Fortnite ROBOT vs MONSTER Live Event Reaction!


  1. Stephanie Snyder

    Stephanie Snyder40 分 前

    That made the monster aka the devour a skin

  2. Annette Nutt

    Annette Nutt時間 前

    Dan IAM sorry your not the best JPreporterr in the world per di pie is better than you sorry R.i.p Dan tdm

  3. Adriana Lopez

    Adriana Lopez時間 前

    Player select

  4. MrHotPocket YT

    MrHotPocket YT11 時間 前

    Did you know the singularity skin was controlling the robot

  5. Amy Washburn

    Amy Washburn16 時間 前

    We got a skin Bois...

  6. jaime carrejo

    jaime carrejo日 前

    Congrats for your baby boy

  7. Shoaib Nuk4 Productions786

    Shoaib Nuk4 Productions786日 前

    Little did dan know...CATTUS is returning as a skin called devourer

  8. Eric Dowling

    Eric Dowling日 前

    Dan: can we get a monster skin? Me in chapter 2 seeing the leaks: *_Dan your in for a treat._*

  9. Kathy Janzen

    Kathy Janzen日 前

    22.2M subscribers

  10. Rory Wade

    Rory Wade日 前


  11. KRY ZHIA

    KRY ZHIA日 前

    The bullet came from her B**bs🤣



    Yes dan der is a skin from the monster very soon 😉

  13. xaplyergames gd

    xaplyergames gd2 日 前

    Why di he have color blind mode on is he color blind?

  14. Brycen gomez

    Brycen gomez3 日 前

    What happened with the blue hair

  15. Paulina Białkowska

    Paulina Białkowska3 日 前

    Robot won

  16. Paulina Białkowska

    Paulina Białkowska3 日 前

    YES the robót one

  17. Paulina Białkowska

    Paulina Białkowska3 日 前

    No robot

  18. oye eyo

    oye eyo3 日 前

    You are RIGHT Dan Pewds Taught us that so true


    THE MLG GAMER4 日 前

    RIP Polar Peak



    epik games watched pacific rim and said "yes"

  21. Karah Hernandez

    Karah Hernandez6 日 前

    Who was watching the begging of the live stream and remembers that he forgot to have his Mike on

  22. Alicia Geue

    Alicia Geue6 日 前

    Lasts go robot!!!!!!!!

  23. Lee Donoghue

    Lee Donoghue7 日 前

    I just realised the sword had a six pack lol

  24. Mel Imtiyaza

    Mel Imtiyaza7 日 前

    Soooo the volcano event (watch the video) hits polar peak and crack the side of the mountain and there's a monster in there (I'm not to sure)

  25. Nykyrian Young

    Nykyrian Young8 日 前

    Here comes the robot lets go Dan tdm 2019

  26. Rayver Araya

    Rayver Araya8 日 前

    10:28 - 10:47 Insert Endgame Music Here

  27. julio lopez

    julio lopez9 日 前

    U just made my Day Better btw i am a kid 10 years old this my dads acownt

  28. magma light

    magma light9 日 前


  29. DragonbreedGaming

    DragonbreedGaming11 日 前

    *mouth opens wide*

  30. Dude Rubbish

    Dude Rubbish11 日 前

    Who else seen dan was on 1 ping for the entire time

  31. Gabez Amaze

    Gabez Amaze13 日 前

    Dan : Kevin!? Kevin the sphere

  32. Merliis Veersalu

    Merliis Veersalu13 日 前

    Straight into the brain.... " if it even had one?"

  33. CorporateCitizen

    CorporateCitizen13 日 前

    I didn't get to see the actual event for myself so this was mind blowing!!

  34. Nykyrian Young

    Nykyrian Young14 日 前

    I can do the floss

  35. Meg Waide

    Meg Waide14 日 前

    I vote for team robot 🗽

  36. Yusuf Ensar Kartal

    Yusuf Ensar Kartal14 日 前

    The sword is from thanos but bigger

  37. Logan Sinclair

    Logan Sinclair14 日 前

    I really want to friend you I’m a big fan but it says your not doing friend requests

  38. YummyNuggets 000

    YummyNuggets 00014 日 前

    Where does the monster pee or poo from??????

  39. Nicolas Cruz

    Nicolas Cruz15 日 前

    This is a good vid

  40. Patrick Kelly

    Patrick Kelly15 日 前

    Play more tabs