Focke Wulf Fw-190 D-9 Hasegawa 1/32 - Aircraft Model


  1. TheCarolo08

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  2. Tor Cus

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    just Amazing!

  3. Mark

    Mark3 日 前

    Imperfectly perfect!

  4. Mohammed Cohen

    Mohammed Cohen4 日 前 super detail because it's what we all do...we make it that way because we know about them and brag to our fellow builders about it...

  5. Mohammed Cohen

    Mohammed Cohen4 日 前 has a name...'creative gizmology'...IIRC it was the late Shep Paine who coined that term...

  6. Mohammed Cohen

    Mohammed Cohen4 日 前 always gotta buy at least two or three books on each kit...eventually you'll have a house full of I do...I collected books & magazines for close to 40 years...

  7. chuckschilling

    chuckschilling4 日 前

    I think the D-9 and the TA-152 are the most gorgeous aircraft ever made.

  8. jaques lagerweij

    jaques lagerweij5 日 前

    Were did you get the book from at the beginning?. Love your vids

  9. K Chrys

    K Chrys5 日 前

    So is this a previous model of the widely known fw 190? Because it is slimmer in the engine part and it still has the supercharger inlet on the outside. Anybody can enlighten me?

  10. Kalamar_ from_Slovakia

    Kalamar_ from_Slovakia6 日 前

    You spent two MOMS with it?!

  11. Hill Billy

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    So, Plasmo's kind of a badass...that about it?


    SD VISUALS7 日 前

    why am i watching this ? i don't know

  13. Chris Mihok

    Chris Mihok8 日 前

    Amazing work. The Dora is my favorite as well.

  14. warc8us

    warc8us8 日 前

    your precision with a brush or tool is amazing.

  15. Paul G

    Paul G8 日 前

    You do such wonderful work

  16. anomaly P

    anomaly P9 日 前

    But ....does it fly?!

  17. CoffeineNightOwl

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    that´s impressive. greetings from germany and thank you for the passion and detail you gave the FW. she looks badass.

  18. john adams

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    Fan tab u loso.

  19. Moo Gee

    Moo Gee13 日 前

    Absolutely next level modelling - really mad level of detail

  20. Bobby Ricigliano

    Bobby Ricigliano14 日 前

    This man is a true artisan of his craft. Unbelievable.

  21. Horde Gaming

    Horde Gaming15 日 前

    The Focke Wulf is a fantastic aircraft a beauty of engineering for its time and purpose, ruthlessly effective at it's role. A beautiful fighter aircraft and this praise is coming from a British guy btw, yes I'm British and I love this aircraft because it's absolutely gorgeous and I really want to get in one and fly it some day, it would be an honor to control such a work of engineering beauty like the Focke Wulf.

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    Reading the comments is as much fun as watching the video. Plasmo is the King!

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    Imposible,.. thx.

  24. Totally not a famous person with a fake name

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    this guy must have bionic eyes - amazing work

  25. Mista Min

    Mista Min18 日 前

    Bob Ross is smiling.

  26. d. d.

    d. d.18 日 前

    The most beautiful plane.

  27. Toni Siret

    Toni Siret19 日 前

    I just came to look at some guy building a model. I actually found the Da Vinci of model making, I've never seen observation & skill like it!

  28. Rene Jansen

    Rene Jansen19 日 前

    Real Artist!

  29. Hehe!

    Hehe!20 日 前

    Looks like it’s ready to fly

  30. BaddaBigBoom

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    This makes the term "attention to detail" a crude understatement.

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  32. Pierre Alfaro

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    Respect 👍

  33. Walter Heisenberg

    Walter Heisenberg26 日 前

    My father did the artwork on the Squadron book at 0:28.

  34. Potator

    Potator27 日 前

    A bit "overweared". Most Planes didn't last longe enough to get that amount of wear an tear.

  35. RagnarisFellhanded

    RagnarisFellhanded27 日 前

    I heard that the original builders and engineers of these magnificent planes would paint the interior of the plane silver, so that any liquid leaks such as oil and coolant would be immediately obvious when you strip the plane for repairs. apparently its the same with the tanks of the era too.


    TIMOTHY WOOD27 日 前

    Awesome. You are a true artist.thanks for the when is your next 1/32 plane build coming.....?

  37. Totally Smooth1

    Totally Smooth129 日 前

    Plastic airplanes are so stupid. THEY CAN'T FLY. Get yourself a REAL model airplane. A Guillows or a Sig, or something. Why? For one thing it's impossible to make one 100% realistic detail. But you CAN end up with something just as beautiful and true. And you don't end up blind from microscopic paint detailing. I look at one of those super-detailed plastic models and all I can think is someone would have to have a screw loose to do all that. Plus after all that, it can't fly, or did I already mention that?

  38. Leslie Black

    Leslie Blackヶ月 前

    Great job. The best I have seen.

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  40. Michele Marchese

    Michele Marcheseヶ月 前

    Beautiful work!!!

  41. Lance Lawson

    Lance Lawsonヶ月 前

    It truth very few German fighter planes stayed in combat long enough to get that marked up. Most were destroyed almost as soon as they left the factory.

  42. Mcclenp

    Mcclenpヶ月 前

    Stunning work on a kit of my 2nd favourite WW2 fighter after the 109G 👍

  43. jose alejandro alvarado boteille

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    Excelente video desde chile gran trabajo a mi también me gusta los aviones y el aermodelisno 🤘😮

  44. Jusuf Kreso

    Jusuf Kresoヶ月 前

    where are u from good man. you sound Indian. glory to india

  45. Mike Soriano

    Mike Sorianoヶ月 前

    Awesome build.

  46. Anthony Xuereb

    Anthony Xuerebヶ月 前

    You did the real plane justice and I can say that for all your models and thank you for the life lesson, do well at what you do.

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  48. Andy Mavridis

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    Just awesome. Dude please keep up the excellent work.

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  50. Fossi Baer

    Fossi Baerヶ月 前

    Fantastic Artwork !!!!

  51. abukamoon

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    Beautiful attention to detail! I enjoy seeing such realism!

  52. Demetrio Robles

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    Estoy impresionado! precioso, enhorabuena

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  54. razorseal

    razorsealヶ月 前

    What do you do with all these? You must have run out of room lol

  55. Charlie Waywood

    Charlie Waywoodヶ月 前

    I have a challenge for you. build either a blohm & vohss BV-238, or a focke-wolfe ta-154.

  56. Mr. JayD

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    Klobouk dolů. Kolik hodin?

  57. Juan Cardozo

    Juan Cardozoヶ月 前

    I had assembled near to 30 airplane maquettes in my youth, but never with this degree of detail, omg, amazing

  58. jozef68

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    Obdivuhodné! Palec hore.

  59. Josias Pereira

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    A melhor escala a meu ver

  60. Leonidas Lost

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    A Master at work

  61. Eric Tripke

    Eric Tripkeヶ月 前

    Is there a video where you show what power tools you use? I'm sure there are others who would like to see the type and model of these specific tools. Using an electric micro-drill with specific bits looks like it not only saves time, but is in some cases very precise.

  62. strasburger2

    strasburger2ヶ月 前

    Where can I get one of the metal bending tools at 2:50?

  63. Hector Sapere

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    Muy buen trabajo!

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    👍👍👍 from Russia with love!!!

  65. Ray Miles

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    Aren't Revel 1/24's available anymore?

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    +++++ !!!!!

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  69. kenneth connors

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    absolutely outstanding work

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    juste magnifique bravo

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    Bravo pour tes superbes vidéo parfaites Tu es de très bon conseil Et très doué 👍👍👍

  72. Tiberius Maximus

    Tiberius Maximus2 ヶ月 前

    4:27 do you seal that in w TS-80 before you use the panel liner? I'm new at this and was thinking of using the chipping fluid

  73. Tiberius Maximus

    Tiberius Maximus2 ヶ月 前

    i need a drill and plenty of bits for it, any recommendations?

  74. John Gallagher

    John Gallagher2 ヶ月 前

    Hi, Just wondering is it the Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus 0.2mm Airbrush thats being used for the fine detail ?

  75. Twister051

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    Wow. Just, wow. I bow not to the man, but to a freaking modeling god. Un-freak-ing real.....

  76. Dave Pierce

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    How old are you ??? lol. NO MORE MODELS after you're 10

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    Unbelievable. Amazing work.

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    Wow great work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌻🍀

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    Kurt Tank would have been pleased.

  80. William Sherlock Scott Holmes

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    Brilliant work !

  81. The_DIsabled_Gamer.

    The_DIsabled_Gamer.2 ヶ月 前

    This is absolutely amazing, you have a gift for model making, i'm beyond impressed, and the FW 190-D9 is my fav aircraft ever from that era and you did an amazing job, well done !

  82. Scale Pro

    Scale Pro2 ヶ月 前

    Very nice! 👍

  83. Changing Things

    Changing Things2 ヶ月 前

    I built a wooden kayak to tool around in the marsh. I used these colors to paint it including all the random brush marks. When I get out of my kayak to walk a bit and return, it is amazingly hard to see the kayak. The colors superbly blend in with the real world.

  84. Filip Dufek

    Filip Dufek2 ヶ月 前

    Nádherná práce :-)

  85. Peter Baader

    Peter Baader2 ヶ月 前

    the result is amazing!

  86. Eren Güneş

    Eren Güneş2 ヶ月 前

    I think this may be the best looking aircraft of all times.

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  88. SchwanzusLongus

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    The butcher bird

  89. CSL 74

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    exceptional !

  91. Guillermo Melendez

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    German design is so beautiful.

  92. Lars Jönlid

    Lars Jönlid2 ヶ月 前

    I like: The pedals look like a swiss cheese !!!!! And of course the finished model!!!

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    Ridiculous skill.😖👊🇿🇦

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    That's a real piece of Art!!

  95. nick carvell

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    WOW. The cockpit blew my mind!

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    You are extremely gifted. Impressive

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    Fantastic model!

  98. SilverBullet

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    Dear Plasmo can you resume your tutorial videos?

  99. Andrea Gabrielle

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    Excelente !!!! Aparte elegiste uno de los mejores aviones alemanes !!! Y un detalle, le pusiste la esvastica cosa que ningún modelista hace... felicidades !!! 🖖🖖

  100. Rui Arcanjo

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    Everytime Plasmo says "Minor Modifications" Model companies cry

  101. Diego Nalesso

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    It takes less effort to build a real one