First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family


  1. Alican Tuzcu

    Alican Tuzcu14 時間 前

    Nobody Nintendo switch lite joysticks MEGA DRIFT

  2. Vik‘s UwUchu

    Vik‘s UwUchu15 時間 前

    “And this is how it looks on the back” Me “wtf ew”

  3. Jacob Grammer

    Jacob Grammer日 前

    the thing i dont like about the Nintendo switch lite is that it cant connect to the 📺 i love playing my 🎮 on my tv and the go,

  4. Bubble Dum

    Bubble Dum日 前

    so basically, its worse

  5. What am I doing with my life studios Ultra

    What am I doing with my life studios Ultra2 日 前

    Nothing like a space man brining a Nintendo switch lite along

  6. Shadow22 Ultimate

    Shadow22 Ultimate2 日 前

    It’s lite not light

  7. flufft flufft

    flufft flufft3 日 前

    pls give me nintendo

  8. Alexandra Pühringer

    Alexandra Pühringer3 日 前

    Darf ich eine zum Geburtstag geschenkt bekommen 17 Oktober bundesstraße 1 heißt das 🏠

  9. Brayden Schneider

    Brayden Schneider3 日 前

    Nintendo switch is dead switch lite has over

  10. Brayden Schneider

    Brayden Schneider3 日 前

    Nintendo switch is dead switch lite has over

  11. 1spore2

    1spore23 日 前

    This is the best thing since the gba advanced sp and the ds lite!

  12. Sqq da dude

    Sqq da dude3 日 前

    Nintendo Switch Lite: Plays in handheld mode. Nintendo 3DS and 2DS XL: Am I a joke to you.

  13. Allen Naorem

    Allen Naorem3 日 前

    Really like the fact that this official ad is direct and to the point. He makes sure to explain the key differences quite well and no confusion whatsoever is created.



    I want in India with PUBG & call of duty mobile

  15. Minebeast

    Minebeast4 日 前


  16. Yiloot

    Yiloot4 日 前

    Where is apex legends for switch?

  17. Weirneir

    Weirneir4 日 前

    i wish it was availabe in red colour...

  18. Tal the gamer

    Tal the gamer4 日 前

    Nintendo stuck.

  19. Rose Brothwood

    Rose Brothwood5 日 前

    Sooooooo basically a DS?

  20. Cats

    Cats5 日 前

    So just a Wii U

  21. Snap that’s gonna go Camera

    Snap that’s gonna go Camera2 日 前

    Cats very funny and original

  22. Smelly Feet

    Smelly Feet5 日 前

    What's with the gay music?

  23. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol5 日 前

    My mind is like a joycon, always drifting away

  24. Justin Cintron

    Justin Cintron5 日 前

    Can you make a blue and red one

  25. Snap that’s gonna go Camera

    Snap that’s gonna go Camera5 日 前

    There is sorta blue but not red

  26. Calum Lindsay

    Calum Lindsay5 日 前

    Plainrock when looking at the turqouise one: WWWHHHYYY, NINTENDO??? Me: That's a-- SDSLAYER100: *cutesy* me: 0w0 that's a good way to look at it. SDSLAYER100: *merci beaucoup*

  27. Snap that’s gonna go Camera

    Snap that’s gonna go Camera5 日 前


  28. jocelyn

    jocelyn6 日 前

    anyone getting airplane safety video vibes..

  29. Marjorie Ramirez

    Marjorie Ramirez6 日 前

    Guácala esto no me gusta no le llega ni a los pies de la original

  30. zUltra

    zUltra6 日 前

    Lol $200 Switch's exist on eBay

  31. MMGAMER50

    MMGAMER507 日 前

    So its a smaller Nintendo switch?

  32. Pasteliica

    Pasteliica5 日 前


  33. Tcof

    Tcof7 日 前

    How it look ? not great. This size doesn't change much. I want something small that can fit my pocket. This is useless. Should make it more portable.

  34. Tcof

    Tcof2 日 前

    @Snap that’s gonna go Camera What the ppoint ? new release game doesn't go to DS anymore. And do that something they shoudn't do ? These suppose to be for outside need, more portable and carry around. Yet, they make the size roughly the same ?

  35. Snap that’s gonna go Camera

    Snap that’s gonna go Camera2 日 前

    If it’s to small buy a ds

  36. Falls_Gaming_ PT

    Falls_Gaming_ PT7 日 前

    How to get bullied at school.

  37. Cassidy Kimmins

    Cassidy Kimmins8 日 前

    I brought 2 switches the other day, 1 is original and 1 lite, I cannot wait till sword and shield comes out so I can do evolution trade my stuff

  38. channelsthat SuckLIKe theses

    channelsthat SuckLIKe theses8 日 前

    I want a red Nintendo Switch Lite. Please make it.

  39. Dennis Bowen

    Dennis Bowen8 日 前

    I was a big critic on this since it seemed this console didnt include a game in the us, but when I saw that yall had a decent price point for switch online (20 bucks a year vs like 60 or something on playstation and xbox) which also includes both a nes classic library and snes classic library, that more then makes up for it. I hope however that the joycons dont fail but I paid for a four year warranty so I think Ill be ok.

  40. oreo

    oreo8 日 前

    hahaha jokes on you nintendo. Im getting a 3ds xl?.

  41. Cøøkîė !

    Cøøkîė !9 日 前

    Isn’t it just a WIIU?

  42. Snap that’s gonna go Camera

    Snap that’s gonna go Camera2 日 前


  43. Zackery Argueta

    Zackery Argueta9 日 前

    I went to best buy and I was able to play with the switch lite and it felt amazing! - zack

  44. Surp Nurp

    Surp Nurp9 日 前

    I’ve always wanted a glorified Wii U

  45. Cheesy Potato

    Cheesy Potato9 日 前

    I guess the Lite is just a Nintendo switch and 3DS mashup

  46. Turd Sandwich

    Turd Sandwich10 日 前

    I love it so much

  47. MoahGentle

    MoahGentle10 日 前

    I always found the Switch to be too bulky to use as handheld. I think I'll give Lite a go.

  48. Luix Michael Yeso

    Luix Michael Yeso10 日 前

    I have switch lite

  49. joe

    joe11 日 前

    This sounds like x forts

  50. joe

    joe2 日 前

    @Snap that’s gonna go Camera hes a youuber look him up

  51. Snap that’s gonna go Camera

    Snap that’s gonna go Camera2 日 前

    X forts?

  52. Modco

    Modco11 日 前

    i like how the first bit is just saying "yeah bud your missing out if your buying the lite"

  53. kiwi pp

    kiwi pp11 日 前

    Nintendo switch lite trailer: shows many people playing Reality: plays my switch in the dark by myself

  54. Juliet Watson

    Juliet Watson3 日 前


  55. Miloš

    Miloš7 日 前


  56. Heitor Carneiro Bispo

    Heitor Carneiro Bispo11 日 前

    Not soment the switches 2020: wii 80 ( CD/DVD ) 2021: Wii 360 ( portable ) 2022: Wii one ( portable ) 2024: Nintendo trix ( portable CD ) 2024: gameboy trix ( portable ) 2025: gameboy trix 3D ( HD portable ) 2026: gameboy trix CD ( CD/DVD ) 2026: gameboy trix 3D CD ( CD/DVD ) 2028: hollyplay and maxplaxplay (portable) 2029: N4DS 2030: N4DS Lite 2031: N4DSi 2032: N4DS xl 2033: N4DSi xli

  57. Heitor Carneiro Bispo

    Heitor Carneiro Bispo11 日 前

    Switch pro - switch 4 09,99 bucks in national Nintendo final portable - CD/DVD console 49,99 bucks in national

  58. Heitor Carneiro Bispo

    Heitor Carneiro Bispo11 日 前

    Wii 80 - N4DSi xli 30,00 bucks in Japan , brazil , usa , europe , national

  59. Little Demon Ęløise

    Little Demon Ęløise11 日 前

    I prefer normal switch

  60. Ronisson Silva

    Ronisson Silva11 日 前

    4:25 represents max resolution

  61. FLEX

    FLEX11 日 前

    I prefer the lite just so i dont have to play with my little brother.

  62. Taiga Aisaka

    Taiga Aisaka11 日 前

    Nintendon't Switch

  63. Valbone Ademi

    Valbone Ademi11 日 前


  64. Lachlan MACLEAN

    Lachlan MACLEAN11 日 前

    Switch is better

  65. Te todo un poco y mas Wepa

    Te todo un poco y mas Wepa11 日 前 Support her channel thanks

  66. Otakutech gaming

    Otakutech gaming12 日 前

    But you can't switch on tv Ninten don't switch

  67. Amari Cole

    Amari Cole12 日 前

    I now have the yellow switch lite I love it

  68. Hacker Dude

    Hacker Dude12 日 前

    So its Nintendo switch lite is the Nintendo switch without the 'switch'... Nintendo lite?

  69. Patrick Ngo

    Patrick Ngo13 日 前

    The Nintendo switch lite is the 3Ds without the 3d

  70. sarina gumpok

    sarina gumpok13 日 前

    Can it run Minecraft pe lite?

  71. Jaiken900 Pflucker

    Jaiken900 Pflucker13 日 前

    Go to a skate park and bing a bunch of gear and skate boards and huge Backpacks and instead of Riding skateboard like normal people plays Nintendo switch

  72. Beastly McLaren

    Beastly McLaren13 日 前

    Why are you playing video games at a skatepark? 😂 don’t you go there to skate?

  73. Rumuel Nathanael

    Rumuel Nathanael14 日 前

    I want a red colored one.