Flying RC Car


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    00:00 Intro 00:21 Rules Garrett 0:30 TT 0:50 Coby 1:35 Cory 2:09 Cody 2:37 Round 2 3:22 Round 3 4:44 Trophy Presentation/Outro 8:49

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    LOL congrats cody he did well and cory wasss soooooooo close!!!!!!!!!!

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    ナイス Video👍 Please see my JPreporter 😊

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    Imagine how many GoPros they have

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    Best in battles with points 5th: Cory with 136 points 4th: Cody with 142 points 3rd: Garrett with 155 points 2nd: Coby (somehow) with 158 points 1st: Tyler (obviously) with 202 points

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    Cody had 2 rockets on the car only one of them lit off thats what caused it to spin,it could of maybe went straight.

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    Ayyy he said full send

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    Seeing those cars get run over hurt my soul.

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    I love how he just barely survived the head on impact with the front wheel, and with one last sliver of life, he does the exact same thing and losses.

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    Imagine if they used Garret's double engine rocket on a car

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    3:17 to answer your question Only 1 was lit causing the car to spin in one direction causing it to go down.

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