Former White House press sec Sean Spicer makes debut...on Dancing with the Stars


  1. Alf Dlg

    Alf Dlg22 日 前

    He's a honesty...

  2. beon kim

    beon kim26 日 前

    다음에같이가치 기부및후원 같이동참해주세요

  3. Danny's Serdynskis

    Danny's Serdynskis26 日 前

    F*** you Susie of JPreporter Google and you / *Larry Page 🖤*.../ ("redirecting")...!!!???)

  4. ricardo alvee

    ricardo alvee27 日 前

    White House Liar

  5. Jack Flash

    Jack Flash27 日 前

    4:50 to skip past the nonsense

  6. Scot Fretwell

    Scot Fretwell27 日 前

    Still not caring.

  7. Mr Kajja

    Mr Kajja27 日 前

    Embarrassing. All burger slurpers are obsessed with becoming celebrities.

  8. Infidel Apostate

    Infidel Apostate28 日 前

    4:50 title story _actually_ begins🤦‍♂️

  9. Nirmanakaya

    Nirmanakaya28 日 前

    wow no bias there. Disgusting.

  10. Brainstorming Plus

    Brainstorming Plus28 日 前

    Truly unbelievable!

  11. jossandman

    jossandman28 日 前

    Sean Spicier.

  12. Jacob Durcan

    Jacob Durcan28 日 前