Fame is Lame


  1. Leixa

    Leixa6 ヶ月 前

    Adam has a nice butt.

  2. GoingAbrupt

    GoingAbruptヶ月 前

    Leixa THICCC

  3. •Kiwi Productions•

    •Kiwi Productions•ヶ月 前


  4. moises Contreras

    moises Contrerasヶ月 前


  5. Wolfi x

    Wolfi x2 ヶ月 前


  6. That One

    That One23 時間 前

    It's Markaplier, isn't it?

  7. Vash EV

    Vash EV日 前

    Is it just me or is that something markiplier should of expected

  8. Claes Nilsson

    Claes Nilsson日 前

    How’s your day?




  10. Meg McCaffery

    Meg McCaffery日 前

    2:24 The man with blurred face is James

  11. Marius Solvang

    Marius Solvang日 前

    Ha even james doesen't think you are famos

  12. ThatNerdyKid Animation

    ThatNerdyKid Animation日 前

    the youtuber is markiplier

  13. D3pr3ssed Dumbass

    D3pr3ssed Dumbass2 日 前

    Mans used soru sound for this. If you non weebs dont know what the hell soru is, its from one piece.

  14. cocoabean89

    cocoabean892 日 前

    Why do people want to be famous anyways? Like the more famous you are the more likely you will get targeted by crazy people >_< (No offence famous youtubers and people) By crazy people i mean like= People who go crazy jealous over small things and ki// people because of that (ONCE AGAIN IM SORRY!! JUST MY HONEST TRUTH!! PLEASE DONT HATE ON ME XC)

  15. Flying Peanut

    Flying Peanut2 日 前

    I’m kinda feeling bad for u now.... alittle

  16. Prieto Monica

    Prieto Monica2 日 前

    pleasures mine daddy

  17. Bacon Zones

    Bacon Zones2 日 前

    something else yt: (help I’m gonna die)

  18. Dean Morgan

    Dean Morgan2 日 前

    This video is really inspiring and makes me want to try harder to get what I want in my life thank you

  19. splxrp

    splxrp2 日 前

    The fact that I realized he said daddy to markiplier or else I’m tripping bc he looks like marky

  20. Georgia Bailey

    Georgia Bailey2 日 前

    "Hi Daddy says adam" "when and where says mark"

  21. Mr. MachineBot

    Mr. MachineBot2 日 前

    He just make a sweater that says game is lame

  22. Anthony Diamandi

    Anthony Diamandi2 日 前

    Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi

  23. BunnyBooPanda Meow

    BunnyBooPanda Meow2 日 前

    Adam just so handsome and cute~ 🖤

  24. Lemon's Lover

    Lemon's Lover2 日 前

    Dude its only a shitti friend or i say plastic and i agree and disagree about fame is lame but sorry not sorry about the fucking 50/50% because..... i want just that way i think. Sooooooo.... I love your video and gg on good work.

  25. Doris Hyde

    Doris Hyde2 日 前

    Please like my comment and heart my comment

  26. Doris Hyde

    Doris Hyde2 日 前

    hi lovey your videos

  27. Doris Hyde

    Doris Hyde2 日 前

    I hope you get some more

  28. Doris Hyde

    Doris Hyde2 日 前

    You have so many subscribers

  29. [insert YouTube name]

    [insert YouTube name]2 日 前

    People we now have a audio clip of Adam saying "Daddy" use them W I S E L Y

  30. Jennifer Jansky

    Jennifer Jansky2 日 前

    I totally agree.. :) on my mom's phone.

  31. Olivia Monagas

    Olivia Monagas2 日 前

    All I really wanna do is try to help others by being a light in their life. I wanna leave the world knowing that I've helped someone anyone, who's been going through a lot of crap. I wanna help other for the silence purpose of just helping them kind of like Markiplier... hes helped me through the roughest of time where I contemplated whether I should just kill myself or go on living.. I wanna help others like he has, because being a light for someone else is the most rewarding thing ever, even if I'm chewed out in the future and not cared about, I still want to help as many people as possible. That's what I've been wanting to do my whole life

  32. Ace Gamer

    Ace Gamer3 日 前

    i want merch, but its too expensive!

  33. the little Shopkin

    the little Shopkin3 日 前

    I don't wanna be famous

  34. Emiliano Ramirez

    Emiliano Ramirez3 日 前

    How your day

  35. lionn the lion

    lionn the lion3 日 前

    Hdrhrgr yrc. F fc A

  36. Jayla Stepney

    Jayla Stepney3 日 前

    its ok adam ill be your friend if you STOP yelling I'm wearing headphones so my sister will stop being nosey and whenever you scream it feels like 1 million airhorns just went off at the same time right next to me

  37. Daviddo

    Daviddo3 日 前


  38. Lincoln Olsem

    Lincoln Olsem3 日 前

    James has a nice hair due

  39. Xav Man

    Xav Man4 日 前

    So basically *8 year old fans harass Adam at super markets, coffee shops and most likely dark ally ways.*

  40. Cryptations

    Cryptations4 日 前

    After all these years he still loves bananas that stand next to the fridge. You can even tell because bananas don’t come in three’s.( This message brought to you by a nerd who study’s bananas and random JPreporter videos. )

  41. juggalotus 1337

    juggalotus 13374 日 前

    where's your pants? 😐

  42. Kailey Billings

    Kailey Billings4 日 前

    After re-watching this a long time after the first time I watched it, I realized that the person he said “The pleasure is mine, daddy” is probably Markiplier lol

  43. gabe gibson

    gabe gibson4 日 前

    Man if it’s that annoying to be famous then I might head out

  44. Violeta Sin

    Violeta Sin4 日 前


  45. Violeta Sin

    Violeta Sin4 日 前

    Dodo you

  46. Zoya Giri

    Zoya Giri4 日 前

    You, James ( theodd1sout) ,and jaiden(jainedanimmation) inspired me to ask my mom if I could be a youtuber and she said yes it I could wait untill the summer time

  47. Cici Rodriguez

    Cici Rodriguez4 日 前

    I’m debating whether his favorite celebrity is markiplier or cinnamontoastken Ps love ur channel ❤️❤️❤️👌🏽👌🏽

  48. Lightning Mark

    Lightning Mark4 日 前

    01:10 I never understand what he says

  49. Christina Powell

    Christina Powell4 日 前

    Pleasures Daddy. Then I jumped out of Window and fell to my death

  50. Keisha Cleodora Nurdien

    Keisha Cleodora Nurdien4 日 前

    I think i wouldn't freaked out like that if i accendentally met you...🤨

  51. Gacha Tiger

    Gacha Tiger4 日 前

    He mentioned that “so and so” in another vid an said everyone I’m my comments said I look like MArkIpLIaR

  52. Gacha Tiger

    Gacha Tiger4 日 前

    It’s markipliar

  53. Extinct Corgi 40

    Extinct Corgi 404 日 前

    Hey man I have a youtube channel but I don't do it for fame popularity or money I just made it have friends

  54. Amira :3 angel El jattari.

    Amira :3 angel El jattari.4 日 前

    Why. Do. U. Have. No. Pants

  55. Cici Rodriguez

    Cici Rodriguez4 日 前

    Amira :3 angel El jattari. Y not?

  56. Kristy Babiy

    Kristy Babiy4 日 前

    Cool vid

  57. The charlanator

    The charlanator5 日 前

    Nice basketball shoots

  58. Gustavo Leyva

    Gustavo Leyva5 日 前

    Markiplier is my dad too

  59. Susan Schubert

    Susan Schubert5 日 前

    Hi Adam how are you

  60. ItzDucky Peach

    ItzDucky Peach5 日 前

    Adam: Go CrAzY 😝 Go CrAzy Also Adam: Go StUpId Me: I’m already crazy and I’m not stupid I am only stupid when it fricken come to maths reason why is because I suck i like English better

  61. Brianna C

    Brianna C5 日 前

    Markpler daddy....

  62. Maxwell Goddard

    Maxwell Goddard5 日 前

    oh my god, you called markiplyer daddy! ha! that's rich

  63. SirHippy68

    SirHippy685 日 前

    Please. Subscribe. To me

  64. Mimi Ocampo

    Mimi Ocampo5 日 前

    Why do one of the carpenter say The adam has a nice buut

  65. Mimi Ocampo

    Mimi Ocampo5 日 前

    Yeah fame is lame

  66. Emma McCune

    Emma McCune5 日 前

    Tbh i really like adams videos but i don’t think i’d freak tf out if i saw him. i might be omfg that’s adam!! hey bro can i maybe get a picture or something. but ya know