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    Yo! Made a new channel for more light themed videos with a different voice (daniel uk) since this channel is going full creepy. Please subscribe here to support me - Thank you :D


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    8534964 Same lol

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    I like the voice in your videos better than the other reddit readers who use default voices.

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    Fuck all racist, white supremacists, and any other person that hates people bc of the way they look. But much love to everyone out there. B safe.

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    The goodest boy 🐕 😭

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    Not forest related, but I once saw my parents who just came from work walk through the house's hallway, which was what they usually do. I was starving and wondered what time dinner would be ready so I went to their room to ask, no one was answering, I decided to call them and weirdly enough they were still at work. Dinner usually happens sometime after they get home and they get home 4pm-5pm ish

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    If I knew that’s what my tax money would be going towards........I’d gladly pay double lol

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    Keep it up with the frog 🐸

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    That first story was heartbreaking

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    You deserve more subs and more views

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    Bless that old couple 😪

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    I’m not a ranger and neither is my grandfather who told this story. So my grandparents ran a summer camp back in the 80’s or sometime around them and it was in the middle of the forest I believe he said 4km from the nearest road and so a couple odd things happened, first a kid drowned but he was found under the little pier that they had built. It was ruled accidental. But it was such a small pier that it would’ve been easy to grab a side and get out of the water. The second more creepy and straight up weird thing is when in the middle of the night a lady who they don’t know knocks on their cabin door and doesn’t say anything. Mind you they were still kids there so my grandmother kept the kids in the mess hall and called the police while my grandfather got her some food and drink. When RCMP showed up and took her she was identified as a mental institute escapee from over I believe 80km away.

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    I was a counselor at a summer camp for elementary and middle school age kids in North Carolina. We'd do two or three campouts each session where we'd hike out somewhere, camp overnight, hang with the kids, etc. We were camping at a pretty remote waterfall that is hard to reach if you don't use the trailhead that begins in the summer camp itself. The kids we were with were 13-14 years old, so they had more free reign than the younger groups to explore around. One kid came back and told me and a few other counselors that about a mile away found another tent, a firepit still smoldering, waterbottles, whatever else. It sounded like normal camping stuff so we weren't concerned, but the more we thought about it, we realized it'd be a bit strange for someone to be all the way out where we were due to its innaccessibility. We kinda forgot about it, but the next morning another counselor and I decided to try to go find it out of curiosity, just to talk to whoever was there. We found it, with the tent flap left open, and a water bottle and a backpack inside. We poked around, tried to see if whoever was there was still around. We were about to leave when I noticed a journal sitting on the sleeping bag. I almost convinced myself not to, but I grabbed it and opened it up. At first I felt scummy, but then it hit me like a fuckin train. In the journal were descriptions of every camper that had been there that night, as well as descriptions of campers from the last few times our group had been there. Some descriptions were more in-depth, like sounds of the kids voices or laughs, aspects of their personality, and some names the author overheard. Needless to say we took off. We brought the journal back to camp, gave it to the head of the camp who went through it. Said some of the names matched the descriptions of kids that had been at camp previously. I heard they went back again the next year and didn't find anything related, but who knows, the weirdo probably is still stalking kids.

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    Not a park ranger, just a dumbass kid who likes going into the woods at night. So near where I live there’s a road that’s been there since mid 1700s, and was the sight of a major American Civil War battle. Not a major battle, about 50 total casualties, but a battle nonetheless. Well, the road and the woods around the road are said to be haunted. There’s a bunch of stories. Soldiers, the red eye man, a satanic church buried in the woods that’s still used by the KKK and satanic cults for ceremonies, normal spooky woods stuff. So we go out there in a large group and just go looking because we’re dumbasses, and a group of 4 of us sneak off from the main group to go find said church, following what looks like a small structure in the woods on google maps. It’s muddy, humid, dark, and we’re young and invincible. One of the guys in our little 4 man group had been telling us how dangerous it is out there. How his buddy had driven his truck out there and gone missing and nobody has seen him or the truck since. We all assume he’s trying to scare us, the area is pretty commonly used for hunting so we’re just looking for this dang ol church. We hike down this power line trail, and into the woods to find out this structure is just pipes coming out of the ground. Disappointed, cold, hungry, craving waffle house and beer, we turn back. On the hike back to the car, we start getting phone calls from the group we split off from. Our genius selves decide to play a prank on them make them thing the woods are haunted ooooh spooky. We answer and whisper some gibberish and stuff like “help” and “they’re coming”. You know, teenager stuff. We laugh among ourselves as we hike back. Until we see two lights coming down the trail. We all duck into the tree line, assuming it was the group looking for us. They lights are moving slow, about walking speed. Every so often one of us pokes out to see the lights. As it gets closer, we all start to hear a motor. Now remember I said it was muddy? It was too muddy to get a truck back there. ATV? Maybe, but this wasn’t an ATV. It sounded like a V6 truck. Maybe a ranger or a 1500 with the wimpy motor. And the lights that we assumed were flashlights definitely could have been headlights, but there’s no way it could’ve made it down there. All of us assume we’re about to be busted by DNR, and we’re trying to come up with a story, when one of us points out the motor stopped. We elect the most expendable one of us to go look, and no lights, no vehicle, no people. Nothing. Hey, we’re in the clear, so we get back to hiking. Eventually, we make it down to about where the lights were, and we notice there are no tire tracks, foot prints, or really anyplace someone could’ve turned something around. A little spooked out but we get over it. Mostly drawn by beer and waffle house. We continue our hike, ignoring some phone calls, answering others and acting afraid. Occasionally hearing noises in the woods. Eventually, we near a crossroad close to our vehicle, and we hear two familiar voices nearby. Our friends coming to save us. So naturally, we run for cover to hide. Two guys go one way and hide behind the first trees they get to, another guy and I head the other way and slowly work our ways deeper into the woods. So there we are, hiding in the woods trying to play a prank on our friends, the two guys who went the other way get found immediately, and they start walking back to charge their phones and get a plan to find us last two. While the two searchers and the two very bad hiders discuss what to do in the crossroads, I keep hearing whispering in my ear. Stuff like “hey”, “move”, “hold still”, and I assumed it was the other good hider. Then, from my left, I heard what sounded like a horse walking down the trail, and then I heard horse noises. Not like your stereotypical horse neigh but that other noise they make. I look around, I see zero horses, and I start to get very nervous. After the reunioned pals in the crossroad start walking and make it a few hundred feet, I hear a different voice whisper in my ear. A very angry, forceful, clear as day “Go”. I turn around expecting to see my hiding buddy, and he’s still about 60’ behind me in the woods. There’s no way it could’ve been him, I felt the words on my neck. I was flat out scared. He looked panicked as well and as stealthily as he could ran up to me and started whispering to me. “Did you hear the horse?” “Yeah, did you hear the voices?” “What voices?” “I swear someone was whispering in my ear, I thought it was you.” “Naw man I was way back there.” We decided to follow the group, about 100 yards back, to keep them spooked but also Waffle House and beer. We followed the flashlights, as it was too dark to really see. After about 150 yards of following, we lose them around a bend, we round the bend and see their flashlights no longer on a trail but going through a field two our left. We stopped and watched trying to figure out what in the ever loving fuck they were doing, when suddenly the lights we were watching cut, and two lights appeared about 200 to the right, around 50 feet from us. It was their flashlights. We had gotten right on top of them. And we didn’t even know it. We were watching the lights walk off into the field. We panicked and dove BACK into the woods because we’re SO SMART. This time stacked up behind the same tree. We kept hearing all these sounds around us getting closer, so we bolted. Ran out, ran past the group, and just kept going till we got back to the car. The other four, seeing two fat guys run 300 yards at a full sprint without slowing down, proceed to run as well. We get get into the car, get throughly chewed out, retell our story, go get Waffle House, and head home to drink beer and pick ticks off us. I know the ending is lack luster, but we don’t know what the fuck happened out there and we weren’t about to stick around and find out. I have more stories from the same and different woods, because I hate myself and I’m tryna fist fuck a demon or something apparently. TL:DR white kids put themselves in horror movie position, bitch out before they can get supernaturally clapped.

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    That first one, while sad, is actually romantic and uplifting. Plenty would wish they had the chance to do that.

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    German tourists are a different breed. I don’t know how they can be so carefree, but it’s sort of inspiring in a way. I don’t understand Germans, but I do like them.

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    I've played enough RPGs to know that guy definitely witnessed the murder of someone who died years ago and probably missed out on a long questline and some really sick loot

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    If I’ve learned one thing in my life, it’s this: Ghosts are fucking real.

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    That story about the dog leading the ranger to the bones broke my heart mans best friend

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    Second story sounds like total bs lol.

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    Since the age of 7 my dad has always taken me on hunting trips I have a huge love for animals and a great passion for the outdoors so much that I want to study to become a park ranger im only barely about to watch this video and I hope it doesnt change my mind

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    I live in Ukraine we have wolves no big cats though so imagine my surprise when I’m sitting in the middle of bum fuck nowhere Vermont and I hear a woman start screaming her lungs out

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    #1 is actually pretty sweet; They died on their own terms, in eachother's arms, not alone or decaying in some old folk's home.

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    Years ago, when the lease was up at the apartment I had been renting, I asked my Grandparents if they'd be interested in letting me move into the family cabin in a neighborhood of cabins called Bumblebee. I figured they wouldn't mind someone taking over the bills which amounted to about $5,000 a year. A very small price to pay for me to live in a two story cabin, so it was a win-win. The law in the area states that despite the fact that the cabin had a 100 year lease, and the bills were all being paid (taxes, insurance, neighborhood fees etc.) legally, a person can only occupy the cabin for a maximum of 6 months out of the year. I was planning on living there for a few years, because I had fallen in love with living in the middle of nowhere. About a dozen neighbors would be there during the summer, and part of the winter when the ski resort down the mountain was open (Dodge Ridge). Other than those times, it was only me. The elevation was around 7,500' and we got about 25' of snowfall in an average year. Needless to say, I wasn't following the six month rule, so I was happy to be alone when I was. A couple of months into my stay, during the fall, I started getting nightly visits from something *BIG* . Downstairs, the front door opened onto a pretty sizeable wooden deck that was built in 1931 along with the cabin. It was a creeky, squeeky sonuvabitch, and when whatever came on my deck the deck reported loud sounds that I could hear upstairs. Scared the shit out of me the first few times it happened, but what I did those first times was walk downstairs and bang on the large wooden door, hoping the loud noise would drive the creature off to go investigate another cabin. It worked. One night, I got another visit, and this time I was particularly spooked, because the sound of walking on the deck was extremely loud. If it was a bear, it was *easily* over 500 pounds, and in California we only have Black Bears, so one that size is probably 1/1,000. So on this night, I went down the stairs and banged on the door, but this time, instead of rushing off, I heard tremendous *BOOMING* footsteps approaching the door which had my twelve gauge mounted above it. I got the gun down and started banging louder to try and spook it off. Even though I was loaded up with slugs and #4 Buckshot, I was too intimidated by the apparent size of the thing to go out physically and run it off. Over the sound of the banging I was doing, I heard a sound that was *not at ALL* bear-like, and sounded a lot more like videos of large primates I've watched on JPreporter. Something akin to "Whoop Whoop Whoo" or some such thing. The butterflies in my gut were stronger than they ever have been in my life. I was the only human for 12 miles in any direction, and this thing was potentially large enough to rip the door off of it's hinges. Out of desperation I laid down the shotgun and grabbed my Glock and (I know, stupid) fired one round into the attic. Thank God, it worked, and I heard the creature's crashing steps as it retreated, all the way into the thick woods about fifty feet from my deck. Twenty minutes or so later, I shouldered the twelve gauge again and turned on the LED light I had mounted to the barrel. I wanted to make sure whatever it was gone for the night, otherwise there was no way I was getting back to sleep. Off in the distance I saw two green lights (eyes) reflecting back to me, and they were easily 7-8 inches apart. They were at least nine feet above the ground, and if it was a bear he was standing upright on his hind legs. Whatever ran off, only ran far enough that it could still observe. I didn't shoot it mostly because firing at wildlife in the area without a tag or license is a felony, and despite the desolation, I wouldn't have been able to hide the carcass of something that huge before the morning. It was one of the scariest, and most unexplainable things that has ever happened to me. I had to meet with an insurance adjuster one afternoon to see if I could get a price reduction by choosing a new policy. The adjuster was terminally obese and easily weighed 500 pounds himself, and the sound of him walking on that deck, even though I was outside to hear it was nothing close to how heavy the thing on my deck had been. I ended up living there for about 2 1/2 years total and after the final showdown never got a return visit from the creature. I told this account to a local, who I knew at the ranger station and he gave me a knowing look as if he was familiar with stories like I was telling. The closest general store to where I was staying had a giant chainsaw carved Sasquatch out front. It also turns out that Tuolumne County has numerous reported sightings and tracks of what was described as one. What a trip.

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    Second story sounds like a residual haunting

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    First time I watched this channel and the intro was good lol

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    Awwwww, geez. Starts out with the first story being sad as fuck. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="806">13:26</a> that’s some SCP sounding shit right there

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    Gotta say, the dog one is kinda wholesome.

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    Forest is a noisy place. When its starts to speaks Vietnamese or goes quiet, *gtfo*

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    Not s forest ranger but I as chased by a coyote, girl, and dog on different days they chased me until I either got home or ran faster than them (yes I can run VERY fast) but one second I would be running with them barking or yelling behind me until boom just like that they would just disappear. I saw the dog disappear it was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen

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    I would definitely have shot that mountain lion



    no one's gonna talk about how sad the first story is? okay :(((((((((

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    Why do so many Reddit users try to talk like famous authors, using words that practically fucking nobody uses in everyday conversation, or phrasing things in certain ways that you only really see used in books? Do they think it makes them look more intelligent and sophisticated? They also seem to have a thing for using some form of the phrase: "Noped the fuck out of there" to the point where it gets really fucking old. These stories are interesting and I enjoy them, but sometimes it feels like the authors are trying to show off their vocabulary and convince themselves they're aspiring authors...

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    How Reddit users tell stories: NoT a rAnGeR bUt... About 5 years ago I was out camping for a week with my boyfriend at the time and both of our parents as a way for our families to get to know each other. It was cool quiet evening, late fall, and the once dense green forest had turned brown, as it usually does this time of year. We were staying in a fairly decent 4 bedroom cabin in the middle of nowhere. The nearest house was another cabin about 5 miles out in the direction from which we came. Needless to say it was pretty quiet other than the usual noises of the woods. When we arrived earlier that day, I had gotten a strange feeling, as if something didn't want us there, but I brushed it off as me being unfamiliar with the woods, as camping was never really my thing. My parents took one room, and my boyfriend's parent took another, while my boyfriend and I set up in the room directly across from the one my parents took. The forth room was left empty, as we didn't need it. This is important for later. We spent the rest of the night playing games and getting to know each other. I was really enjoying the cabin, and everything was going well. For now. Throughout the week, we would hear strange quiet noises coming from the empty room next to us. I pushed it off as my imagination and tried to ingore it, as to not ruin our vacation. On the last night, I was asleep in bed next to my boyfriend when I was woken up by the sound of the door to our room being shut loudly followed by the sound of footsteps going into the empty bedroom next to ours. It was 3 in the morning. I thought perhaps my boyfriend had gotten up to go to the bathroom, and accidentally ended up in the other room. But when I looked over to his side of the bed, my face went pale. He was wide awake, still in bed, just as surprised as I was at what just happened. I was scared shitless. Nothing like this had ever happened in my life. Completely terrified, I walked to the empty room to see what had just happened. As I slowly opened the door, I came face to face with what I could only describe as dark shadowy figure with long disheveled hair and a large creepy mouth smiling right at me. I stood there, frozen in fear for what felt like minutes, but looking back was probably only a couple seconds. I slammed the door and ran back to my room, completely hysterical as I tried to explain to my boyfriend what had just happened. He went over to the room to see for himself, but when he came back, he said nothing was there. I noped the fuck out of there and slept in the car for the rest of the night. The parents never believed us, claiming we had imagined it or were trying to scare them. The very next day we sped out of there, not once looking or going back to that place. We tried searching the Internet for stories about the place, but found nothing. I don't care if you believe me. I know what I saw. I will never go back to that cabin, or go in the woods alone again" How normal people tell stories (drunk version): "Y'all wanna hear a scary story? Alright *hiccup* G-gather 'round everyone, gather round. I'm gonna tell y'all... a story. A couple years ago my ex and I... fucking bitch... were camping in the woods with some family for a week. So on the last night, we're in the bedroom sleeping and we hear something leave my room and go in to the empty room next to us. So I went over to check it out and I shut you not, there's this fucking black thing smiling at me. About fucking shit my pants at that point *burp*. You know what I did? Ill tell you what I did. You bet your ass I got the fuck out of there the very next day. I'll tell you what I ain't ever going back to that fucking place again. Fuck that. Fuck if I know what it was"

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    Forrest rangers are cool but Forrest pigs can fuck off. ACAB even twings

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    This makes me think what is the truth of our world like so many places creatures and belief what if such things do exist what if everything told for thousand of years about ghosts mystical creatures and other dimensions is true its just interesting because many of us refuse to believe since most of use claim to believe in science and logical explanations but what if both are true . Just food for thought .

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    There goes My plans to go camping 😒

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    Some years ago some German Tourists disappeared in the desert out west. They finally found the remains of the man and woman but not the children some 10 to 15 years after they vanished.

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1120">18:40</a> simple answer, Wendigo

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    The lone outlet sounds like @linustechtips went camping 😂

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    The desk in the wood. Guess they found Big Foot's desk. Shane and Ryan found his chair.

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    I talked to my reddit friend who is a ranger sex bear in the Ranger Sex Bears. He told me that they have bareback sex in the Yogi fun cabin. Then they give out badges to each other.

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    “Your tax dollars at work” I’m not seeing the problem? You educated them on the dangers of mountain lions while also solving the problem they were starting. Unconventional? Sure, but effective and legal.

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    Second story, so one ranger left with the map leaving the other guy high and dry in the middle of nowhere? Wow what a great co-worker.

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    love your dog people cause he's gonna watch over you even after death.

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    Hearing the murder of someone who died years ago in a forest sound creepy af

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    I've never heard of being loud causing mountain lion attacks. Usually you want to be loud so they stay away.

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    A Forest's root system has been described to be that of a giant, nervous system. The Trees remember so much. It's been theorized scientifically that if you could pull memory out of DNA, we could learn tons of "lost knowledge" from the Forests.

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    That one with the burnt body in the car was 100% a cartel killing. That’s one of their signatures.

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    That German guy was a ghost. He probably died around 1990’s there, when that type of clothes were popular.

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    I pray for that dog. May both of them be free from that ghostly state and find god in their next life.😌

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    Plot twist German pimp is actually techno viking

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    Holy shit, that one with the guy with the bags over his head freaked me out. I've been wanting to go camping lately but this shit has made me not want to anymore.

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    Why do woods make creepy stories 100 times worse?? When the bag head started chasing the camp counselor I gasped out loud and when the person earlier in the video saw eyes crouched 4 feet above the ground I felt a wave of nausea roll over me, I instantly thought it was gonna be some subhuman SCP hominid bent on blood. This video hits different

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    My first Reddit video.

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    lmao what a fucken intro. first time watching ur channel. subbed!

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    You don't want to meet me in the woods

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    Anyone else recognize the background music from The Black Tapes Podcast?

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    Made up bullshit lol

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    Being a park ranger is my dream drive tbh. I’m in the army right now and after I hope I can get that job after

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    That intro got me scared for a moment. cause I was watching with my mom....

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    I can’t take these videos seriously with that parody pornhub intro 😂😂😂

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    Bruh, why did you take one from another video and put it in here?

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    Stick your fingers up my crunt.

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    R/ ass credit

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    the second story reminds me of things my grandma used to tell me and the way I see it. when a myth about something that seems stupid like ghosts is such a main thing and they mostly share the same types of stories with twists some of the myth has to be true. For example my grandma used to tell me that those who died and used to work with the devil would roam the earth but we can't see them like demons. I also believe in my religion that the devil can turn himself into human form.

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    I believe the dog did that for his human companion to help him escape into a better place because obviously his soul was still stuck here until they found his remains. Now they are probably in each other’s hands in a better place.

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    F you robot man!

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    So pornhub is just chill as fuck with you guys using their intro......oooookkkkkkk

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    can you post this in a podcast format? i like to fall asleep listening to then

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    First one isn’t creepy, it’s really sad and sweet in a twisted sorta way.

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    I'm dissapointed that the intro had no music

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    “A heartfelt ‘my bad’”

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    >corpse with no arms and no legs, just a burnt head and torso >marks it as a suicide and moves on lol

  76. Maddie Graham

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    I grew up in a very remote area in Montana. Not a personal story, but my friend’s dad, Steve, and her brothers, Jeb and Colby, once told us this story that happened to them in the dead of winter when they went out near the Canadian border to set up game cameras for the following hunting season. They hiked out to this spot on this small pond, set out cameras, and set up camp for the night. As it was getting pretty late at night, they started a fire right near the pond and hung out. Steve said they suddenly felt an eerie feeling and it was quickly followed by a very loud crack. At first they all assumed the ice on the pond was starting to melt and crack, but they quickly realized that it was far too cold to melt at the time, so they all directed their attention toward the pond to try and figure out what was going on. To their surprise, laying on the ice in the center of the pond looked like a large rock. As they all discussed it, arguing about whether the rock had been there earlier in the night, they saw another rock being thrown from the other end of the pond emerge from the darkness. It landed near the other one already laying on the pond and caused another loud cracking noise like they had just heard. Super freaked out now, they all were silent, mouths hanging because they had all just witnessed something projecting a rock across the pond and they were in the middle of nowhere. Another rock was thrown about a minute from the last, and all the boys begin yelling, “hello, someone out there? Come say hey, we’re friendly!” And things of the like. All that followed was silence, and about a minute later, one last rock was cast upon the pond. They would’ve seen footprints in the snow if anyone had been around at the time and made their way to the other end of the pond. Steve had been a National Park forest ranger for years, and even he was spooked about the situation years later. We asked whether they thought the creature throwing the rocks was human, to which they all grimly replied that they didn’t know. And this happened in a REMOTE area in the dead of winter in which temperatures are hovering in the negatives at the time. They said they doubted many people, unless with incredible outdoor expertise, would venture out to this area in the dead of a cold Montana winter.

  77. freeurmind2

    freeurmind22 ヶ月 前

    First story: did not expect to shed a tear from a creepy Reddit story. Sad for the couple but then again it's understandable.

  78. Joshua Kohlmeyer

    Joshua Kohlmeyer2 ヶ月 前

    quite a bit late, but one year while hunting deer on private property (a bit away from any people other than family hunting the same land) a man I'd never seen before just appears in the woods in a plaid shirt (no blaze orange) carrying an axe, being the 17 year old i was, i pointed my rifle at him and yelled at him to either leave our property or be shot, the man walked behind a tree and disappeared, he didn't take his eyes off me the entire time i saw him. Needless to say, I don't hunt that part of the land anymore.

  79. Mer

    Mer2 ヶ月 前

    *me watching this vid in public* *people around me* THE FU-

  80. Warzone

    Warzone2 ヶ月 前

    The second one sounded like fey creatures messing with him tbh

  81. Positive Orc

    Positive Orc2 ヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1051">17:31</a> When the one about the eyes 3 to 4ft in the air came up I instantly thought the leprechaun was coming for him

  82. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando2 ヶ月 前

    the last one is just then being assholes to campers