Falling In Reverse - "The Drug In Me Is Reimagined"


  1. Rinata Gatina

    Rinata Gatina時間 前

    Magnifico. BRAVO Ronnie sei un genio, te lo dico da musicista.

  2. Samantha Gunter

    Samantha Gunter4 時間 前

    You have an amazing voice, your ability to scream, rap and sing like this, just amazing 😍

  3. Ashley De la Garza

    Ashley De la Garza6 時間 前

    Tim Burton Vive🔥🔥🔥

  4. Frankie Bruner

    Frankie Bruner12 時間 前

    Omfg I'm done just done tears in my eyes

  5. brendenf244j

    brendenf244j17 時間 前

    Glad to see Ronnie is getting the recognition he deserves

  6. MeHaveDonut

    MeHaveDonut22 時間 前

    The Drug In Me Is You will never sound the same again. This my new fave song :)

  7. Nameless Mom

    Nameless Mom日 前

    Lo tenía de oído hace mil a este flaco pero lo redescubrí hace poco. Que talentoso por favaaaar!!!

  8. khairul idzham

    khairul idzham日 前

    It’s so beautiful!

  9. Twizted Illuzion

    Twizted Illuzion日 前

    absoulutly loved this

  10. Hayden Caliber

    Hayden Caliber日 前

    This is a fucking masterpiece.

  11. Bri Baby

    Bri Baby日 前

    I can picture playing cod zombies and where on level 100 something trying to survive then this song plays while the hardest levels arrive...

  12. nerdy redneck byrd

    nerdy redneck byrd日 前

    Why does he have fangs? Like vampire teeth. I know he sings not a vampire, but is there another reason?

  13. Bryce L

    Bryce L日 前

    Wha-.....I’m......Ronnie, you’re a fucking legend! I’m LOVING everything you put out! Honestly I’m speechless, I can’t think of anything else to say...!

  14. sagchipkwe31

    sagchipkwe31日 前

    This is amazing. Great work. Hitting home.

  15. BlatantTruthes

    BlatantTruthes日 前

    I could see this song and the trilogy adapted into a sort of classical broadway performance with dark form operatic nuances then add in the energy of a modern metal/rock concert. It would be extremely deep while entertaining as fuck

  16. cats cats

    cats cats日 前

    The video is a tribute to Edward scissorhands

  17. Michele Gallagher

    Michele Gallagher日 前

    Actually pretty good! He's very talented...to bad he's such a jackass

  18. susanne hruška

    susanne hruška2 日 前


  19. Kristin Ullholm

    Kristin Ullholm2 日 前

    Bro what did this girl do to poor ronnies heart man

  20. jon stolpe

    jon stolpe2 日 前

    Damn this kid can sing !!!!!

  21. Me2nmine me

    Me2nmine me2 日 前

    Love everything about this. Ronnie's a great songwriter/singer/artist. But he's genius @ mixing genres & having a song come out so fine. ^5 Ronnie Radke ^5🎼.

  22. I'm Gay

    I'm Gay2 日 前


  23. I'm Gay

    I'm Gay2 日 前

    I've been a fan since 2009 and I love this so much 🥺

  24. I'm Gay

    I'm Gay2 日 前

    This is so cute :')

  25. Dan Jags

    Dan Jags2 日 前

    I will tell my kids this is Professor Snape.

  26. MatrixAlphaCWX

    MatrixAlphaCWX2 日 前

    I found this band on myspace back in the day. When all they had was a few songs on their music player. I still have my There's No Sympathy For The Dead EP. Now he is a legend. Haha

  27. Andrei Novikov

    Andrei Novikov2 日 前

    A masterpiece! ..

  28. Amanda Jewells C

    Amanda Jewells C2 日 前

    May we please have more songs that showcase Ronnie’s magical voice?

  29. LordTalon99

    LordTalon992 日 前

    Great! Now I want to hear a collaboration with Spencer from Ice Nine Kills!

  30. Giselle Xaiane

    Giselle Xaiane2 日 前

  31. Inclining Rug

    Inclining Rug2 日 前

    Absolute masterpiece ❤️

  32. Robin Sieferer

    Robin Sieferer2 日 前

    This is my lullaby every day...

  33. Thalison Thiago

    Thalison Thiago2 日 前

    Que música!

  34. assholio lopez

    assholio lopez3 日 前

    Ronnie!!! Your voice is so hauntingly beautiful!!!! Oh my god!

  35. Syntora

    Syntora3 日 前

    ladys and gentlemen, this is just Art

  36. It_sBatman _

    It_sBatman _3 日 前

    Whats! When? Where? Why??!

  37. _.moshpit

    _.moshpit3 日 前

    isso é uma obra de arte, deveria ser um hino

  38. Jaden DeVasher

    Jaden DeVasher3 日 前

    I have to go to my bestfriends funeral today.. Shes the one who showed me Falling in reverse. The drug in me you was the song she showed me.. And im gonna play this song when the music plays... Rip to her

  39. татьяна туривная

    татьяна туривная3 日 前

    Обожаю эту песню и эту группу.

  40. Alysa Spence

    Alysa Spence4 日 前

    This was actually very beautiful. It's crazy how it changes the way you view this song. Obsessed !!! ♡ plzzz do more reimagined covers !!!

  41. Ana Milagros Parra

    Ana Milagros Parra4 日 前

    fucking ronnie is a genius

  42. Tiago. Fark

    Tiago. Fark4 日 前

    4:52 MIND BLOW

  43. Victoria Gannon

    Victoria Gannon4 日 前


  44. KANAZ

    KANAZ5 日 前

    FYI, he can't play the piano if you were curious.

  45. Panchoman~PlusUltra~

    Panchoman~PlusUltra~日 前

    Yes he can.

  46. UnderLight

    UnderLight5 日 前

    I've lost my goddamn mind from listening this song over and over again

  47. Gustavo Vittoraci

    Gustavo Vittoraci5 日 前

    as historias e contextos dentro dos singles que FR estao fazendo é surreal de perfeito a conexao de tudo

  48. Katherine Blake

    Katherine Blake5 日 前

    Me: the drug in me is you can't get better Ronnie: hold my goblet bitch

  49. Todd Schnittjer

    Todd Schnittjer6 日 前

    I haven't had chills like that since The Ransom

  50. Renee Randall

    Renee Randall6 日 前

    11113and that tttttttyttyt your to be tttttttyttyt bhai Duffy

  51. J Feeldz

    J Feeldz6 日 前

    All I know is he and Amy Lee need to get to together for something!!! Like freaking please!!!!!😁😁😁

  52. Jenya Kirmiza

    Jenya Kirmiza6 日 前

    i like this music so much, but the lyrics are awful

  53. im black

    im black6 日 前

    Then why are you here

  54. WereBear

    WereBear6 日 前

    How is this song not on the radio. Or at 500mil views This is legitimately one of the best songs I've ever heard. Anyone that understands music will love it for its quality

  55. Gregory Harris

    Gregory Harris6 日 前

    I see a long music career in this guy. He seems to have appreciation for all music.

  56. Anna fishbein

    Anna fishbein6 日 前

    Very beautiful 🌝

  57. Big Chief

    Big Chief7 日 前

    This guy was the melodic voice of a generation, this song of all songs is a anthem to most youths of the modern era. Living amongst the plague that is our country one often forgets, through all the misery, we as a collective are suffering and for this man to describe how we all feel in the depths of our souls speaks volumes for his creative muse. Ronnie won’t be as great as we remember, but we can relish in days long passed through this song that’s sung like a angel and screamed into our spirits like a demon.

  58. Piia Välimaa

    Piia Välimaa7 日 前

    Ohhhh my gosh. What a beautiful and amazing song! It went straight to my heart. 🖤 So much emotions, lyrics, piano, Ronnie's amazing voice and everything, there isn't even words to tell..

  59. Fruity Loopsy

    Fruity Loopsy7 日 前

    It’s so different and beautiful 😭

  60. Hanan Garadi

    Hanan Garadi7 日 前

    😭 I love it so beautiful

  61. Luanzera -_-

    Luanzera -_-7 日 前

    Um hino para todo o sempre

  62. Dead_Afro

    Dead_Afro7 日 前

    Scared the fuck out me LMFAO

  63. Noor Fatimah

    Noor Fatimah7 日 前

    he's totally not that old ronnie

  64. pukeboy

    pukeboy7 日 前

    This shit beautiful bro damn

  65. gone gamer

    gone gamer7 日 前

    I gave up after the piano solo because I had shit to do when this came out just came back to it and as much as it is such an amazing song I would hate to be inside the mind of Ronnie radke

  66. Benito Cardenas

    Benito Cardenas7 日 前

    First time hearing this..holy shit..how sid I ever never heard of this group...

  67. wong kh

    wong kh7 日 前

    what a fucking amazing song

  68. Sneaky Peaky

    Sneaky Peaky7 日 前

    This is the most beautiful song that i've ever heard, damn.

  69. Aldi Achmad

    Aldi Achmad7 日 前

    I love how Spotify randomly recommends this song

  70. Rewant Sharma

    Rewant Sharma8 日 前

    He looks like the vampire from Van Helsing

  71. Razors Rayne & Roses

    Razors Rayne & Roses8 日 前

    This guy is the love-child of Meatloaf & Alice Cooper. Awesome

  72. Rewant Sharma

    Rewant Sharma8 日 前

    Yes Ronnie! Re Imagine the fuck out of every song!

  73. Blades of mercy abuser

    Blades of mercy abuser8 日 前

    I am on drugs.. I can't stop listen to his voice

  74. TenebrisLama

    TenebrisLama8 日 前

    This is the remix I didn't know I needed

  75. Aleah Harper

    Aleah Harper8 日 前


  76. BobLeeSwagger53

    BobLeeSwagger538 日 前

    I am extremely late to the party, but i first heard popular monster a couple days ago, then this song, then the original, and then the drugs trilogy. Wow, i love these bands who are able to seamlessly change their style. Popular monster had like 5 genres of music in one track. Freaking incredible. Falling in Reverse is legit talented. I will definitely start listening to their artwork more.

  77. Akatsuki Org

    Akatsuki Org8 日 前

    whatttttttt !!! the last part wowoooow ho ho my body shakingggg !!!

  78. Akatsuki Org

    Akatsuki Org8 日 前

    Ronnie !!!! man you nail it !!!

  79. Paul Kielt

    Paul Kielt9 日 前


  80. Random World etc

    Random World etc9 日 前


  81. Darkshadow Gaming

    Darkshadow Gaming9 日 前

    The actual rock world is reimagined

  82. Bobby foxx

    Bobby foxx9 日 前

    This is your best work. Period.

  83. Salty Mons

    Salty Mons9 日 前

    Is this a vampire song? 2:50

  84. coisinha linda

    coisinha linda9 日 前

    Caralho, eu amei ❤

  85. Makla

    Makla9 日 前

    1SubClub Represent ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪

  86. crippling depression

    crippling depression9 日 前

    Been listening to this song since it came out and It legit got me through quarantine

  87. Jennifer Ashworth

    Jennifer Ashworth9 日 前

    That was beautiful

  88. David Storch

    David Storch9 日 前

    Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie you are amazing you have the most beautiful voice you have a voice like an angel

  89. christina thompson

    christina thompson9 日 前

    i like both ways he sang this song and it gives off two diff vibes

  90. BLblondchen

    BLblondchen9 日 前

    where can i get the piano sheet?

  91. MOonChild Yaknow

    MOonChild Yaknow10 日 前

    If Underworld ever makes more movies, this should 1,000,000% be in it.

  92. Rub Ort

    Rub Ort10 日 前

    Hauntingly beautiful

  93. April Arnold

    April Arnold10 日 前

    I love it it's so amazing

  94. Elton Garcia

    Elton Garcia11 日 前

    Fucking raw as hell

  95. Anderson Teixeira

    Anderson Teixeira11 日 前

    My name is Stela.

  96. Dingo Ate Baby

    Dingo Ate Baby11 日 前

    This song touched my soul. I thought it was gone.

  97. AmyM& Beauty

    AmyM& Beauty12 日 前

    I'm pretty sure they modeled Kylo Ren after Ronnie...

  98. Shamu

    Shamu12 日 前

    Finally a song that is singing what my heart is screaming.

  99. Olga R

    Olga R12 日 前

    Am i getting tripped off on 3:58 YOU TRIED TO REACH ME BUT YOU JUST CANT NEL ME? Like i know singers use techniques where they don't give the full pronounce to a certain word to keep a note/ rythym going but ever since i caught that i cant unhear it.

  100. Joan Jett

    Joan Jett12 日 前

    I cannot even explain what this song has done to me. I've never been in such awe and unimaginable torment yet still grasping reality with contentment in my life. #mindblown

  101. Elyse Barrett

    Elyse Barrett12 日 前

    Beautiful rendition!

  102. Maddox FtM

    Maddox FtM12 日 前

    This song builds up so nicely, it just gradually gets more and more intense and emotional.