Food Theory: Cheetos Are Cow Food!


  1. Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansinoヶ月 前

    Miss you so much Matpat! ❤️

  2. Doodle Hawk

    Doodle Hawk8 時間 前


  3. Family SEF

    Family SEF10 時間 前


  4. that one guy with the voice

    that one guy with the voice13 時間 前

    Isn't it cute when friendships that form on youtube just act wholesome

  5. A R

    A R3 日 前

    @Jevan Atkins I know and I love it 😭

  6. Xzander Graves

    Xzander Graves8 日 前

    @mad cartoon cat Jesus loves you and He died for your sins because you are a sinner and by His grace kindness and mercy you can be saved and forgiven.

  7. Chris Or cj

    Chris Or cj3 時間 前

    I don’t like Cheetos.

  8. Beastymc

    Beastymc3 時間 前

    sooo no one is gonna say he low key looks like jsutin tim with his cut he had lol.

  9. rgoidel

    rgoidel3 時間 前

    As a child, I use to love eating Cheetos. Then after my appendectomy in 1957 by 1959 I found out I was not able to enjoy ice cream, cream cheese, in fact any diary of any type or kind without a highly rushed trip to the bathroom. Thanks to Lactaid products de-lactating their ice cream some food from childhood I can enjoy again in moderation.

  10. quelorepario

    quelorepario4 時間 前

    30 years later: "How rats went from pests to pesto"

  11. kk kp

    kk kp5 時間 前

    I dont care what it is might be grass i dont care only if it tastes good

  12. Lacey Fisher

    Lacey Fisher15 時間 前

    The crunchy ones are better!

  13. ...........

    ...........19 時間 前

    CHEETOS ARE COW FOOD!? well I guess I'm a cow now.

  14. Cooper Riley

    Cooper Riley22 時間 前


  15. Cooper Riley

    Cooper Riley22 時間 前


  16. Ezee Posse TV

    Ezee Posse TV23 時間 前

    A popular yeast extract spread called Marmite here in the UK used to be a by-product/industrial waste of a beer brewers company.

  17. T-RexXD225

    T-RexXD225日 前

    *continues to eat cheetos*

  18. Caboose Productionz

    Caboose Productionz日 前

    I wanna see some Cheetos Liquor now

  19. Big Giraffe

    Big Giraffe日 前

    Nani 5:45

  20. Big Giraffe

    Big Giraffe日 前

    Me eating Cheetos I watching this video be like hmmm interesting

  21. Queen puppy & King kitty

    Queen puppy & King kitty日 前

    Wow thanks was eating cheetos win i was watching this

  22. Queen puppy & King kitty

    Queen puppy & King kitty日 前

    But great job on the vid!!

  23. Lindsay Wiz

    Lindsay Wiz日 前

    Then I’m a cow I guess 😐

  24. Danielle

    Danielle日 前

    Wait if cheetoes become a culinary ingredient, won’t it become expensive because of demand-

  25. SuperFireTurtle14

    SuperFireTurtle14日 前

    Do you believe in God? And are you saved? If so go tell someone else and tell them to tell someone else if not then go read the Bible take Jesus as your saver. If you don't want to then well you don't have to....

  26. Mia Genevieve Lefebvre

    Mia Genevieve Lefebvre2 日 前

    they did make a mac and cheetos

  27. Master Assassin

    Master Assassin2 日 前

    IM A ELITE GODLY JOCK 💯🏈‼️‼️🇹🇹💯🏈🏈

  28. Sunny Days

    Sunny Days2 日 前

    sure love Cheetos

  29. The cool kid five Nights at freddys

    The cool kid five Nights at freddys2 日 前


  30. Thommy Jacksona

    Thommy Jacksona2 日 前

    Did you just make a digimon reference? I'm happy. Life fulfilled

  31. PhantomProductions

    PhantomProductions2 日 前

    heck even cheetos sushi

  32. Hailee Seabolt

    Hailee Seabolt2 日 前

    Mat amd Ro have such a strong brother/sister vibe its crazy, I feel like it was really solidified by Escape the Night s3

  33. Shelbi Wallace-Nunery

    Shelbi Wallace-Nunery2 日 前

    Cow food is mostly hey but Cheetos don’t taste like hey or humans can eat the snacks even Cowles because it’s contained with cow food we want to eat cow food because it’s OK but this one is invented for cows and humans to annoy

  34. Sam Hudson

    Sam Hudson2 日 前

    Next your going to say caned tuna started out as cat food and beef jerky doggy treats

  35. Sam Hudson

    Sam Hudson2 日 前

    We are the cattle that the powerful need

  36. Gasper Englemann

    Gasper Englemann3 日 前

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  37. Amanda Bruce

    Amanda Bruce3 日 前

    ive never had Cheetos I've never had cow food

  38. pastelsnail

    pastelsnail3 日 前

    I’m eating Cheetos Uhhhhh

  39. JV _

    JV _3 日 前

    "Subway bread is cake" Understandable "Pizza with more toppings weigh less" Ok, a little weird tho "Cheetos is cow food" *rethinks life*

  40. JAM Martinez

    JAM Martinez日 前

    Just another day with MatPat

  41. pastelsnail

    pastelsnail3 日 前

    Lol same

  42. Davin Pajuelo

    Davin Pajuelo3 日 前

    This has to be the most American moment

  43. AWCY?

    AWCY?3 日 前

    So this IS clickbait It wasn't cow food it was industrial waste

  44. a a

    a a3 日 前

    chetos eat mor food

  45. Mac Turner

    Mac Turner3 日 前

    Don cheetle. Lol.

  46. HudsonIron

    HudsonIron4 日 前

    "Cheetos is cow food" Hey if cow food is that delicious I'll gladly be a cow

  47. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer4 日 前

    Mortal you dare call me a cow...

  48. Chloe S

    Chloe S4 日 前

    So you mean I should actually try that cheeto flaming hot and cheese I saw? I bet it is actually really good on a salad though!

  49. ryder russell

    ryder russell4 日 前

    4:46 look again a bfdi asset

  50. ryder russell

    ryder russell4 日 前

    1:17 matpat if you use bfdi assets so much you should make a theory about it

  51. Wabash15

    Wabash154 日 前

    Has anyone seen a video of someone actually eating a tidepod? I could never find one.

  52. Midtoker Marius

    Midtoker Marius4 日 前

    Owls Cheeze Doodles is the only cheese snack in the world that actualy taste good.. Cheetos are fucking horrible every single type

  53. Krappy Kaleb

    Krappy Kaleb4 日 前

    Mat-pat: Cheetos come in a wide variety of flavor Also Mat-pat: *continues to show 5 bags of Cheetos that are intended to be hot*

  54. Liam De La Portilla

    Liam De La Portilla4 日 前

    but theres a cheetah on the bag and not a cow so that would be hard

  55. ouistleplays

    ouistleplays4 日 前

    it's fine if it's made for cows, I'm shaped like one

  56. Tim Stoffers

    Tim Stoffers5 日 前


  57. Brovo 01

    Brovo 015 日 前

    Pizza isn’t healthy but its made of cheese,sauce and dough

  58. Ross Hoover

    Ross Hoover5 日 前

    the definition of sushi is a bite sized food on a clump of rice so i can put a Cheeto on a thing of rice and call it sushi

  59. Kbye Bleha

    Kbye Bleha5 日 前


  60. Conrad Davis

    Conrad Davis5 日 前

    w h a t ? ? ?

  61. PermaFrost

    PermaFrost6 日 前

    What mouth does that remind me of... bfdi? No... bfb? No... NO. IT CAN’T BE. THE MEMEING BUT HAPPY FACE. How could you be so diabolical *this is a joke.*

  62. Joy Brock

    Joy Brock6 日 前

    There is a Mac and cheese to where you can put some Cheetos non spicy or spicy into normal Mac n cheese any kind your comfortable with I prefer Kraft after the Mac And Cheese is made it Cheetos in or spicy in and you got yourself a extra cheesy or spice Mac and cheese.

  63. Joy Brock

    Joy Brock6 日 前

    I love his beginning of every video “Hello Internet Welcome To Food Theory” I love it 😂

  64. Kathy De Gussemé

    Kathy De Gussemé6 日 前

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  65. Franklin Treadwell

    Franklin Treadwell6 日 前

    you would think the cheto maskot would be a cow right or am i just werid

  66. Cale Speight

    Cale Speight6 日 前

    That's why it tasted like carboard

  67. TheDarkKnightYT

    TheDarkKnightYT6 日 前

    is it weird I'm eating hot Cheetos right now

  68. Polli Gonn

    Polli Gonn6 日 前

    Are Wotsits and Cheetos the same thing? Except for the fact that Wotsits are C H O N K Y

  69. 死神_vivaan

    死神_vivaan6 日 前

    fun fact lobsters were so used they were known as the cockroaches of the sea and served in prison

  70. Candyvulture

    Candyvulture6 日 前

    Are cheetos the american version of wotsits or different?

  71. Cillian Lennon

    Cillian Lennon6 日 前

    You have a wife! 😡

  72. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

    Gard Helgeland-Rossavik7 日 前

    i understand what you are saying but to me it would make more sense internationally if the product type was to become a proper fine dinning ingredient then the brand

  73. Jesse Statler

    Jesse Statler7 日 前

    The cow should be their mascot., not some cheetah.

  74. aldo plays roblox

    aldo plays roblox7 日 前

    I eat live cow food

  75. René M

    René M7 日 前

    love the snack food for idiots. nearly choked on my Diet Coke when I heard it

  76. Edward Lee Miller

    Edward Lee Miller7 日 前

    I'm surprised MatPat didn't mention Ramen. How it's 12 cents a pack at the grocery store, but a single serving can set you back $7-$10 when purchased from a street vendor in Japan.

  77. Megan Campbell

    Megan Campbell7 日 前

    The Adams Corporation (sing to Hamilton’s “The Adams Administration) How do cheese puffs, a byproduct, Accident of cow feed machines Fried up with some salty sheen Become so popular with us And gain a reputation WELCOME FOLKS, TO THE ADAMS CORPORATION

  78. rased rasel

    rased rasel7 日 前

    The homely bugle simultaneously jam because flugelhorn covalently unfasten throughout a hungry expert. miscreant, probable geese

  79. jordan yuen

    jordan yuen7 日 前

    I think to make an expensive, high end cheeto, they're going to have to use the most expensive and most organic ingredients. But even if the ingredients are organic, it's not going to be expensive to make. Maybe the process of making a cheeto has to be more refined? I don't know

  80. FudgeMonkeyz69

    FudgeMonkeyz697 日 前

    C H E E T O xQcL

  81. Ash Carso

    Ash Carso7 日 前

    im wondering then... do they just give you a packet of cheetle for the chetos mac and cheese?

  82. Why Ohhh

    Why Ohhh7 日 前

    I hope they don’t become super fancy because I don’t want to pay 200$ for a bag of Cheetos. XD

  83. Egg Egg

    Egg Egg7 日 前

    I hate cheese puffs any ways

  84. Itz Josiah

    Itz Josiah7 日 前

    I tried a burger with hot Cheetos and can confirm is delicious

  85. Ashley Grant

    Ashley Grant7 日 前

    B.F.D.I. mouths at 1:15 and 4:47

  86. Big X

    Big X7 日 前

    Guess I'm a cow

  87. James Holman

    James Holman7 日 前

    Me now: asking my mom to eat some season salt My mom now: Why would you eat an ingredient My future child: can I eat some Cheetos Future me: Why would you eat an ingredient

  88. Isaac Prin

    Isaac Prin7 日 前

    Who else knew of cheetles from Ned's Declassified? Episode: Vice Principals.

  89. Psychic Friend Fredbear

    Psychic Friend Fredbear7 日 前

    Me I might be lying...

  90. Tsp CPR

    Tsp CPR7 日 前

    I can’t say food theorists teaches me more then school since I leaned it in I ready lol

  91. tie gideon

    tie gideon7 日 前

    Grass is cow food

  92. Andera Singletary

    Andera Singletary8 日 前

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  93. Krazzy

    Krazzy8 日 前

    I had tried hot Cheetos. It nearly destroyed my stomach. After hearing this. No more cheetos for this person.

  94. AnaGelle Vlog

    AnaGelle Vlog8 日 前

    The puns THE PUNS!!!!!

  95. Post Tenebras Lux

    Post Tenebras Lux8 日 前

    welcome to the comment discord server! This comment is a big chat for all!

  96. XxMiłk TêaxX

    XxMiłk TêaxX8 日 前

    Me: eating Cheetos Me: Watch is this... Well uh-

  97. Slimeman2point0

    Slimeman2point08 日 前

    Mac and cheetos were a thing that burger king made

  98. Lion in Space

    Lion in Space8 日 前

    Hello internet wellcome to theory theory. Today we will talk about how MatPat is going crazy

  99. Nathan Smith

    Nathan Smith8 日 前

    😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛🥛🍮🥪🍦🥧🍱🍦🌯🍿🥙🍖🍿🫓🥮🥞🫔🍿🫓🍘🍵🫓🍕🌮🥬🌮🌭🦪🫕🍌🦴🌶🫓🍅🍅🫓🫒🫒🥯🦴🥯🧇🍒🍌🌮🍏🍪🍣🍩🍱🍭🍭🥟🍭🍱🍮🥫🥫🥫🍮🫕🍦🌮🍢🫓🍢💵💳💴💰💵💳💵💸💰💳💴💰💸 HERE TAKE MY MONEY

  100. Nikolas Mantoukos

    Nikolas Mantoukos8 日 前

    well humans will love anything u put cheese on

  101. Dragon Ryuga

    Dragon Ryuga8 日 前

    You do something who is zesu in real steel my favorite game

  102. Jeon Bassig

    Jeon Bassig8 日 前

    And puff cheetos

  103. Jeon Bassig

    Jeon Bassig8 日 前

    I wanted to try hot cheetos guess can't try it 😔😔😔😔😔

  104. Ke'ala'iliahi Ford

    Ke'ala'iliahi Ford9 日 前

    I had a cow and he really liked Cheetos so we named him Cheetos and now I know why 💀

  105. Dino

    Dino9 日 前

    Thanks Matpat, now I can definitively call my dad a cow

  106. Thomas Bernard Ming Ming the CAT Velasco

    Thomas Bernard Ming Ming the CAT Velasco9 日 前

    Yum cow food

  107. False Prophet

    False Prophet9 日 前

    Safe to do something together huh? Like it’s impossible to get a couple people together without killing everyone. 🙄 idiots

  108. Jovanna Gonzales

    Jovanna Gonzales9 日 前

    This is just so stupid

  109. nancy xiang

    nancy xiang9 日 前

    Well.... I have never heard of this.