1. Ray Hobbs

    Ray Hobbs23 時間 前

    🔥 it ain’t bad

  2. Jason

    Jason日 前

    Tah Keys

  3. MARVELOUS_ mari

    MARVELOUS_ mari2 日 前

    “Cash, b* u doin too much.” I’m like shut up ho, ho u ain’t do enough “

  4. MARVELOUS_ mari

    MARVELOUS_ mari2 日 前

    It’s “tah-keys”

  5. tristan thomas

    tristan thomas3 日 前

    When you can't cook

  6. Infly lll

    Infly lll3 日 前

    It’s ta-keys

  7. VBALL_Girls !

    VBALL_Girls !3 日 前

    Imagine telling your crush you like them and then they say what? Then you say I can cook chicken! I learned from Cash .🙃

  8. Gloria Baumgartner

    Gloria Baumgartner4 日 前


  9. A-2_DaGod

    A-2_DaGod4 日 前

    Cash dead a clown but he really don’t know how to cook 😭😭💪🏽

  10. Darkprince T

    Darkprince T4 日 前

    Anybody know what the second background song is?

  11. Camille Leonard

    Camille Leonard4 日 前

    Am I the only 1 that noticed he didn’t wash his chicken

  12. Doryan Smith

    Doryan Smith5 日 前

    I like hot fries

  13. Rommel Ocampo

    Rommel Ocampo5 日 前

    It's pronounced talk-ies

  14. Tonio Holman

    Tonio Holman6 日 前

    you say it like ta-kees

  15. Robloxionnight Gaming

    Robloxionnight Gaming6 日 前

    To all my black brothers remember Coryxkenshin needs to come back but this channel is great

  16. Robloxionnight Gaming

    Robloxionnight Gaming6 日 前

    You know what it’s pronounced Tok-ees but you pronounce it as Tae-k-ees almost like Tay K

  17. Robloxionnight Gaming

    Robloxionnight Gaming6 日 前

    You woah worst than the old lady on tik tok

  18. Gabriel Pena

    Gabriel Pena6 日 前

    This dude funny af

  19. James_SKA 10

    James_SKA 107 日 前

    it's talk eez

  20. KingHawley

    KingHawley8 日 前

    Shut ur eyes 8:03

  21. ImCheekz LoL

    ImCheekz LoL8 日 前

    What’s the song at 5:50

  22. Drelynn Chretain

    Drelynn Chretain8 日 前

    Wtf just took it out the pack and and didnt clean them

  23. BML sleeper

    BML sleeper8 日 前

    hot cheetos all day

  24. Ruhaan Khanuja

    Ruhaan Khanuja8 日 前

    He forgot to say "chicken leg bis"

  25. Anthony Romero

    Anthony Romero9 日 前

    its pronounced tah-kes but spelled takis

  26. cLXPz TEvM

    cLXPz TEvM9 日 前

    Dam that intro fuckin killed meee

  27. Krab Byy

    Krab Byy10 日 前

    Hot fries

  28. HIVE_ dirrell15

    HIVE_ dirrell1510 日 前


  29. Aesthectic

    Aesthectic10 日 前

    The dude who seasons oil

  30. Amadia Williams

    Amadia Williams10 日 前

    I like the song

  31. Anthony Pittman

    Anthony Pittman10 日 前

    It’s tahkeys

  32. Dario Caballero

    Dario Caballero10 日 前

    Hot cheetos

  33. TTV_ ELI

    TTV_ ELI10 日 前

    im watching this a year Later because my birthday is on the august 20th

  34. YBM Booley

    YBM Booley10 日 前

    Taakis lol

  35. ImSwavvy

    ImSwavvy11 日 前

    14:41 yup he’s black for sure I bee doin that shit 🤣 but why u not wash your chicken cuhk

  36. Drew Webb

    Drew Webb11 日 前

    You pronounce it takis not takis

  37. Draco Mako

    Draco Mako11 日 前

    He sound like Ed from good burger sometimes💀💀💀

  38. Phoenix Poore

    Phoenix Poore11 日 前

    It's pronounced Ta-Keys

  39. 5’000 subscribers with all bad videos

    5’000 subscribers with all bad videos11 日 前

    Who just got recommended this

  40. Chelsea Douglas

    Chelsea Douglas11 日 前

    Ew he didn’t wash or season nothing 🤮

  41. Peppapig

    Peppapig11 日 前

    This prolly isn’t spicy at all

  42. Vortex FinsUp

    Vortex FinsUp11 日 前

    We waited for him to take 1 bite

  43. Ba Ka

    Ba Ka11 日 前

    This ain’t eve- You thought

  44. Crish06

    Crish0611 日 前


  45. Yami797

    Yami79711 日 前

    This is the blackest shit ever

  46. AKblasterAZ

    AKblasterAZ11 日 前

    *cancer in 1 video*

  47. fatboygaming 04

    fatboygaming 0411 日 前

    Son forgot to clean the chicken

  48. Aiden Loesch

    Aiden Loesch11 日 前

    Into was the best part Who else was hitting the woah the whole time

  49. BiggSlimmy Energe1

    BiggSlimmy Energe111 日 前

    Hot cheetos are hotter but I like takis more

  50. KingDab123

    KingDab12311 日 前

    15:27 : how you attack a boss that can one-shot you

  51. Gregory Patton

    Gregory Patton11 日 前

    Cash sick dick

  52. Dzizzle Boi

    Dzizzle Boi11 日 前

    This was in my recommended. I saw the intro and subscribed 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  53. Kmia Poole

    Kmia Poole11 日 前

    You nast

  54. Adam The Turtle

    Adam The Turtle11 日 前

    What a nasty chef. See what I did there AAYYYY!

  55. Tanner Drummond

    Tanner Drummond12 日 前

    This dude really said takies and not takis but no offense

  56. 11 tails tiger

    11 tails tiger12 日 前

    Lean back lol

  57. Protigy _0708

    Protigy _070812 日 前

    Put the ingredients down below

  58. Tracy Jimmerson

    Tracy Jimmerson12 日 前

    Was ip


    YNW YOUNGEN12 日 前

    Pronounced tah keez

  60. Chantelle Knox

    Chantelle Knox12 日 前

    Like if that was nice👎🏽

  61. Chantelle Knox

    Chantelle Knox12 日 前

    My bad I TrueDepth to do that thing