FINE, I'll React to Famous Film Corpses


  1. ScarletAmazon

    ScarletAmazon時間 前

    I love the idea of being fed to animals, just that whole circle of life thing really, and a love for nature. This is a wonderful idea, and I hope it's legal by the time my own time comes.

  2. Mouser64

    Mouser6411 時間 前

    00:48 ?? I wanna be Caitlin's subbie, wtf.

  3. Slysheen

    Slysheen13 時間 前

    Honestly I think the only thing I specifically asked for was Secret Porpoise. The rest are "Oh what am I going to see death-related today?" and end up with Caitlyn playing house music and shaking a flashlight at a bejeweled skull. I prefer it that way, because I would never think of asking for that.

  4. snochicka

    snochicka14 時間 前

    Two words: Sky Burial

  5. Cabochon1360

    Cabochon136014 時間 前

    That secret ingredient makes me think of a story I wrote some years ago.

  6. WhateverNWhatNot

    WhateverNWhatNot15 時間 前

    There was this episode on "My Strange Addiction" where a woman was eating the cremated remains of her husband and this said this was a health risk. I'm wondering what the difference is, if there is one for animals vs. humans? Not that I'm wanting to do this (to eat or be eaten) but I'm curious because of that episode.

  7. randi pinney

    randi pinney15 時間 前

    The body in stand by me has always struck a fear inside of me. I used to fear he would slide out from under my bed and be looking up at me. It will always scare me. Idk what it is, but that is the ONE movie corpse that will always get me. I can handle pretty much any other ones. Growing up going to my family's funeral home in Massachusetts, I've seen a corpse or two, but none have bothered me like stand by me

  8. Andrea R. Fontes

    Andrea R. Fontes16 時間 前

    I don't know what it is about you but I freakin LOVE you! Can't get enough, I'm mad at myself for not finding you before

  9. Kevin Miller

    Kevin Miller16 時間 前

    I’ll stick to burial, thank you!

  10. Cindy Jackman

    Cindy Jackman19 時間 前

    Working in a hospital, I've seen people die. One was there for six hours and never went super stiff...

  11. Kaitlyn Oddie

    Kaitlyn Oddie20 時間 前

    the feed block idea is actually really appealing to me because i’d love a green burial so i could give back to nature but i’m horrified by the idea of my body being full of bugs (thanks, entomology class) so this would be a perfect medium

  12. Chelsea Resh

    Chelsea Resh21 時間 前

    the feed blocks guy is a genius!

  13. Courtney Crilly

    Courtney Crilly23 時間 前

    Caitlin knows us better than we know ourselves at this point and I'm SOOO for Caitlin doing whatever she wants!

  14. Bilinda Law-Morley

    Bilinda Law-Morley日 前

    Caitlin I'm going to be very content if you keep giving me what I didn't know I wanted. You've done a sterling job so far! Best regards from the Land Down Under.

  15. Paula Stiles

    Paula Stiles日 前

    She's right about dead bodies not being "present" (well, of course she is, duh). I used to be an EMT and there's this...absence even in the recently dead. The eyes start to glaze over immediately after the heart stops and there's this sense, when you're doing CPR, of this sort of...hole in the chest. It's not a physical hole, but you can sense the absence. Also, bodies are weirdly, uh, ubiquitous. I compare them to piles of clothes because that's kinda how they appear until you notice them. You can literally trip over them.

  16. Nessa D

    Nessa D日 前


  17. Bob

    Bob日 前

    I was impressed with Lindsay Crouse's 'body' in The Arrival (1996).

  18. Caoimhin O'Beara

    Caoimhin O'Beara日 前

    You've hardly aged a day lady!

  19. Jenn Louw

    Jenn Louw日 前

    Wow! I think I want to be a feed block!

  20. Mary Eckel

    Mary Eckel日 前

    I will never look at a high end granola bar in the same way again. Great stuff, Caitlin.

  21. Floyd Vaughn

    Floyd Vaughn日 前

    If cremated, I want to be made into phony crack and sold. Eaten by animals is good though.

  22. Floyd Vaughn

    Floyd Vaughn日 前

    Contenders. The Trouble With Harry. Return of The Living Dead. The punk rock one.

  23. Backruborbust

    Backruborbust日 前

    It’s strange to me that cremated remains would be appetizing to animals. Seems like the burning process would make it taste like a way over cooked piece of meat? Idk. Can’t believe she tasted it, like finger in Mom’s cake batter mix.

  24. Azby

    Azby日 前

    I fucking loved this. I'm almost ashamed that I put it of$ due to fatigue or lack of the attentiion span I wanted at the time.

  25. Pyro_reaper

    Pyro_reaper日 前

    Can we get Caitlyn reacting to just Law and Order corpses?

  26. emilydotbug

    emilydotbug2 日 前

    Did u just fucking say that you've never seen "Goonies"!?!? Wtf is wrong with you!?!?

  27. julie Wallis

    julie Wallis2 日 前

    I want to be eaten by animals. I quite like the idea of a Leopard or lion eating me, but I can’t see zoos with feet or hands in the enclosure being really entertaining.

  28. Fuzzy Butkus

    Fuzzy Butkus2 日 前

    I’ve recovered a lot of cars under water with a heavy wrecker. Skin slip is something you have to see to really believe. Feedblocks end up as animal poopie. Pass.

  29. Christine Michele

    Christine Michele2 日 前

    This is fantastic. I always thought of a "sky burial". It sounds so lovely for my molecules to be spread by migratory birds.

  30. snailbutch

    snailbutch3 日 前

    i feel like Laura Palmer is the most iconic tv corpse thoooo

  31. Alfredo B Bear-Lacis

    Alfredo B Bear-Lacis3 日 前

    Dear Betty Page, love your work.

  32. Bobbie Kenna

    Bobbie Kenna3 日 前


  33. Scot Carr

    Scot Carr3 日 前

    Couple things, Caitlin. First, how in the heck did you not even mention the hand-made "curated" corpses they used in "Six Feet Under"? They were boss! The second season on DVD even had a doc on how they were made. They tried to address the issues you have about "Hollywood dead people". Second, God bless Charles Shultz, but if he regularly used different hairstyles on the Peanuts Gang, yours on Lucy would ROCK! Seriously...😁 Oh, BTW, sorry about running long, but in regards to your body "going back to nature" (which, in any way possible, I do too...🙃), Aren't there any legal "sky burial" areas in Tribal/First Nation reserves? Or even maybe Zoastrian (sp?) "Towers Of Silence" in the US? Pretty much fits your preferences either way, I think.

  34. Whimsical Clouds

    Whimsical Clouds3 日 前

    The feed blocks are amazing, I hope that's available in the UK by the time I die 😂

  35. The Cat Ate My Shoe

    The Cat Ate My Shoe4 日 前

    To be totally honest, I don't care what is done with my body when I die. I'm done with it. But if I could help the natural world with it, then I'm all for it.

  36. Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan4 日 前

    I want my remains spread over Disneyland. I also don’t want to be cremated...

  37. Our travelingzoo

    Our travelingzoo4 日 前

    I would love to be a feed block

  38. Kevin Best

    Kevin Best4 日 前

    I think the strangest thing about a corpse is the absence of the person. My stepfather died at home of cancer. While waiting for the doctor to arrive to pronounce I waited with my mother, sister and the McMillan nurse, the shell of what had been my stepfather laid on the bed but he wasn’t there.

  39. onequartercanadian

    onequartercanadian4 日 前

    Please react to the corpses on Bones!!

  40. MrShalvayez

    MrShalvayez4 日 前

    When I am ready, I am going to go swimming around the Great Barrier Reef, and then piss off a shark.

  41. MrShalvayez

    MrShalvayez16 時間 前

    @Nyssa Oh, I can piss anything off. Shouldn't be too hard to piss off a shark and get happily munched afterwards.

  42. Nyssa

    Nyssa日 前

    XD good luck

  43. Phoebe Carlstrom

    Phoebe Carlstrom4 日 前

    Humans are animals and you want to be eaten by animals. Mrs Lovett had answers for you

  44. ToddinOuray

    ToddinOuray4 日 前

    Absolutely love your videos and channel :) Quick question on the 2nd mentioned that the eyes will glaze over and turn white. Why is that ? What causes it ? I had never heard of that before. Thank you and Best Wishes! I look forward to more updates and videos! :)

  45. Stephanie Baker

    Stephanie Baker5 日 前

    Wh.wh.whatttt!? Werw you being sarcastic when you say you didn't see the goonies!?

  46. William

    William5 日 前

    Oh yeah, so interested in animals eating remains - has Caitlin talked about Sky Burials yet?

  47. Richardson Smith

    Richardson Smith5 日 前

    you girls look like a beautiful set of salt n pepper shakers, love your show.

  48. Micheal Badtke

    Micheal Badtke5 日 前

    What are your thoughts on those Mycelium/Mushroom caskets? The one made of that so the mushrooms of the casket can consume and breakdown the body?

  49. Terra Dansby

    Terra Dansby5 日 前

    Even as a kid watching weekend at Bernies, I knew something was amiss.... I'd already seen a couple of dead bodies & leave it to me to be intensively focusing on how unrealistic it was🤣🤣🤣 you are my twin soul & I very thoroughly love this video ❤

  50. A Nava

    A Nava5 日 前

    very interesting about the animal feed 🤔

  51. lyth dumler

    lyth dumler6 日 前

    Insects and worms are animals. I’m fine with a natural burial and feeding the worms. 🐛

  52. david martindale

    david martindale6 日 前

    Eaten by animals like a body farm

  53. david martindale

    david martindale6 日 前

    Adore her

  54. Sara Wolstenholme

    Sara Wolstenholme6 日 前

    You've never seen the goonies??? What??? Also, what do you mean by eaten by animals? Like have your body taken to the zoo and thrown in with the lions, or like some kind of body farm in woodlands that has loads of animals? I'd never think about the legality of that. 😅 Oh, and for the animal feed blocks, if the person was embalmed and then cremated would it still be safe for animals?

  55. Francis Johnson

    Francis Johnson6 日 前

    The food block is a wonderful idea. If I was going too be cremated I would love too do this . I have always wanted to be taken out in the woods on my farm and let the animals eat me . Unfortunately, it's illegal here .

  56. April Adams

    April Adams6 日 前

    I have not researched this at all but when my cat developed kidney stones at only 2 years old I was told by the vet that the ash from meat processing plants, which is routinely put in dry cat food as a filler, was the culprit. I changed her food and she never suffered again for the rest of her 18 years. If there is any truth in ash being the reason, could the addition of cremated remains into animal food be unhealthy for the animals eating it? In nature, is ash something animals would choose to eat?

  57. Grickery

    Grickery6 日 前

    Someone give her a bunch of money to make a realistic Weekend at Burnie’s.

  58. Annette Strilchuk

    Annette Strilchuk7 日 前

    I love what you added to the video

  59. Melanie

    Melanie7 日 前

    'Ive never seen goonies'... What f* Caitlin? What. The. F*?

  60. peachiohs

    peachiohs7 日 前

    So corpses do Ahegao? 🤔

  61. drakat332

    drakat3327 日 前

    I really want to do a movie night with you where you are commentating on the corpses, funerals, etc. in that media.

  62. lyn pharr

    lyn pharr7 日 前

    Should do this with the show bones. So many i can think of.

  63. Jozie Nicholson

    Jozie Nicholson7 日 前

    I just learned about the Jonestown Massacre (that's the wording from a google link I found) and I think it would be an interesting topic for one of your videos. I find it really helpful to hear Caitlin talk about stuff like that (similar tonher video on Waco). Also if she has a video about it and I just couldn't find it could someone let me know?

  64. A Watts

    A Watts8 日 前

    Thanks for the sweet ahegeo death face lol

  65. Professional Commenter

    Professional Commenter8 日 前

    I either want my body to go to science to learn more about connective tissue disorders. Or I want to be cremated and I want my ashes to be planted with a beautiful long living tree.

  66. Robynn.Ninjah

    Robynn.Ninjah8 日 前

    I request that you judge X-Files dead bodies >:3 X-Files X-Files X-Filessssssssss

  67. evilpompom

    evilpompom9 日 前

    I can be eaten by manatees?! Omg I love them! They're so cute, like really chill, dopey mermaids. I wanna be eaten by a manatee 😊

  68. billswifejo

    billswifejo9 日 前

    My mother was buried in a green cemetery site in a bamboo casket. We walked up the hill there when it had just opened and choses a plot, sheep were grazing there. There was also evidence of rabbits and moles. My mum loved it there and would walk up to enjoy the view. My brother's ashes are buried with her. My husband and I have bought the adjacent plots and paid for trees to be planted over the graves. I will have a silver birch, my mum has an ornamental cherry (that is doing really well)and my husband has chosen a hornbeam. My sister in law bought a bench and whenever we go there we can sit and know that we will all be together.

  69. slate613

    slate6139 日 前

    Two things 1 - You've NEVER seen The Goonie's?!?!? :D 2 - Have you seen any episodes of Bones?. They had some amazingly realistic corpses, half corpses, and pieces of corpses on that show.

  70. Blue Eyes White Teddy

    Blue Eyes White Teddy9 日 前

    ちょ… ちょっと待ってください Corpses look like ahe gao? I don't think i wanted to know this :D

  71. Ben Davis

    Ben Davis9 日 前

    If I wanted to be eaten by animals would my loved ones get in legal trouble for just dumping me in the woods?

  72. Snipers Corner

    Snipers Corner9 日 前

    Keep up the good work my dear.

  73. HiPoint1095Carbine

    HiPoint1095Carbine9 日 前

    The character "Orville Dunworth" was pretty cool in "Children Shouldnt Play With Dead Things" 1972.

  74. sladval

    sladval9 日 前

    Not sure how I got here, but I just see how animals eating human ash turn into rabid zombie squirrels

  75. Rea Chandler

    Rea Chandler9 日 前

    Wow! How many people can give their mother a tombstone, while alive?

  76. Andrew Alderman

    Andrew Alderman9 日 前

    Soylent Green is Caitlin !

  77. Kaytoun

    Kaytoun9 日 前

    I couldn't find any conclusive evidence to whether Queen Elizabeth walked in on her father being embalmed in real life or not, but if I had to guess I'd say she did not. She was away on a Commonwealth's tour with Prince Philip when King George VI died. She wasn't even informed on his death until later in the afternoon, when Prince Philip was informed by a news reporter. He then took her on a walk and informed her of her father's death and that she was now the Queen. They weren't able to get back until the next day due to weather delays. I assume by then they likely would have already started to prepare his body for viewing while Elizabeth was busy tying up any loose ends with the unexpected death of her father, since she was now the Queen.

  78. Maria Weston

    Maria Weston9 日 前

    The corpse comparison was interesting.

  79. Me

    Me9 日 前

    You mean ..YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN the goonies? Where have you been?

  80. Sandra Perkin

    Sandra Perkin9 日 前

    Catlin do you know any Canadians JPreporterrs that do what you do?

  81. Little Hickory

    Little Hickory10 日 前

    WTF??!!! You’re a child born in the 80s and you’ve never seen The Goonies??? I hope you are joking, my dude. It’s like, the quintessential KIDS movie, released at a time in which people our age were particularly receptive to shit like that. It’s one of the best KIDS MOVIES ever made!! Idk... maybe you’re just being daft... If you are being sincere, this is one of those moments in which you question someone’s judgement and general understanding of the base level of REALITY! 😂😂😂

  82. Ashlee Larson

    Ashlee Larson10 日 前

    I know you don’t get a great look at it, but the puppet from Cast Away! I’m watching this for the first time (because I as a 27 year old woman have never really wanted to😂) and flew to these comments to suggest it! Plus more of you doing whatever you want content! I love it!

  83. Karen Bowler

    Karen Bowler10 日 前

    I trust your judgement. Do what feels good.

  84. Lynnette McFadzen

    Lynnette McFadzen10 日 前

    Really interested in the course but I'm on SSD. Not in the ol budget.

  85. Miss Random

    Miss Random10 日 前

    I genuinely believe that what happens to my body after I die is none of my business. I'll be dead so I won't care. My family can do whatever they need to grieve and that's up to them.

  86. Frank Gonzalez Official

    Frank Gonzalez Official10 日 前

    They are not nutrients! Cremains are non organic.

  87. Rebecca Broad

    Rebecca Broad10 日 前

    I want to do this !

  88. krakensdaughter

    krakensdaughter10 日 前

    I'd love to see a video where you react to the movie The Autopsy of Jane Doe. How accurate is it?

  89. ness

    ness10 日 前

    You should’ve done the Bates Motel version of Norma!! 😩

  90. UtterlyPseula

    UtterlyPseula10 日 前

    Never seen The Goonies. Holy fuck., jammies, wine, chocolate, wine, and of course, a chaser consisting of a copy of The Lost Boys with...well, wine. On my waaa...FUCK. Is the border still closed? Zoom can't fix this. Working on it, Caitlin! 🙃👾🍿🎬🍷🍫🦇

  91. M McTaggart

    M McTaggart10 日 前

    "Grammy Granola"...

  92. Mermaid MerSea

    Mermaid MerSea10 日 前

    ME !!!!! (insert jumping friends meme!)

  93. Jess Witherspoon

    Jess Witherspoon10 日 前

    The feed block is edible and nutritious without the cremains, right? I mean yeah they add SOME minerals to it but it just kind of seems like it's more for the deceased person/their family than it is for the animals.

  94. primesspct2

    primesspct210 日 前

    this certainly brings a new light to be "being fed to the hogs". (theme from deliverance plays)

  95. Bair Valentin

    Bair Valentin10 日 前

    The wrathful story empirically prevent because aftermath hopefully crash along a learned black. symptomatic, whole jaw

  96. Second UNIT

    Second UNIT10 日 前

    I think being exposed to Caitlin has motivated me to consider post-mortem preparations more in depth than my previous “Eh, just donate me to science”

  97. jahenders

    jahenders10 日 前

    It's soylent green

  98. jahenders

    jahenders10 日 前

    I'd be interested in you commenting on corpses from the British forensic pathologist show "Silent Witness." They (naturally) see LOTS of dead bodies and they're usually naked people with some makeup or other effects.

  99. Fire King

    Fire King10 日 前

    I absolutely needed to see this....This is amazing and I'm going to look into this also.

  100. Allison Porcelli

    Allison Porcelli11 日 前

    Just wanna say that respectful I like your longer videos better! More longer videos ☺️ that is my opinion lol

  101. Kath Leech

    Kath Leech11 日 前

    I have never thought about being eaten by animals but I love this idea. It’s the last thing you can do to give back to the world.

  102. PoserDisposer

    PoserDisposer11 日 前

    ‘Deathling’ was a pet name I did not know I needed.