Film Theory: Which of The Incredibles Is THE MOST Incredible? (Disney Pixar's The Incredibles)


  1. Emmy Draws

    Emmy Draws4 時間 前

    With dash’s force, you forgot that runners have to put A LOT of force into the ground REALLY FAST to accelerate that fast

  2. Jack Wagon

    Jack Wagon6 時間 前

    What about the one that turns Invisible

  3. Jack Wagon

    Jack Wagon6 時間 前

    Never Mind...

  4. Jenna Benchikh

    Jenna Benchikh日 前

    I'm not crying,you are.

  5. GodsInfinite

    GodsInfinite日 前

    Imma get saitama to stop that train with his pinky lol

  6. Gold Experience requiem

    Gold Experience requiem日 前

    I agree but also couldn’t violate in a death battle just create a force field in the middle of someone’s neck and, well, pop.

  7. What2 Upload

    What2 Upload2 日 前

    Mr Incredible is weaker than Spiderman Spiderman Spider-Man

  8. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic The Hedgehog2 日 前

    Who said my favorite movie is the incredibles

  9. roxana rochin

    roxana rochin2 日 前

    Violet is going to be the most super super

  10. Trina Tait

    Trina Tait2 日 前

    Man dash could just take somthing & vibrate it's moloicules fast enugth to vapoize it. Also he could of just sped up his punch or vibratre his fist fast enugth to make it go thrugh them.

  11. Timothy Guerrero

    Timothy Guerrero3 日 前

    Matt pat it was a suit that protected them not her you can see in Edna modes testThat the suit was super strong

  12. Angelus Mata

    Angelus Mata3 日 前

    Superman must have gotten near some pink kryptonite (time 11:09)

  13. Natiinka Knight

    Natiinka Knight3 日 前

    I just gotta say. Matpat makes me feel smart. I wanna get better at math now.

  14. Edward Quezada

    Edward Quezada3 日 前

    Dash wins

  15. Me me Big boy

    Me me Big boy3 日 前


  16. Hollow The Gamer

    Hollow The Gamer3 日 前


  17. Eden Harrison

    Eden Harrison4 日 前

    12:31 Dat booty tho

  18. brandon dose random stuff

    brandon dose random stuff4 日 前

    14:20 she just stopped dash soooooooooo yes

  19. Unicorn Rainbow

    Unicorn Rainbow4 日 前

    Also, you forgot about Violet's invisibility.

  20. elizza Vanessa

    elizza Vanessa4 日 前

    He old

  21. train lover5670

    train lover56705 日 前

    Dash will win

  22. Brown Monkey Studios

    Brown Monkey Studios5 日 前

    Mr. Incredible

  23. CocoaPlayzGacha

    CocoaPlayzGacha5 日 前

    Hey look, I came here for some entertainment, not for some math.

  24. just a fan -

    just a fan -6 日 前

    Can you do a theory but the new she ra reboot

  25. Chris B

    Chris B6 日 前

    the reson that on the train secne bob only exerted that amount of strength was because of the wood from the traks breaking

  26. Dead Cool

    Dead Cool6 日 前

    7:38 that wasn't her powers, that was Edna's suit.

  27. Ian B

    Ian B6 日 前


  28. Jaxson Tohm

    Jaxson Tohm6 日 前

    Okay miss science teacher lol love ya videos

  29. Katie Smith

    Katie Smith6 日 前

    Violet is also just a kid, imagine when she’s bobs age, she will be able to withstand literally anything

  30. David Liu

    David Liu6 日 前

    How about at the end of the movie, when Violet shields her family from a falling aircraft?

  31. Lewis Brannigan

    Lewis Brannigan7 日 前

    Now work out how strong they are all adults lol

  32. Bobling !!

    Bobling !!7 日 前

    Who else thinks Violet looks like Billy Elish

  33. Crazy Nerd

    Crazy Nerd8 日 前

    violeet was my guess but i was legit surprised that it was her father, but yeah makes sense

  34. ElectricWaffle -

    ElectricWaffle -8 日 前

    Does anyone know the song 0:53

  35. Feo Diente

    Feo Diente8 日 前

    If you was my math teacher...I would know quantum physics..😁


    JDKOSEN8 日 前

    For elastigirl you did not even factor in how the jet fuel would effect the explosion

  37. Nathaniel Bruun

    Nathaniel Bruun8 日 前

    He’s basically taking about a family battle royale

  38. xChristinq

    xChristinq8 日 前

    why did i cry

  39. kili sloe

    kili sloe9 日 前

    forgot to calculate the suits on the explosion part.

  40. adude withapipe

    adude withapipe9 日 前


  41. Trinity Bunny

    Trinity Bunny9 日 前

    Imagine stopping a train instantly instead of slowing it down, he'd indirectly kill the people inside it, so it may be because of that and not just parental instinct.

  42. Diesel Marcus

    Diesel Marcus16 分 前

    And he had no really solid surface to stop it against. We see his feet skittering across the tracks. Thats not very good for efficient friction or application of force.

  43. CupCakeBesties YT

    CupCakeBesties YT9 日 前

    You could seriously get alot of jobs with how much math you do for movie theories

  44. Mister Jaux

    Mister Jaux9 日 前

    No joke I almost cried when I realized that Mr. Incredible became stronger to save his family 😢

  45. Dong nguyen

    Dong nguyen10 日 前

    12:32 look at the teacher...

  46. Nate's Page

    Nate's Page10 日 前

    2:21 In one timeline, toby fox hands over undertale to Disney, and instead matpat says, by giving you a bad time.

  47. Duarte Maria Sousa

    Duarte Maria Sousa10 日 前

    Did anyone realize the scene he put when dash was putting the pin in the teachers chair repeatedly, the teacher was twerking.(In the video)

  48. David Liu

    David Liu6 日 前


  49. Dumb Potato

    Dumb Potato10 日 前

    The baby is the strongest

  50. Fischer Hochberg

    Fischer Hochberg11 日 前

    Bish wanna talk special when I was 5 I ate my cat while shitting on my dog and while watching spongebob

  51. Sebastian Schelmety

    Sebastian Schelmety11 日 前

    Or maybe you miscalculated the amount of train carts on the train or used the wrong train

  52. izabela kopaczewska

    izabela kopaczewska11 日 前

    2+2 is fish

  53. Amin Mahjoob

    Amin Mahjoob11 日 前

    Matpat I am disappointed. Mr incredible parent powers did not kick in. He could stop the train in a fraction of a sec but everyone on board would be dead because it would be the same as hitting a wall and crash. He slowed the train down so no one on board would not be injured.

  54. TheInevitable 111

    TheInevitable 11112 日 前

    Good episode there man...🕴

  55. Daniel Herrera

    Daniel Herrera12 日 前

    These jokes are sub-PAR!!!

  56. Mai

    Mai12 日 前

    You suck

  57. Master Freddy

    Master Freddy12 日 前

    Wait.... Did he just give us a non depressing theory?

  58. Clumsyooze307

    Clumsyooze30713 日 前

    Something feels like a stretch in one part * drumbeat *

  59. Ally Yuuki

    Ally Yuuki13 日 前

    Wish I'm as smart as Mat Pat Not only does he do a great job in making theories but also!! Making those theories makes sense! Not every youtuber calculates everything and everything Even simple details are analyzed just to support his theory Thank you for gracing us with your knowledge and intelligence

  60. Phi Phong Phạm

    Phi Phong Phạm13 日 前

    Or hear me he could be that mr. incredible could be holding back his strength to stop the train without making it crash and not to destroy the train making it explode and kill every one

  61. KingBo09

    KingBo0914 日 前

    Matpat: talks about a DEATH BATTLE! also matpat: does Math His viewers: no thats not how you suposed to play the game

  62. Unwated Parasite

    Unwated Parasite14 日 前

    In the presentation of the suits in the movie,elatigirls suit is missle proof sooooo ye

  63. Sweet the Cat

    Sweet the Cat14 日 前

    I bet Violet