Female Singers: Expectation vs Reality (Studio vs Live)


  1. Tamara Dono

    Tamara Dono9 時間 前

    P!nk no puedo amarte más lpm

  2. Chris

    Chris11 時間 前

    And Sia, osea watafaja

  3. Itsjustmekv Singh

    Itsjustmekv Singh14 時間 前

    You really had to use this performance of Selena? And y’all hating of course she isn’t the best singer, but you don’t listen to the singer to just hear the vocals, but also the message, lets be honest, we all love Ariana including my self I fucking Stan her, but if her lyrics were trash she wouldn’t be where she is today. (Don’t come at me arianators I’m one of you😂)

  4. Jem M

    Jem M15 時間 前

    Im sorry but Jessie J puts them all to shame. Her voice is a masterpiece. Seriously. If you like female singers, check out Madilyn Bailey and Rozzi...

  5. Carla Herrera

    Carla Herrera日 前

    Okay but Rihanna’s <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="445">7:25</a>

  6. Rusalka E.

    Rusalka E.日 前

    Can we talk about Rihanna? Dammmmnnnn...miss her

  7. Luciene Rodrigues Da Silva

    Luciene Rodrigues Da Silva日 前

    Só acho que a Ariana Grande tentando cantar Emotions,da Mariah ...tanto em estúdio,quanto ao vivo.tipo...nada a ver.ninguém tem este agudo hehe.just my Diva.#MariahCarey.

  8. Irene Irene

    Irene Irene日 前

    Taylor has even better live🙌

  9. Mateus Silva

    Mateus Silva2 日 前

    É covardia essas amadoras junto com a Beyoncé

  10. Hello YEET

    Hello YEET2 日 前

    I honestly don’t see any difference... there all very talented . I know I couldn’t do any better (even with 1000 layers of auto tune )

  11. kcjm

    kcjm2 日 前

    Selena... LMAOO! But Christina is amazing omg!

  12. Bernard Evasco

    Bernard Evasco2 日 前

    Anyways if you are there live, even if it's not the best performance of the song the emotions really take you in and you wouldn't care at all! Nothing like raw voice!

  13. peterbutter1235 Gaming

    peterbutter1235 Gaming3 日 前

    Technically:adele and beyonce Personally:Adele and beyone😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  14. Vishnu

    Vishnu3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="363">6:03</a> for Ari

  15. Refilwe Moepje

    Refilwe Moepje4 日 前

    Omg Selena Gomez whole career is literally a scam😪😪😅

  16. zoey grande

    zoey grande4 日 前

    Ariana sounds like a studio version both times

  17. India Thomas

    India Thomas5 日 前

    I love Miley Cyrus and we all know she can sing but live is not her strong suit

  18. Jane Kubjana

    Jane Kubjana5 日 前

    Tori kelly

  19. Vincent with a V

    Vincent with a V5 日 前

    U need 2 see this jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-TVusExlsdEE.html

  20. TaraChristine

    TaraChristine6 日 前

    Miley Cyrus has had some really impressive sets that's made me realize I've under estimated her vocal abilities.

  21. Sehar Riaz

    Sehar Riaz6 日 前

    i sand here for Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna and Adele... what the fuck did Selena do :/ ?

  22. Kermit's Tea

    Kermit's Tea6 日 前

    Some of the live performances are literally just in another key. Like Adele, she went lower instead of higher because she knew her voice would strain if she hit that high note. And I'm disappointed in you for what you put for Rihanna's Live performance. She was SICK. She killed it, even though she had a cold. You could have picked any other performance, but did that one? That's not very professional.

  23. Kermit's Tea

    Kermit's Tea6 日 前

    Some of the live performances are literally just in another key. Like Adele, she went lower instead of higher because she knew her voice would strain if she hit that high note. And I'm disappointed in you for what you put for Rihanna's Live performance. She was SICK. She killed it, even though she had a cold. You could have picked any other performance, but did that one? That's not very professional.

  24. Sandra Singh

    Sandra Singh7 日 前

    Only one that disappointed me was Selena.

  25. rene ruiz

    rene ruiz8 日 前

    Also that Ariana hoe, trying to sing emotions, what a wack ass bitch, she can’t even pronounce her words correctly, she is basically a great value version of Mariah, she is basically a hoe

  26. rene ruiz

    rene ruiz8 日 前

    That guy singing with Pink sounds DISGUSTING

  27. nattawut Angchakan

    nattawut Angchakan8 日 前

    Ariana Grande live performing is better than studio version 🥳💙

  28. alexia walters

    alexia walters8 日 前

    Christina, Ariana,Pink, Tori,Beyonce and Brianna sound exactly the same

  29. Giovanna Florentin

    Giovanna Florentin8 日 前

    "ones will sound better, ones will sound worse" Selena: oh yeah? well i will surprise you... Selena: doesnt do the sound

  30. Eylül Bakırcı

    Eylül Bakırcı8 日 前

    Selena doesn't deserve to be famous with singing.

  31. justina mejia

    justina mejia5 日 前

    @Eylül Bakırcı sis you just took what i said, and used it, dont watch her if u dont like her, simpl.

  32. Eylül Bakırcı

    Eylül Bakırcı6 日 前

    @justina mejia Lmao. i think you have to cry. So, your favorite singer cannot sing. Poor dear. You cannot accept that. And you started to bully someone in the comments. I understand you.

  33. justina mejia

    justina mejia7 日 前

    aww, go cry about it

  34. Lataraw

    Lataraw9 日 前

    Selena was struggling 😐😂

  35. Lalrinzuala Ralte

    Lalrinzuala Ralte9 日 前

    QUEEN BEYONCÉ, My one and only Queen

  36. Ty Young

    Ty Young9 日 前

    Yall did adele so dirty. The amount of times she has absolutely killed that note compared to what yall showed????

  37. Luísa Rocha

    Luísa Rocha9 日 前

    my favorite female singer is . selena gomes because she so beautyful

  38. burting Sy

    burting Sy9 日 前

    Sara Bareilles is an awesome singer, both in the studio and live

  39. Desiree P

    Desiree P9 日 前

    pink is the same::she is awesome talented

  40. Paulina Ade

    Paulina Ade10 日 前

    Taylor swift did well

  41. Gabrielle Lallemand

    Gabrielle Lallemand10 日 前

    Why isn't sombody talking about Lea Michele ? Qui la connait ? 🙃

  42. Feyer Nightblade

    Feyer Nightblade11 日 前

    Also if you're gonna get a clip for Selena at least get one from the revival era when she actually improved so freaking much

  43. Feyer Nightblade

    Feyer Nightblade11 日 前

    Why do people always expect singers to attempt all the difficult notes in every single performance? Have you ever tried constantly hitting difficult notes and hurting your vocals? Of course they tone it down in some performances.

  44. Adrian XCX

    Adrian XCX11 日 前

    No one's talking about Katy Perry??

  45. Adrian XCX

    Adrian XCX11 日 前

    Katy Perry actually sounds good

  46. Deba 1306

    Deba 130611 日 前

    Who tf is Pia Mia?

  47. John Land

    John Land11 日 前

    It's not that selena has a bad voice she's just not singing the right songs.

  48. Tacool DNA

    Tacool DNA11 日 前

    No one can hit that someone like you Note🙄

  49. Kaberi Goswami

    Kaberi Goswami12 日 前

    Selena can sing better if u have a look at her other performances.

  50. MEB bbb

    MEB bbb12 日 前

    Not many people are talking about pia Mia that was pretty good too

  51. Awesomeness

    Awesomeness12 日 前

    i think they all led up to expectation. we cannot discredit them...i mean they are making money despite the fact ,they can or cannot sing. and frankly i think they all can

  52. viharsarok

    viharsarok12 日 前

    Are you sure none of these "live" performances were lipsyncs?

  53. Jackie Barayoga

    Jackie Barayoga13 日 前

    Sia is the best🍒

  54. L I Z

    L I Z13 日 前

    Who do you think performed the worst? And why did you choose selena?

  55. Ahmed Anees

    Ahmed Anees13 日 前

    Ariana grande one last time live is better than Studio

  56. Christine Comacho

    Christine Comacho13 日 前

    Adele can do no wrong.

  57. Rangga Restura

    Rangga Restura13 日 前

    britney spears❤️

  58. _.1jaliyah **

    _.1jaliyah **13 日 前

    I'm sorry but I'll never pay to go see Selena Gomez live😂😂

  59. It'ssammi

    It'ssammi14 日 前


  60. Greta Belle

    Greta Belle14 日 前

    We know everyone can sing here, except selena

  61. Greta Belle

    Greta Belle14 日 前

    It's funny that selena is making a living being a sINgEr

  62. Francesco Marangoni

    Francesco Marangoni14 日 前

    Beyoncé with flu is still better than Selena

  63. Dzsamila #

    Dzsamila #15 日 前

    Many of them are better live. Xtina,Mariah Carey,Pink,Ariana, Adele,Rihanna,Beyonce,Miley...

  64. Ujesha Sharma

    Ujesha Sharma15 日 前

    I don't know why people purposely use Selena's not so strong live performance?

  65. Sarah Chalifour Brochu

    Sarah Chalifour Brochu15 日 前

    Alicia Keys!!!

  66. Tom mixxer

    Tom mixxer15 日 前

    katy perry❤ alicia keys❤

  67. J C

    J C15 日 前

    so no Sia? 😕😕

  68. jhonathan mondragón

    jhonathan mondragón15 日 前

    Selena gomez is the best

  69. AJ Rolli

    AJ Rolli15 日 前

    Miley the billygoat

  70. AJ Rolli

    AJ Rolli15 日 前

    Taylor swift is...so fuckin boring

  71. AJ Rolli

    AJ Rolli15 日 前

    The SHADE IS that a commercial (ad) broke into Ciara singing live and I think that was so very funny.

  72. AJ Rolli

    AJ Rolli15 日 前

    Why does Selena Gomez seem disinterested in her own songs?

  73. Nwofor Adaolisa

    Nwofor Adaolisa16 日 前

    Tori Kelly literally slayed that high note.

  74. David Garcia

    David Garcia16 日 前

    Rihana is a true queen 👸🏽 she a fashion icon and a singer what can’t she do

  75. carolina dantas

    carolina dantas16 日 前


  76. Raven Ashleigh

    Raven Ashleigh16 日 前

    Rihanna’s eyes pirerce my soul

  77. rotem abramovich

    rotem abramovich16 日 前

    Only me noticed Demi's sister, Dallas, in the live of Selena?😍

  78. Cee Perfection

    Cee Perfection16 日 前

    Selena has improved more now and she has Lupus and a Disorder.

  79. LaBi

    LaBi17 日 前

    It's so cringy reading Selena's fans blindly defending her inability to sing saying she's "kind" lol she's a singer and she will get judged for her singing whether you like it or not. Ms Gomez has a great marketing team that portrayed her as a "kind and compassionate" person in the media but damn that girl can't sing to save her own life and needs to drop the title of musician/singer/artist since it's her team that's doing most of the work

  80. Selena M

    Selena M17 日 前

    Who came for Selena ?? BTW my name's Selena tooo.

  81. RoyalePineapple -

    RoyalePineapple -17 日 前

    Aris was amazing I don’t get it ?

  82. Benlon

    Benlon17 日 前

    How did I forget how incredible Christina’s singing skills and abilities are?.....

  83. Larry Stylinson

    Larry Stylinson18 日 前

    unpopular opinion: you don’t have to hit high notes to be a good singer or just an artist