Fluffy Goes To India | Gabriel Iglesias


  1. Acceptorham

    Acceptorham3 分 前

    The head shaking & belief on cows as dead person is just in South India, its completely different in north India

  2. leesa pradhan

    leesa pradhan38 分 前

    When are you coming to Toronto I'll book the concert for you

  3. Ika Cross

    Ika Cross44 分 前

    I will never...ever...find you NOT funny, FLUFFY FO-EVA 😊😂

  4. jonathan spittlehouse

    jonathan spittlehouse時間 前

    🤣🤣🤣 It felt liked Poland smart ass joke indeed 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Harsh Namdev

    Harsh Namdev時間 前

    This is not indian accent this is tamil accent chutiya mota sala

  6. mannish meena

    mannish meena時間 前

    His Indian accent is of South Indians but dat is too perfect n hilarious 😂😂😂 when he talked about having a nice day 😂

  7. AnSan yt

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  8. Praneeth Jeethu

    Praneeth Jeethu2 時間 前

    His Indian-English accent remained me English version of Chota Bheem 🤣😂

  9. Zeke Wilson

    Zeke Wilson2 時間 前

    i love germans, and the three little pigs

  10. abhayanand pandey

    abhayanand pandey2 時間 前

    Cow story is wrong fat man! Be believe in cow bcz cow give us milk. Anyways u never understand this thing.

  11. Markus Rist

    Markus Rist2 時間 前

    Well... about Karma. Do you actually know, who invented Fanta? Look it up. Greetings from Germany, Love you.

  12. Jyoti Gupta

    Jyoti Gupta3 時間 前

    Haha that's so true

  13. Timothy Dudley

    Timothy Dudley3 時間 前

    Good morning (fluffy) Gabriel).i appreciate your comedy. I would like to meet you some day. San Diego Ca. 92101.

  14. don gaming

    don gaming3 時間 前


  15. Sayantan Das

    Sayantan Das3 時間 前

    Wow.. never heard about this guy.. but fluffy is super hilarious..

  16. Shivam Chauhan

    Shivam Chauhan3 時間 前

    He is so cute.... Love u bro I'm also Indian and I agree 100%❤️❤️😍😎🔥

  17. Maulik Bhatt

    Maulik Bhatt3 時間 前

    His south Indian accent is perfect. Coping a Hotel man

  18. Maulik Bhatt

    Maulik Bhatt3 時間 前

    I never knew Fanta is Mexican... 😅

  19. Shreyash Pradhan

    Shreyash Pradhan4 時間 前

    Fluffy's vocal skills are amazing.

  20. Lupe Calderon

    Lupe Calderon4 時間 前

    Awesome ✨💖😘👍💞✨India people are very awesome, I have met many & they are AWESOME 😀!💖💞😘✨👀

  21. Lupe Calderon

    Lupe Calderon4 時間 前


  22. Carlos Herrera

    Carlos Herrera4 時間 前

    Fluffy is hilarious !!!

  23. TTV SeniorEdge

    TTV SeniorEdge4 時間 前

    The Indian accent is hilarious

  24. Albinus Savio

    Albinus Savio4 時間 前

    Indians do not eat cow..... Not true... Duh Even I'm Indian

  25. like a BAWSE

    like a BAWSE4 時間 前

    You really have to be a simp to like this

  26. like a BAWSE

    like a BAWSE4 時間 前

    India >>> Mexico >>> America

  27. Pratap Agadi

    Pratap Agadi4 時間 前

    Most funny & hilarious man on earth.

  28. Venkatesh S

    Venkatesh S4 時間 前


  29. Ziyanda Nzimande

    Ziyanda Nzimande4 時間 前


  30. Rajveer Sharma

    Rajveer Sharma5 時間 前

    I wonder, did he heard hindi slangs... I heard people there, are freaking badass...

  31. Garvit Gupta

    Garvit Gupta5 時間 前

    One of the best beatboxers I had ever encountered


    UNKNOWN GAMERz5 時間 前

    Abhishek uPamanyu

  33. Flash

    Flash5 時間 前

    10.29 he is talking about selmon bhai😎

  34. Raj foji Rawal

    Raj foji Rawal6 時間 前

    India is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. From the traces of hominoid activity discovered in the subcontinent, it is recognized that the area now known as India was inhabited approximately 250,000 years ago. India is tagged as the mother of so many inventions like algebra, number zero, shampoo, chess, value of pi and diamond mining. India has nearly 90,000 types of animals including over 350 mammals, 1,200 bird species and 50,000 plant species. All these features made India a Unique Country in the World.

  35. Aditya Pandey

    Aditya Pandey6 時間 前


  36. princess phill

    princess phill6 時間 前

    ys India a f...big joke. useless, say no more. he is right. painful country

  37. Janet Lucas

    Janet Lucas6 時間 前

    "That is probably him." OMG! I'm dying! LMAO

  38. Madhwesh K.H

    Madhwesh K.H6 時間 前

    Lot of love from india ..

  39. Venkat

    Venkat7 時間 前

    bruh we drink pepsi more than fanta

  40. Jadyn

    Jadyn7 時間 前

    1:32 that's NYC 😂😂😂😂😂

  41. danny Evers

    danny Evers8 時間 前

    Nord europe (america) vs South Europa (inda) on car traffic 🤣🤣

  42. Srini

    Srini8 時間 前

    misinformation peppered all over...

  43. Helin Unocorno

    Helin Unocorno9 時間 前

    Wait..so Turkey is actually the same too?

  44. Shaurya Tiwari

    Shaurya Tiwari9 時間 前

    SACATE PENDEJO. LARGATE CARBON. QUITATE DESGRACIADO. Best part 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥I died laughing 🤣😃

  45. Chetan M

    Chetan M9 時間 前

    If you go over the speed-breaker then you are not an Indian...

  46. Mayank Gupta

    Mayank Gupta10 時間 前


  47. Fan of sssniperwolf Gatson

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  48. Yakfz Lit

    Yakfz Lit10 時間 前

    Your indian accent is from south of India........

  49. Torche Sabian

    Torche Sabian10 時間 前

    yu fnny af

  50. Adrian Reyes

    Adrian Reyes11 時間 前

    I am dying of laughter at 4 am now I wanna go to India

  51. Jigmy’s kitchen Bhutia

    Jigmy’s kitchen Bhutia11 時間 前

    Love from India

  52. RAZmainianDareDevil

    RAZmainianDareDevil11 時間 前

    Lies! Nobody in India stops at the traffic lights.

  53. Hafis Hamsa

    Hafis Hamsa11 時間 前


  54. Hafis Hamsa

    Hafis Hamsa11 時間 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-uwuVBMovLNU.html see tgis u really love it ❤️


    LAKHIMI MILI11 時間 前

    Yeah we Indians do head bobble....😂

  56. kiran kumar acharya

    kiran kumar acharya11 時間 前

    Because indian have neck so they shack you have no neck so how can you do🤔🤔

  57. Sample Grit

    Sample Grit11 時間 前

    Now go to Pakistan...

  58. Faizo Abdi Mohamed

    Faizo Abdi Mohamed11 時間 前

    The Indian accent is on point

  59. ganesh kpm

    ganesh kpm12 時間 前

    I am an Indian too, ujust nailed it bro 😂😂😂🤣

  60. Callme. AjTM

    Callme. AjTM12 時間 前

    I can’t bro💀 funniest guy to ever exist

  61. Travis King

    Travis King12 時間 前

    GTA 6: India. I'm all in for it. Lol

  62. Karoidosoup

    Karoidosoup12 時間 前

    I searched for three little pigs on shrek

  63. Manab si

    Manab si13 時間 前

    But we don't like fanta that much.. 🇮🇳

  64. Raj Mahima

    Raj Mahima13 時間 前

    Dikhavat alag aur sachchai alag. ye to duniya hai. har chees maujud hai. lekin sachchai se prem karna seekho sajjano.

  65. Pablogonzae

    Pablogonzae13 時間 前

    Fanta was invented in WW2 in Nazi Germany, there were no ingredients to make coca cola due to the war and restrictions to import the ingredients, Joe Knipp came up with the name, and now if you think of the second most successful Coca Cola product you think on Fanta.

  66. Kishmish Bhat

    Kishmish Bhat11 時間 前

    Yes sir!

  67. IBK Attmpt

    IBK Attmpt13 時間 前

    Thought Indians were some smart people till I heard “the guy that was dead we just passed sir is that cow”😂😂

  68. D Paul

    D Paul14 時間 前

    I wish there was grand theft auto:India🤣🤣🤣....

  69. Akanksha Pandey

    Akanksha Pandey15 時間 前

    I'm an Indian. I loved it 😂👌

  70. Hazel Chevez

    Hazel Chevez15 時間 前


  71. Afif Anan

    Afif Anan15 時間 前

    Fluffy went wrong in some places. But whatever, he was great.

  72. Galarian Articuno

    Galarian Articuno16 時間 前

    The voice cracks make it even better

  73. Buddy Bear T.V. Kid Songs

    Buddy Bear T.V. Kid Songs16 時間 前

    A Bus driving Bear ! jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA--TLFsJiNqqM.html

  74. That Guy

    That Guy17 時間 前

    Yoo, when he said “what? Whats going on?” He sounded just like that part of crazy frog 😂😂🥑😂

  75. Horseteeth Gaming

    Horseteeth Gaming17 時間 前

    Is it just me or is this guy as irritating as getting your baby toe stubbed super hard on the corner of a coffee table?

  76. Tabby johnson

    Tabby johnson17 時間 前

    100 pounds that's great.

  77. someone behind a screen

    someone behind a screen18 時間 前

    Holy cow!

  78. Dario DSA

    Dario DSA18 時間 前

    this is boring as shit!

  79. Nehemiah Zo

    Nehemiah Zo18 時間 前

    “Very gord floffy naan bread”

  80. Violexia TnT

    Violexia TnT19 時間 前

    I'm half Mexican and I'm offended Why have I not been recommended of his comedic stages before ? I seen skits and knew he was funny and loved his voices, but haven't listened to him to this extent. I demand answers! I had to google because I wanted to hear.

  81. 242 MATH

    242 MATH20 時間 前

    Real funny stuff Fluffy. I am now a fan. Love the show.

  82. Kessonga Cherry-Clark

    Kessonga Cherry-Clark21 時間 前

    dang these subtitles to heck

  83. Anderson Souza

    Anderson Souza22 時間 前

    He's so good. Even me as a Brazilian could understand the jokes. I laughed a lot.

  84. Shampire SR

    Shampire SR23 時間 前

    Germans: well for the fact, we sent the bats Fluffy : and why did u do that? Germans : we were just searching for ,whats not in india Fluffy: and what is that?? Germans : Blood of jews

  85. Shibadu Maye

    Shibadu Maye9 時間 前

    I died

  86. the zimra

    the zimra日 前

    you know what.... just fuck you... your such a shitty fucking comedian... its like impressively shitty.... okai done watching had to watch at 2x speed cause it was so shitty after 10 mins... woooooooooooow this is bad... like really bad... and its always so bad... NGL its gotten like 5 % better than last 10 years tho... so i guess thats progress...

  87. the zimra

    the zimra8 時間 前

    @Alejandra Albanil i give him a chance ones in a while but its always so bad... he gotten maby 5% better last what... 10years? also 10% thinner...

  88. the zimra

    the zimra8 時間 前

    @Patrick Star no i have a fucking bar.... he is shit this is comedy for degenerates... and its so weak sauce... and that high pitch voice he does... fking disgusting

  89. Patrick Star

    Patrick Star9 時間 前

    You just have no sense of humor lol

  90. Alejandra Albanil

    Alejandra Albanil21 時間 前

    Then don’t watch. Your wasting your own time. So sad to see people live such bitter life’s.

  91. the zimra

    the zimra日 前

    not gonna lie... obviously... you haven't seen all comedians in the world... but your the worst comidian ive ever seen... ive tryed for atleast 10 years feels like... minimum... and no matter what i watch.... its soooooooooooooooo fucking bad.... your so bad............ but i get it ... your like a comidian for the lets say "below" luke warm IQ... but your not even trying to grow...

  92. SEAM ALI

    SEAM ALI日 前

    Fat maaaaaan 🤣🤣🤣

  93. Divekabuto

    Divekabuto日 前

    damn i thought alvin and the chipmunks were 3 chipmunks but today i found the 4th and he smarter than simon

  94. Yisroel Weiss

    Yisroel Weiss日 前

    I feel like this dude was a born comedian

  95. michi9955

    michi9955日 前

    The German accent isn't that great, but the Poland joke was excellent xD

  96. fatal destiny

    fatal destiny日 前

    When he spoke in Indian accent English I don't know why I remembered #Farah_Khan 😂😂 How many agree 🙌

  97. Maximus

    Maximus日 前

    Hey Fluffy....Chicos Tacos is open for business.

  98. Janese Johnsen

    Janese Johnsen日 前

    Hawaiians same pua kalua carnitas yum...da rice..ya...me head and arms move..u betcha we spoiled

  99. Darshan Panchal

    Darshan Panchal日 前

    US: driving right side UK: driving left side In india: road is road...no left no right

  100. Smriti Dolui

    Smriti Dolui日 前

    3 minutes into the video and I’m totally loving all the accents 😂😘

  101. Umar Ibn Rahman

    Umar Ibn Rahman日 前

    Prove it how views are increasing by pressing like in this comment. He is a genius()

  102. R S

    R S日 前

    seems bit lacking ...

  103. Uruguay y Nigeria

    Uruguay y Nigeria日 前

    LOL, he makes it true!

  104. Mike Brouwer

    Mike Brouwer日 前

    "That was probably him!" That one cracked me up so bad!

  105. X_Arno Official

    X_Arno Official日 前

    i love watching this guy 😂🔥

  106. Broken heart

    Broken heart日 前

    I appreciate your research about my country India .... But our favorite drink is tea not fanta... We worship cow because we drinks her milk and give her a respectable place like mother... Thanks for the sarcasm

  107. Varinyam Pandey

    Varinyam Pandey5 時間 前

    Chill the fuck out dude

  108. Dororo chan

    Dororo chan日 前

    Oh boy, why i didn't find this guy when i was depressed

  109. Dororo chan

    Dororo chan4 時間 前

    @SAITAMA okay. My bad.

  110. SAITAMA

    SAITAMA6 時間 前

    @Dororo chan no buddy the did not already tells past tense so find comes

  111. Dororo chan

    Dororo chan7 時間 前

    @Music Hunter isn't 'found' past tense? Idk i might be wrong. English is not my first language. Sorry

  112. Music Hunter

    Music Hunter13 時間 前