First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family


  1. Ari Ari

    Ari Ari48 分 前

    Switch selfish edition

  2. That0neGoat

    That0neGoat時間 前

    Switch but you cant switch

  3. TheDogeBoi

    TheDogeBoi2 時間 前

    So is it the Wii U all over again

  4. Windows Xp

    Windows Xp2 時間 前

    This video is one week old how did I miss this news?!?

  5. Noah Rambo

    Noah Rambo3 時間 前

    So basically this is a game boy advance that plays switch games . . . oh okay


    JEZTER CH4 時間 前

    This is literally Nintendo switch For selfish peoples.

  7. Crystal Mcgregor

    Crystal Mcgregor4 時間 前

    Why did you shut down that Pokémon game?

  8. diego rodriguez

    diego rodriguez5 時間 前

    I wish save the world was on switch for free just for a week

  9. Hunting HPizza

    Hunting HPizza6 時間 前

    Anyone here from jayngiee???

  10. Mr. T studios

    Mr. T studios6 時間 前

    It’s basically the same thing but without joy cons you can take off that’s just stupid to add that because you can always put a case on your switch for the joy cons. Who agrees

  11. charmander 58

    charmander 586 時間 前


  12. Megan Montgomery

    Megan Montgomery7 時間 前

    so cool wish it could be on the tv

  13. Karam Mustafa

    Karam Mustafa7 時間 前

    Hey! nintendo can you add the game prey please!

  14. Achuthan Rames

    Achuthan Rames7 時間 前

    Nintendo switch lite was made so u don’t have to always give ur joy on to ur friends when they ask

  15. Amber Glover

    Amber Glover8 時間 前

    What’s better Nintendo switch lite like Nintendo switch original reply

  16. Ofelia Mendoza

    Ofelia Mendoza8 時間 前

    this is the switch just a tariblle version

  17. Dan H.

    Dan H.8 時間 前

    No one, absolutely no one: Nintendo: "now you can force yourself to replace your entire system when the joy-sticks break."

  18. Joan BookMark

    Joan BookMark9 時間 前

    where is the camera ?🤔

  19. skybird NL

    skybird NL10 時間 前


  20. Itseanplays Roblox gaming and videos

    Itseanplays Roblox gaming and videos10 時間 前

    Why you need one if you already have a bigger one......

  21. Khan Thought

    Khan Thought11 時間 前

    Ain’t it weird that the release of this is the same date as the Area 51 raid?

  22. nikola vranac

    nikola vranac12 時間 前

    Is cool, but they could of have made so you can play connected to the TV and use a pro controller or with the other controllers.

  23. Diego is Random

    Diego is Random12 時間 前

    Shouldn’t Nintendo just give up on Nintendo lite and actually start fixing the controllers on the Nintendo switch because each time I buy a new one the joystick always brakes.

  24. Ayman Rizwan

    Ayman Rizwan13 時間 前

    Yep yup and yap

  25. bob marley

    bob marley14 時間 前

    Fifa20 can play? If can I want to buy

  26. [Neko-Lyan] blader

    [Neko-Lyan] blader15 時間 前

    The solo switch

  27. Two Pixel Souls

    Two Pixel Souls15 時間 前

    Love the colors!

  28. SupaSmashBruddas Ultimate

    SupaSmashBruddas Ultimate16 時間 前

    Just make another Wii-like console

  29. Nils Norrby

    Nils Norrby19 時間 前

    I would love to work with nintendo

  30. Smüth Opheliac

    Smüth Opheliac19 時間 前

    Oh look guys they are rereleasing the gameboy advance!

  31. moechi

    moechi19 時間 前

    person: you have a switch with you rn? me: yep person: can we play together with joycons? me: *takes out switch lite* hahahaha

  32. Michael Amato

    Michael Amato19 時間 前

    It's all around worse, anybody realize that?

  33. augusto paz

    augusto paz20 時間 前


  34. augusto paz

    augusto paz20 時間 前


  35. Tuckow

    Tuckow20 時間 前


  36. Sprinkle Ninja

    Sprinkle Ninja21 時間 前

    I’m just here for the colors😂

  37. Wyatt Vollmer

    Wyatt Vollmer22 時間 前


  38. Xavier Valdez

    Xavier Valdez23 時間 前

    It’s not a switch if u can’t switch 😂😂

  39. Sandra Bell

    Sandra Bell23 時間 前

    Can you make Mario maker Android devices I want 1 &2. 😁😄😚😘

  40. CircusKing

    CircusKing8 時間 前

    Sandra Bell No, They Won’t fit.

  41. Tim Combs

    Tim Combs23 時間 前

    Thank you I love you guys for you to go you and can’t

  42. aiden taggart

    aiden taggart日 前

    Why don’t t you make a full 1080p 60fps on any game like fortnite don’t get me wrong the switch is amazing but it would be even more cooler if it can run some of the more challenging games in 2019 and 2020

  43. Miserablette

    Miserablette日 前

    Can you even play Mario party?

  44. German Gavidia

    German Gavidia日 前

    I got the nintendo swicth

  45. Bravo Gaming

    Bravo Gaming日 前

    There's a beautiful world out there with lots do to......... Oh wait gotta play my Nintendo Switch Lite instead of enjoying the great outdoors. Rock climbing who needs that all I need is my Switch. Nightlife and bright lights on a boat wow, hey wait let's play our switches bro they have built in lights. Hey let's go to the skate park and not skate, why skate when we can play our Switches.

  46. E-Wod

    E-Wod日 前

    Now don't mind me, just gonna fly to outer space to play Mario.

  47. Daniel Yoyoe Chavez

    Daniel Yoyoe Chavez日 前

    5:17 best game ever

  48. xxsavagekid2005 xxsavagekid2005

    xxsavagekid2005 xxsavagekid2005日 前

    Why cant they sell it for 150 instead

  49. E-Wod

    E-Wod日 前

    Because the parts probably cost around $150, which means that they would barley be making any profit. It's still a substantial price drop, though (from $300).

  50. Epic RavalX

    Epic RavalX日 前

    I Think This Nintendo Switch Lite Does Not Work With Nintendo Labo.

  51. Homeschooled Jungle Freak

    Homeschooled Jungle Freak9 時間 前

    Epic RavalX Yes because they require the Switch controllers.

  52. Golden 5

    Golden 5日 前

    Hey Nintendo my birthday is on the same day the Nintendo Switch came out

  53. LiL Trouble

    LiL Trouble日 前

    DONT MAKE SPLATOON THREE PLEASE how bout this if u see dis if chaos wins then you may do whatever BUT IF ORDER WINS CONTINUE SPLATFESTS AND NO SPLATOON 3

  54. Jona Than

    Jona Than日 前