Fortnite Fortbyte #27 Location - Found somewhere within Map location A4


  1. InTheLittleWood

    InTheLittleWoodヶ月 前

    Huh, interesting. It looks as though it's in a random location for every lobby. Welp!

  2. Rami Albadi

    Rami Albadi17 日 前

    It's glitched on my screen.

  3. FlippinFudgeYT

    FlippinFudgeYT19 日 前


  4. Liam C

    Liam C19 日 前


  5. Cak3zy

    Cak3zy20 日 前

    Whew! Thought I wasn’t gonna find it😂

  6. Debra Pittman

    Debra Pittman16 日 前

    I didn’t see it

  7. DG-God 1

    DG-God 117 日 前

    Isn't not there stupid

  8. Ryo DogGaming

    Ryo DogGaming17 日 前

    It's ducking run

  9. joeylondonxo

    joeylondonxo17 日 前

    I’m assuming this Fortbyte moves ..Martin found it by that tree.. another player founded by the pointy rock on the hill that’s next to Martin’s location.. it spawned for me right below the hill across from the other location ...

  10. Fanta O’Range

    Fanta O’Range17 日 前


  11. Bl.taylorKing 06

    Bl.taylorKing 0617 日 前

    I’ve tried to get it but it’s not actually there

  12. Parker Gatewood

    Parker Gatewood17 日 前

    It is not there for me

  13. Gurshaan Mahal

    Gurshaan Mahal17 日 前

    He lied




  15. ClutchKid#8 BluebirdX88

    ClutchKid#8 BluebirdX8817 日 前

    Uh, it’s not there

  16. ʝυѕтιи н.

    ʝυѕтιи н.17 日 前

    I found the Fortbyte on the west side of the house

  17. George Bountouris

    George Bountouris17 日 前

    Wrong location

  18. Call me Papi

    Call me Papi17 日 前

    It moved what the heck

  19. Joseph Player661

    Joseph Player66117 日 前

    Guys it can be on the house smell mount or bigger than the little one were he was

  20. Blazeingfury 198

    Blazeingfury 19817 日 前

    *checks the description while confused about where it is* Dats a big oof

  21. Friday

    Friday17 日 前

    You liar 🤥

  22. Kumamadness patricio

    Kumamadness patricio17 日 前

    You are the most useful person on earth just subbed



    It d’identità apear

  24. Art apocalypse

    Art apocalypse17 日 前

    Wasn't there

  25. Jeffry

    Jeffry17 日 前

    How I can't find it

  26. dropkickazombie

    dropkickazombie18 日 前

    It's not showing up on my daughter's game. :(

  27. Friction 32

    Friction 3218 日 前

    I was so confused when I couldn’t find it, but after a little I did.

  28. Supreme18700 _YT

    Supreme18700 _YT18 日 前

    I don’t know what’s wrong but the forbyte doesn’t show for me

  29. noe Leonas

    noe Leonas18 日 前

    Funny min waa some where else

  30. yuqii3 yt

    yuqii3 yt18 日 前

    yhu lied

  31. Jeremy Luna

    Jeremy Luna18 日 前

    It's not there

  32. Chad Mckane

    Chad Mckane18 日 前

    Fortbyte wasn't there?

  33. Jocelis Rodriguez

    Jocelis Rodriguez18 日 前

    it doesn't pop up

  34. Kathryn Morrow

    Kathryn Morrow18 日 前



    TTV_TRY _HARD18 日 前

    Can anyone help I’m clueless I can’t find it

  36. Drizzzy Panda

    Drizzzy Panda18 日 前

    It not there

  37. SuperMario Nicholas

    SuperMario Nicholas18 日 前

    I can't find it

  38. Lubby8

    Lubby818 日 前

    Wasn’t there for mw

  39. trending Trent puppet videos

    trending Trent puppet videos18 日 前

    Put your marker on the exact location so I can actually find it next time

  40. ACE _Blaze

    ACE _Blaze18 日 前

    Fortnite is so wet for doing this

  41. X125GAMING H

    X125GAMING H18 日 前

    It took 1 min for me to find

  42. gucci knight

    gucci knight18 日 前

    Thanks man ur the best I appreciate you

  43. Phantommix YT

    Phantommix YT18 日 前

    This was very helpful 😁

  44. Vybz 7572

    Vybz 757218 日 前

    This is such a lie I can't find it at that location

  45. Jack._Fnps

    Jack._Fnps18 日 前

    ur fps is going crazy

  46. II RomeoPlayzz II

    II RomeoPlayzz II18 日 前

    Actually its not there its near snobby

  47. Aimee Fox

    Aimee Fox19 日 前

    I could get it

  48. fryz 935

    fryz 93519 日 前

    Its different for every one

  49. fortnite plays c

    fortnite plays c19 日 前

    I just looked and its not there

  50. Γιαννης tg

    Γιαννης tg19 日 前

    Fak you

  51. Carson Steele

    Carson Steele19 日 前

    wrong spot

  52. Dk_ Fresh

    Dk_ Fresh19 日 前

    Mine isn’t there

  53. SAF Rylyzzz

    SAF Rylyzzz19 日 前

    It's not here

  54. Sprint Sucks

    Sprint Sucks19 日 前


  55. Fortnite Boss13

    Fortnite Boss1319 日 前

    Thanks so much

  56. Oozyhollywood

    Oozyhollywood19 日 前

    ty you helped me with a lot of fortbytes

  57. Emma Oxfeldt Krag

    Emma Oxfeldt Krag19 日 前

    It is not there with me

  58. Madness_hallow

    Madness_hallow19 日 前

    Great that's other fortbyte i not getting

  59. Madness_hallow

    Madness_hallow19 日 前

    Its not showing up??

  60. TGS TTV_LilSus369

    TGS TTV_LilSus36919 日 前

    Its not there for me

  61. BoominOcean 500

    BoominOcean 50019 日 前

    It was not there u liar

  62. AdorAimmm

    AdorAimmm19 日 前

    Way better than gattu


    ECHO_JAYYDOGG_ 7620 日 前

    You lied it’s not there

  64. Lex Three Kings

    Lex Three Kings20 日 前

    i can't find it and i went to that location

  65. Andrew Monge

    Andrew Monge20 日 前

    It won’t let me find it

  66. Blayze boy 808

    Blayze boy 80820 日 前


  67. T R Y xv M E

    T R Y xv M E20 日 前

    Where tf is it at

  68. GemblerTexas

    GemblerTexas20 日 前

    i dindt spawn

  69. ScrapGaming Gt

    ScrapGaming Gt20 日 前

    cant find it :/

  70. Robert FireShadow

    Robert FireShadow20 日 前

    You are a liar it wasn’t there

  71. Kalisa Levine

    Kalisa Levine20 日 前

    You godd dam liar its nkt working for me

  72. TheGamerr Wulf

    TheGamerr Wulf20 日 前

    Kalisa Levine it spawns in different spots it spawns somewhere in a-4 but if your really unlucky it’ll spawn j-6

  73. Jermaine Bravo

    Jermaine Bravo20 日 前

    Can’t find this fortbyte any where

  74. Saggy Nippler

    Saggy Nippler20 日 前

    My fortbite was behind the ice cream van

  75. batcam playzgames

    batcam playzgames20 日 前

    Lies I went there I didnt see it lier

  76. Sean Smith

    Sean Smith20 日 前


  77. Daniel Walters

    Daniel Walters20 日 前

    It's not there

  78. Caleb James

    Caleb James20 日 前

    It’s not in the ducking game

  79. Jack Egan

    Jack Egan20 日 前

    it changes

  80. Jack Egan

    Jack Egan20 日 前

    the fortbyte is all over a4

  81. I'm groot

    I'm groot20 日 前

    Thx you

  82. GisiXD

    GisiXD20 日 前

    I was in the storm clicking E on that place and it didn’t appear wtf is wrong with it

  83. Reynand Sanchez

    Reynand Sanchez20 日 前

    I cant find it

  84. Aydan Britz-Burgan

    Aydan Britz-Burgan20 日 前

    The fortbyte was on a different location, but I used yours to find it. Thanks for the help!

  85. Trace Hunter

    Trace Hunter21 日 前

    It spawned somelse for me