Film Theory: Why Scar is the RIGHTFUL King! (Disney Lion King)


  1. Eli Rabadi

    Eli Rabadi3 時間 前

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  2. Brian McKnight

    Brian McKnight8 時間 前


  3. tong wang

    tong wang9 時間 前

    Did y'all ever realize that Simba singing "I can't wait to be king" is technically him singing "I can't wait for my Dad to die"

  4. Connor gamer Thomas

    Connor gamer Thomas9 時間 前


  5. Scar_The_Skele 14

    Scar_The_Skele 1410 時間 前

    Mat Pat : #girlpower Me: ty . You are gud. XD

  6. David Farrell

    David Farrell11 時間 前


  7. Uzaki Chan

    Uzaki Chan20 時間 前

    MatPat: its got to have a epic ending Me in 2020: yep totally epic...

  8. cat king

    cat king22 時間 前

    What about the actual sequel "lion guard"?


    ALEX DOPE日 前

    Sweet home Alabama

  10. Jordin Vicente

    Jordin Vicente日 前

    The son of scar is simbas cousin so they are related so then simbas daughter encounters smibas cousin and then when they are bigger they fall in love thats really wrong because she is in love with her uncle in a sort of way.

  11. Jordin Vicente

    Jordin Vicente日 前

    Like am i wrong please correct me flim theory

  12. Pop Moo Pop

    Pop Moo Pop日 前

    *long live the KING*

  13. Nosipo Kasa

    Nosipo Kasa日 前


  14. Shannon Lee

    Shannon Lee日 前

    .... Welp thats my childhood down the drain 🤣

  15. MR PRO

    MR PRO日 前


  16. Beebardhan Gogoi

    Beebardhan Gogoi2 日 前

    Ok, u seriously have to ruin this? And strangely, I likes this video and hated it at the same time.

  17. Vetarlit Torf

    Vetarlit Torf2 日 前

    Scar didn't deplete the food resources. That was the drought.

  18. Ali Nabeel

    Ali Nabeel2 日 前


  19. scallia the flowerfury

    scallia the flowerfury2 日 前

    i realised there"er cousins

  20. the weirdo

    the weirdo2 日 前


  21. the weirdo

    the weirdo2 日 前

    We named my friends cat Simba and boi do we not regret it it fits him perfectly!

  22. brador444

    brador4443 日 前

    My dude is running three YT channels making new theories for each one and raising a child?!

  23. Mr. Kenworth

    Mr. Kenworth3 日 前

    To bad the new lion king was basically a worse remake of the original animated one. I honestly hated it maybe I’m just biased to the animated one, but I think it’s an inferior film.

  24. Hipnotic ScardieCat

    Hipnotic ScardieCat3 日 前

    "He has a scar. That makes him evil." Harry Potter: *whispers to Ron* "I think they're onto us..."

  25. the weirdo

    the weirdo2 日 前

    "You are a villan Harry"

  26. Orla Carolan

    Orla Carolan3 日 前

    "The live action Lion King would be Disney's darkest movie ever." Hunchback of Notre Dame is darker than that two hour snoozefest. And a live action of Hunchback will take that title from its animated predecessor.

  27. Overen

    Overen3 日 前

    But Nala isn't even Simba's sister.

  28. The Epic Gamers

    The Epic Gamers4 日 前

    No # boy boys are bederrr

  29. Айлин Эсеналиева

    Айлин Эсеналиева4 日 前


  30. Lauren Stone

    Lauren Stone4 日 前

    Did anyone else know there was sub species of lions? Because I didnt and now I feel pretty stupid.

  31. Sarah America

    Sarah America5 日 前

    Nothing like a disney movie to get kids exciting about murdering the villain.

  32. Nate Shelley

    Nate Shelley5 日 前

    my grandpa lives in the town where they make swizzles refreshers

  33. raja ram mohan vurla

    raja ram mohan vurla5 日 前

    LoL r.i.p Scar

  34. AcCuser GaMinG

    AcCuser GaMinG5 日 前

    Well, I agree with you scientifically. But, None told Scar to become bad. Mufasa was selfless and peaceful. That's what made him a good son to his father. Scar, may have been violent when he was young, which made him a sore spot yo his father. Sometimes, you have to think out of science and relate to people's Personality. Not saying I hate Scar, I actually love him and agree with his frustration and motives, but I kinda support Mufassa as well, to be Superior to Scar, personality wise.

  35. Scribblery Doodler

    Scribblery Doodler6 日 前

    *This is Scar approved*

  36. XxAwkward RavenpuffxX

    XxAwkward RavenpuffxX6 日 前

    Potential Antagonists Nonchalantly Terrorising Humanity & Equally Refusing Authority? Noice.

  37. crazy fitness

    crazy fitness7 日 前

    I think Simba was more intelligent then scare and "DAH' this is a disney movie the good has to win.. but good thinking and good video.

  38. Roberto Reynoso

    Roberto Reynoso7 日 前

    #girl power

  39. Noah Bartko

    Noah Bartko7 日 前

    "Can you see the love tonight? I certainly can, but I don't want to." Best sentence in the history of film theory.

  40. Louis Duarte

    Louis Duarte8 日 前

    8:29 Why not the band? That was a prime time to mention the band Pantera right there! And after watching The Nostalgia Critic's review of The Lion King 2019, I can say none of what you said happened. Sorry.

  41. 황다솜

    황다솜8 日 前

    "He has a scar, he must be evil right?" Todoroki: .... I can explain-

  42. Carmen Lee

    Carmen Lee8 日 前

    Some reason now that I think about it I think Mufasa’s death I think was one of my favorite parts... one sec ima ask myself some questions....

  43. pro game 5588

    pro game 55888 日 前

    Mickey video about Cat and the Hat how the heck does a figet majigger work I mean what the heck is I figet majigger

  44. miaplays and IRL

    miaplays and IRL8 日 前

    #girlpower ( I am a girl)

  45. The Messiah

    The Messiah8 日 前

    This is before watching the movie I recently heard that the darker the mane the more handsome you are to females Edit was right

  46. Mvy aovzl vm klsbzpvuhs aovbnoaz

    Mvy aovzl vm klsbzpvuhs aovbnoaz9 日 前

    Ol'z jhbzpun tl whpu. Ol rpsslk oly.

  47. Damaris Hurtado

    Damaris Hurtado9 日 前

    Sooooo thechnically they are all evil right ._.

  48. Jeremy Victor

    Jeremy Victor9 日 前

    U know male lions take the outside during winters formation

  49. Nightmare Girl

    Nightmare Girl9 日 前

    I watched lion king life action in movies

  50. Herpetology Lover

    Herpetology Lover10 日 前

    Scar probably wouldn't have killed Mufasa's cubs because they are related to him. It has been seen in the wild.

  51. Lucas Talavera

    Lucas Talavera10 日 前


  52. 1000000man1

    1000000man110 日 前

    The remake is Not live action. CGI is a form of animation. It might be photorealistic but that doesn't make it live action.

  53. Pocahontas's Great heart and spirit

    Pocahontas's Great heart and spirit10 日 前


  54. Milena French

    Milena French11 日 前

    The whole kimba thing is false, plus as someone who has watched both there really arent that many similarities. Plus if you dumb down every movie ever made enough, everything would be the same.

  55. Spencenado_X

    Spencenado_X11 日 前

    “...well he has a scar, so he’s evil.” Harry Potter and Post-Redemption Zuko: *doubt*

  56. Blu Gy

    Blu Gy10 日 前

    **Clicks Y**

  57. Tony Williams jr

    Tony Williams jr12 日 前

    U lier

  58. AyzeLmao

    AyzeLmao12 日 前


  59. Sisters Daiz

    Sisters Daiz12 日 前


  60. Rohit Singh

    Rohit Singh13 日 前

    Well crazy that simba and nala are cousins because sarabi and sarafina are sisters and for will that scar is first father of nala in is the next father of nala

  61. איתן שי

    איתן שי14 日 前

    Funny thing though - Lion King 2 ending actually works really well here - Kovu has the dark color that lionesses love and also runs the pride well

  62. Belly dance house /الرقص الشرقي

    Belly dance house /الرقص الشرقي14 日 前

    Belly dance house /الرقص الشرقي

  63. Wolf Bear gaming

    Wolf Bear gaming15 日 前

    At 2:23 did he say “deader”

  64. Abcdefg Hijklmnop

    Abcdefg Hijklmnop11 日 前


  65. mary Polanco

    mary Polanco15 日 前

    # Girl Power for life

  66. wajeeha nusrat

    wajeeha nusrat15 日 前


  67. golden animatronic

    golden animatronic16 日 前

    Omg I go to the west midlands safari park

  68. Captainsauce Jr

    Captainsauce Jr16 日 前

    MATPAT! you did a wonderful job as the hermit in a heist with markiplier!

  69. Rayden Excalibur

    Rayden Excalibur16 日 前

    Would love to see this movie, or at least a variation of it.

  70. Brother Musician

    Brother Musician16 日 前

    Who's here after the live action flopped?

  71. TheBlueDevil 815

    TheBlueDevil 81519 日 前

    You should make a video calls what if ray (Star Wars) joins the sith. Who agrees.

  72. the bat den

    the bat den20 日 前

    Am I the only one who wants to see his serch history

  73. Eric Fouch

    Eric Fouch20 日 前

    Can you feel the love tonight? Alabama: "Yes, we do."


    THILL UTHAYA20 日 前

    Hey guys whatsup so today I'm about to shame Matpat about how lion king IRL = lion king animation My reasoning watch movie B O O M

  75. Maddie Gacha Tik Toker

    Maddie Gacha Tik Toker21 日 前


  76. jredhood

    jredhood21 日 前

    Zazu is behind Mufasas' death.

  77. PoweringOrphanation

    PoweringOrphanation22 日 前

    This literally goes against everything I believe in

  78. Moriah Haeflinger

    Moriah Haeflinger22 日 前

    what about kovo and his siblings aren't they scar's kids

  79. Paul Pradeep

    Paul Pradeep22 日 前

    But if ya look at some fan theories, Nala is Scar's daughter!

  80. Pikachu

    Pikachu24 日 前

    this goes against everything I've ever known

  81. Confused Noises

    Confused Noises24 日 前


  82. Narottam Cecil

    Narottam Cecil25 日 前

    The reason why Mufasa lacked the tufts you mentioned was because the animators didn’t draw them on him.

  83. Hope Titus

    Hope Titus25 日 前

    The beauty of the lion king, it’s just a movie, a Disney movie!


    KIM JISOO25 日 前

    If scar didn't had that scar he would be good...

  85. Lindokuhle Masuku

    Lindokuhle Masuku26 日 前

    Is UMBULALI a real lion? Thats cool.

  86. Virginia Gamez

    Virginia Gamez26 日 前

    No you have not been making more films then disney. disney has been around for decades the first disney short film was ''Steamboat Willy'' and that was made in 1928 you did NOT do more films.

  87. Kate Moore

    Kate Moore27 日 前

    How did Mufasa‘s parents know to name their child scar before he had a scar Disney makes absolutely no sense

  88. Jay Law

    Jay Law27 日 前

    It actually funny but when I was a kid I already knew all of this and even now still love this movie

  89. Tyrik Bryant

    Tyrik Bryant27 日 前

    yall do not know nothing about the lk

  90. Abcdefg Hijklmnop

    Abcdefg Hijklmnop11 日 前

    The what?

  91. Megan Livingston

    Megan Livingston27 日 前

    *The saddest death since Tod's Mom

  92. katie Atkinson

    katie Atkinson27 日 前

    It Good someone sub to me please oh ok

  93. Ananth Swaminathan

    Ananth Swaminathan27 日 前

    Hey you should make web theory

  94. Patricio Cargua

    Patricio Cargua27 日 前

    Well I can see the movie the same

  95. DX-Gamer 88

    DX-Gamer 8828 日 前

    Ah yes, the *theorist.*

  96. Andreas u L

    Andreas u L28 日 前

    Live action? 😂 yeeeaah.. no

  97. Dynamicdude 1,000

    Dynamicdude 1,00028 日 前

    disney would like to know your location

  98. HUMSKI

    HUMSKI29 日 前 I'll cross lion king on my bucket list of ruined childhood.

  99. Mike playZ stuff

    Mike playZ stuff29 日 前

    You aren't serious........ seriously tho..............

  100. Marjorie Lynch

    Marjorie Lynchヶ月 前

    when you sing a choreographed number titled "i just can't wait to be king" and your dad promptly dies

  101. Rodas Meheretu

    Rodas Meheretuヶ月 前

    So. Females attack the male leader if he doesn't give them enough food? Who knew humans and lions were so much alike? lol

  102. ᴇɪsʜʜ ᴅᴀɴɢ

    ᴇɪsʜʜ ᴅᴀɴɢヶ月 前


  103. professional amateur

    professional amateurヶ月 前

    Mabye he didn't get the king status cause he couldn't get babies with females cause he a homosexual

  104. Yeymi Fernandez

    Yeymi Fernandezヶ月 前

    I have a scar oof me

  105. D⃟i⃟m⃟a⃟o⃟n⃟d⃟ S⃟y⃟l⃟v⃟e⃟o⃟n⃟

    D⃟i⃟m⃟a⃟o⃟n⃟d⃟ S⃟y⃟l⃟v⃟e⃟o⃟n⃟ヶ月 前