FORTNITE FAILS & Epic Wins! #106 (Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments)


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    Ima submit one so hope its in in next fortnite fails and wins

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    Are you really. Caleb

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    you guys are very funny keep up the good work.

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    Fish army where u at



    hahahahahaha fails epic the wins was the most exciting

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    Cal Mortonヶ月 前

    What is the music called for the second part of the epic wins

  10. Nicolas Perez Valencia

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    9:00 is really epic win

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    3:40 Npesta?

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    1:53 the story of my life in fornite

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    why do i hear zelda saying "wake up link open your eyes"?

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    Awesome 😀

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    very good intro

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    Anyone else just stop watching when it gets to the Epic Wins? Fed up seeing sniper trick shots ALL the time!

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    00:01 this voice is from zelda in legend of zelda breath of the wild this game is my favorite game i love legend of zelda

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    And 0:55 is the show.

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    0:38 and I can tell.

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    Lets go baby

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    Oh my god nice fucking nice okay bye

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    Fails: When there is no more toilet paper Wins: When your grandma give you so much candy

  27. Daniel Ruiz

    Daniel Ruiz3 ヶ月 前

    Npesta kenos react to fortnite

  28. Colin Kwakkel

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    Wat is The name of the song at 8:40 ?

  29. Pastro

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    What is the theme song from "Epic Wins" ??? (6:09) ... is great!!

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    *Is that a Zelda reference*

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    0:43 code is map please

  32. I did surgery on a grape

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    3:59 nooooo not this meme again

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  34. I did surgery on a grape

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    npesta kenos reaction

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    Name of meme?

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    8:40 look It in x0,25

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    I don't see anything special

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    "Lets go" counter?

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    Pliez geef mij v Bucks en ik heet sepptisaurus

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    عجب ویدئوی باحالی

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    50:00 ses chez nous sa🇨🇵

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    No one: Trick shooters: LETS GO ! ! ! !

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    Saying let’s go is a frickin global language 😆

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    Thank you for fortnite fails and epic wins

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    Music end ?

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    Now theres nothing but sniper shots on wins🤣🤣

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    These intros are getting more and more confusing

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    5:32 the golf car hackers are back they are just using a different Fortnite vehicle

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    Is it as good as Dota 2 tho?

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    let's go compilaton

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    In Paris a Corona Virus

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    Fortnite is good but, have you ever tried dota 2?

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    Is that a new map the paris its so cool

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    L f

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    The name of the map paris

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    6:07 how is that a fail?

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    GamingMaster in the title it says fails and EPIC WINS HOW DUMB CAN U BE!?

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    Who said it’s a fail

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    3:45 это ферифер Kenos'а

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    for no scope look at souen

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    0:00 Soundtrack: Zelda: Breath of the wild

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