Film Theory: Which of The Incredibles Is THE MOST Incredible? (Disney Pixar's The Incredibles)


  1. MidasAnimates

    MidasAnimates8 時間 前

    I fricking love the editing in these videos. Nice job man.

  2. True Family friendliness

    True Family friendliness8 時間 前

    16:50 i love it cus now it looks like one of those older games cutscenes

  3. Josiah Vazquez

    Josiah Vazquez10 時間 前

    The person that made Mrs. Incredible’s suit made the suit indestructible so this is invalid.

  4. Donyae Godbout

    Donyae Godbout14 時間 前

    I thought I.C.B.M meant Intercontinental ballistic missle

  5. Poison Ψ

    Poison Ψ16 時間 前

    Teacher humps desk at 12:31

  6. João Pedro

    João Pedro16 時間 前

    jack jack just have ALL THE POWERS he win

  7. Austin Long

    Austin Long18 時間 前

    Dad would fight his family so he would not be that strong becuase he would have no family to procet

  8. Uno Out

    Uno Out19 時間 前

    Dash is only fast when pranking

  9. Austin Bautista

    Austin Bautista日 前

    Never knew the teacher of dash liked twerking

  10. Danny Shea

    Danny Shea日 前

    Wouldn’t that be the weight of the train? The mass would have to be in kilograms

  11. MazeNation :3

    MazeNation :3日 前

    Matpat: *Shows Wonderwoman* Wonder woman ad: allow me to introduce myself

  12. Jennifer Korf

    Jennifer Korf日 前

    Syndrome would've been a super hero but he used his smarts for greed and revenge. That's why he's the villain

  13. Autumn Maples

    Autumn Maples日 前

    This video had more physics and math than I ever learnt in school 😂

  14. Hannah Colussi

    Hannah Colussi2 日 前

    You all are so smart I don’t even understand you right now you have to dumb it down for me

  15. Hannah Colussi

    Hannah Colussi2 日 前

    I can hardly understand any of this maths right now...that isn’t correct grammar but I can’t think of a substitute

  16. Hannah Colussi

    Hannah Colussi2 日 前

    How come Violet’s torso is so skinny? You can hardly fit anything in there

  17. Heigan Korohina

    Heigan Korohina2 日 前

    Everyone's reaction to Jack Jack being kicked of the contest/ how dare you☹️☹️

  18. Anja Steenkamp

    Anja Steenkamp2 日 前

    I'm scared of his search history ;-;


    EVAN MUDD2 日 前

    Hey, Mom! I found a use for math!



    11:08 do I even have to say anything

  21. R4G3_ Gaminglex

    R4G3_ Gaminglex2 日 前

    What about jack jack also do incurables 2 it is out

  22. Retro Star Wars Gamer

    Retro Star Wars Gamer3 日 前

    Couldn’t dash be like the flash and build up speed for a stronger punch or a infinite mass punch

  23. Ahmed Al-thabeti

    Ahmed Al-thabeti3 日 前

    17:23it’s because his strength increases when he focuses more

  24. Beauregard Heer

    Beauregard Heer3 日 前

    Ethan Bradberry!!

  25. alireza 129

    alireza 1293 日 前

    I hate how you keep bouncing around Units of measurements, just pick one and write the other one. For a "science" guy it's weird to me that you're sticking to the emperial system.

  26. Salvatore Martell

    Salvatore Martell3 日 前

    @matpat this is the most retarded thing i've seen in a long time. Love the content keep it goin'.

  27. GoldRush

    GoldRush3 日 前


  28. Jason Carino

    Jason Carino3 日 前

    Taking out jack jack is changing the terms of the deal

  29. Taehyungie사랑

    Taehyungie사랑3 日 前

    This is giving me a headache...

  30. Elijah Walgren

    Elijah Walgren3 日 前

    Who need's math class when I can watch you.



    12:37 Who, teach! Please stop ... jiggling.

  32. Layla Brost

    Layla Brost4 日 前

    The designer is the superest of all, I mean she made the suits sooooo.

  33. Unnamed

    Unnamed4 日 前

    I am sorry my friends but steve is stronger.I mean like he can hold 9 x 4 x 64 x (1 Meter x 1 meter x 1 metres) mass of gold (2304 cubic metres of gold) AND THAT'S WITHOUT Shulker boxes! 82944 cubic metres of gold with shulkerboxes out clouding the shulker themselves

  34. test 2

    test 24 日 前

    violet because she can just make a forcefield in betwen the neck and chest boom all gone

  35. Ishaan Ladda

    Ishaan Ladda4 日 前

    The wierd thing he is kind of vomiting when he hear family but now he himself is a dad wierd?

  36. DatBoi Reb

    DatBoi Reb5 日 前

    Nah, it’s cuz if he used his full power with the train then he would’ve basically been a brick wall.

  37. Cohen Thomas

    Cohen Thomas5 日 前

    Scully pat the suit of elastigirls from Edna ‘almost two indestructible ‘ therefore can absorb the force of the missles

  38. Quinten Lujan

    Quinten Lujan5 日 前

    So I was like the only kid who hated the incredibles movie because I was a comic book nerd and hated how obvious rip offs for profit they where huh?

  39. Salam Abdulhadi

    Salam Abdulhadi5 日 前

    U are smart af

  40. Ghost

    Ghost5 日 前

    1:20-1:30 that sounds a lot like iron man

  41. Kirsten Clow

    Kirsten Clow5 日 前

    I swear these videos are just maths lessons disguised as film theories

  42. Stampy craft

    Stampy craft5 日 前

    Who's the most favourite increadible in the team mine probably Dash who is same favourite | | V Like

  43. Weirdo Doggo

    Weirdo Doggo5 日 前

    It’s Jack Jack he has 17 powers

  44. I have no idea for name

    I have no idea for name6 日 前

    Dash could be stronger than we think As matpat said hysterical strength happens when persons loved ones are in death danger Mom already used her hysterical strength coz her children was in death danger Violet used her hysterical strength coz her brother was in death danger BUT we dont see dash using his hysterical strength AND we dont even see his max strength without hysterical strength (And of course Im not saying dash is the strongest Im just saying he might be stronger than we think) The scene matpat used was dash just pranking his teacher he doesn't have to use his max strength just to prank his teacher, he could be faster And if you add hysterical strength to this he could be stronger than what matpat calculated AAAAAAND what matpat calculated is just his single punch imagine what he can do with million punch using his super speed (just a thought not a theory)

  45. Seth Tollenaar

    Seth Tollenaar6 日 前

    U soo funny

  46. Lord ShrekingTon

    Lord ShrekingTon6 日 前

    The strongest is obviously mrs incredible because she can... unbirth everyone And she is flexible enough to take the punches

  47. Kristopher Cordero

    Kristopher Cordero6 日 前

    Matpat gags at family love but now he has his own family how ironic

  48. Erin Atkinson

    Erin Atkinson7 日 前

    matpat: "its time for a death battle" me: i thought u said dance.. i was like wha-

  49. Ricky Enterprises

    Ricky Enterprises7 日 前

    No one: Tik tok girls: 13:26

  50. Dragon bean Z

    Dragon bean Z7 日 前

    Why insist he a science teacher

  51. Dr Chilapastroso Dr Las Macas

    Dr Chilapastroso Dr Las Macas8 日 前

    My favorite movie :') Batman and Syndrome are b o r i n g gary-stews. Thanks, MattPat :)

  52. BlackRaven77

    BlackRaven778 日 前

    Violet would still be the strongest cause you didn’t factor in the smashing of the driod and bob was just lifting it, plies she’s a kid it would probably be 10x stronger in like 5 years

  53. Emmanuel Armenta

    Emmanuel Armenta8 日 前

    “Average mass of a 10 year old boy” 😂 that another watchlist

  54. Stephen England

    Stephen England8 日 前

    Perception jack jack

  55. Stephen England

    Stephen England8 日 前

    Jack Jack is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. FaulseBread

    FaulseBread9 日 前

    12:30 just watch the timeline

  57. super mlg doge king

    super mlg doge king9 日 前

    This is more of how much they can resist than what they can do

  58. Pagani Smith

    Pagani Smith9 日 前

    For the record: The airplane that was piloted by Elastigirl does not look like a Boeing at all. It looks kind of like a Gulfstream G550, if the engines were wing mounted, and the G550 is much newer.

  59. Drew Marsh

    Drew Marsh9 日 前

    I just live that your never bored watching theses. When I was looking at the thumbnail I was like great this seems like a waste of time till I watched and and danm man you know how to spark curiosity i didn't even know i had. Keep up the great work man

  60. Izabella Montani

    Izabella Montani9 日 前

    22 minutes of matpat being mad at the movie for killing of his favorite villain. The world has gone mad.

  61. david hernandez

    david hernandez10 日 前

    This guy is such a nerd AND I LOVE IT🤣

  62. Sriram Jambunathan

    Sriram Jambunathan10 日 前

    Remember that she is a kid and her dad is a full grown man

  63. happy dayz

    happy dayz10 日 前

    Can I just say doesn't the teacher look like the Duke of weasleton

  64. Maisey Frederick

    Maisey Frederick11 日 前

    Idk if anyone’s talked about this but in the clip where Violet “passes out”, she actually is unconscious because the Droid slams into her head. You can see the force field mold against her head and that’s why she passes out. If she hadn’t gotten hit in the head she would’ve been able to hold the Droid just fine IMO. I love MatPat and all his theories but this kinda irked me i guess.

  65. NGX_Blitzz

    NGX_Blitzz11 日 前

    12:29 was I the only one to look at the teacher lmao

  66. Ben Eadie

    Ben Eadie11 日 前

    that was a plot twist

  67. Rebel

    Rebel11 日 前

    but u miss something about dash aka flash he can't talked his father but he can move so fast and his father hardy will see him don't talk about speed of punches

  68. dead løve *

    dead løve *12 日 前

    Jesus the 60s were very different lol

  69. Ongaku Beatz

    Ongaku Beatz12 日 前

    God I love this song what is it

  70. Rhonda Utt

    Rhonda Utt12 日 前

    Make a Steven Universe theory

  71. Turttle Draughn

    Turttle Draughn13 日 前

    Ok but a theory on the quirk singularity from my hero academia?

  72. Kevin Sjogreen

    Kevin Sjogreen13 日 前

    But also, when Mr. Incredible was stopping the train there was the added variable of friction. And we don’t know how much grip his shoes had. And as he was stopping the train rubble was coming off. Those are a lot of added variables. When he held up the Omnidroid it was pushing directly down on top of him. No Friction. No moving rubble. And, the force was moving vertically, not horizontally. Hysterical strength could have to do with it but Matt’s ignoring the added variables in his comparison.

  73. Bartosz Peplinski

    Bartosz Peplinski13 日 前

    Violet is a fricking skinny legend 😭

  74. luigi xeno

    luigi xeno14 日 前

    their suits might also have effect on elasti girls case

  75. Sheep goes Baa

    Sheep goes Baa15 日 前

    12:32 Sombody twerkinnn

  76. TheZipperDragon

    TheZipperDragon15 日 前

    Mr. Incredible also worked out for most of the movie...

  77. Darwin Lim

    Darwin Lim16 日 前

    U forgot the Elastagirl's suit Edna Mode made it all stuff proof

  78. Samuel Millondaga

    Samuel Millondaga17 日 前

    wait is boomstick in ur science lab???

  79. Yonis Omar

    Yonis Omar17 日 前

    7:52 actually when elastigirl passed out it may have been because of the lack of oxygen at that altitude not because she pushed her elastic powers to their limits.

  80. Dylan Blade

    Dylan Blade17 日 前

    So I'm still taking jack jack as the best lel

  81. Desire Bakare

    Desire Bakare17 日 前

    I got the prick joke.

  82. Parrot

    Parrot17 日 前

    I don't think it's a fair comparison between stopping a train and something stomping on you. Friction has a massive impact on how well one can apply their strength, Mr. Incredible was obviously sliding along the track so he couldn't put all of his strength down because if he had done, he would probably just slip. Whereas, with something on him, he was simply pushing against the ground and so friction is much less of a factor.

  83. Blue CraneCrafts

    Blue CraneCrafts18 日 前

    At the beginning I thought it said this did this IT IS A DANCE BATTLE

  84. Leo Martinez

    Leo Martinez18 日 前

    Also in the lego incredibles game violets force field legit blocks EVERYTHING

  85. Leo Martinez

    Leo Martinez18 日 前

    Matpat in the back of the car Me: creeper aw man

  86. Jonah Raser

    Jonah Raser18 日 前

    What about the fact that the conductor probably would have been pulling the brakes on the train?

  87. Elliot Maginn

    Elliot Maginn18 日 前

    The graphic you show at 15:34 shows circumference not diameter, idiot

  88. Abigail Monk

    Abigail Monk18 日 前

    12:32 Haha, teacher go twerk.

  89. Mr Woobelk

    Mr Woobelk19 日 前

    Its elastic girls suit which absorbed the explosion

  90. Matt Lee

    Matt Lee19 日 前

    actually if his wind does make paper FLY. Then couldn't he also pick them up and return them to everyone in that 1/24 of a second he might be traveling at 3 meters instead of one.

  91. Matt Lee

    Matt Lee19 日 前

    Also couldn't dash just grab his sister and run from the omnibot-thingy instead of having to have her sister take the blow with her forcefields?

  92. Matt Lee

    Matt Lee19 日 前

    Also wouldn't dash also get caught on fire? or is he too slow.

  93. Berserk Ch 361

    Berserk Ch 36119 日 前

    Mr incredible didnt have enough grip to stop the train any faster you fucking idiot ! These wood planks dont hold that much force smhhhhhhh

  94. Prime

    Prime19 日 前

    You forgot to calculate that elastic girl had a suit that protected her That was indestructible

  95. F0RMiD Z

    F0RMiD Z19 日 前

    Honey where is my Scientific explanation for who’s the most strong Incredible!

  96. Cesare Smetters

    Cesare Smetters20 日 前

    I object to the original measurement of mr incredibles strength. It isn't a true test of strength because he can only push back as much traction as he could get. Even if he is 400 pounds that isn't enough to stop a train like that, and I think that is a poor example of how strong he is. I feel like I got click baited with this one, but I still love these vudeks

  97. Robloxian Tetsu

    Robloxian Tetsu20 日 前

    Who else wondered how big of a headache this guy had after he made this video???

  98. Prof Papsmear

    Prof Papsmear20 日 前

    Edna Mode is a genius and an important part of super heroes.

  99. Westique

    Westique20 日 前

    I'm not going to lie but has anybody noticed that dash said the truth if everyone is special then nobody is special as it isn't special to be special I think I realised this when I was 6 to 7

  100. Avi’s World

    Avi’s World20 日 前

    dashs teacher 10xs as fast as dash ahahahahah

  101. morfy42

    morfy4221 日 前

    Lotta people angry that Mat didn't account for Mom's "super suit". Except he can't. Without resorting to comic book magic there's no way a flexible spandex suit can provide any defense against a blast wave.

  102. Pyro Gaming

    Pyro Gaming21 日 前

    Look at scene 12:34 it looks like the teacher is twirking

  103. 여우 • Fox

    여우 • Fox21 日 前

    When I was a kid I thought people with superstrength would have superspeed because you would be able to use your superstrength on your legs and run with superspeed and I still think that way