FC Barcelona 5-0 Eibar - HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS - 2/22/2020


  1. OSSS Boys

    OSSS Boys23 分 前

    Start Martin against Napoli while he's hungry for goals

  2. Lionel Mexxi Axxxel

    Lionel Mexxi Axxxel25 分 前

    Messi pulled rabbit 🐇 out from hat gets he’s 3 hat tricks💕。meanwhile Ronaldo olny scores one to 2🤣🤷🏼‍♂️... love 💕 you Messi

  3. Usman Ali

    Usman Ali28 分 前

    This game was played on my birthday 😊

  4. Jame Smith

    Jame Smith33 分 前

    Trending number 1 in Us😩🥳

  5. VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII

    VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII40 分 前

    Soccer is for girly men

  6. c k

    c k41 分 前

    That first goal... I don't believe what I just saw.

  7. StillHdz

    StillHdz42 分 前

    Ray Hudson is gonna retire when Messi retires. Those two are like futbol and Messi. They just go together so beautifully.

  8. Full Control

    Full Control43 分 前

    Bueno partido! Hala Madrid!

  9. Pineapple On Pizza

    Pineapple On Pizza50 分 前

    Soccer sucks!!🤷‍♀️

  10. Matthew Hall

    Matthew Hall52 分 前

    This commentator is his own entertainment. I have grown up with his nonsense word play.

  11. mjstory1976

    mjstory197652 分 前

    02.23.20 #1 Trending

  12. Prabesh Khawas

    Prabesh Khawas54 分 前

    What a match messi is a goat

  13. RustySlushy

    RustySlushy55 分 前

    I think eibars disallowed goal was for a foul on Arthur.

  14. Dany Herrera

    Dany Herrera55 分 前

    my fu@#$n screen is blurry

  15. Gerardo Lopez

    Gerardo Lopez55 分 前

    Top of the league fella good

  16. RustySlushy

    RustySlushy59 分 前

    On messi's third goal he didn't want to score. He passed it trying to let griezmann score but realized he had to shoot and got a hat trick.

  17. Red Bull

    Red Bull時間 前

    Soccer is gay


    HA NGUYEN時間 前

    Messi is awesome 👍👏

  19. Bal Amar

    Bal Amar時間 前

    Bro why a this shit trending???We don't care about soccer

  20. Diet Clorox Bleach

    Diet Clorox Bleach時間 前

    Bal Amar you probably like fucking cricket 😂

  21. Levi Heicho

    Levi Heicho時間 前

    This video is stupid just like you.

  22. -DyMn 火

    -DyMn 火時間 前

    ''Hasta la bye bye ''

  23. Lehqes

    Lehqes時間 前

    Watching Messi play is like having hacks in real life. He’s so Good!

  24. Bob De Viking King

    Bob De Viking King時間 前

    Messi needs help like a fish needs a bicycle

  25. messi 10

    messi 10時間 前

    4:01 hasta la bye bye 🤣😂

  26. jonahO.R

    jonahO.R時間 前

    Eat your cereal

  27. TinyMexican 17

    TinyMexican 17時間 前

    Compared to spanish commentators, this seems very underwhelming

  28. Bob De Viking King

    Bob De Viking King時間 前

    I don’t care about soccer but I do care about watching souls be crushed



    “Don’t lie who reading the comments 😂”🖤 “Going to gift next 30 subs”🔥

  30. buzzYNWA

    buzzYNWA時間 前

    "Atoms disperson" and "Lennon and McCartney" comments are getting old Ray lol

  31. buzzYNWA

    buzzYNWA時間 前

    "Messi needs help like a fish needs bicycle." crackin' me up this man

  32. don’t matter

    don’t matter時間 前

    Ronaldo still better

  33. roydaone produced it

    roydaone produced it時間 前

    Damn good match

  34. Atlanta Eastside

    Atlanta Eastside時間 前

    Like my comment for no reason

  35. prada lol

    prada lol時間 前

    Who else loves this channel ?🥺 I’m gifting my next 10 subscribers something 🙈💗

  36. Magnus TNT

    Magnus TNT時間 前


  37. prada lol

    prada lol時間 前

    Who else loves this channel ?🥺 I’m gifting my next 10 subscribers something 🙈💗

  38. Narwalla-chan :3

    Narwalla-chan :3時間 前

    You're not even a bot because bot put some writing in Russian to make it look English

  39. Magnus TNT

    Magnus TNT時間 前


  40. Narwalla-chan :3

    Narwalla-chan :3時間 前


  41. Diamond Destiny

    Diamond Destiny時間 前


  42. Danny Ayoub

    Danny Ayoub時間 前

    Why is this number 1 on trending?

  43. Beh

    Beh時間 前

    Messi is a fucking legend. Dude is by far the best player to ever play this great game. Amazing to grow up watching this guy because you never know when someone this good will come along again.

  44. Dark Seid

    Dark Seid時間 前

    The watch between Juventus vs Spal has more views in less hours



    Barcelona yes they won 😜😊

  46. 1984sFinest

    1984sFinest時間 前

    They should really keep stats of fake falls and fake injuries.

  47. maddenrai

    maddenrai時間 前

    I really hate that hyper commentater.

  48. El houssein Mohamed

    El houssein Mohamed時間 前

    I am a hard core real madrid fan, a CR7 fan, but most importantly a football. Anyone who loves this game, can't deny the magnificence of Messi.

  49. Hazmat Horse

    Hazmat Horse時間 前

    Why is this #1 on trending with only 500k views?

  50. R J

    R J時間 前

    Hazmat Horse Because is Leo Messi 🙈🔥

  51. Bryan Galvez

    Bryan Galvez2 時間 前

    Tbh this game was so unfair lol.

  52. Hellraiser

    Hellraiser2 時間 前

    First time I see football on JPreporter trending .1 in America I'm surprised

  53. Brando Batel

    Brando Batel2 時間 前

    "Messi need help, like a fish needs a bicycle." Wot?

  54. B Limbu

    B Limbu2 時間 前

    2:32 NØ ! RAY, messi been never polite especially were beating defenders 😆

  55. Kevin Villalobos

    Kevin Villalobos2 時間 前

    traeme la copa messi

  56. Toe Fungus

    Toe Fungus2 時間 前

    Oof this is the game my uncle went to. Sadness......

  57. Kali Guardiola

    Kali Guardiola2 時間 前

    Messi scores nutmegging the goalie almost every time

  58. Andy Lee

    Andy Lee2 時間 前

    What an awesome stadium...

  59. Blake Baker

    Blake Baker2 時間 前

    Why did he have to do them like that on #4 😂😂

  60. The Pericle

    The Pericle2 時間 前


  61. David Y

    David Y2 時間 前

    Messi is so good the ball actually looks for him

  62. Jakob Arman

    Jakob Arman2 時間 前

    New guy is good 🧐

  63. It’s Me Ceceee !

    It’s Me Ceceee !2 時間 前

    add me on tik tok @yrn.ceceeee

  64. Melissa Kacarevic

    Melissa Kacarevic2 時間 前

    “Trying to tackle him is like wrestling a ghost” Sergio Ramos: So I can wrestle ghost?

  65. Yoel Rubio Martinez

    Yoel Rubio Martinez37 分 前

    Ramos? You mean messi’s pet dog? 😂

  66. kanina

    kanina3 時間 前

    messi is really goated

  67. That One Commenter You're Always Finding

    That One Commenter You're Always Finding3 時間 前

    Only soccer can "kick" pewdiepie off #1 trending... ...heh...