FaZe Jarvis Vs The Most Underrated FaZe Member (FaZe Vs FaZe)


  1. Khant Soe

    Khant Soe日 前

    Faze replays got killer by my friend

  2. TheyCallMeYoming

    TheyCallMeYoming日 前

    Yo I didnt notice I killed replays lol I was lucky gg replays 4:10

  3. Soviet Doormat

    Soviet Doormat3 日 前

    Revive counts as a kill

  4. zeyrox 1

    zeyrox 110 日 前

    U should not insult him by saying him the most underrated player

  5. Luis Andino

    Luis Andino16 日 前

    Those games were shit 😂😂

  6. IUchihq

    IUchihq16 日 前

    I like how the guy that danced on replays got sniped. Karma is a bitch 😂

  7. LilDiccGang 420

    LilDiccGang 42017 日 前

    Replays is better than the actual “FaZe Fortnite Pros”

  8. Pierce Lavoy

    Pierce Lavoy19 日 前

    Faze replays is a god

  9. Veji

    Veji23 日 前

    honestly nate hill is the most underrated faze member

  10. BrazyySZN

    BrazyySZN23 日 前

    Actually faze swan is the most underrated in faze

  11. E.X.S LaVa

    E.X.S LaVa23 日 前

    Faze_Dubs is more underated

  12. JohnnyIsNotAmerican

    JohnnyIsNotAmerican23 日 前

    9:12 loool

  13. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke24 日 前

    You need to stop doing that lame faze sign. Also WTF is ting don't you mean thing dick head

  14. James Robey

    James Robey24 日 前

    He already hit 1 mil damn keep it up by far my favorite fortnite player.. adapt is lit tho

  15. Elmo's WoRld

    Elmo's WoRld24 日 前

    The blured guy looks like t3r elemento

  16. RaZor BreAk

    RaZor BreAk24 日 前

    I love your outro music

  17. EyesWithoutAFace

    EyesWithoutAFace24 日 前

    Replays legit insane

  18. John Andrade

    John Andrade24 日 前

    No it is 5 4

  19. OXER

    OXER24 日 前

    The most overrated is megga and he sucks also

  20. Will Dunlop

    Will Dunlop24 日 前

    Replays is not the most underated case player!!! I watch all the time

  21. Jospeh_ Edits

    Jospeh_ Edits25 日 前

    Song name

  22. Kareem Lynch

    Kareem Lynch25 日 前

    No offense but faze replays is better than you

  23. Jraddthomp

    Jraddthomp25 日 前

    i hate you

  24. YouTube FrOsTy

    YouTube FrOsTy25 日 前

    Can I join faze I’m good

  25. jobless kaja on yt

    jobless kaja on yt25 日 前

    Replays is not underrated at all

  26. YMP_Fortnite

    YMP_Fortnite25 日 前

    jarvis sivraj

  27. Eclipse_Phobia Is here

    Eclipse_Phobia Is here25 日 前

    Replays has killed me in solos before he is insane

  28. SAmOnSTer

    SAmOnSTer25 日 前

    I thought it was tenser

  29. Lahaze Cash ERIHA-MASTERS

    Lahaze Cash ERIHA-MASTERS26 日 前

    put on captions at 14:21

  30. Ryan W

    Ryan W26 日 前

    What colorblind settings to see through the storm better?

  31. Nathos01 _

    Nathos01 _26 日 前

    I’ve been watching Faze Replays for a while he is mad underrated. Almost as good as Tfue tbh

  32. Edilson Mendez

    Edilson Mendez26 日 前

    Jarvis called the mushrooms “umbrellas” 😂😂😂

  33. BlueSkull ENT

    BlueSkull ENT26 日 前

    Why husbands background music sound like pokemon white 2 and black 2 music

  34. Edilson Mendez

    Edilson Mendez26 日 前

    I honestly think faze replays is the best player in faze

  35. Savagr Playz

    Savagr Playz26 日 前

    JPreporter is being polluted by these retarded like beggars

  36. Oliver Cahill

    Oliver Cahill26 日 前

    Use me as a I hate Jarvis Hutton

  37. CFP_ Ghost

    CFP_ Ghost26 日 前

    Most underrated player nah frfr Faze Sway and Faze Replays or the most goated

  38. Fuze Arrtic

    Fuze Arrtic26 日 前

    Yo Jarvis do you live in the Clout house or the FaZe house? Just wondering

  39. Franklingggfhg Drr Sanchezyyggft

    Franklingggfhg Drr Sanchezyyggft26 日 前

    what up Javier can i join faze also i play on xbox

  40. Casen DiBartola

    Casen DiBartola26 日 前

    Comikazie ( best eye sight) Jarvis it’s all headshots with a ak 🤣🤣.

  41. OriOn _WeZox

    OriOn _WeZox26 日 前

    Only console players can like this

  42. The Ayoub

    The Ayoub26 日 前

    Ou you are insane jarvis😂😂

  43. Kek__lord Xxx

    Kek__lord Xxx26 日 前

    Catchphrases Jarvis: hoooooly Kay: thats Insane Blaze: lets goooooooooooo Kay again: WhAaaAaAAAAAaaat Old adapt: fart

  44. Ja2Saucey

    Ja2Saucey26 日 前

    And then you’ll play like ninja

  45. Zion Williams

    Zion Williams26 日 前

    Jarvis your trash stop trying to 1v1 pro players cause you not gone win you bot

  46. Devin Chommany

    Devin Chommany26 日 前

    Replays: I am the most underrated FaZe member Dubs: am I a joke to you?

  47. Jason Deng

    Jason Deng26 日 前

    From the moment I saw the thumbnail and title of the video I already knew it’s Replay

  48. NottJay

    NottJay26 日 前

    Jarvis switched to Xbox controller. U tryna tell us something buddy lmao

  49. XxDarkFinnese xX

    XxDarkFinnese xX25 日 前

    Sorry, but for some reason, I don't get it.

  50. Abel Estrada

    Abel Estrada26 日 前

    Replays makes some really good clips

  51. Julius Hegge

    Julius Hegge26 日 前

    Wow this title has been made by Jarvis himself... and he is the most overrated FaZe member. FaZe Sway is probably more underrated for his skills