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  1. The Slow Mo Guys

    The Slow Mo Guysヶ月 前

    To view with less compression, select 4K even if you don't have a 4K screen. You'll get a higher bit rate. Slow mo pro-tip. - Gav

  2. Timo Kroeze

    Timo Kroeze10 時間 前

    Watched the last 30 seconds in 4K, thanks! at least ill use it next time =)

  3. Robin Österberg

    Robin Österberg日 前

    The Slow Mo Guys your next video you should try pooring water on the wrong side on a spoon

  4. Goo Fy

    Goo Fy3 日 前

    Hey gav did you consider putting some bread in the cup too

  5. MonkeyKingJitsu

    MonkeyKingJitsu9 日 前

    can you guys do the science behind a double bounce on a trampoline


    INSIGHT FDO9 日 前

    Not quality broo

  7. impermit

    impermit時間 前

    Americans drink tea cold😂

  8. Ben Forrester

    Ben Forrester2 時間 前

    This entire video was fantastic guys. Loved the entire thing

  9. Will Stewich

    Will Stewich3 時間 前

    if you don't use this camera lens to probe dan's bumhole you're both cowards

  10. Mae Mae

    Mae Mae3 時間 前

    Why do you put milk and sugar in your tea?

  11. Chardeliste

    Chardeliste3 時間 前

    What is the slow mo song? Its so relaxing

  12. notarussianspy

    notarussianspy3 時間 前

    The first time the sugar cube dropped, all I could see was CaptainSparklez "Fallen Kingdom" music video

  13. Gamingboss 2353

    Gamingboss 23533 時間 前

    I’m not mad but in America we don’t get zapped but when we do it HURTS but it is because your not used to American plugs.p.s I love in america

  14. SuperSayianSage-Jelani Brock

    SuperSayianSage-Jelani Brock4 時間 前

    9:01 why

  15. William hatten

    William hatten5 時間 前

    The tea is to cold to drink huh? That’s how 90 percent of Americans drink their tea.

  16. QuaneTaunSoup

    QuaneTaunSoup7 時間 前

    The sugar cube into the tea looks like your advertising a commercial

  17. Rafael axb

    Rafael axb7 時間 前

    11:06 what was that??! that bottle moved!

  18. Nekina Nakadan

    Nekina Nakadan8 時間 前

    Someone needs to make these angles into live desktop wallpapers because this is so awesome and pretty

  19. Shane Edwards

    Shane Edwards8 時間 前

    i call it blonde with a pair

  20. John Doe

    John Doe8 時間 前

    If you're getting zapped by a plug, you're doing something very wrong.

  21. Legitmacbeth 781

    Legitmacbeth 78110 時間 前

    Thumbnail Everybody: a blender Me: rick and morty?

  22. ThatDudeWithBoobs

    ThatDudeWithBoobs11 時間 前

    I wish I could make all of these into a screen saver.

  23. Jordan Ezell

    Jordan Ezell14 時間 前

    Could you please try to do slow mo parkour while wearing a fat suit?

  24. Jordan Ezell

    Jordan Ezell14 時間 前

    Can you try to film a Tornado next?

  25. Jackson Wolf

    Jackson Wolf14 時間 前

    you guys should look at tesla coils making music in slow-mo

  26. rew rai

    rew rai17 時間 前

    Record the wing tip vortex being generated inside a wind tunnel using smoke to visualise the vortex.

  27. King Media & Gaming Vlogs

    King Media & Gaming Vlogs18 時間 前

    You should cut through kinetic sand 1000x slower.

  28. turtletowers

    turtletowers日 前

    Yall should do a slowmo tattoo.

  29. Nick W

    Nick W日 前

    How do you get zapped by plugging a cord in

  30. Johnny Loewen

    Johnny Loewen日 前

    Make more videos

  31. Darron Malone

    Darron Malone日 前

    What music is in the background of the slow mo shots?

  32. Mike Curtin

    Mike Curtin日 前

    Good stuff. Thanks much. Thumbs up to crush a troll.

  33. ismail shani

    ismail shani日 前

    Please do slo mo for Thanks in advance

  34. Emilee Weir

    Emilee Weir日 前

    An American Green Heron would be quite the spectacle for slow mo. He's no neck to all neck and back in the blink of an eye when fishing!

  35. Ivan Vape

    Ivan Vape日 前

    Rip a plastic bottle with gas

  36. Tim 140i

    Tim 140i日 前

    this made my head dizzy wow

  37. Hector Athan

    Hector Athan日 前

    Next video idea: Take a long spring extend it and the let go,so we can see how tf it gets ruined, how it gets tangled Please do it😂❤

  38. HM _F.I.T.H

    HM _F.I.T.H日 前

    Hi we are burntube

  39. natasya Vilofi

    natasya Vilofi日 前

    Can you make a slow video of the explosion at sea? But do not damage the reef and fish habitat.

  40. Littleredblood

    Littleredblood2 日 前

    I wonder how bullet tracers look In slow motion :P

  41. ShadowLucario7

    ShadowLucario72 日 前

    The side view would make a good computer background. And have it like cycle through the different colors.

  42. Razburri

    Razburri2 日 前

    Could it be a possibility of a slow-mo video of just blowout speakers? Taking the speakers past their boundaries. Then seeing what happens before they become deformed 😂

  43. Pir Anwar Kamal

    Pir Anwar Kamal2 日 前

    Hello from pakistan

  44. Danielle Jones

    Danielle Jones2 日 前

    Anyone remember Sledgehammer Week? Can we have that back please?

  45. P.A.M.A 2.0

    P.A.M.A 2.03 日 前

    “it looks like someone’s gut” it looks like scrambled eggs to me

  46. Kirankumar b

    Kirankumar b3 日 前

    Pour molten salt in Water.... What will happen..... 🙄🙄🙄

  47. Aussie Gamer

    Aussie Gamer3 日 前

    what would happen if you spun that cup in a pool?

  48. Recetas María Caracola

    Recetas María Caracola3 日 前


  49. william kl

    william kl3 日 前

    You guys should try to capture Triboluminescence By chrushing Lifesavers Mint Wint O Green would look very cool.

  50. Komandor Bentus

    Komandor Bentus3 日 前

    Hey, I have idea. Can you make Euler Disc in slow mo? :)

  51. NJMProductions

    NJMProductions3 日 前

    Don't put your d--k in that

  52. mahendravarma palani

    mahendravarma palani3 日 前

    Try mixing very hot salt in water in slowmotion

  53. Miss Vidzy

    Miss Vidzy3 日 前

    I can't wait for giant balloon June

  54. asyraafThePUBG xXX

    asyraafThePUBG xXX3 日 前

    Do barrel explode in slow mo

  55. Brandon H

    Brandon H3 日 前

    You look like Jamie Lannister's cousin

  56. Christopher Foti

    Christopher Foti4 日 前

    hey slo mo guys! Shoot a bullet through powder and see the effects!

  57. Andrés Amarilla

    Andrés Amarilla4 日 前

    I need a ten hours version of the shots

  58. Dylan Bankey

    Dylan Bankey4 日 前

    You should film a popcorn popping in slo mo

  59. Rohith Reddy

    Rohith Reddy4 日 前

    Hi I'd like to see Lars Anderson's turning arrows in ur next video.

  60. Cole Walborn

    Cole Walborn4 日 前

    When your watching a slow mo guys video then realize they atent wearing pants under their lab coats

  61. Данила Репников

    Данила Репников4 日 前

    Ребят снимите в замедленной съёмке взрыв гранаты

  62. uwu! Eugy7

    uwu! Eugy74 日 前

    7:27 Looks like the Aperture Science Conversion Gel

  63. AlexFranma

    AlexFranma日 前

    @uwu! Eugy7 Well, in that case, you will be baked, and then there wil be cake.

  64. uwu! Eugy7

    uwu! Eugy7日 前

    but *_t h e c a k e i s a l i e_*

  65. AlexFranma

    AlexFranma日 前

    I think we need to film a cake in slow motion.

  66. Sven

    Sven4 日 前

    Could be an amazing tea commercial

  67. Klysak upucs

    Klysak upucs4 日 前

    2 days until my birthday

  68. Jacob E

    Jacob E5 日 前

    Slow mo Euler's Disk. Boom, next problem.

  69. Iris Mabanta

    Iris Mabanta5 日 前

    Can you film a precipitation reaction? >Silver nitrate + sodium chloride >Silver nitrate + potassium chromate >Copper sulfate + sodium hydroxide As a chemist I've always wanted to see this up close and in slow mo

  70. Mr H

    Mr H5 日 前

    Hi guys sorry if you have done this but what about slowmo a hi power crossbow a pulley bow or a medievil crossbow or roman ballista.?

  71. Michal Tylka

    Michal Tylka5 日 前

    You guys remember when you did the Oreo challenge what if Dan missed the pool it is not just grass under the pool is strait concrete

  72. Average Joe Paracord

    Average Joe Paracord5 日 前

    Hey Gav and Dan! Love your content as always. Have you guys ever thought about doing Slo Mo vid of Beatboxing? there is some crazy stuff going on that i think would look pretty crazy at 28,000+ frames. the guy that made me think of slo mo in particular is a guy named Tomazacre... there are soo many good ones besides him tho. think about it... AND THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE AWESOME CONTENT. :)

  73. Finley 101

    Finley 1015 日 前

    Where have they gone

  74. Jeff 0322

    Jeff 03225 日 前

    How often do you guys post videos? Once a month?

  75. Max Mead

    Max Mead5 日 前

    Exploding skateboard wheel with a 60,000 pair waterjet cutte! Idea for you guys👍

  76. Hector Orsini

    Hector Orsini5 日 前

    Shoot a mirror and try to get the reflection of the shot

  77. Tristan C

    Tristan C3 日 前

    Hector Orsini they’ve done that with a 50. Cal

  78. Ian Canty

    Ian Canty5 日 前

    You guys should let SciManDan use the droplet footage at 5:02 as proof to flat earthers that objects in free fall such as liquid droplets & planets form into spheres. Flat earthers say water is always flat. Objects in free fall are weightless & automatically form into a shape with the least surface area due to isostatic adjustment. The molten matter during planetary formation seeks the centre of mass & so forms a ball. It only changes shape slightly under other influences such as spin or atmospheric drag. As long as a body’s own gravity is greater than it’s mechanical strength it forms into a sphere, if it’s gravity’s weaker, as in a small asteroid (or the sugar cube at 10:45) it’s shape will be irregular. If you see this & do get in touch with him please ask him why I’m blocked from his great channel because I’ve absolutely no idea ☹️. I can’t ask him myself because I use no other social media.

  79. TCoR Warrior

    TCoR Warrior6 日 前

    I highkey didnt know they put milk in tea😅

  80. Young Money

    Young Money6 日 前

    Do magic slight of hand in slo mo👋🏻

  81. Daniel VillarrealReyes

    Daniel VillarrealReyes6 日 前

    I like my tae green

  82. Moon

    Moon6 日 前

    (IDK if you take audience requests, but his could be cool) Could you guys try to record Lichtenberg figures? I know there's a way to do it but I know you can create both 2D and 3D (Lichtenberg trees) figures.

  83. touching gorilla

    touching gorilla6 日 前

    You should video different types of uk biscuits being snapped or being bitten into to think it would look cool

  84. O.N.Y.X

    O.N.Y.X6 日 前

    Can you please film a laser pointer in slow motion

  85. Todd McGough

    Todd McGough6 日 前

    You should Slow Mo metal grinding. Sparks coming at you in slow motion sounds pretty cool

  86. Billy Shanley

    Billy Shanley6 日 前

    It’s like a documentary.

  87. blackmoth81

    blackmoth816 日 前


  88. PyroJasonExplodes

    PyroJasonExplodes6 日 前

    Woah, was this live? Very cool video.

  89. Stanley and josh adventures

    Stanley and josh adventures7 日 前

    What’s the weight of light

  90. Jeff 0322

    Jeff 03225 日 前

    Weight of light = same weight as light 👍😂

  91. TheIntroMaker

    TheIntroMaker7 日 前

    I love this slow mo song

  92. Educated Zombie

    Educated Zombie7 日 前

    Waiting for your video with linus

  93. bruh

    bruh7 日 前

    this was so much cooler and prettier than I imagined

  94. Ethan Marks

    Ethan Marks7 日 前

    Well thanks for making my phone have an brain aneurysm

  95. mujahid aziz

    mujahid aziz7 日 前

    water jet in slow motion plz water jet in slow motion plz water jet in slow motion plz water jet in slow motion plz

  96. domtheduck

    domtheduck7 日 前

    You have been chosen as youtuber 6/100. This is for a challenge video of seeing how many comments I can get pinned in 24 hours. JPreporterrs selected: - Sidemen - MrBeast - The King of Random - NileRed - Mark Rober - The Slow Mo Guys

  97. A dog

    A dog7 日 前

    4:23 Anyone else really thirsty for some water?

  98. Kyle Barstow

    Kyle Barstow7 日 前

    Can you guys do tattoo removal in high speed!!!???

  99. Hafeez Malik

    Hafeez Malik7 日 前

    For a second , I thought that was jacksepticeyes logo in the thumbnail

  100. dwi arjuna

    dwi arjuna7 日 前

    So satisfying 😍😍😍

  101. Tabrez Carmally

    Tabrez Carmally7 日 前

    Can you try breaking the prince rupert drop in slow mo

  102. Bonita

    Bonita7 日 前

    7:51 D E M O N I T I S E D

  103. medieum

    medieum7 日 前

    why even simple things looks in slowmotion magical?

  104. Max Covfefe

    Max Covfefe8 日 前

    WORLD'S FASTEST PLANT... Have The Slow Mo Guys tried filming *bladderwort* catching mosquitoes yet? It's a carnivorous plant that's got some fairly impressive skills, some of which is too fast to truly appreciate.

  105. Cats on the Ceiling

    Cats on the Ceiling8 日 前

    Is Dan "Q" from Impractical Jokers ?

  106. Wyatt harstvedt

    Wyatt harstvedt8 日 前

    Can you explode a grenade!!!

  107. Young Fuu

    Young Fuu8 日 前

    The reverse effect was dope

  108. FCA 7

    FCA 78 日 前

    Why does gav look like the main character from cloudy and the chance of meat balls?

  109. Jailhouse Philosopher

    Jailhouse Philosopher8 日 前

    How about slow mo of burning liquid methane like how the backyard scientist was plating with.

  110. Alexander Modica

    Alexander Modica8 日 前

    can you guys do pimple popping in slow motion?

  111. Jeff 0322

    Jeff 03225 日 前

    No thanks, I'm good