Film Theory: Shrek's Donkey was SECRETLY a Human! (Shrek Movie)


  1. MLG Red Panda

    MLG Red Panda3 時間 前

    There was a donkey in the book Shrek is based on

  2. Flexin Joss

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    shrek 5, plz be in shrek 5, theory plz be in shrek 5

  3. Irina MC

    Irina MC9 時間 前

    I thought the donkey was going to be from the bible

  4. Zechariah James

    Zechariah James17 時間 前

    How do we know he didn't report the pleasure island stuff before he appears in the movie, I mean he's obviously an adult in Shrek but pleasure island takes kids he had more than enough time

  5. Mac_Silverheart

    Mac_Silverheart日 前

    I don’t remember watching Pinocchio but after seeing these Pleasure Island clips I don’t think I ever want to... it looks so sad .......

  6. Karen F Walkington

    Karen F Walkington日 前

    And when puss ask j him how he knows what wedgies are he says some things are better left unsead

  7. LPSWierdo42

    LPSWierdo42日 前

    Matpat you forgot one thing what time are movies made it can't be completely true until well it's told when they were made so yaaa

  8. Aitana Carrera del Rio

    Aitana Carrera del Rio日 前

    Donkey plz end this

  9. Suá Ortlieb

    Suá Ortlieb日 前

    And what about when donkey said that he haven’t been like that since college

  10. ren

    ren日 前

    There’s also a talking donkey in the Bible to

  11. L' Osentro

    L' Osentro日 前

    Actually there is also a talking donkey in another story called ''The town musician of Bremen'' writen by the brothers Grimm''

  12. Mario Guzman

    Mario Guzman2 日 前

    In the movie donkey talks about going to college or high school (I don’t remember exactly). A child wouldn’t have experienced that.

  13. Martins DontJump

    Martins DontJump2 日 前

    THIS was a trip

  14. coco solis

    coco solis2 日 前

    But wait!! Since you reference shrek 3 a lot in this video I wanna bring up a line donkey said in the movie we're tip toeing around. So after puss and donkey switch (bodies? Consciousnesses?) Donkey says quote "I haven't been on a trip like that since college" ?? If he got sent to pleasure island as a boy and stayed a donkey as you do, how does he have memories of going to college? Also like, good theory honestly!

  15. Johnathan Onoman

    Johnathan Onoman2 日 前

    The origin of Shrek's donkey: "talking out of your a$$". 'nuff said!

  16. Dizzly Zizzly

    Dizzly Zizzly2 日 前

    How tf did Schaffrillas got a sponsor from a Google lizard agent that is MatPat

  17. Coasterdude123

    Coasterdude1232 日 前

    These vieos remind me of English class. Trying to relate two things that do not relate. I don't know if I agree with your theory though because both movies are made from different film studios.

  18. Kissasheep the Chalk

    Kissasheep the Chalk3 日 前

    bruh Matpat mentioned my man schaff

  19. ratt_ler

    ratt_ler4 日 前

    Donkey's eyes are forward-facing, implying that he's a predator

  20. The Wolves Den

    The Wolves Den4 日 前

    Another comment to make is how the soldiers collecting fairy tales creatures actually reacted when donkey talks in the Shrek film

  21. C Martin

    C Martin4 日 前

    I've also... never ever.. even thought about why there was a talking donkey in the round up of fairytale characters once. Never questioned it. Wow. What else have I missed ??!?!??!

  22. Trevius Rex

    Trevius Rex4 日 前

    Is this the fourth time Pinnochio has come up on this channel? Never would have expected that...

  23. Raine Topia

    Raine Topia4 日 前

    I think Donkey doesn't know he can stop it. He was a child when he became a donkey and children don't think like adults. Traumatized children don't normally grow up because of their trauma so I would understand if he never thought he could stop it because he still thinks like a child, a child that was conditioned by fear not to talk about the island.

  24. Dry Blizzard

    Dry Blizzard5 日 前

    Hahahahahha that’s funny Don’t you know Shrek the third isn’t canon.

  25. I play Games

    I play Games5 日 前

    Isn’t it obvious? It’s a talking donkey.

  26. Kuskids Adventures

    Kuskids Adventures5 日 前

    Why did they make a video about the talking donkey like BHAHAHA

  27. AP

    AP5 日 前

    Time out kermit is not from Sesame Street

  28. CholoHD

    CholoHD5 日 前

    Umpff! Pinocchio. Probably the fuel that ignites my nightmares. Probably shouldnt be shown to anyone below the age of 25. "Why dont we have a fun movie night at school like last month fun old pirate movie that was a succes". 97 of the 100 kids ignores the movie anyways just yelling & fooling around. However the last 3 seven year olds got sucked into the movie & soiled themselves.

  29. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross6 日 前

    You know I'm still waiting on a megamind theory 👀

  30. Wolf Gaming- CR deck replays

    Wolf Gaming- CR deck replays6 日 前

    Isn’t there a human turned into a donkey in A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare? Oberon, the Fairy King, turned a person, who is part of a company of actors practicing a play, into a donkey and put as spell on Titania (the fairy queen) to make her fall in love with him and humiliate her. Edit: I read the play several years ago so I may be misremembering and the character may have just their head replaced by a donkey head. It is an interesting thought though...

  31. Gachax V

    Gachax V6 日 前

    Imagine Disney was like "Oh let's just put in a random talking Donkey" And MatPat gave this theory and Disney was like "Oh well, we'll take it"

  32. Lolmanmagee

    Lolmanmagee7 日 前

    donkey is a huge coward of course he would not want to confront a tragic past

  33. Jahsiah Bowie

    Jahsiah Bowie7 日 前

    Well in the ORIGINAL BOOK Shrek there is a TALKING DONKEY!!! It was a rip on the noble steed trope!!!


    ITS YUVIA7 日 前

    well I'm drunky right now

  35. Lady Luminara

    Lady Luminara7 日 前

    Actually in the 4th movie when witches kidnapped shrek,donkey mentions that he was a worker from Old Macdonalds farm and he was not going back there and he is done with ei ei o thing.

  36. Lady Luminara

    Lady Luminara6 日 前

    didn't see u there sorry

  37. Deadpan Wave

    Deadpan Wave7 日 前

    Hey i said that

  38. Jamie W.

    Jamie W.8 日 前

    But in Shrek 2, why did Donkey turn into a horse instead of a human?

  39. Camren Adkins

    Camren Adkins9 日 前

    Hey matpat is your cat missing?

  40. Scientist Doggo

    Scientist Doggo9 日 前

    In the original version of Pinoochio, Pinoochio turns into a Donkey. What if Donkey is Pinoochio from an alternate Universe?

  41. Commenter Q

    Commenter Q9 日 前

    ... But Donkey went to college

  42. Ace's workshop

    Ace's workshop9 日 前

    I honestly think that condemning donkey would make no sense, especially because he might just still be scared of the people he was captured by. Maybe he isn't talking about his trauma, because he feels like if he does, he'll be sent back. The way Shrek treats him would definitely solidify that belief, because Shrek was completely fine with shutting donkey out of his life as soon as donkey said "that was wrong." I mean, imagine what else Shrek was willing to do to keep donkey away.

  43. Ben Geoghegan

    Ben Geoghegan9 日 前

    Whoa whoa whoa. Hold the front door. Calling donkey a bad person because he doesn't want to address his trauma? If someone isn't ready to address their trauma that is completely fair no matter the circumstances. You can't make them talk and you certainly can't call them a bad person for not wanting to

  44. Gabriella Herlin

    Gabriella Herlin9 日 前

    This made me sad...

  45. Anthony Hauser

    Anthony Hauser9 日 前

    Well, we know that Donkey isn't the hero type. Especially when we first meet him. On top of this, if Pleasure Island discovers that Donkey escaped then they would likely come after Donkey. Or, like all criminal enterprises, if Donkey did squeal then it's possible the corrupt fairy-tale governments are fine with Pleasure Island or the owners used magic to hide the endeavor from prying eyes.

  46. Chris David

    Chris David10 日 前

    Mat pat Youuuuu sooooooooooo smmmmaaarrrt the smartest person on earth

  47. Marcus_Loves_Chilis

    Marcus_Loves_Chilis10 日 前

    Wasn’t the donkey added because there was an actual donkey in the shrek origin book? It was supposed to be the opposite of the noble steed in all fairy tales. Jon solo did a vid on this but on the origins of shrek

  48. Viktoria Pikovsky

    Viktoria Pikovsky9 日 前

    @Marcus_Loves_Chilis Yap, this is indeed true. And what's makes it more funny is how far MatPat went on finding Donkey's origins, uncovering little to be known fairy tales, yet he somehow never decided to check with the movie production team's interviews for this info, or even just read about the movie and it's characters on the official and fan wikis. The story on how the movie came to be and the book it was based on is very well known and very talked about story, and DreamWorks was rather public about it. It's strange to see how much work MatPat had done for this episode, only for completely miss upon the most obvious of Info. And to add to that, almost all modern day movies are based on some sort of pre-existing source material, and in most cases it's a book or a comic. And MatPat quite oftenly reads the OG books for his movie theories, so it's strange how he missed on Shrek's book. Double that with how easy it is to google the info about the book, just by googling for Shrek book, Shrek wiki and if you lucky enough, just the movie itself. So I guess for this theory MatPat decided research everything about the movie, except the movie itself.

  49. Marcus_Loves_Chilis

    Marcus_Loves_Chilis9 日 前

    Viktoria Pikovsky yeah but also most movies have an origin book (or at least a animated one) and idk if he knows that. I love matpats theories but yeah.

  50. Viktoria Pikovsky

    Viktoria Pikovsky9 日 前

    @Marcus_Loves_Chilis Yeah, if he did look it up, he would have known how incorrect his entire theory is. But I can't blame him for not looking the book up, as it's not that well known, and the movie overshadows it by popularity. And honestly, I would had never known that the movie is based on a book by myself, it it wasn't for SuperCarlynBrothers and Jon Solo for talking about it and mentioning that the movie is based on it. This is basically why reading Wikipedia articles for even the most basic of research is so important, and why you should always fact check whatever info you find online. It's highly possible that the person who wrote the OG theory MatPat based his theory on also never knew of the book & never mentioned it in their post, and by proxy MatPat never learned about the existence of the book, hence never tried to check it out before making the video. But again, Shrek's wiki does mention the book, so if MatPat really did done his research, he still had no excuse.

  51. Marcus_Loves_Chilis

    Marcus_Loves_Chilis9 日 前

    Viktoria Pikovsky yep but you can’t blame him cause he probs didn’t look up the shrek book to see if it was there

  52. Viktoria Pikovsky

    Viktoria Pikovsky9 日 前

    Yap, indeed it is. Heck, even the director himself confirmed it. MatPat went so far into his "research", uncovering very interesting yet bizarre talking donkey related stories, when what he only needed to do is to check the Wikipedia page about the movie. The wiki mentioned straight and center that the movie is based on the book. I'm so disappointed how Mat blindly followed some random theory on Reddit, instead of doing even the most basic fact check on it.

  53. Angery Bear

    Angery Bear10 日 前

    Can you not

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    Just bought some merch it is really cool

  55. Austin Major

    Austin Major11 日 前

    To be honest, when I first saw a donkey those years ago, I thought that he was one of the characters from this fairy tale I read once the kid. I do not remember what it's called, but I do remember that the characters were a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster wanting to go to a place with music, but scared off a bunch of Thieves from their home and took the house for themselves.

  56. Viktoria Pikovsky

    Viktoria Pikovsky9 日 前

    You are talking about the Bremen Musicians. And yeah, there really was a talking donkey there. But nope, Shrek's donkey isn't from that fairy tale, but rather it's a fully original character to the Shrek fairy tale. Yeah, Shrek IS it's own fairy tale story, and the movie is actually based on a book by the same name. The book isn't the same story as you know from the movie, but the movie is heavily based on it. And the two main characters of that book are the green ogre Shrek, and his best friend the talking donkey. So Shek's movie donkey is just Shrek's book donkey.

  57. Heck No

    Heck No11 日 前

    When you’ve never noticed that donkey has pretty eyelashes

  58. Sunphil Zablan

    Sunphil Zablan11 日 前

    I knew about this theory long ago already, but this in-depth analysis made it more clear, thanks

  59. Nyanli Unicat

    Nyanli Unicat12 日 前

    okay, I totally get where Matpat is coming from about the "Donkey should tell people" thing, but anyone who has gone through a traumatic experience knows that it can be nearly impossible to talk about. If this theory is Correct, Donkey was lured to a remote island where he was experimented on, abused, turned into something viewed as less of a person, and almost sold into slavery. Even just one of those things will give a person serious PTSD, but he has to deal with all of it, while having no support system whatsoever. Donkey may have fears akin to what real world rape victims have about telling someone what happened to him. People might not believe him, or blame him, and those would just make his already difficult existence wayyy harder. TL;DR Donkey shouldn't be blamed for not telling someone about his traumatic experience, he's just trying to live his life.

  60. Viktoria Pikovsky

    Viktoria Pikovsky7 日 前

    @Deadpan Wave Yap, it is. And the director confirmed it as being one of the source materials for the movie. More so, the book is as crazy and sassy as the movie itself is, with the basic plot of the movie being very similar to that of the book.The book is called Shrek! written by William Steig.

  61. Deadpan Wave

    Deadpan Wave7 日 前

    @Viktoria Pikovsky wait the movie is based on a book?

  62. Viktoria Pikovsky

    Viktoria Pikovsky9 日 前

    This is a great comment, thanks you! Sadly the theory is just 100% wrong, and donkey is just an original character from the kids book Shrek, which the movie is based on. And in that book, donkey was always just a regular donkey who just so happen to be able to talk as regular humans. He did claim he went through terrible life in the farm he previously lived in prior to him meeting book Shrek, but he actually didn't went through any abuse, and just talks about it to gain attention. It's actually not as deep as MatPat made it sounds like, and in the book the donkey only really suffers from the regular hard like any other barn yard animal goes through in a regular farm.

  63. Anouk Schipper

    Anouk Schipper12 日 前

    In Dutch there is a fairytale about this donkey i think that is were its from

  64. Luka 420

    Luka 42012 日 前

    Donkey is from Bible

  65. Mimic Verse

    Mimic Verse13 日 前

    Could be that Donky TRIED to explain to ... say Farquad, and was threatened to be locked up or killed for lies (I would say because Farquad had a hand in the pleasure Island but that is based on the fact that he has a failing kingdom and is an overall trash person.) This would make sense as to why he knows the way to the castle. BUT HEY THATS JUST A mini hypothesis.

  66. Why laugh when you can cry?

    Why laugh when you can cry?13 日 前

    Or he did tell the authorities when he escaped and that’s why Pinocchio is still in a that stage

  67. Deadpan Wave

    Deadpan Wave13 日 前

    Donkey is from the old macdonald nursery rhyme. When donkey pulls shrek in the cart in one of the movies he talks about old macdonald selling him to farquad. ... I think. Does this mean that most of your theories is just you putting together random easter eggs and making a lore story?

  68. Shavxusvig Fsv

    Shavxusvig Fsv13 日 前

    I was writing pinnochio to my friends and it autocorrected to pínon chipotle

  69. Amulet Hp

    Amulet Hp13 日 前

    Maybe the reason why Donkey won't tell anyone about Pleasure Island is because of Pinocchio. If he, Donkey, told someone about Pleasure Island the Pinocchio would have never gone there causing his whole time line to get all messed up. I just thought that might be the reason why he doesnt say anything.

  70. Rosy Cupcake

    Rosy Cupcake14 日 前

    Hey MatPat, I really just want to say your videos are awesome I watch your channel so much it’s so fun and super funny

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  72. Zain Saleem.Z

    Zain Saleem.Z14 日 前

    But in the first movie, he says he was born outside...... He says it when shrek kicks him out of his swamp.

  73. ChromaCat248

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  74. Jacques Jacobs

    Jacques Jacobs14 日 前

    Also in shrek (I cant remember if it was sequil or prequil) donkey says he is going to hang out with penocio

  75. Kevin Cruz

    Kevin Cruz15 日 前

    I love this theory! But I do have one question to argue it. If he was ever human before, why did he turn into a stallion in part 2? Fiona was originally human turned ogre and the happily ever after potion made her human. Shrek was always ogre but turned human too, so the potion has no problems turning anyone human. So why not donkey if he had a human form before? Just curiously see how it could be explained. (Btw, I firmly believe if dragon was also affected by the potion, she would have become a unicorn...wonder how the kids reacted when they woke up to their mom being ANYTHING other than a dragon!?) Edit: Does makes me wonder though, why didn’t Pinocchio ever say anything to Geppetto about the massive child slavery island!? Damn...I’m looking at that movie in an EVEN DARKER light now...

  76. LukeWarmLava

    LukeWarmLava16 日 前

    This is definitely the most possible film theory I've ever seen, I 100% believe this one.

  77. Pineapple Panda

    Pineapple Panda16 日 前

    I already figured this out. Like ages ago and it took me two seconds but it's still nice to watch film theroy

  78. Sabine Castillo

    Sabine Castillo16 日 前

    Me sees the boy in Pinocchio turning into a donkey:the frik is he allowed to drink and smoke?!

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    can i have the nane of the music pls!

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    Me seeing the thumbnail: he’s a furry

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    Just say he’s scoobydoo’s cousin

  82. FightTheFandoms

    FightTheFandoms16 日 前

    I love this theory but it’s not a good message to abuse and trauma survivors that Donkey is a bad person for not speaking up. Please remember that he is a victim as well and his response to the trauma, being that he chooses to hide it, is understandable.

  83. pixilkid285

    pixilkid28517 日 前

    And donkey did not want to speak

  84. Kathy Whitson

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  85. Kathy Whitson

    Kathy Whitson17 日 前

    Well there there is evidence where basically maybe donkey didn’t tell shrek ;) in his story at the same time he’s going to complain but he leaves the castle and they were in the copy of the story and it’s a deer dragon what about that. 🤔 Mmmm

  86. Elena

    Elena17 日 前

    I think you right i did look up some informasjon myself. William Steig is the wreit off shrek. He sayd "As a child, he dabbled in painting and was an avid reader of literature. Among other works, he was said to have been especially fascinated by Pinocchio." And he have allot off ather books with dunkys in. It will be nice if you culd make a epesode and dig tru Donkey life story. Sorry fore bad english.

  87. Just Being NIK

    Just Being NIK17 日 前

    acually, donkey is in a fairy tale book. the original shrek

  88. Chelsea Perez

    Chelsea Perez17 日 前

    Actually I asked my mom this quetion the other day and she literally said he was from pinocchio.She said that. Because some of the boys that turn into a donkeys can still talk.She answers that easily.With no thought.She answered that in a snap.

  89. Baff ForFun

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> Unicorn.

  90. Danielle Harkness

    Danielle Harkness17 日 前

    Some victims of trauma are not able to go to the authorities under the fear of that they will not be believed. And as you saw in the first movie the authorities were locking up fairytale creatures he was not able to do so. And after a while that trauma got further and further away and it was easier just to not say anything. Even years after it happened It could still feel new as if it was yesterday when you try to bring it up and you just can’t.

  91. Cool Dude 876

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="709">11:49</a> What's The Music