FaZe Clan: Who Can Punch the Hardest Challenge ft. Offset


  1. Dame Deejo

    Dame Deejo6 時間 前

    Who else laughed after seeing Jarvis’ first attempt

  2. Aaron Harris vlogs

    Aaron Harris vlogs11 時間 前

    Frasier is the best

  3. Aaron Harris vlogs

    Aaron Harris vlogs11 時間 前

    Jarvis hit hard with a controller not 🤜 fist

  4. Aaron Harris vlogs

    Aaron Harris vlogs11 時間 前

    🤛 👊

  5. Aaron Harris vlogs

    Aaron Harris vlogs11 時間 前

    I like adapt

  6. Aaron Harris vlogs

    Aaron Harris vlogs11 時間 前

    Tell him to push jarvis up

  7. Aaron Harris vlogs

    Aaron Harris vlogs11 時間 前

    Can you tell this

  8. Aaron Harris vlogs

    Aaron Harris vlogs11 時間 前

    I’m his fan

  9. Aaron Harris vlogs

    Aaron Harris vlogs11 時間 前

    Offset cheats because he got 3 or 4 trys

  10. stepbro kobbz

    stepbro kobbz日 前

    Subscribe to kobbz yt

  11. CactusJack

    CactusJack日 前

    I just realized where is nordan

  12. ItzK4ranVlogs

    ItzK4ranVlogs2 日 前

    That's such a cool video

  13. Rz rizer

    Rz rizer2 日 前

    Offset got 798 apex wth 801 adapt saying He WoN BY TWo POinTS

  14. LOOT LLAMA 9

    LOOT LLAMA 92 日 前

    Faze kay vs jake pual boxing who would want to see that

  15. Kevin Camargo

    Kevin Camargo3 日 前

    Rug is weak even Jarvis beats him

  16. venom synth

    venom synth3 日 前

    Rug has no strenth

  17. Odrig Rod

    Odrig Rod3 日 前

    Faze clan TELL the say hello

  18. ChroneZ_SpraYZ

    ChroneZ_SpraYZ3 日 前

    Lol Offset in FaZe now?

  19. Sajid Hussain

    Sajid Hussain3 日 前

    Faze offset was wearing a ring which made his fist stronger so he was cheating

  20. Ronda AidaN -RA-

    Ronda AidaN -RA-4 日 前


  21. SenZa

    SenZa4 日 前

    Adapt be like when kay won, speaking with a British accent "That's insane bruv that's insane"

  22. Josue Armendariz

    Josue Armendariz4 日 前

    Yo the crazy

  23. Todd Johnson

    Todd Johnson4 日 前

    Lol I'm 13 and punch harder

  24. Kj White 8u Mosiah White 6u

    Kj White 8u Mosiah White 6u4 日 前

    I made it 142k likes everbody thank me

  25. 2000 Subscribers With 2 Videos Challenge???

    2000 Subscribers With 2 Videos Challenge???4 日 前

    Nobody: Faze Clan: making everyone’s quarantine 100 times better

  26. Clickbait 69

    Clickbait 69日 前

    I wish you could see dislikes on comments

  27. princemoh1000

    princemoh10004 日 前

    can i have tryouts for faze clan

  28. Shristy Ale

    Shristy Ale4 日 前

    they need to do a separate vid on strength just between apex and kay

  29. Shristy Ale

    Shristy Ale4 日 前

    aww poor apex, got runner up in 2 competitions

  30. Empty TrayTable

    Empty TrayTable5 日 前

    you can’t tell i didn’t get to see banks do this

  31. Arion-Arthur Alexander

    Arion-Arthur Alexander5 日 前

    FaZe Apex kinda looks like drake

  32. ツBraeden Twedt

    ツBraeden Twedt5 日 前

    Kay punches like this✊🏽 not this 🤜🏽 ha like slap it

  33. light _valley214

    light _valley2145 日 前

    Adapt is like that’s insane that’s insane when jay hit

  34. Cameron W

    Cameron W5 日 前

    Were was high sky

  35. Edurdo Morales

    Edurdo Morales5 日 前

    When faze kay wins adapt thats insane bro 😂😂😂

  36. Liam Kuniecki

    Liam Kuniecki5 日 前


  37. Akshay Bhowo

    Akshay Bhowo5 日 前

    Where is faze sway?🤔

  38. Lord Shadow

    Lord Shadow6 日 前

    Where my man nickmercs at ?

  39. Fresh ChaoZz

    Fresh ChaoZz6 日 前

    Imagine if censor or banks being there

  40. Eva Nakazi

    Eva Nakazi6 日 前

    Is offset part of faze?

  41. Pranav Pawar

    Pranav Pawar7 日 前

    Why doesn’t sway try these

  42. The Revell

    The Revell7 日 前

    Swear I’m 17 I’ll smack that harder than all these boys need to learn to punch stg

  43. Edin Emini

    Edin Emini7 日 前

    Damm kay is the toughest faze member luv u bro ❤️

  44. Maddox Q

    Maddox Q7 日 前

    Do you want to you are the best you tubers world

  45. Chase Blanchard

    Chase Blanchard7 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> are we just gonna ignore how the numbers went from 500 to 700 😂😂😦

  46. Clixy

    Clixy8 日 前

    He made a song with ksi

  47. Splurj

    Splurj8 日 前

    Bruh Ik middle schoolers who hit harder than this

  48. Elijah Kimble

    Elijah Kimble8 日 前

    Temperrr did not even try and it went up to 700

  49. Mathias Seaborne

    Mathias Seaborne8 日 前

    Faze how are you all so strong when most of you smoke weed

  50. Pilot Hulu

    Pilot Hulu8 日 前

    I hope that everyone has a good day. Btw look at my name. 😀

  51. Niko Harris

    Niko Harris9 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="340">5:40</a> the look on apex face.when losing

  52. Yungeen H3

    Yungeen H39 日 前

    Let the camera man try

  53. ghostcracked0 on yt

    ghostcracked0 on yt9 日 前

    Jarvis shouldve won bc hes has aimbot he shout have got thw victory royal😂😂

  54. Reel_ Tinu

    Reel_ Tinu9 日 前

    Adapt dude omg

  55. Babatunde Akatunji

    Babatunde Akatunji9 日 前

    Who’s here after offset made a song with ksi

  56. ETC_Bennett_yt

    ETC_Bennett_yt9 日 前

    Nobody: Faze rug:tHaTs CrAzY

  57. Reverse GhostYT

    Reverse GhostYT9 日 前


  58. dirtty gaybummer23

    dirtty gaybummer239 日 前

    Highest I ever hit was 870

  59. Sine IV

    Sine IV9 日 前

    Tbh I didn't expect rug to get more than 600

  60. Get this channel to 1k Please

    Get this channel to 1k Please9 日 前

    Rug is way to loud

  61. Richie Rich

    Richie Rich9 日 前

    Ay respect to kay

  62. Jamir Guest

    Jamir Guest10 日 前

    Rug almost broke his arm 😂😂

  63. Brian Herrmann

    Brian Herrmann10 日 前

    I predicted Jarvis would get a 300😂

  64. Rebecca Merritt

    Rebecca Merritt10 日 前

    Where was highsky?

  65. QTG THD

    QTG THD10 日 前

    Faze apex will send you to sleep

  66. Alex Cabrera

    Alex Cabrera10 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="343">5:43</a> adapt 😂😂😂

  67. scrappyfishy

    scrappyfishy10 日 前

    Apex ur a beast

  68. TinnyOne

    TinnyOne10 日 前

    It’s not about how much you weigh or how tall you are it’s the *way* you punch it and your *form*

  69. Caleb Rowley

    Caleb Rowley10 日 前

    Nit the real offset he doesnt have the tats by his eyes dont btelieve this clickbaig

  70. Gaming with kanishk

    Gaming with kanishk10 日 前

    You guys swear so much you might as well not bleep out the swear words

  71. ukie marthinda

    ukie marthinda10 日 前

    I just realized that offset got 666 points

  72. Excharge_Solo

    Excharge_Solo10 日 前

    Rug got 761 but the editor put 760 lol

  73. Maleak Eastwood

    Maleak Eastwood11 日 前


  74. Hot Topic 101

    Hot Topic 10111 日 前

    am i the only one who wanted to see banks hit that?😂😭

  75. Brenda Soto

    Brenda Soto11 日 前

    LOL jarvis 300 i knew he was weak

  76. Jake Stanley

    Jake Stanley11 日 前

    I got 863 a few times but I forget what it’s called can someone help me and I’m also 7 in a half

  77. Chris Cowan

    Chris Cowan11 日 前

    How tf y’all get such low scores?😂

  78. YoyoPlays✔️

    YoyoPlays✔️11 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="141">2:21</a> illuminati has joined the game Me:oh cmon whyyyy FaZe clan:we understand that thats 666 Me:Leave now illuminati aaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  79. NutGuilty

    NutGuilty11 日 前

    Is it me or does faze temper look like mindofrec

  80. NutGuilty

    NutGuilty11 日 前


  81. Luca Venezia

    Luca Venezia11 日 前

    Where’s sweeden boy

  82. Michael yeezy

    Michael yeezy11 日 前

    WHo is watching this in quarantine.

  83. Austin Lynn

    Austin Lynn11 日 前

    Why does every faze member look like a fuck boy

  84. Diego Monreal

    Diego Monreal11 日 前


  85. DL Flixz

    DL Flixz11 日 前

    Jarvis what is that form on the forts hit

  86. noname_xis

    noname_xis12 日 前

    Where is highsky