Fortnite ROBOT vs MONSTER Live Event Reaction!


  1. audiobjectext

    audiobjectext7 時間 前

    You should watch stranger things

  2. 6 g sensei

    6 g sensei7 時間 前

    im for the monster

  3. Nicola Hampton

    Nicola Hampton12 時間 前

    Anyone notice he sed cuddle bunny when at loot lake and cuddle bear when mech kills monster Dan why

  4. Bruno Camargo

    Bruno Camargo13 時間 前

    Which one do you think is the best

  5. Jose Juarez

    Jose Juarez15 時間 前

    Is dan a prisinir

  6. Emily Elizondo

    Emily Elizondo15 時間 前

    It would be cool if there was a robot called Phoenix and the monster was under the ground and then the other monster came back alive then the magic team leader helped Phoenix out

  7. Emily Elizondo

    Emily Elizondo15 時間 前

    I missed the live event and did you know all the other life events were leading up to this😃😃😃😃😃

  8. Z ee

    Z ee18 時間 前

    There is no joke 5 Godzilla references

  9. kratos gabriel estrella

    kratos gabriel estrella23 時間 前

    did anybody else saw the sweaty try hard at 5:14

  10. June28 SayBye

    June28 SayBye日 前

    It bob the orb not Kevin he is an cube

  11. MJG

    MJG日 前

    I missed the event because I had to go to a funeral of someone I don't even know

  12. Steve –TheGamer

    Steve –TheGamer日 前


  13. barry donaldson

    barry donaldson日 前

    Monster:I'm the scariest Godzilla:am I a joke to you

  14. sofia orona

    sofia orona日 前

    When the robot started to floss, it's ruined everything. I was screaming "IF HE DABS IN GETTING OFF." 😂😂😂😂😂😂



    Plot twist:the laser was bad breath.......

  16. Isaac Santos

    Isaac Santos日 前

    It should be kevin the cube Stuart the sphere and Bob the ball

  17. Isaac Santos

    Isaac Santos日 前

    The orb I made a name for it it is bob the ball

  18. Kobe Cereno

    Kobe Cereno日 前

    I now

  19. Jaden and the cousins And sodor

    Jaden and the cousins And sodor日 前

    The orb should be Keviner cause it should be Kevin’s brother right

  20. IconicDiamondz2

    IconicDiamondz2日 前

    can dan friend me pls

  21. IconicDiamondz2

    IconicDiamondz2日 前


  22. Terrence Hanratty

    Terrence Hanratty日 前

    *[power rangers theme intensifies]*

  23. Hannah Roberts

    Hannah Roberts日 前


  24. Juicy Chicken

    Juicy Chicken日 前

    Pacific Rim rip off

  25. Zhao Li

    Zhao Li日 前


  26. Mai Got skill

    Mai Got skill日 前


  27. numa hass

    numa hass2 日 前

    Woah won’t it be cool if this was a movie. Pacific Rilm: -_-

  28. Louise Jefferson

    Louise Jefferson2 日 前

    So cool

  29. Louise Jefferson

    Louise Jefferson2 日 前


  30. twin K I N G snakes

    twin K I N G snakes2 日 前

    The monster is called polar peak monster

  31. zephyr tagasa

    zephyr tagasa2 日 前

    Rip monster 2011 - july 21 2019

  32. Rj minecart Yeo

    Rj minecart Yeo2 日 前

    Hey dan what’s up

  33. Areej Fahd

    Areej Fahd2 日 前

    the monster might of came from the egg in poker peak

  34. XxUmar_0123xX

    XxUmar_0123xX日 前

    No the hybrid skin is from the egg The monster was locked up for years by the ice king

  35. nathan 264

    nathan 2642 日 前

    Did you see the other robot? ? Huh

  36. Dziban Tobing

    Dziban Tobing3 日 前


  37. Bernardita Chavez

    Bernardita Chavez3 日 前

    Maybe the mecha was trying to unvault the ifinity blade

  38. Fortnite clips 900.0

    Fortnite clips 900.02 日 前

    Bernardita Chavez yes his blade is just a rip off he wants real one

  39. Swimpikachu7 M

    Swimpikachu7 M2 日 前


  40. Leopard gecko 2007

    Leopard gecko 20073 日 前

    Make your hair blue again

  41. Dian Alamsyah

    Dian Alamsyah3 日 前

    So the ice age was the monster cause what is stuck on his head or neck

  42. Dotties

    Dotties3 日 前


  43. Julius Rodarte

    Julius Rodarte3 日 前

    Click this 👇🏼 if you think ninja was there..

  44. Kai Toolsee

    Kai Toolsee3 日 前

    godzilla has a cousin

  45. ッSamzou

    ッSamzou3 日 前

    the floss ruined everything

  46. 3 日 前

    Its saying its live for me lol

  47. Trish York

    Trish York3 日 前


  48. Kiara Ahmed sobah

    Kiara Ahmed sobah4 日 前

    RonaldOMG is playing and I was too

  49. emma oprey

    emma oprey4 日 前

    69K nice

  50. Hung Anh

    Hung Anh4 日 前

    Roses are red Violets are blue Dantdm is the best JPreporterr and so are you

  51. Hung Anh

    Hung Anh4 日 前


  52. Hung Anh

    Hung Anh4 日 前

    This is the amount of people that want the monster to be a pet

  53. Hung Anh

    Hung Anh4 日 前

    3:12 the robot is Daequan

  54. Hung Anh

    Hung Anh4 日 前

    Sorry forgot to continue the messge

  55. RappinRaptor 07

    RappinRaptor 074 日 前

    Godzilla would beat this

  56. SPRING.T 51108 UWU

    SPRING.T 51108 UWU4 日 前

    1:16 is the place you wanna get to

  57. Christian

    Christian4 日 前

    So Pacific rim

  58. Jfj Samaisha

    Jfj Samaisha4 日 前

    Robot: Shoots rockets BEAT THAT DUDE XD .Monster:Beam hahaahaaahaha beat that XD ow tho with those Rocket. Robot: THATS ITTTT COME WITH ME OF THE MAP

  59. Footie Fox

    Footie Fox4 日 前

    ooohhhh thats what was in the eggs under polar peak castle

  60. Sonny D

    Sonny D4 日 前

    You're chanol was deter when you dib mincrafte

  61. mishthefish2

    mishthefish23 日 前

    Come back when you’re 6

  62. M S Khan

    M S Khan4 日 前

    Which teem are you on

  63. Ramy

    Ramy4 日 前

    that was cool

  64. Kyran Dix

    Kyran Dix5 日 前

    I’m gonna have nightmares

  65. X szyy lynx

    X szyy lynx5 日 前


  66. lootllama125 Lochhead

    lootllama125 Lochhead5 日 前

    Best event ever 🤖👾

  67. Xd Xio

    Xd Xio5 日 前

    I forgot this man existed

  68. Leonel Brito

    Leonel Brito5 日 前

    Minecraft should’ve been the competitor in this fight

  69. Matthew Dignum

    Matthew Dignum5 日 前

    At 0:47 in the item shop the robot is holding the orb you see his hands glowing

  70. Jayden Smith

    Jayden Smith5 日 前


  71. L͛i͛n͛d͛s͛e͛y͛ t͛h͛e͛ wolf Wolf of Darkness

    L͛i͛n͛d͛s͛e͛y͛ t͛h͛e͛ wolf Wolf of Darkness5 日 前


  72. Shalom Enterprise

    Shalom Enterprise5 日 前

    Why the heck did u forget about your twin brother (seriously, Mr tdm!)

  73. Bliss Clouds

    Bliss Clouds5 日 前

    Right in the brain! ..... If it had one - DanTDM 2019

  74. lancashire lad75

    lancashire lad755 日 前


  75. Rebekah Sprlyan

    Rebekah Sprlyan6 日 前

    Dan: THANOS???? Me: *laughing*.

  76. Cyber Slayer

    Cyber Slayer6 日 前

    My name in fortnite is Destroying fish

  77. Cyber Slayer

    Cyber Slayer6 日 前

    Could you give me 1900 v bucks

  78. Maxwell K

    Maxwell K6 日 前

    imagine they did avengers with that

  79. glacia

    glacia6 日 前

    look up glacier on youtube the channel is awesome!!

  80. Yung Mexican

    Yung Mexican6 日 前

    7:40 that teased the mech vehicle

  81. Mason Unsiog

    Mason Unsiog6 日 前

    was mad at the boatDan wasn’t mad at the drum gun

  82. danishdanial2915

    danishdanial29156 日 前

    what happened to ur hair ⛰🌋

  83. Steven Lin

    Steven Lin7 日 前

    Guys you this is actually copied from a movie

  84. Oliver Renshaw

    Oliver Renshaw7 日 前

    Dye your hair blue again

  85. vidryl

    vidryl7 日 前

    10:40 savage

  86. bursty boi

    bursty boi7 日 前

    If thanos was there he would snap his fingers