Film Theory: Scrooge McDuck's Net Worth SOLVED! (Disney's DuckTales)




    One multiplujillion, nine obsquatmatillion, six hundred and twenty-three dollars and sixty-two cents! WOW THIS THIS DUDE CAN BUY THE WHOLE PLANET

  2. Aaron Guy

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  3. Anthony Tristani

    Anthony Tristani6 時間 前

    My mind is broken thanks

  4. ThatOne Guy

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    You should do a how on launch pad is in a Ducktails and Darkwing duck theory

  5. MIRO :: gaming

    MIRO :: gaming11 時間 前

    I did the math and he ACTUALLY has about ... .... .. over 10.3485 octillion POUNDS of gold!

  6. Shannon Fallon

    Shannon Fallon11 時間 前

    My brain hurts

  7. SwagMan Malik

    SwagMan Malik20 時間 前

    Well Dora is 7 feet tall so who knows maybe he’s 11ft tall

  8. Hamza Alazzawi

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    Is this a fricking crash course

  9. Tianna Mckoy

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    Mid way through it got so intense I got a head ache that lasted 3 days

  10. kirby superstar

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    Now another question, how rich is Mr Krabs

  11. Khaunita Pillay

    Khaunita Pillay2 日 前

    Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne and Bill Gates: "We're rich" Scrooge McDuck: "You fools don't even know the meaning of the word"

  12. Khaunita Pillay

    Khaunita Pillay2 日 前

    Disney, give this guy an award, coz no one who is not completely and utterly devoted would work all this out

  13. maria medina

    maria medina2 日 前

    Chart and memes, shaderd childhood dreams

  14. Gaven Hill;

    Gaven Hill;2 日 前

    I think Scrooge has $9818172788182918981918192827262552729186244262827276291726275442778272827282827262727272626272866557766677777767676767666172726424232877626281917272917262527291862535535354272726161728297257252425635353763635535383826263636626293838283783738373736373773737776737777673646647627676636363

  15. Josh Teague

    Josh Teague3 日 前

    Screwdge mcduck has enough money to trade on a planetary scale, hes so ritch he could buy tech from the tridgigon empire (made up alien race) and create a hyper giant star with a planet or 9 around it, build civilizations on all + the moons, create artificial intelligence and send them out to mine nearby materials and transport them back, make every person on each planet ritch + plate each moon in platinum and more

  16. Forty e

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    2020 will end with diet coke sponsoring matpat

  17. Spooky Boi

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    Tony stark: I am very rich! Batman: I am rich aswell! Scrooge: 𝘄𝗵𝗼𝗺𝘀𝘁 𝗵𝗮𝘀 𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗮𝗹𝗺𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁𝘆 𝗼𝗻𝗲

  18. Benjamin Kimbrough

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    Tyybyttubytutbybytuytyygutyygtygygtytgtgyytgtyugttyutgtyuttgyugyttuttgtgttgytutugttgtyugttytgytuvtyyftivfy then fifct iffy if itfcf tiffing. Hcjfj gif gfu infighting. Cfui FYI cfuiyg ugh vu

  19. Ivan Angeles

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    2:24 brought back memories😭😭

  20. koca gaming

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    Hey guys, what's the background song that starts at about 10:40?

  21. Alexis Cervantes

    Alexis Cervantes5 日 前

    Hey matpat it's been two years since this video came out but now I think you should recount the money in the bin. if your wondering why well there is magicle and rare artifacts. Theres even gems and crystals and in ONE OF THE EPISODE'S THERE IS A GIANT COIN. Sincerely your fan Alexis Cervantes

  22. GAMING Dinosaur

    GAMING Dinosaur5 日 前

    How do you know all these words.... how

  23. abd-kira games

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    don't you feel like he studied everything in college and A++ on every subject?

  24. abd-kira games

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    10:35 i swear this guy should be a teacher!

  25. Domenic Linnell

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    Mr Iran’s might be richer he has a room full of precious Jules and also makes a Lot of money from the Kristen krab

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    You are sponsored by the people who made the show

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    matpat can you make the game theorist guide book where you can make your own theory’s hook me up if your interested

  28. Wyatt Pierre

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    so Much Math...

  29. a j

    a j6 日 前

    Bruce i own 9.1 billion Tony i own 12.6 billion ammeters Bruce and Tony what was that punk Scrooge AMMETERS!!!

  30. Black Mech

    Black Mech6 日 前

    Richer then my life

  31. Avery’s Games

    Avery’s Games6 日 前

    Me: **breaks head crashing into gold pool** MatPat: **is perfectly like how he was before diving in**

  32. Nuke Frox

    Nuke Frox6 日 前

    He's also named Dagobert Duck in Germany

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  34. Ryan Teoh

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    The lengths Mat goes for these videos are crazy, Disney! Get this buy a premiere

  35. Léna Riri

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    I guess you could say that his wealth is a vault.... A vault of- My brain: Don’t do it Don’t do it DON’T DO IT -secrets! And that, my good friends, is how Astigmatism (from Undertale) died inside, along with the GD community. XD (And have a nice day) :)

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    @channel Awsome

  37. Elijah Andrei Escaño

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    Im 8 and i still love this show even tho its scary sometimes i love it

  38. Tyler Holt

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    I was lost at method 1 so is my life a lie now

  39. Ti Ti Vo

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    duck tale wo o

  40. JackieBoyMan

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    0:19 In this opening, I see Dan Cybert (in animation form), is he part of the film/game theorists team?

  41. Fullbring Flamelord

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    if THIS is CrazyPat, then I'm seriously worried about CrazyAustin

  42. GepardenK

    GepardenK8 日 前

    Love the effort, just one small problem (that you alluded to but didn't grasp the extent of): the contents of Scrooges Money Bin isn't even a % of is worth. Those are just the coins he earned by his own hands, which is why he never spends them as they hold sentimental value. His true value lies in his financial empire.

  43. Gamer 30310

    Gamer 303108 日 前

    who wants a theory on how strong scrooge's scalp is???

  44. Adi Odjidja

    Adi Odjidja8 日 前

    Scrooge mc duck is a trillionaire not a billionaire my estimation of when Della duck returns in duck tales 2017 is 19 trillion but when he tried to find Della duck and spent over 15 trillion on robots trying to find her he went down my estimate is around a million which is not a lot for a trillionaire

  45. Jjackjos 4

    Jjackjos 48 日 前

    Matpat: hands down trillionare the hands down richest fictional character ever Daisuke kambe: am I a joke to you?!

  46. interforth

    interforth8 日 前

    Poor matt

  47. SebyVD

    SebyVD8 日 前

    3 bagalin fintastillen 999 fintelen 400 zazlion Bruh that reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyy RICH

  48. Sun Shune

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    Math master

  49. Darth Necrosaber Jacob Randall

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    Some person: how rich is Scrooge? me: screw it he's Rich what else can you say

  50. Juan Manuel

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    Disney be like" Man that brain is As wide as the world

  51. ILikeToBeWithPeople

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    Now that's what I call too big to fail.

  52. Indie

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    Just ask Disney

  53. The Grady files

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    The economy: oh no

  54. Alean Kennedy

    Alean Kennedy10 日 前

    what about one septillion? (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)

  55. chara dreemurr

    chara dreemurr10 日 前

    the sad thing is. mat pat. im sorry. you used all the gold.not the bills

  56. Crimson W1ld

    Crimson W1ld10 日 前

    You would die if you jumped in a pool of gold coins, its proven

  57. Andrew Lang

    Andrew Lang10 日 前

    Rider from paw patrol is probably richer and don’t judge me for watching that show

  58. ROZA K.

    ROZA K.10 日 前

    I felt so bad for laughing

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    *H E L L O*

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  62. The Mr.awsome

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    How does Scrooge count all the money in a day if 1 billon seconds is 31 years????

  63. Scott Nicoll

    Scott Nicoll11 日 前

    Troy oz >avoirdupois oz. Troy pound

  64. PotatoMateYT

    PotatoMateYT11 日 前

    0:44 I didn’t know this was a collab with the nostalgia critic

  65. Nadav Bar-gil

    Nadav Bar-gil11 日 前

    you think Mr. Krabs have more money? there's an episode he swims in a diamond pool full of diamonds when most of the things scroogr have is gold coins

  66. B1ts_ Jarvis

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    dutch gang

  67. T1ZØNA

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    America: we need taxes to pay for our country Scrooge:hold my cane

  68. Mr. Igloo

    Mr. Igloo12 日 前

    a friend of my grandparents works on the new Ducktales

  69. james allen

    james allen12 日 前

    Can you do a one where you find out what condition donald has

  70. Drew Scott

    Drew Scott13 日 前

    947 trillion dollars Scrooge’s accountant said

  71. Abigail Lizama-Mendez

    Abigail Lizama-Mendez13 日 前

    11:23 *Me in 6th grade trying to keep up with this man* (I basically got lost at that point XD)

  72. Wyatt Bohnsack

    Wyatt Bohnsack13 日 前

    I believe in method 4 because Disney has created a lot of weird numbers and things just in general that it wouldn't be surprising if it's 3 cubic Acres.

  73. Guadalupe Carvajal

    Guadalupe Carvajal13 日 前

    Matpat went fully This truly is greatest high

  74. Jack Thompson

    Jack Thompson13 日 前

    But, he was sitting down.

  75. ShadeDragon

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    Is David Tennant voicing Scrooge in this reboot? It sounds like him.

  76. Lilly Arnold

    Lilly Arnold10 日 前

    Ya he is.

  77. Kelly Sigler Patterson

    Kelly Sigler Patterson13 日 前

    Well because he has so much gold it would not be worth to much cuz he has so much gold

  78. Danielle fashion_designer

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    Matpat going go crazy from this

  79. NicktvHd lol

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    There is a canon comic which said that scrooge has 10 Bunkers

  80. Klyd Klyd

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    Im here coz of sheldon

  81. Ethan Brandt

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    I'm listening to this and I heard you start saying "but that's just a theory" and I turned around and said "a game theory!" And then I remembered that this is film theory