1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory7 ヶ月 前

    So stoked to be back, we're going to start rolling out videos consistently again. To partake in future meet-ups and potentially go on adventure like this with us, make sure you follow us on Instagram:

  2. Steyness s

    Steyness s2 ヶ月 前

    You have never tried south Africa

  3. Mohammad Mustaque

    Mohammad Mustaque3 ヶ月 前

    Yo bud jan 13th is my birthday date

  4. Miled Al bared

    Miled Al bared6 ヶ月 前

    @RITA ASSAL wow I thought I was like the only Yes fan here hehehe

  5. Sidra Ghanawi

    Sidra Ghanawi7 ヶ月 前

    Hey Yes Theory please come to Dubai! It would be awesome!

  6. FamilyToys

    FamilyToys7 ヶ月 前

    FOR SURE WE ARE FOLLOWING WITH OUR IRISH CLAN WITH 1 SUB :) cheer for the SUB my friends :)

  7. Melissa Suarez

    Melissa Suarez5 時間 前

    It's clear why they picked her

  8. Ekekwe Karen

    Ekekwe Karen14 時間 前

    Is it too late to ask for a meet up in Nigeria 🇳🇬

  9. Mark Javier

    Mark Javier14 時間 前

    Is there a Yes Fam in San Jose CA?

  10. Kalpana Sarangi

    Kalpana Sarangi3 日 前

    Sir m a fan of yes theory

  11. Rayen jaziri

    Rayen jaziri4 日 前

    15:38 that's my country hell yeah

  12. Sepy Navarrete

    Sepy Navarrete4 日 前

    TD looks like Luke Walton

  13. Bijiee Ni Bai

    Bijiee Ni Bai7 日 前


  14. rhiannon conn

    rhiannon conn9 日 前

    anyone from scotland in the yes fam ? am new here and wanna be part of this amazing family

  15. This is Lyrics

    This is Lyrics9 日 前

    Someday I will be with you my favorite vloggers. From Philippines here. 😊

  16. Jonathan Miller

    Jonathan Miller10 日 前

    Let's meet up at the manitou incline In colorado springs, and I'll race you to the top

  17. Miguel Galarza

    Miguel Galarza10 日 前

    Just subscribed a few days ago, now I’m addicted to this channel. You are going to make me go through all my data ahead of time!!

  18. Marac Komarac

    Marac Komarac12 日 前

    CROATIA yea i live in CRO (the real life group whit a flag)

  19. Rachele Pedores

    Rachele Pedores12 日 前

    Whos watching from the philippines here 🙌

  20. Rehman Arshad

    Rehman Arshad13 日 前

    This is beautiful ❤ love you guys

  21. Spencer Welte

    Spencer Welte15 日 前

    anybody know where they are at 6:23?

  22. sarah boddie

    sarah boddie16 日 前

    Y’all are like such BFF goals lmfaooo I love this channel

  23. Dead X

    Dead X17 日 前

    Yes theory please visit INDIA

  24. magafonosuper

    magafonosuper19 日 前


  25. Josh Hartigan

    Josh Hartigan21 日 前

    Its funny how Yes Theory never picks ugly strangers! lmao

  26. An Idiot Abroad

    An Idiot Abroad21 日 前

    I want to see the meetup montage! i want to see if i recognize someone from sweden

  27. Aliha Chaudary

    Aliha Chaudary21 日 前

    You guys have a really talented editor

  28. Luke Davenport

    Luke Davenport24 日 前

    The message at the end gave me chills! Love the message and your videos!

  29. iris choe

    iris choe25 日 前

    this is so cool wth

  30. bobbob123ful

    bobbob123ful25 日 前

    4:40 *Mike Mains and the Branches* _Breathing Underwater_

  31. Wae1

    Wae126 日 前

    ow wot !15:38 ! WOT ! xd

  32. Ayman Atmani

    Ayman Atmani28 日 前

    What's the name of the song in montage?

  33. Sajidul Shawon

    Sajidul Shawon29 日 前

    Damn! I am sad that i didn't see this before

  34. Aaron Madulara

    Aaron Madularaヶ月 前

    what super 8 camera is that?

  35. Mhilbert Caisip

    Mhilbert Caisipヶ月 前

    hope you go here in phillipines😔☺

  36. Alex Bester AWB

    Alex Bester AWBヶ月 前

    Matt is such a scumbag, he always wants a taste of someone's girl he's like my friend who tried with my girl, but got REJECTED!!!

  37. Maria

    Mariaヶ月 前

    bruh, the ending had me crying

  38. Joey Tribbiani

    Joey Tribbianiヶ月 前

    I didn't know there's a meet up in Malaysia!!! If i know, i gonna be there with them... I hope they read my comment so i can be part of it next time...

  39. 4Clinch Gaming

    4Clinch Gamingヶ月 前

    I would love to meet up and on the one place you guys haven't been... South Africa

  40. Liezel Prinsloo

    Liezel Prinslooヶ月 前


  41. Jaspinder Singh

    Jaspinder Singhヶ月 前

    never did I think I would see patiala in this!!!!! each time I watch a yes theory video I'm left in awe over how they bring people together everywhere

  42. Thinley Lhundup

    Thinley Lhundupヶ月 前

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  43. IamOmkarD

    IamOmkarDヶ月 前


  44. Yalda Yazarlou

    Yalda Yazarlouヶ月 前

    OMG this is absolutely bloody amazing!! i can't believe everyone pulled this off, amazing!

  45. Swissrollgamer

    Swissrollgamerヶ月 前

    Oh her boy friend is for sure mad

  46. louise

    louiseヶ月 前

    Im crying, you guys are a gift

  47. ProdbyWeekz

    ProdbyWeekzヶ月 前

    Ppl mad cuz of how attractive she is... Doesn't make sense would u rather have ugly ppl? Like what

  48. Wernich Human

    Wernich Humanヶ月 前

    You guys have got to come to Cape Town South Africa. It will be one of the most insane places you'll visit. 🇿🇦

  49. Mackaroon

    Mackaroonヶ月 前


  50. Julia Bhansali

    Julia Bhansaliヶ月 前

    the videos of the meetups gave me CHILLS

  51. Prabhu Maroo

    Prabhu Marooヶ月 前

    You all deserve 10m + subss and the last monolog made me cryy😭😭

  52. Prabhu Maroo

    Prabhu Marooヶ月 前

    New to channel (subscribed a week before) from India 🇮🇳! I'll join the next meetup bcuz in a week I am watching Yes Theory's videos 24 by 7..You are addiction guyzz! Love you all❤

  53. jpwowee

    jpwoweeヶ月 前

    Nice one guys!!!

  54. Dustin Holley

    Dustin Holleyヶ月 前

    I have been in the army for four years I'm getting out soon and I've liked my job but I have felt a bit trapped by my job while there's no way I can have level of adventure that you guys have I'm excited that me and my husband will be able to travel freely I'm gonna take a year off work to travel and who knows maybe we will run into each other

  55. Joran desautels

    Joran desautelsヶ月 前

    15:56 PEG CITY

  56. Karl Karl

    Karl Karlヶ月 前

    Im sure you guys know the jim carry movie yes man


    ASMRLOBEヶ月 前

    u guys are changing my life.. this is crazy. spent a life scared and anxious of everything, and only this last couple of months iv started pushing myself because u guys inspired me to say yes. i have beat cancer twice and not even that gave me the kick up the butt that i needed. u are amazing guys

  58. Muskan Verma

    Muskan Vermaヶ月 前

    wow!!! what you guys do is amazing. this is my fav channel on youtube. you guys are doing something that most people are afraid to do. I am active on youtube just because of you guys. your videos are pure and it makes me smile whenever I feel low I watch your videos. you are spreading so much love and positive messages into the world. I can't express the joy and confidence your videos give to me.

  59. Vhceral

    Vhceralヶ月 前

    Legends say that the toilet guy is still on the toilet to this day waiting for yes theory to take him to Japan

  60. Addison Conley

    Addison Conleyヶ月 前

    15:31 is a bridge in chattanooga right by my house, holy shit! never thought i would see that bridge in a yes theory video

  61. 3duardable

    3duardableヶ月 前

    bastards, you chose her because of her looks horny yes theories

  62. prolifepinay

    prolifepinayヶ月 前

    Go to Tonga (and nearby countries) and swim with whales and sharks (just like The Bucket List Family), dance with the locals, learn the local language, etc.

  63. Nora Schwikowski

    Nora Schwikowskiヶ月 前

    Meet up à paris? Quelqu’un?

  64. Mohammed Salman

    Mohammed Salmanヶ月 前

    Why is it always the ladies 😭

  65. Julie-Claire O'Boyle

    Julie-Claire O'Boyleヶ月 前

    toronto canada pleeeeeaaseeeee!

  66. Jose Flores

    Jose Floresヶ月 前

    Why do I get emotional when I see people getting together like the montage 🥺 I just love seeing the happiness and positivity bless you guys!