Film Theory: We SOLVED Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1!


  1. The Film Theorists

    The Film Theorists10 時間 前

    So glad to see so many of you liked this more "laid back" style. It helped us get the episode out same week, rather than weeks later after all this was relevant! That said, seeing a lot of comments about the green screen, lighting, and background, so quick note: I had to film while traveling, meaning stuff was a bit rougher than it normally would be. Shouldn't be a problem in the future!

  2. Homeless Delinquents

    Homeless Delinquents25 分 前

    did not like the green screen

  3. Lily Wily

    Lily Wily28 分 前

    Not bad but it's more funny with editing


    KIRK DUKE31 分 前

    The Film Theorists Aye go peep ASAP 🔥👀

  5. Bee Maister

    Bee Maister54 分 前

    i dont like you green screen style mat its not the same makes you jump the shark

  6. Gbe300 Lefo

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    It's fire🔥 trust me

  7. Jamie Carson

    Jamie Carson24 分 前

    Actually a Damm good episode! Thanks for going the extra mile to keep me entertained! Keep up the good work and I will stay subscribed

  8. Jj Saenz

    Jj Saenz25 分 前

    i dig this

  9. Kirby The Void Slayer

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    Why is mat photoshoped in?????

  10. superduperjoi

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  11. Kuya R6

    Kuya R626 分 前

    MATPAT I love this new style, a more analytical kind of video. It’s always nice to see a new style once in a while. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING, love youuuuuu

  12. Nothing4YouHere

    Nothing4YouHere26 分 前

    This is the story of my eternal existential crisis in a nutshell XD

  13. Raima Furqan

    Raima Furqan26 分 前

    R u ok ur eyes are red😐😶

  14. rafael vinnicius

    rafael vinnicius27 分 前

    I loved this new style, even tho the classic style of your videos were always nice to watch

  15. GF MEMES

    GF MEMES27 分 前

    Y E S just Y E S

  16. A. Flávi

    A. Flávi28 分 前

    I though...this video was going to talk about why Rick was only ending up on Fascist universes... Guess I was wrong!

  17. Trey Davis

    Trey Davis29 分 前

    I liked this episode but I wouldn't like too many videos in this format. It'd be ok in small doses.

  18. Julianna Ruiz Mendoza

    Julianna Ruiz Mendoza29 分 前

    Love ❤️ this video!

  19. Court and Drea

    Court and Drea29 分 前

    I just noticed that your background is fake

  20. Lanny Panny

    Lanny Panny29 分 前

    I do like this new layout but the old one gave me more of a visual to comprehend more of what you are speaking about, meaning I get to visually see and hear the explanation rather than just hear.

  21. fuseini boss

    fuseini boss30 分 前

    The chalkboard lol 2:16

  22. DELL LO

    DELL LO31 分 前

    this video is an issue

  23. Colin Cazier

    Colin Cazier31 分 前

    Loved the new style of video

  24. Kara Dennison

    Kara Dennison31 分 前

    Love the conversational style for this. I think there are definitely topics and concepts that would benefit from this delivery. If it helps you get videos out in a time frame you’re shooting for, even better.

  25. Yassir Rossel

    Yassir Rossel32 分 前

    This is the most laughable excuse for making a video $ about a Popular show $$$$

  26. Tree

    Tree32 分 前

    Hey MatPat, can you please also explain Rick and Morty season 4 episode 2 now that it's out as well? I just watched it and I have literally no idea what it meant and this analysis of season 4 episode 1 really helped so please analyze episode 2 as well :)

  27. blueyeswhite7

    blueyeswhite733 分 前

    Soooo film theory wisecracked? Neeeaaat.

  28. Julian Williams

    Julian Williams33 分 前

    You know the laid back thing works out when it gets number one on trending

  29. Gabriella Foss

    Gabriella Foss33 分 前

    Ok but where is the theory for Accounting+ secret zoo level though?...

  30. Moyo Funso-Adisa

    Moyo Funso-Adisa34 分 前 please just click the link. No strings. Thank you

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    #1 on trending???? Okay nice job i guess

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    Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs36 分 前

    Rick and Morty is everybody's favorite anime

  33. ZenGoldenWolf

    ZenGoldenWolf37 分 前

    He's talking like he has a sniper aiming at him in the beginning

  34. Dillan Wherry

    Dillan Wherry38 分 前

    Please do a "In The Tall Grass" theory. That movie is just so bizarre and confusing😂

  35. terrellalex

    terrellalex39 分 前

    lost me at zen buhdihsm

  36. KobeIsKlutch

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    everyone go check out my newest video on my channel, you won't be dissapointed! :)

  37. Lumos

    Lumos39 分 前

    Lesson is Rick's don't die

  38. bonchchar

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    dude the backround is green screen

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    Can someone subscribe to my friend Cloudy Day the profile picture is a kid with glasses and a red jacket I will subscribe back Thanks

  40. 10RexTheWolf01

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    Ethical Egoism? Wow that sounds like that hits every single person ever



    Can anyone lead me to the part where he *Theorize*, I've been watching half the video and it's just a fucking recap SMH



    12:44 That's the whole lesson, you're welcome

  43. Scotty Watkins

    Scotty Watkins42 分 前

    Sorry but your wrong. You missed the real point. It's all about hologram Rick.

  44. Ved Redic

    Ved Redic42 分 前

    Check this amazing short film out:

  45. Years Of Gaming

    Years Of Gaming43 分 前

    Are we getting a weekly update on the series

  46. Elisha Davis

    Elisha Davis43 分 前

    Here's a thought for a film theory: how rich is the mc calister family. Reasoning(from someone who's only watched the first 2 home alones: they have a big house, are able to buy multiple plane tickets multiple times, in the second film Kevin is able to buy the fanciest place in the hotel amongst other thing on his dads credit card which Lord knows what he uses it for, and most of all the traps even if household objects must cost a lot still plus more reasons that you might know

  47. Yachter

    Yachter43 分 前

    Racist dictatorship in many multiverses? EVIL MORTY?

  48. CASAL B&T

    CASAL B&T43 分 前

    olá pessoal deem uma força, se escrevam no nosso canal.

  49. Copper __

    Copper __43 分 前

    Rick and Morty Season 4 is the splitting up of Rick and Morty on ep 1 and 2 they both have seperate adventures

  50. Ben Clark

    Ben Clark43 分 前

    Bring podium Pat back!

  51. Aaron Brimhall

    Aaron Brimhall43 分 前

    The green screen, considering it's the first time you've used it, was pretty amazing.

  52. BlacksteelForge

    BlacksteelForge44 分 前

    Few comments... Number 1, I wasn't expecting this channel to suddenly become Wisecrack, but I'm not mad about it. Number 2, I don't particularly mind the lack of editing since I usually listen to these videos for the most part instead of watch them, but as far as content goes? I'm so pleased. When I watched the episode myself there was just one little naggling thing that I couldn't piece together and I was really hoping, when I saw this video in my feed, that it would help me. And this video was exactly what I wanted. I'm super satisfied. Amazing work, Matpat!


    BRADY BERKE45 分 前


  54. kittycatastery

    kittycatastery45 分 前

    Is that alpaca in the background made from real alpaca fur?

  55. Ju Ma

    Ju Ma45 分 前

    Green screen or not, is anybody elese also bothered by that picture of a blond guy with a stupid smile that they put in the background?

  56. Fuad Torres

    Fuad Torres45 分 前

    I like it because you where focusing on a teaching not a fun put down.

  57. Colton T

    Colton T46 分 前

    Green screen is fucking up my eyes

  58. ChaarvinYaKnow

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    I feel this is more comftrable than being in the closet recording am I right?

  59. BOOM BOOM Fiyah

    BOOM BOOM Fiyah49 分 前

    For those that don't fully know, Akira was actually a 1988 Japanese animated movie that's set in a 2019 dystopian future. SO, when Jerry is likening Morty to Akira it's actually a bit of nod to the old movie since it's setting was the year that season 4 of Rick and Morty is premiering in, as well as essentially being one of the first massively animated science fiction movies that greatly influenced many other sci-fi manga, books, and shows.

  60. Junk Monkey

    Junk Monkey50 分 前

    Is this what its going to be? Because there's supposed to be 5 eps, there's going to be a theory on every episode? Lame.

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    Teacher: why’d you push Timmy out the window Me: I sneezed three times

  62. dragon king

    dragon king51 分 前

    MatPat! I've been having this crazy idea! Y'know how there's that 2nd green bar in your logo? Make it purple or something, and open a new channel devoted to studying the scientific backing of different myths and ideas presented to you by your fans!

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    #1 in trending. Nice.

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    #1 on trending

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