前

    Thanos Dies

  103. AdilSykez

    AdilSykez2 時間 前

    *It's funny how they made Thor into a frog*

  104. Mac Daddy

    Mac Daddy2 時間 前


  105. thetankman 9000

    thetankman 90002 時間 前

    This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen