Ferrari Dealership asked me to bring my Rebuilt 458 in for Maintenance...


  1. indigoblue555

    indigoblue5555 ヶ月 前

    Try listen yourself talking....

  2. Austin Palmer

    Austin Palmer9 ヶ月 前

    “Airbag ecu” didn’t know that airbags had an engine control unit

  3. Lambic Brew

    Lambic Brew9 ヶ月 前

    They wanna check if it’s stolen lol!

  4. Vitalie P

    Vitalie P10 ヶ月 前

    M-ai mare porcărie și mincinoși n-am văzut în viața mea. Un schib de ulei ce-a durat 10 luni. Ca la urmă sa-mi recuper mașina cu un executor judecatoresc. Dacă aveți in mașina obiecte ce practic n au nici o valoare, țineți bine de ele. Pentru escrocii astea de la ferrari, au valoare enormă. Hoți, mincinoși, escroci. Aceasta e nota mea. Aduc dovezi la acei ce avansez.

  5. Curtis Barker

    Curtis Barker年 前

    I hunbly submit your uhm? Friend may be jealous of your success so much so that he is trying with malicious intent to get you de-monetized in the last video he dropped an uncle tom bomb! Also thr dealer could be buttering your bread While flagging it as a wreck re-built! You run your vin# since you took it to the dealer? Google it again!

  6. Mak 6

    Mak 6年 前

    It would also be nice if you had your camera set up on point and not make us sea sick!

  7. J v

    J v年 前

    Sounds like shit

  8. Thaief Ahmed

    Thaief Ahmed年 前

    you talk too much. Bye

  9. Jayden Banks

    Jayden Banks年 前

    New here and I thought this was stradman

  10. Philo in the Philippines

    Philo in the Philippines年 前

    Wow he talks really fast hehehe.

  11. MrShmanckles

    MrShmanckles年 前

    Put a variable resistor on the harness then tune it.

  12. Underground Nightmare Garage

    Underground Nightmare Garage年 前

    Sad to see you didn’t do any video about Antonys death... unsub

  13. chrissybabe

    chrissybabe年 前

    Slow down your speech. And you are allowed to place some pauses in your speech to sound more natural. At the moment it is 12:42 minutes of continuous words and nobody talks like that. Actually probably your speech is okay but you have edited out every single pause.

  14. chrissybabe

    chrissybabe年 前

    @IIIwke Well I don't live in my Moms basement. And I know that many youtubers do what he is doing so there are many youtubers I don't watch more than once. Many people run Stop signs also but that doesn't make it right. Since there are a lot of youtubers who can make a video properly then it is about time some people followed good examples.

  15. IIIwke

    IIIwke年 前

    Chris Calvert or maybe your viewer perception is better because I don’t live in my moms basement and spend all day watching JPreporter videos. Many youtubers do exactly what he is doing. Maybe if you watch more videos in the basement you’ll notice.

  16. chrissybabe

    chrissybabe年 前

    @IIIwke Almost all users actually DON'T do that. Maybe your interests aren't as wide as mine as there seems to be certain subjects (and user types + nationalitys) where the 'jump cut scene' is very prevalent but most of the others are much easier to listen to. These guys aren't too bad most of the time but I wish they would learn to use a hand held camera better as well. Have a look at the dictionary meaning of the word 'gabble'. The end result of the "jump cut scene" is not good. In real life if somebody started talking like that you would probably either walk away or thump them. There are plenty of videos I watch where they have learnt NOT to do that and they are infinitely more watchable.

  17. IIIwke

    IIIwke年 前

    The “jump cut scene” is what makes JPreporter great. Almost all users use this.

  18. William Sadler

    William Sadler年 前

    Where did u get your Ferrari? And how much was it?? Did u buy it wrecked?

  19. Arthur Sperotto

    Arthur Sperotto年 前

    Service manual is ~$200 man, just buy that shit and fix everything yourself. Fuck those service costs. Service manuals cover EVERYTHING.

  20. Randy Williams

    Randy Williams年 前

    Can you get codes out of the obd2 port to troubleshoot the air bag system ?

  21. ThatVW_guy

    ThatVW_guy年 前

    Is it sad that all 4 cars I have owned had air bag failures as well

  22. C. Rincon

    C. Rincon年 前

    You need to breathe..... You make me feel like I'm on speed !!!

  23. InsideOfMyOwnMind

    InsideOfMyOwnMind年 前

    "Not covered IF what you did caused the problem." That's pretty amazing considering most cars if you touched it warranty void.

  24. JannisD

    JannisD年 前

    About the FRONT-WIRE'ING-HARNESS: The Cables themselfes have a specific resistance by length/diameter of the coper wire itself, so if you cut away or added some wire, you will indeed change the resistance of the cable from one end to the other :/ You should know that, if you did not allready ^^ Greetings from Germany :D

  25. Brandon Torres

    Brandon Torres年 前

    Save the money from your airbags and put a cage in it 🙏🏽 unless it voids warranty.. irk why it would though

  26. whitey211

    whitey211年 前

    Jesus Christ all the cuts have me a seizure

  27. Me Yes

    Me Yes年 前

    How much is that windshield to replace? Pricey im sure.

  28. 0346GT

    0346GT年 前

    Glad i stopped watching

  29. ian phung

    ian phung年 前

    Toyota supra update please?

  30. john peck

    john peck年 前

    Spend the 15g and have pros do the work

  31. get off my lawn

    get off my lawn年 前

    The biggest lesson learned: Never crash your Ferrari!

  32. Davide Madera

    Davide Madera年 前

    "Perchè il 128 sport era meglio del 127? Chissene..." 🗨😏🥫

  33. mike parry

    mike parry年 前

    Enjoy having your ass handed to you by c8 owners

  34. Tebzey

    Tebzey年 前

    you have to reprogram the airbag sensor ecm, if you replaced it it would still show that you didn’t replace it because you would have to you factory software.

  35. Linda Schwersenska

    Linda Schwersenska年 前

    My gaud, you need RITALIN..............

  36. Kgsxr7S0

    Kgsxr7S0年 前

    Most cars you can change all the airbag parts you want and the light wont go off untill ecu is reprogrammed/reset/ relearned with new components done threw there scan tool so unless you got there scanner you could replace all the parts u want light probably isn’t going out till it goes back to dealer

  37. Siddiq Ahmad

    Siddiq Ahmad年 前

    Congratulations, you've just purchased a money pit. Enjoy yourself!

  38. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin年 前

    It’s a money pit, but also revenue as content for his channel and a heap of fun too

  39. BluntzBlazing420

    BluntzBlazing420年 前

    I have a $6k ecu in my focus (Pectel 6qsm) Like you said its all relative.

  40. Jacob Holmes

    Jacob Holmes年 前

    That seems silly

  41. jewy113092

    jewy113092年 前

    You have to talk to Rob ferretti

  42. JeepCherokeeful

    JeepCherokeeful年 前

    I’d ALWAYS be nervous driving a Ferrari;)

  43. Daily transparency With COVID19

    Daily transparency With COVID19年 前

    To check resistance just get a voltmeter, put it in ohms mode which measures the resistance in wiring and at one end of the wire put one end of the tester and at the other end goes the other end of the tester. If resistance is off it'll tell you for sure.

  44. Crazy Cowboy Builds

    Crazy Cowboy Builds年 前

    Just found your channel. Subscribed. Can’t wait to get my F430 rebody done

  45. John Redmond

    John Redmond年 前

    Air bags sensors depends what bags deployed you have side air bags, steering wheel, seat, curtain all have sensors. Even a clock spring in steering wheel also seatbelts that can go out and need to be replaced before air bag can be reset.

  46. Killer Fishing with Chris and friends

    Killer Fishing with Chris and friends年 前

    I know a guy who fixes ECU's on high end cars..

  47. Alan Scher

    Alan Scher年 前

    What's his name?

  48. Niceun

    Niceun年 前

    Dude is a fast talker for sure.

  49. prosy ramos

    prosy ramos年 前

    you talk to much pfff

  50. Paul Varrieur

    Paul Varrieur年 前

    Slow down, talking too fast. Annoying

  51. Henry Oh

    Henry Oh年 前

    One word for this car....shitboxxxx

  52. mick coomer

    mick coomer年 前

    For a correct set up you need to balance corner weight and ride height.

  53. Zane H

    Zane H年 前

    $6000 for the harness is cheap McLaren kevlar option for the Senna keyfob cost $6000

  54. Mike Arts

    Mike Arts年 前

    @6:20 .. just got smoked by a toyota prius loll

  55. Ocean Strat

    Ocean Strat年 前

    Show the car. Not you!

  56. G W

    G W年 前

    Can't deal with this guys accent\ twang ,can't watch anymore .



    This guy has no presentation skills at all, a bit like Doug De Mouro yak yak yak all the way through.

  58. James Moriarty

    James Moriarty年 前

    Love your taste in cars not a German piece of crap in sight 👍

  59. AWild LOWLIFE

    AWild LOWLIFE年 前

    Bro I literally recognized the entrance to that freeway I work right in that area off the 805. Why couldn’t I have seen the Ferrari 😢 lol

  60. miskavaa

    miskavaa年 前

    seems to be a bit jerky ride 😁

  61. John Williamson

    John Williamson年 前

    something allways broken, funny noises, normal "super car".

  62. Johnny Stirstick

    Johnny Stirstick年 前

    When you don't get laid in those "important" years 15-20... you dream of driving these euro pieces of shit. 1989 mustang with 5k in it will destroy this poop rock

  63. Mark Statzer

    Mark Statzer年 前

    I'm bleeding trying to watch this.

  64. Gregory Kendrick

    Gregory Kendrick年 前

    some times zip Ty's can mess things up if you over tighten them

  65. Erik S

    Erik S年 前

    stupid to drive a car with a carbon frame that has been in an accident. Micro cracks could cause part of the chassis to fail / break. And you dont want that at high speed... That ferrari asks you to come by, is also a signal that they even worry. This car could be a real death trap.

  66. Gregory Timmons

    Gregory Timmons年 前

    The steering wheel position doesn't mean the alignment is close.

  67. bluelightning414

    bluelightning414年 前

    Ferrari’s are money pits for their terrible reliability issues.

  68. Buck Splash

    Buck Splash年 前

    You talk to much

  69. 111mmgg

    111mmgg年 前

    did...did he just put the words “free” and “ferrari” in the same sentence?

  70. Henry Phillips

    Henry Phillips年 前

    Ferraris only work once! They are so delicate they spend their life under a cover in a garage plugged into a battery drip. They are designed to drive round Monte Carlo at 5mph with a pretty girl in the passenger seat. That steering wheel of centre is Ferrari thinking its perfect but far from it. Germany also make Super cars, They also work as advertised. Ferrari is a poster car for teenagers, not a drivers car for driving.

  71. Avian L

    Avian L年 前

    Is this toronto??

  72. Truett Neathery

    Truett Neathery年 前

    Mommy;s squrill-boy.

  73. Bradley Hamby

    Bradley Hamby年 前

    The 458, an absolutely amazingly beautiful car. Aside from the massive power it puts down, you cant honestly say the curves on that car is the least bit ugly or outta place, it just flows so nice.

  74. Juan Alvarado

    Juan Alvarado年 前

    Lmao the valve are not open

  75. CoWboyS FaN

    CoWboyS FaN年 前

    That’s nice that Ferrari is helping you out and being cool with you!! That honestly surprised me

  76. living_the_life

    living_the_life年 前

    Why have a car and don’t really drive it

  77. Philippe Damphousse

    Philippe Damphousse年 前

    Please manage the camera and stop moving it around too fast

  78. Let's Get Techy

    Let's Get Techy年 前

    I feel like he keeps pointing our the flaws like warning lights on the dash, and panels falling down, but immediately follows it up by talking about how everything is going great with it so far. I would be an absolute wreck with lights on the dash and panels falling down on my way to the Ferrari dealership. hahaha

  79. Chris Clark

    Chris Clark年 前

    Ever thought of looking up how to trouble shoot and repair a Ferrari dumbass.?

  80. Ian Mcluckie

    Ian Mcluckie年 前

    what a pain in the arse, stop talking all the time....

  81. peanutaxis

    peanutaxis年 前

    No they didn't. Thumbs down, unsubscribed.

  82. Zeca Monteiro

    Zeca Monteiro年 前

    ‘The steerings a little off but the alignment is okay.’ Great logic.

  83. John Rain

    John Rain年 前

    "If i were to crash i would just die" I get it id be stoked if i had a 458 too, but hes so extra.

  84. Luciiffeerr

    Luciiffeerr年 前

    3:28 fuck you

  85. Eduardo Pena

    Eduardo Pena年 前

    fuck me I want to drive one of these before I die but probably wont rip

  86. Hunter Utley wrestling

    Hunter Utley wrestling年 前

    Also liven in San Diego

  87. Jose Manuel Soria

    Jose Manuel Soria年 前

    Too much speed talk... lame