Fortnite MEMES that enhance Your Pickaxe


  1. Grumbae

    Grumbae28 日 前

    ▶Check out the track we used in the video, and support the artist: Listen to the track here: SC: Spt Listen to it on Spotify:

  2. swift_white dragon

    swift_white dragon14 日 前

    where is the link to your server

  3. ItzJustFiend - Eep

    ItzJustFiend - Eep25 日 前

    Grumbae hey grumbae can u use Marshmello’s song, fly for the next edit plzz

  4. Natitudes Loot

    Natitudes Loot26 日 前

    Rip ninja

  5. COG_Logic YT

    COG_Logic YT26 日 前

    @Jacquel K. Lee fuck off mate

  6. Jacquel K. Lee

    Jacquel K. Lee26 日 前

    Please do not advise your costumers to use DAMNMODZ ever again I purchased a skin that was $50 and never received anything just a Lousy excuses and I have all the screenshots required I’d you don’t believe me.

  7. ScalyErmine971

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  8. scrody mcboogerballs

    scrody mcboogerballs9 日 前

    The DK64 sound bite takes me back.

  9. Toxixisidy Vlad

    Toxixisidy Vlad10 日 前

    want a skin of you in fortnite

  10. obey flame

    obey flame13 日 前

    Yo I saw mk laff

  11. GamerTheGr8

    GamerTheGr816 日 前

    To my calculations it’s seems that grumbae edits about 289 hours a week for our enjoyment (Thank u grumbae

  12. StarLight

    StarLight17 日 前

    1:27 I can watch this all day

  13. icEy_ThunderZ 2019

    icEy_ThunderZ 201918 日 前

    7:15 says it’s aim assist Bruh it’s aimbot Not aim assist

  14. Harroberi

    Harroberi19 日 前


  15. someperson1522

    someperson152220 日 前

    0:48 swaggersouls: SMII7Y, SMIITY?! KILL HIM KILL HIM KILL HIM EPIC!! BE EPIC, SO EPIC !! Fitz: This is Ali a's dad when he was at soccer practice Everyone: *LAUGHS*

  16. LuckyCharms _

    LuckyCharms _20 日 前

    2:38 I came out 😋😋🤩

  17. Luiz Lekaj

    Luiz Lekaj20 日 前

    Is anybody going to talk about sypher who died to one of the best controler players (5:13)

  18. Todoroki Shoto

    Todoroki Shoto20 日 前

    MKlaf i love that guy

  19. Todoroki Shoto

    Todoroki Shoto20 日 前


  20. KOG_Gmoney

    KOG_Gmoney20 日 前

    That Five Nights at Freddy’s edit had me dying 😂😂😂

  21. Jey Indahouse000

    Jey Indahouse00021 日 前

    Who else remembers when mongraal did face cam

  22. Studs

    Studs22 日 前

    This isn't even fortnite memes, it's just a fortnite compilation.

  23. dylan glass

    dylan glass23 日 前

    These aren't memes

  24. wilthegamer

    wilthegamer24 日 前

    i agree with 72 mongraal is hella annoying

  25. avlv6

    avlv624 日 前

    Dude i love the way you use the ness sound effects

  26. still chill

    still chill24 日 前

    (sucks thumb) (spit) (liquid turd)

  27. Wolfie YT

    Wolfie YT24 日 前

    It really did

  28. ItsMr Chicken

    ItsMr Chicken25 日 前

    I have the clip on my channel please go check it out please

  29. camash311

    camash31125 日 前

    Would of been insane if he hit that shot lol 8:40

  30. Darkspeed Gamer

    Darkspeed Gamer25 日 前


  31. KT Cool

    KT Cool25 日 前

    Does tfue not know its hacks because I play on ps4 that is not aim assist

  32. Risky

    Risky25 日 前

    I am the 1000 comment... Btw my youtube is glitches... It says you have 594k subs but it should say 5mil

  33. Isaac Henderson

    Isaac Henderson25 日 前

    I'm the 1000 comment Jk

  34. likeapro 101

    likeapro 10125 日 前

    8:14 lol

  35. forfun

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  36. zaki tetsuya

    zaki tetsuya25 日 前

    always nice to see your fortnite memes one of the best editors i've seen

  37. nourdin mohamed

    nourdin mohamed25 日 前

    Faze sweargraal

  38. Brawl-YDR

    Brawl-YDR25 日 前

    Tfue literally dies to a hacker and blames aim assist

  39. Brawl-YDR

    Brawl-YDR25 日 前

    2:49 when fortnite used to be good :(

  40. landen oconnor

    landen oconnor25 日 前

    That was not aimasust tfue it was an hacker

  41. CodeNameCheese

    CodeNameCheese26 日 前


  42. Minial72

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  43. Sc6outer

    Sc6outer26 日 前

    i will be your son one day

  44. Monte300

    Monte30026 日 前

    Grumbae should do a fortnite rewind

  45. Filipe Pereira

    Filipe Pereira26 日 前

    4:00 RIP Dr Lupo😭😭😭

  46. oscar acosta

    oscar acosta26 日 前

    Mongraal is one of those types of kids that will scream when winning fortnite

  47. logan garcia

    logan garcia26 日 前

    Fortnite on crack

  48. Justin Barahona

    Justin Barahona26 日 前

    Since when can you pick axe for 56 damage

  49. straight_succツ

    straight_succツ26 日 前

    MKLaf btw

  50. MidnightBoba

    MidnightBoba26 日 前

    Get ur tostitos out of my game

  51. Maxwell McEwan

    Maxwell McEwan26 日 前

    Can we not go back to aim assist being a problem

  52. daguyofrandom

    daguyofrandom26 日 前

    These Memes Are Cleaner Than Mongraal's 90's

  53. Joni oliver

    Joni oliver26 日 前

    would anyone have the full clip link from 1:30 to pass me? PLSSSSS

  54. TTV simokun

    TTV simokun26 日 前

    Man I send a good clip and you didn't show him 😢

  55. Bleron Selmani

    Bleron Selmani26 日 前

    I laughed so hard at loeya's video😂

  56. Samuel Wever

    Samuel Wever26 日 前

    Do gorb

  57. Samuel Wever

    Samuel Wever26 日 前



    EXPERT YT26 日 前



    EXPERT YT26 日 前


  60. Fozz Bou Diab

    Fozz Bou Diab26 日 前

    4:02 I'm dead

  61. I IRainy II

    I IRainy II26 日 前

    Player has good aim Tfue: please nerf aim assist

  62. Viktor

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  63. MasTeRx Kunfu

    MasTeRx Kunfu26 日 前

    Keep doing vids like these btw i subbed

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    Phitou26 日 前

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

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    CHRISTIAN26 日 前


  67. Herzzi 95

    Herzzi 9526 日 前

    I just hit today 267m deagle hs