Film Theory: Why Scar is the RIGHTFUL King! (Disney Lion King)


  1. Isobel Nahmens

    Isobel Nahmens時間 前

    Us Midwesterns when MatPat said doncha know: Care ta share a bottle of Ranch and watch the Tornadoes pass?

  2. Your Best Friend Spinel

    Your Best Friend Spinel3 時間 前

    Me: Reads title Also me: Tell that to Uncle Iroh...

  3. Cansery Mwangi

    Cansery Mwangi7 時間 前

    I live in kenya

  4. Ella Jameson

    Ella Jameson16 時間 前

    Some people didn't like it, but I loved how accurate it seemed in some ways. (And just so you know, cats don't technically have knees.)

  5. Stan Swope

    Stan Swope16 時間 前

    But little did he know how bad that movie was

  6. Drew Ghandehari

    Drew Ghandehari17 時間 前

    matpat cant grow a beard we had now idea what was coming in 2020

  7. Jack Xu

    Jack Xu17 時間 前

    I will let you know if we can die

  8. speech! '-'

    speech! '-'18 時間 前

    "I’m incapable of growing a beard" a year later: **grows a beard** Edit: his dumb Minnesotan accent made me dislike like this video.

  9. Levi Mack

    Levi Mack18 時間 前

    I hate you Matt Pat

  10. Darren Edgell

    Darren Edgell日 前

    Wow MatPat wow

  11. Kiel Salvador

    Kiel Salvador日 前

    Me:Looks at the iPad with a scar iPad:😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 Me: :O

  12. Fluffy_Wolf-CJ

    Fluffy_Wolf-CJ日 前

    JPreporter comments are weird now...they've been moved to the top now???

  13. Mohd. Syahfiq Al-arby

    Mohd. Syahfiq Al-arby日 前

    ...a what if scenario of this theory if the lion king animals are humans....

  14. Benjamin Heileson

    Benjamin Heileson日 前

    So, since I have dark hair, does that make me not attractive to women? 😂🤣

  15. River McLean

    River McLean日 前

    He forgot about guinea pigs

  16. Half-Pint

    Half-Pint日 前

    No. The new Lion King is pitifully close to the real version. The only thing they changed was to turn the beloved song, Be Prepared, into a kindergarten recital.

  17. Dhruv Pathak

    Dhruv Pathak日 前

    i have 3 words to say about simba and nala... SWEET HOME "ALABAMA"

  18. Данил Игнатенко

    Данил Игнатенко日 前

    Matpat-trollface looks SO GODDAMN CREEPY

  19. Jack Sun

    Jack Sun2 日 前

    Where did you get the Bootleg Music music from dude?

  20. Jack Sun

    Jack Sun2 日 前

    Why would lions know, or even care what inbreeding is? Is there an instinct that tells the lions how their cubs will turn out? And does the dangers to inbreeding apply to all mammals?

  21. jayden cheah

    jayden cheah2 日 前

    I agree, however, since well we are humans and not super intelligent lions, we like to create cartoon animal shows that uses humans rules. For example, when a king dies, his eldest son will become the next on throne. However, sometimes, a brother may overthrow him and takes over as king(Vikings sometimes do this).

  22. Jody Harding

    Jody Harding2 日 前

    Why you gotda woorin peoples childhood

  23. Subhan

    Subhan2 日 前

    I watched real life lion king its was great

  24. Blue

    Blue2 日 前


  25. Jasmine Romero

    Jasmine Romero2 日 前

    How was he really right!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Karen Cohen

    Karen Cohen2 日 前

    But scar/ Taka hunted that and gave it to them.+ he is basically a loner lion+ no one seems to notice him. Etc...all this = it doesn’t matter Taka is the name he had given at birth

  27. Karen Cohen

    Karen Cohen2 日 前

    It was so funny when you said “and all hail to the king baby”

  28. Isaiah Saw

    Isaiah Saw3 日 前

    Don’t cha know in the Minnesotan accent

  29. Lea Nemerowicz

    Lea Nemerowicz3 日 前

    #Girl power

  30. Jonathan Larsen

    Jonathan Larsen3 日 前

    Long live the king!

  31. stebopign

    stebopign3 日 前

    sees title.. OH NOessssss!



    What do you mean right king he destroyed the pride lands in and i estimate 20 min or 4min

  33. Free spirited Emmi

    Free spirited Emmi3 日 前

    I hate the live action one

  34. The Brokage

    The Brokage3 日 前

    He forgot one factor Disney hates him so they will do everything the opposite of what Matpat said (I'm actually kinda glad they did that)

  35. Cassidy Anthony

    Cassidy Anthony3 日 前

    I always hated Mufasa!! I like scar though

  36. CLEF TV

    CLEF TV3 日 前


  37. Poblo Gomez

    Poblo Gomez3 日 前

    Not true

  38. Aleeah Paschal

    Aleeah Paschal3 日 前

    Actually Nala and Simba aren't related

  39. Black Rose

    Black Rose3 日 前

    Saya suka

  40. Te Atua

    Te Atua3 日 前

    It was better than Cats, honestly.

  41. jabal magnet #1

    jabal magnet #13 日 前

    Nice .... feedback..

  42. Yamel Gomez

    Yamel Gomez4 日 前

    Stop no no no no

  43. Bastion Guns

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  44. Ryden Jay Jardeleza

    Ryden Jay Jardeleza4 日 前

    Scar is not the true kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooooo

  45. Jacko 90011

    Jacko 900114 日 前

    6:02 I am from Minnesota so that accent is not my favorite... Film theory please read this...

  46. over there on your chair

    over there on your chair4 日 前

    Matpat: I can’t wait till the live action lion king is out Me who watched it the day it was put in theaters: do you really wanna watch it tho? It’s pretty bad and they changed it way to much they even changed a couple of the songs

  47. Marisa Deltin

    Marisa Deltin4 日 前


  48. Kaylee Jackson

    Kaylee Jackson4 日 前

    Just to let everyone know the lion king remake isn’t live action it’s just cgi animated.

  49. Cameron Milton

    Cameron Milton5 日 前

    Lol wen bambi s mom dies my little sister laughs

  50. lana Sprzo

    lana Sprzo5 日 前

    its a movie calm down

  51. Carbones Magnuson

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  52. olivia walker

    olivia walker6 日 前

    Scar is not the rightful king simba is scar is bad and evil

  53. Matt Smith

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  54. David Brown

    David Brown6 日 前

    It's a drought and scar and Mufasa fought 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

  55. Just A Nazi :3

    Just A Nazi :36 日 前

    0:59 omg I remember this cartoon so well QwQ I watched it all the time as a kid TwT many good memories

  56. Mia Angela

    Mia Angela6 日 前

    "'Can you feel the love tonight' I certainly can, but I don't wanna" AHHAHAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOODNESS

  57. Swiss YT

    Swiss YT6 日 前

    Bro its Disney its not real life

  58. Christopher Jacoby

    Christopher Jacoby6 日 前

    I am onestly shocked that Simba banged his step sister like WTF disney

  59. heheheHEHEHEH

    heheheHEHEHEH6 日 前

    Oh lol, I learned more about lions in this video than I ever did in school.

  60. Angel _Nations

    Angel _Nations6 日 前

    "There's a scar on his face, that makes him evil 1: not racist but...... :O SCARIST 2: I have a scar on my arm..... S***

  61. Angel _Nations

    Angel _Nations6 日 前

    Matt: your all deader to me than mufasa Heh "Deader"

  62. Elizabeth Davenport

    Elizabeth Davenport6 日 前

    I’m 7 how could you 😢

  63. Elizabeth StClaire

    Elizabeth StClaire6 日 前

    scar is my favorite character

  64. Mohammad Batani

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  65. Jordan

    Jordan6 日 前

    I feel like this could have been 7 min

  66. amigo907

    amigo9076 日 前

    nah it simiba

  67. Manolo Juarez

    Manolo Juarez7 日 前

    Hmmm... Who’s the strongest, powerful Disney Villain who can achieve world domination against other Disney villains?

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  69. Ade Vidal

    Ade Vidal7 日 前

  70. Ade Vidal

    Ade Vidal7 日 前

  71. Joe Ahmed

    Joe Ahmed7 日 前

    2:23 we don't joke about that

  72. Ahmed Mijbal

    Ahmed Mijbal7 日 前

    Atoomana shhh

  73. Izabela Kownacki

    Izabela Kownacki7 日 前

    Disney probably watches Film theory, and will now change some stuff so it's more like what he said.



    1:42 Heck,not even Scar *Title shows why Scar is the right full king*



    0:59 Lion King is not inspired from Kimbha.Althought everything sounds similar,Disney said that it wasn't inspired from Kimbha.It was inspired from Hamlet though

  76. tsop

    tsop7 日 前

    It’s a theory idk what the dislikes are for

  77. GAMING Dinosaur

    GAMING Dinosaur7 日 前

    Dude your channel must be called the ruins of childhoods

  78. Chris Lambe

    Chris Lambe7 日 前

    Donna is soooo cute in the new one

  79. ꧁Aria Playz꧂

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