Film Theory: No One Survives Disney! (The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Bambi, Pinocchio...)


  1. Jonathan Parker

    Jonathan Parker5 時間 前

    What about all the bugs consumed in the Lion King? Add them numbers up!

  2. Monroe Robbins

    Monroe Robbins日 前

    Here’s a theory idea: why did Treasure Planet fail so badly, even though a lot of people swear by it?

  3. samual williamson

    samual williamson2 日 前

    I was literally just thinking about how cool Treasure Planet was and how unsuccessful it was

  4. RatedRKOFan

    RatedRKOFan5 日 前

    Is it just me or the Treasure Planet movie reminds me of a rip-off of One Piece (series and movie)

  5. Muskan Patwa

    Muskan Patwa5 日 前

    TECHNICALLY, we don’t see all the deaths of the animal in the lion king Don’t @ me

  6. Sol Eater

    Sol Eater8 日 前

    Kill count 80 o wait dpnt forget mom 81 XD

  7. Jayvee Know

    Jayvee Know8 日 前

    How about SNL Disney movies such as Bambi as Dwayne Johnson?

  8. Carlyn Gallardo

    Carlyn Gallardo8 日 前

    Oddly 2 of Disney biggest fails are some of my favorite movies

  9. Marquis Chambers

    Marquis Chambers9 日 前

    Dinosaur 🦕 OBVIOUSLY

  10. Natillumi

    Natillumi9 日 前

    8:06 i see a 69

  11. progamer 2018

    progamer 20189 日 前

    Treasure planet is a good movie

  12. idonotexist23

    idonotexist239 日 前

    Let’s take it easy treasure planet was an amazing film that had an intentionally sabotaged release

  13. Brea and Brie

    Brea and Brie10 日 前

    What about the bird that got shot?

  14. Nitzan Zemach

    Nitzan Zemach11 日 前

    About Bambi, does that apply to the Amazon fire? I hope it is still the case

  15. Yme Brantjes

    Yme Brantjes11 日 前

    But if you suddenly count unseen regular meals here, why not in other (animal) movies?

  16. Francis the Groovy Mule

    Francis the Groovy Mule11 日 前

    Alice in Wonderland is a dream, those deaths shouldn't count. Pinocchio's fish aren't easily argued to be sentient either.

  17. thepurple potato

    thepurple potato12 日 前

    Pls do this with pixar

  18. Av

    Av12 日 前

    Saw levels of deadly? Saw isnt actually a series with lots of deaths, and im pretty sure you know james so you should know that... 😂

  19. Anime Studio

    Anime Studio12 日 前

    You for about got The Black Cauldron

  20. A LittleDaisy

    A LittleDaisy14 日 前

    Probably dinosaur considering the meteorite situation.

  21. Harry Craig

    Harry Craig15 日 前

    What about Tarzan?

  22. Tina DeRosa

    Tina DeRosa15 日 前

    What about the brave little toaster it was in theaters and and a lot of cars died in the junk yard , also a blender died in that movie

  23. Louisa de Ferranti

    Louisa de Ferranti15 日 前

    I think dinousour will win

  24. Gacha Lai

    Gacha Lai16 日 前

    Pat you also forgot on scar's death the hyena's also die

  25. Sebastian Calvey

    Sebastian Calvey16 日 前

    My Lord... Where are your Theories on Sausage Party and Happy Fun Time Murders?

  26. The real Aphmau!!!!

    The real Aphmau!!!!16 日 前

    Bambi 2: my mom is alive matpat!

  27. iMODO aLEX

    iMODO aLEX16 日 前

    Lion king wouldn’t have that much because u said it has to be on screen

  28. Luke McClellan

    Luke McClellan16 日 前


  29. The real Aphmau!!!!

    The real Aphmau!!!!17 日 前

    Home on the range isn’t bad!!!!

  30. Mariahann Gray

    Mariahann Gray17 日 前

    Long live the king😭

  31. Mariahann Gray

    Mariahann Gray17 日 前

    I bet its gonna be dinosaur

  32. Adolphin Hitler

    Adolphin Hitler18 日 前

    Oh gosh Home On The Range was ny childhood film that I completely forgot about. Thank you so much. Im one of the only people who liked this movie

  33. Miraculously Wolfie

    Miraculously Wolfie18 日 前

    To be honest the clams/oysters in Alice in Wonderland are super cute!

  34. XoVII

    XoVII18 日 前

    *we Need to get PETA on the phone*

  35. Purple pen Studios

    Purple pen Studios18 日 前

    Are the fish in ponochio sentient..?

  36. Persona is coming for my ass

    Persona is coming for my ass19 日 前

    Am I the only one who likes Chicken Little? It's literally my childhood 😆

  37. Who needs Names?

    Who needs Names?19 日 前

    I’d love to see mat-pat’s search history...

  38. ShuseeShu Shu Shu

    ShuseeShu Shu Shu20 日 前


  39. Riley Lucky

    Riley Lucky20 日 前

    And the grub they eat

  40. MacGamer Media

    MacGamer Media20 日 前

    12:28 Dude, did you even read the original version by Hans Christian Anderson? The Mermaid doesn’t become sea foam nor does she stab herself. She is given a choice to stab her love interest to become a mermaid again but she doesn’t do that out of her love for him. She then jumps into the ocean thinking she is about to become sea foam but instead becomes a child of the air. She is then told that if she does good deeds for 300 years, she could get a chance at having an immortal soul and going to Heaven.

  41. My life is pie -.-

    My life is pie -.-21 日 前

    I like chicken little I like the emoji movie 😓😓

  42. EzeraZera

    EzeraZera21 日 前

    Im saying the fish in brother bear don't count. You didn't count the bugs in lion king, and many, if not all the animals there are sentient. And the salmon just seem like normal fish

  43. NoteFox

    NoteFox21 日 前

    Treasure Planet wasn't a failure , it's an amazing movie xD

  44. Alexandra Salusbury

    Alexandra Salusbury21 日 前

    16:40 Dang MatPat and his specific articles!!!

  45. Tristan Aishe

    Tristan Aishe22 日 前

    3:47 he looks like arin from game grumps

  46. Hockey Is life

    Hockey Is life22 日 前

    I’m just going to say it... I liked Home on the Range, I thought it was a good movie. Was I the only one?

  47. youngchristianrecord

    youngchristianrecord23 日 前

    So... we not going to talk about Ariel basically being a Tuna Bowsette? K

  48. samuel crauwels

    samuel crauwels24 日 前


  49. Chat Watcher

    Chat Watcher24 日 前

    9:20 did you count in main characters big bro? The one who died on the start.

  50. Big Head Noob

    Big Head Noob24 日 前

    Man this guy is good!

  51. GJ Studios

    GJ Studios26 日 前

    What about all those bugs Simba, Timon, and the warthog (can’t remember his name) ate?

  52. Emma Masterson

    Emma Masterson22 日 前

    GJ Studios The warthog is called Pumbaa Or just Pumba However you want to spell it

  53. Jab Guy Gaming -Loomian legacy and more

    Jab Guy Gaming -Loomian legacy and more26 日 前

    Disney even affected marvel

  54. InaZeaAnaZazi

    InaZeaAnaZazi27 日 前

    uh, if the horizon is 9.9 miles from pride rock, in each direction, wouldn't the area they can see be ~308 square miles? Cause we're not going for a square square mileage, right? Because the perspective should be ... round, right? So if the horizon is 9.9 miles from a mid point, and we're talking a circle, that would be 307.9 square miles. If we're working with 9.9 miles as the diameter, we're at 76.98 square miles. Only if we're going for a geometric square do we get the ~100 square miles :3

  55. TheOfficial AshtonFrame

    TheOfficial AshtonFrame27 日 前

    In bambi what about the bird

  56. BillTheMiner

    BillTheMiner27 日 前

    When you start to count the invisible ants that they step on...

  57. Brian Cheng

    Brian Cheng27 日 前

    the good dinosaur?

  58. Daniel Johnsen

    Daniel Johnsen28 日 前

    Treasure planet was a good movie, it was killed by Disney not marketing it at all.

  59. Becca Rose

    Becca Rose28 日 前

    Treasure Planet may have been a box office failure but it was still a great movie.

  60. Raven Vanmitiston

    Raven Vanmitistonヶ月 前

    You forgot Sitka in Brother Bear

  61. High Fivers

    High Fiversヶ月 前

    I've never seen Brother Bear, but I did play the PC game for it, that sh*t was dope!