Farthest Throw from Giant Tower Wins


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    Next Vid 📺 // Card Throwing Trick Shots 2 ✌🏼




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    I love that song

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    Dude Perfect 👌

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    So funny

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    Is it just me or their intro is really satisfying?!😂😂😂😂

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    3:54 is the people flying the planes lol

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    I watched it the first day it came out

  16. Just Friez

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    Only og’s remember the sumo battle

  17. Calvin Dirkmaat

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    Imagine trimming weeds and getting taken out by a foam glider 😂

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  19. Braingasm Studios

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    want to sleep relax and calm ... buddha's boon to mankind ...listen to the most oddly satisfying ASMR the channel

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    Guys what was the video in which DP mentioned Pewdipie. I just wanna know cuz I forgot😅

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    It should fly in the other way

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    These guys need to drink decaffeinated coffee.....

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    Did anyone else see the plane in the thumbnail and the words "giant towers" in the title and get a little nervous?

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    Dude perfect: you can buy these way better silly people

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    Anyone know what happened to the panda?

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    *Superb: i wish i would have been there with you guys.*



    Hi dp kid fan from India.I love Tyler's trick shot most and others

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    So much USA in one video 🤮

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    Garret won cause he used double engines 😁😁


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    Need boy 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    I lost my voice watching this video

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    Love COTA

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    fantastic 😉😼

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    I haven't watched you guys in so long

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    You are the best guys. I love our Videos. Can you please make a 3 game of rocket launches.

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    GO CODY!!!!!!!

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    i think the videos would be better with less music

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    only ogs know “cheesy crust pizza”

  45. Davhy

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    Haven’t watched these guys ina such a long time

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    Haha! Tyler was left hanging 😂😂

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    Excellent 😁😁

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    why only 6:46 we NEED MOOOORE!!!! oh yeah and the funny thing is some youtuber intros are longer than this entire video

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    Who else just scrolls down the comments and you see a funny comment and you’re just like.... Man why didn’t I think of that And I’m desperate for likes lol ; )

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    6:03 You fell down wonderfully

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    That wind blessed that last plane😂😂had it making turns and everything

  54. Mithilesh Dhumale

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    I don't know weather but did someone noticed that Cody is looking like Gonzalo higauin

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    Og intro was better :/

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    Who is the smartest of them all

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    If you american 👍 if you french comments

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    Very creative, where do you guys get these ideas?

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    It't perfect

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    I've been watching Dude Perfect for many years now and still can't tell which one is Cory and which one is Coby

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    Cody: I’m thinking 550 Cody’s plane: I think not

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    prison escape battle, glow in the dark battle

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    back to school

  77. Dwarakanath Rao

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    You guys are so talented 😎🤓🥰🤬

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    Gonna be honest... thumbnail was a little weak

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    Last time this happened there wasnt a world trade center

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    应该只有我说华文难过 I should be the only one who says Chinese.

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    Great Video guys!! From the Netherlands! :)

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    When is it ot 17 coming

  91. Parminder Kaur

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    Hey Coby’s hair is growing and Cody’s beard is getting bigger

  92. Ryulin18

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    I love watching this but all the catchphrases and screaming is so cringey