Film Theory: No One Survives Disney! (The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Bambi, Pinocchio...)


  1. Luka Schultz

    Luka Schultz36 分 前

    I still love chicken little though. I always will.

  2. Liamrev2

    Liamrev2時間 前

    Either Mulan or Hercules has the highest body count

  3. Isabella Cervantes

    Isabella Cervantes13 時間 前

    Bum bum bum bum another one bites the dust bum bum bum bum another one bites the dust

  4. subzfor1shmekel

    subzfor1shmekel22 時間 前

    Wait he didn't count the bugs the pig and the needs at eat

  5. sssaniya wolfpup

    sssaniya wolfpup日 前

    you forgot alladin

  6. Savannah

    Savannah日 前

    I liked Treasure Planet

  7. Shannon Parsons

    Shannon Parsons日 前

    I say dinosaur the extinction happens

  8. Cassandra Larsson

    Cassandra Larsson日 前

    ive said mulan to myself since he first asked what our death king movie was, im still sticking to it btw

  9. Masni kornison

    Masni kornison日 前

    Technically everyone Disney character will be dead one day

  10. Coltonsmom713

    Coltonsmom7132 日 前

    2millllllllllllllllllon on the treser planit

  11. The Go Pros

    The Go Pros2 日 前

    I liked treasure planet

  12. Zerieth

    Zerieth2 日 前

    Wait I thought the rules were only for sentient animal deaths? How did the fish getting eat by monstro count?

  13. Galaxy Violet 124

    Galaxy Violet 1243 日 前

    What about the bugs that Timon, Pumba, and Simba eat? The rule of sentient animals should apply for obvious reasons, thus they should count towards the death count of Lion King

  14. ugly koala

    ugly koala3 日 前

    treasure planet was the best

  15. FinalCartoneer

    FinalCartoneer4 日 前

    i loved home on the range as a kid, although it was dubbed in swedish. edit: spelling error

  16. Abgamer79

    Abgamer794 日 前

    MatPat: 7:09 Australia Now: 480 Million Dead Animals

  17. Cloudy Constellation

    Cloudy Constellation4 日 前

    My Childhood is ruined great! Now time to show my family and ruin their lives to! 😁

  18. IVC123

    IVC1234 日 前


  19. WolfeGaming

    WolfeGaming4 日 前

    It makes me sad every time I hear about how poorly Treasure Planet performed. That's such a fun movie. Not the "best" from a technical, analytical standpoint, but dang it's entertaining. Same with Atlantis, in my opinion. Both classics from my mid/late childhood, and both fantastic movies that are severely underrated.

  20. Jacob Baker Dow

    Jacob Baker Dow4 日 前

    And all the people eaten

  21. Jacob Baker Dow

    Jacob Baker Dow4 日 前

    What about Wall E

  22. A Human Being

    A Human Being5 日 前

    acts of god because crusades

  23. Diamond Wolf Qween555

    Diamond Wolf Qween5555 日 前

    MatPat: "Sorry Charlie" Me: "Who's Charlie?"

  24. Aqua Cuber

    Aqua Cuber5 日 前

    9:07 I think you mean children's dreams

  25. Raspberry Fox

    Raspberry Fox6 日 前


  26. Iain Phelps

    Iain Phelps6 日 前


  27. Chevalier Macabre

    Chevalier Macabre7 日 前

    Like in Australia there is ALOT of Fires.....

  28. Callum Bradford

    Callum Bradford7 日 前

    Home on the range is fucking incredible don’t @ me

  29. Luci F. Er

    Luci F. Er7 日 前

    Should it not be 314 sq miles cause: Pi(r^2)=pi(10^2)=100pi=314

  30. ketchupandtomatosauce

    ketchupandtomatosauce7 日 前

    actually the seafoam version of the little mermaid was the first version of it i knew

  31. Ivan Galicia

    Ivan Galicia7 日 前

    You forgot Aladdin

  32. PerrBear

    PerrBear8 日 前

    The early 2000 was just bad for everyone lol 😂

  33. PerrBear

    PerrBear8 日 前

    I low key liked chicken little and home on the range. I was a kid tho...

  34. Rene Padilla

    Rene Padilla8 日 前

    He didnt cover Tarzan

  35. Rene Padilla

    Rene Padilla8 日 前

    You said you covered Tarzan but didnt

  36. Draper Marnon

    Draper Marnon10 日 前

    Dinosaur's the deadiest Disney movie

  37. Lily D

    Lily D10 日 前

    treasure planet it one of my favourite Disney movies, and I:m so glad you included Home of the Range because I liked this movie as a child and couldn't remember what it was

  38. Levi Haggett

    Levi Haggett10 日 前

    Try to live in Australia

  39. Erin French

    Erin French11 日 前

    I say Mulan or the lion king

  40. That One DBD Addict

    That One DBD Addict11 日 前

    Me a Saw fan, screaming: "The og Saw had 6 kills--- Why MatPat WHY"

  41. marija maki

    marija maki11 日 前

    The Lion King

  42. DexterBoss 11

    DexterBoss 1111 日 前

    The lion king... Surely pumbas bugs should count and that is a lot

  43. Gamersause Boi

    Gamersause Boi12 日 前

    My guess is dinosaur is the overall killer

  44. AllSmudge

    AllSmudge12 日 前

    Hey guess what star wars exist and don’t act like alderon don’t exist

  45. Cookie Creator

    Cookie Creator12 日 前

    How about the bugs from lion King ?

  46. Kate Bradley

    Kate Bradley12 日 前

    Well due to the loss of over half a billion animal due to the wildfires over her in Australia at the moment it’s safe to say fires can be deadly to animals

  47. Robotic Tomato

    Robotic Tomato13 日 前

    Excuse me, Treasure planet is the best movie ever

  48. That Youtube Freak Mackenna

    That Youtube Freak Mackenna13 日 前

    Not to mention, we don’t know if the carpenter killed the walrus for eating the baby oysters in Alice in wonderland. Does that count or not,

  49. Sweet CookieWolfy

    Sweet CookieWolfy13 日 前

    Video: cow movie And Galaxy movie Are failiers Me: my Young childhood ;; Oh and btw.. did the another Animal die when He And Bambi came down from on top of the Waterfall? I haven't seen that movie in years So.. A~nd what about the Bugs that timon and bumba eat?

  50. Doge the bootiful dog

    Doge the bootiful dog13 日 前

    Who has watched home of the range and actually liked it | | V

  51. Doge the bootiful dog

    Doge the bootiful dog13 日 前

    "Chicken little is a bad example of good 3d animation" Me: *ANGRY CHICIEN LITTLE* *FAN* *NOISES*

  52. BrittRaymondFan123TNS

    BrittRaymondFan123TNS14 日 前

    7:00 - meanwhile in Australia

  53. Ya Boi

    Ya Boi14 日 前

    6:30 bambis mom? more like bam- bye mom

  54. Ospoortus__

    Ospoortus__14 日 前

    I love the meme provided 18:28

  55. Marielena Karamallis

    Marielena Karamallis14 日 前

    me to with all the bushfires in Australia

  56. Jase

    Jase14 日 前


  57. Mathis Potier

    Mathis Potier14 日 前


  58. Stranix the 23

    Stranix the 2315 日 前

    Treasure planet and chicken little was my jam

  59. Chipster321

    Chipster32115 日 前

    15:47 Omg it’s the Lioden hyenas!


    KOOKIE WOOKIE!16 日 前

    wow I searched up ‘acli” and there it was Alice and wonderland oyster scene