Ford Flathead V8 Engine Rebuild Time-Lapse | Redline Rebuild - S1E2


  1. John Pegram

    John Pegram12 時間 前

    MAN those flatheads sound pretty!

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    Like the new shop

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    i tought my summer car was hard ...

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    now that was freaking amazing

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    Absolute pleasure to watch thanks for sharing 👌👏👊👍✌️

  7. screaming chivo

    screaming chivo3 日 前

    it truly is a nice thing to see people keep these old rust buckets going ... these engines / vehicles ARE worth preserving ... these old-timers will run RIDICULOUSLY more efficient rebuilt with modern technology ... bumper to bumper ...

  8. tony francesco

    tony francesco3 日 前

    It's almost like they've done before.

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    I love you guys!

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    Excellent work

  11. usmc raid

    usmc raid5 日 前

    Doesn’t make sense - only 3 exhaust chambers for 4 cylinders on each side????

  12. Bugsy

    Bugsy5 日 前

    That truck must never be painted, the patina is perfect.

  13. randy thompson

    randy thompson6 日 前

    I have always loved the design and history of this motor. Love seeing such pros bring a cool pickup back to having a long life.

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    Давно смотрю, чувак красавчик руки золотые.

  15. Josh Magara

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    Open heart surgery.

  16. Josh Magara

    Josh Magara7 日 前

    There's just something special about seeing those pistons going up n down that makes me smile.

  17. Nick Deiters

    Nick Deiters7 日 前

    5:32 the face you get to make after $8000 and 2 months of waiting... totally worth it 😁

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    Great Job..

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    Amazing videos

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    I envy you guys. Hope I can soon become a part of your team.

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    Representing Michigan good

  22. Nate M

    Nate M9 日 前

    I have watched so many of your videos now after I found you guys. You guys do some really amazing work. I would love to drop off my 05 titan engine that I'm turning into my desert truck and have you guys go through it just like you do in the videos. How much does something like that run.

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    Zwariowałem, czysta poezja :O gwalce replay

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    It started with Ford and ends with Ford!!!!👍👍👍👍

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    i love the work you guys do to them engins

  28. Old Heathen

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    Love them Ford trucks!

  29. Tanner H

    Tanner H18 日 前

    I know this isn't a new video, but I've came back and watched this multiple times. The video editing and shots are so great!! keep the re-builds coming.

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    Whoever chose the music, I salute 😍

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    فنانين انتم مبدعين😍😍😍

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    my dreams car!

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    Like muito bom

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    Love the flat heads

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    MantaaaB.... Fokus ke mesin... Sisanya gampang di make over... Kereeeen laaah

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    I like that they painted a ford engine Chevrolet orange

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    Awesome 🔥🔥🔥

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    I want one

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    What is the engine checking machine?

  41. Happy Raccoon

    Happy Raccoon26 日 前

    First engine I rebuilt. 1949 Merc. Three of us, age ,15, at Ft Huachuca Az, took a class. Before it hardly chirp the tires, after the rebuild it would burn 30 feet easy. Ye ha.

  42. NickDe39

    NickDe3926 日 前

    Grew up with these things, very simple and basic compared to today's engines, no timing belts, valves in head. Worse feature was a crankcase breather tube, must went straight down to the road to suck up road dust into the engine, crankcase would be full of mud. Would bend that pipe upwards further away from that dust. Engines would run much cleaner. Changing engine oil every 500 miles was quite common. One aftermarket part we appreciated was the adjustable valve lifter, driven directly off the center cam in the Ford V8. The valve was in the block, valve spring with keepers under it. Needed a certain gap between the valve and lifter and was done by removing the lifter, all that stuff on top of it and grinding the lifter to size. Gap too large, either add weld or buy a new lifter, adjustables were really nice. Removing heads was a no brainer, but drain the block first, that was made real easy compared to todays engines. Had to be, alcohol antifreeze was over 5 bucks a gallon with minimum wage at 75 cents. Most people drained their blocks and radiators every night. Heated fresh water on their stoves, some wood burners and poured that in to warm the engine so it would start. During breaks at work sat in your car to run the engine so it wouldn't freeze. Those were not the so good old days.


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    Thanks for your videos💖💖💖💖

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    Он ещё и нижнеклапаный

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    And *Old Boy On The Way*

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    Think speed even faster. Hard to follow but cant stop watching

  47. alan koza

    alan koza27 日 前

    That flat head ford is music to my ears.. thank Henry ford for making the v8

  48. kenneth connors

    kenneth connors28 日 前

    love your rebuilds , interesting and accurate, I did same 50 years ago . funny how you never forget the flathead sound

  49. Jpzeh Br

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    Much better than swapping another engine. Good Job.'

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    top ok são paulo brazil...

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    Look up

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    Что делаешь???

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    Hell satisfying

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    looks like a reliable engine. Not many moving parts, and no need to worry about timing chain and it's consequences...

  56. MoogleMy

    MoogleMyヶ月 前

    Great job. Most people tend to forget what an automotive machine shop is capable of. I'm no a Ford fan but I do recognise their contribution to the automotive industry. It would be cool to have a Ford powered original V8 vehicle, but alas I'm always up to my eyeballs in Honda products. Wonder what the cost of that rebuild would be? But if your into it i guess it doesnt matter.

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    If that engine talked itd go thanks guys

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    По большому счету, от двигателя остался только блок и поддон

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    How obvious is that working hard pays off. Magnificent video. Thank you for giving me a quality piece.