FaZe Clan: Who Can Punch the Hardest Challenge ft. Offset


  1. Wyld Dayngerzz

    Wyld Dayngerzz13 時間 前

    1:02 Everybody: WHAT?! Somebody: I don't get it either Somebody ELSE: It's confusing Nikan: I just hit the f*** outta that thing!

  2. Monkey playzz

    Monkey playzz20 時間 前

    Offset his last hit he looked like Denzel curry ricky

  3. Trippy Dalton

    Trippy Dalton23 時間 前

    Blaze is the worst in fortnite In faze clan

  4. Braylon Richard

    Braylon Richard日 前

    3:12 FaZe Adapt you’re not throwing a baseball 😂😂

  5. dog boss

    dog boss日 前

    Where is highsky, he îs stronger than everyone😅

  6. YEET_Nightzz

    YEET_Nightzz日 前

    I thought rug was gonna get like 56

  7. Johnny Joe

    Johnny Joe日 前

    Funk bros beat y'all

  8. Jack Vlogs

    Jack Vlogs日 前

    Why is offset in faze he sings Random person: Achooo Faze: Will you join our clan

  9. Ruben Nersisyan

    Ruben Nersisyan日 前

    Kay and Apex are the strongest

  10. Ruben Nersisyan

    Ruben Nersisyan日 前

    I guess KAY is the strongest faze member

  11. Ruben Nersisyan

    Ruben Nersisyan日 前

    Yo that’s insane

  12. The boi Bennett

    The boi Bennett日 前

    Im 13 and got 795 lol

  13. Toxic_Spirits01 01

    Toxic_Spirits01 012 日 前

    Like no offense but I knew Kay was gonna be the best one cause of arm wrestling challenge.

  14. Hardy Kwatra

    Hardy Kwatra2 日 前

    Rip adapt tho

  15. Elijah Quamel

    Elijah Quamel2 日 前

    Offset the devil 666

  16. hai_Lol 31

    hai_Lol 312 日 前

    Frazier is Thanos



    The face on apex face when kay won

  18. Jovan Luque

    Jovan Luque2 日 前

    5:40 is funny af

  19. Omar Samaha

    Omar Samaha2 日 前

    where's sway

  20. Itsjust_ My_lifestyle

    Itsjust_ My_lifestyle2 日 前


  21. Kurt AJES

    Kurt AJES2 日 前

    Now they know not to mess with 🤣

  22. Amie Jones

    Amie Jones2 日 前

    Offset dumb

  23. BeastOFforza 4

    BeastOFforza 42 日 前

    That's insane Jarvis

  24. Flavors wtf

    Flavors wtf2 日 前

    Who else thought rug was gonna get like 300-500

  25. Xavian Lalicker

    Xavian Lalicker2 日 前

    Oh my dayz bruv that was insanely crazy man😱😱😱

  26. Yt_jesse8a 2000

    Yt_jesse8a 20002 日 前


  27. Atif Gulzar

    Atif Gulzar3 日 前

    The 666 reminded me of a devil

  28. William Giron

    William Giron3 日 前

    *Jarvis punch punching bag *His score: 000000

  29. Geano Miller

    Geano Miller3 日 前

    Offset=illuminati confirmed

  30. Rehan Shahid

    Rehan Shahid3 日 前

    Who else saw banks in the bank

  31. Tygris Cunningham

    Tygris Cunningham3 日 前

    My highest score was 950 the highest score was 999



    FAZE KAY Jarvis your bro Jarvis thank

  33. Kayzrl122 - apex gamer

    Kayzrl122 - apex gamer3 日 前

    Where is faze sway

  34. Brayden Dennis

    Brayden Dennis3 日 前

    High sky comes in and gets a 1000

  35. Anthony Mejia

    Anthony Mejia3 日 前

    Where tf is sensei at???

  36. Anthony Mejia

    Anthony Mejia3 日 前

    -banks too lmao

  37. Tocarra Jackson

    Tocarra Jackson4 日 前

    where was sway?

  38. Maria Zabala Morales

    Maria Zabala Morales4 日 前

    Faze Clan is weak anda trash

  39. no yes

    no yes4 日 前

    Why is nobody saying that they copied the sidemen

  40. RaZ

    RaZ4 日 前

    apex= gets 801 offset= gets 798 adapt= you beat him by 2

  41. Dankisouris Rex

    Dankisouris Rex5 日 前

    Where’s faze sensei when you need him

  42. michael's gaming

    michael's gaming5 日 前

    Faze adapt looks and sounds stupid af

  43. Itz Crazy

    Itz Crazy5 日 前

    Omg faze rug probably not even good

  44. A Queen

    A Queen5 日 前

    anyone else see banks just standing there in the back LOL it was at 3:56

  45. Christopher Leger

    Christopher Leger6 日 前

    Does anyone know the jeans offset is wearing?

  46. GravityMan3000

    GravityMan30006 日 前

    5:42 adapt: That’s insane BRUV

  47. Steven Sousa

    Steven Sousa9 時間 前

    The drugs are back lol

  48. JohnnyFN

    JohnnyFN6 日 前

    Faze Kay would of got to 1000 if u said javis is not insane bro

  49. RTE savage

    RTE savage6 日 前

    insain kay

  50. Rjeje Heehe

    Rjeje Heehe7 日 前

    Blaze:snores Faze clan: enters the room “HOLYYYY FUCKKKKKKKKK” Faze Kay:”THATS INSANE BROOOOOOOOO”

  51. Diego Zapien

    Diego Zapien7 日 前

    H1ghsky and orba should have tried

  52. ES Elite

    ES Elite7 日 前

    That thing so fucking rigged

  53. FEROX2X Adesida

    FEROX2X Adesida7 日 前

    If Charla was here he will get like 1000

  54. Teppy Berkeley

    Teppy Berkeley7 日 前

    Offset should’ve broke that thing Akademiks claims he got that Superman punch 🤛 at least judging from what he did to that fan in the crowd 🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  55. dylanwig0

    dylanwig07 日 前

    It’s not all about power

  56. xSyntac x

    xSyntac x7 日 前

    You can tell offset was stoned off his ass, I mean I would also have to be stoned to be in a room with all of these people at once 😂

  57. Ivan SwAbe

    Ivan SwAbe7 日 前

    0:50 me describing my brother to others

  58. Editz Nz maori

    Editz Nz maori8 日 前

    Cmon offset

  59. Editz Nz maori

    Editz Nz maori8 日 前


  60. Editz Nz maori

    Editz Nz maori8 日 前

    Wassup Faze

  61. Charles Nixon

    Charles Nixon8 日 前

    ksi should do this

  62. Rene Martinez Chicas

    Rene Martinez Chicas8 日 前

    Can i be in the faze clan please im your biggest fan i love you all and suscribed to the channel and loved the video and left a like