Falcons vs. Cowboys Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2020


  1. PvtGermanWagz

    PvtGermanWagz3 時間 前

    It was 20-0. 😂😂😂

  2. Taintsnorkeler 4

    Taintsnorkeler 43 時間 前

    They should have kept Andy in for longer then the like 3 plays

  3. Jesus Sandoval

    Jesus Sandoval3 時間 前

    COWBOYS #1

  4. mr vince

    mr vince3 時間 前

    bruh it’s so disappointing to watch the falcons

  5. Macaroni25

    Macaroni253 時間 前

    Lol Jerry Jones when they recovered the onside

  6. Life Of CJ

    Life Of CJ3 時間 前

    #1 on trending dang

  7. Eric Turner

    Eric Turner3 時間 前

    What about that comeback the falcons are trash under pressure and the cowboys are just goated

  8. Jace Vogel

    Jace Vogel3 時間 前

    Anyone notice that Zekes truck killed a man on impact

  9. Cedric S

    Cedric S3 時間 前

    They deserved to lose

  10. EDP445'S big black ass cheeks

    EDP445'S big black ass cheeks3 時間 前

    First the Super bowl now in Dallas

  11. Leandro Vaz de Azevedo

    Leandro Vaz de Azevedo3 時間 前

    Sensacional, Vai Cowboys

  12. Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    Chris Pirillo Is Eboola3 時間 前

    So they blew another lead?

  13. Junior Perez

    Junior Perez3 時間 前

    Was there fans in the stands ?

  14. Tigtoshig

    Tigtoshig3 時間 前

    Great game.

  15. Ruben Olguin

    Ruben Olguin3 時間 前

    Lmao, I’m a die hard cowboys fan... we should not have won that game. 🤣 But thanks lanta we’ll take it

  16. skrtskrt kachow

    skrtskrt kachow3 時間 前

    matt ryan is a great quarterback with an average shitty team

  17. FuиKy

    FuиKy3 時間 前

    this is why they are america's team.. full of drama and lowest of the lows from start and a bittersweet ending. cowboys should have prime time spot each sunday.

  18. Jon Nimmer

    Jon Nimmer3 時間 前

    The Lord Bless you and keep you. Let His face shine on you and be gracious to you. The Lord turn His face toward you and give you Peace. Jesus Loves you with all His heart. Please give your life to Him. He is worthy. Jesus



    Dallas watched tape of the superbowl

  20. Denise Macias

    Denise Macias3 時間 前


  21. Eric S

    Eric S3 時間 前

    War eagle 🦅!

  22. The1Toast

    The1Toast3 時間 前

    Falcons: 20-0 Also Falcons: *Vietnam Flashbacks*

  23. fblk officiel

    fblk officiel3 時間 前


  24. zoom doof

    zoom doof3 時間 前

    Wow falcons suck

  25. quil Gang

    quil Gang3 時間 前

    Let's go Boyz!! That gabe me goosebumps and butterflies #WEDEMBOYZ

  26. Tony Euphoria

    Tony Euphoria3 時間 前

    Can't understand how someone can play football well enough to be a pro, and not know the receiving team doesn't have to wait for 10 yards to touch a kick-off.

  27. Jonathan Valjan

    Jonathan Valjan3 時間 前

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  28. Toxyc Aqua-_-

    Toxyc Aqua-_-3 時間 前

    Awwww man it’s alright falcons get it next time

  29. BluegrassRules101

    BluegrassRules1013 時間 前

    Bunch of BETA males can’t jump on the ball to end the game lol. It’s like the Falcons forgot they were allowed to touch it. How does the slowest onside kick manage to be recovered by the kicking team?!? Lol

  30. Charles Cheese

    Charles Cheese3 時間 前

    Atlanta is the king of choke

  31. Slow Cheetah

    Slow Cheetah3 時間 前

    The cowboys horrible coaching still can’t stop Matt Ryan’s ability to blow huge leads

  32. Chrisooo Frm617

    Chrisooo Frm6173 時間 前


  33. **

    **3 時間 前

    Hahaha couple a trash teams

  34. Alex Soto

    Alex Soto3 時間 前

    Falcons special teams did a Jr smith 💀

  35. Fair mohammed

    Fair mohammed3 時間 前

    illegal not eat Chinese China South Thailand Twian

  36. Julio A Palacios Jr

    Julio A Palacios Jr3 時間 前

    Oh!! One hander!!! Are you kidding me!!!! Love it.

  37. Milki D'Ora

    Milki D'Ora3 時間 前

    "Yes" "Literally:Yes" "Everyone: comments this and gets Super of likes" "👌"

  38. Robert Pease

    Robert Pease3 時間 前

    Falcons up 20 - 0 Dan Quinn: Execute Order 66 Dak: It will be done, my lord.

  39. David Lucas Ortiz

    David Lucas Ortiz3 時間 前

    The Patriots Broke The Falcons! 😭

  40. Jamison Leung

    Jamison Leung3 時間 前

    End of the Year Awards... Practcing social distancing while playing football...Atlanta Falcons!

  41. Stan Sova

    Stan Sova3 時間 前


  42. Jordan Mazzitelle

    Jordan Mazzitelle4 時間 前

    The fact that the cowboys did this down 2 starting tackles(pro bowl/pro bowl level) 2 starting linebackers(pro bowlers) without their all pro center, without their swing tackle, without a starting corner, and other players banged up. 8 players on IR when no other team had more than 5. Especially against a very good offense. With 5 turnovers. Is kind of incredible. Have to tip your cap to them.

  43. Luis Martinez

    Luis Martinez4 時間 前

    60 minute ball club babyyy.... HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYSSSS!!!DC4L

  44. John Reddick

    John Reddick4 時間 前

    Omg! Ridley is Ridiculous! If Rookie of the year was a person!

  45. Shay Bee

    Shay Bee4 時間 前

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  46. Bizzie Ohnbino

    Bizzie Ohnbino4 時間 前

    Falcons is a living example of the Turtle racing the Hare story

  47. BigSean PD

    BigSean PD4 時間 前

    Falcon fans can't tell us NOTHING else! #WhoDatNation

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  49. Grey Lawrence

    Grey Lawrence4 時間 前

    My cowoys # 1 on trending let goooooooooooooo

  50. chole priicce

    chole priicce4 時間 前

    Thank you Falcons for your kindness, but why did you decide you didn't want to win?

  51. WHY? WHY?

    WHY? WHY?4 時間 前


  52. Papi Tre

    Papi Tre4 時間 前

    Man somebody give Zuerlin a raise

  53. Seth Hellesen

    Seth Hellesen4 時間 前

    Falcons are now known for there blown leads

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  55. OrangeNwildvlogs

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  56. ZONIQ Ger

    ZONIQ Ger4 時間 前

    This has got to be the Game of the Week. What a Fight. This is why i love Football

  57. islamic paradise

    islamic paradise4 時間 前

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  59. chino 418

    chino 4184 時間 前


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  61. Devmanboy

    Devmanboy4 時間 前

    A positive for the falcons. They have a top 5-7 offense. On the other hand. 32nd special teams. 29-32 defense. 25-32 coaching

  62. Franciscito Samano

    Franciscito Samano4 時間 前

    Cruz Azul of the nfl

  63. Growth Mindset

    Growth Mindset4 時間 前

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  65. David Evans

    David Evans4 時間 前

    The Cowboys played as bad you can play. But still won the game. I've hope. Seattle is going to be difficult, but maybe they can focus knowing how good Seattle is.

  66. Anthony Mendoza

    Anthony Mendoza4 時間 前

    Leave it to the Falcons to choke away a lead.

  67. Mario Mendoza

    Mario Mendoza4 時間 前

    Go COWBOYS!!!!

  68. 1k subs before 2021 ?

    1k subs before 2021 ?4 時間 前

    I know 99% of you aren’t going to see this but I hope you have a good day and come closer to accomplishing your goals.

  69. Landon Leal

    Landon Leal4 時間 前

    Falcons suck and the boys win

  70. josesoto7018

    josesoto70184 時間 前

    Could Atlanta have kicked the ball out of bounds? The ball was moving slow. I think they would of got penalized 10 yards for doing that but they would of got the ball back.

  71. kassabi 101

    kassabi 1014 時間 前

    That fact that this is number 1 trending cuz of the falcons blowing a lead is sad

  72. Phunny

    Phunny4 時間 前

    Wtf this is trending but not mark’s video that he spent thousands on?? All this video is, is just people GETTING money

  73. Loren Alloway

    Loren Alloway4 時間 前

    Lions and Falcon fans have sum in common


    IBA OFFICIAL4 時間 前


  75. Scott C

    Scott C4 時間 前

    Atl is still the laughing stock in the league.

  76. Noah Jablonski

    Noah Jablonski4 時間 前

    8:45 DENIED



    idkbout that onside kick it jus looked paid off almost

  78. Assumption is the mother Of all fuck-ups

    Assumption is the mother Of all fuck-ups4 時間 前

    “How do we beat these guys?” Tom & Bill have entered the chat

  79. Jeremiah Floyd

    Jeremiah Floyd4 時間 前

    Lmfaoooo no way they let us win like that

  80. Hunter gaming

    Hunter gaming4 時間 前

    Falcons we got this in the bag Dallas:your dam wrong

  81. Tiko

    Tiko4 時間 前

    Got to give falcons credit for practicing 6 feet of social distancing on the onside kick

  82. ed low

    ed low4 時間 前

    Who cares?

  83. oldnew newold

    oldnew newold4 時間 前

    Why. Didn’t any Atlanta players just pick the ball up???🤦‍♂️ Dallas players can’t but Atlanta could!!! WTF!!

  84. Elite 4 Champion Josh

    Elite 4 Champion Josh4 時間 前

    As a cowboys fan, really not impressed,, I'll wait till playoffs. Falcons staying true to their dominatrix ways and choking on themselves.

  85. Nicholas Nesmith

    Nicholas Nesmith4 時間 前

    That safety back there is highly questionable need to give someone who tryna make the hit a chance this game was lost on defense

  86. Brock Madigan

    Brock Madigan4 時間 前


  87. Motivation and Riddles 360

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  88. Mrjacques91

    Mrjacques914 時間 前

    Wtf falcons choke team numero uno

  89. Sside Tana

    Sside Tana4 時間 前

    Atlanta has to rebuild!! I know it sounds crazy with the amount of talent they have. But it just HAS to change. 1.Get rid of the coach and the whole staff. 2. Get rid of the G.M 3.Get rid of Matt Ryan( I know it sounds crazy but u just gotta do it). He had an amazing game and I understand that. But it’s something about him as a leader that just doesn’t do it for me. It’s like the Falcons players don’t have any hope in him when it’s clutch. They were up 15 points with 4 mins and they were looking like the game was over for them??? Like wtf?

  90. HelloOctober Designs

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  91. carpe diem

    carpe diem4 時間 前

    Just came to say Anti American NFL SUCKS!

  92. Kermit of Rivia

    Kermit of Rivia4 時間 前

    Goddamit Atlanta! Yall had one job fam. One job. These cats were afraid they were going to be exposed to the Rona by grabbing the football.

  93. Yahir Berrezueta

    Yahir Berrezueta4 時間 前

    ryan julio and ridley don’t deserve this

  94. Big Pimpin

    Big Pimpin4 時間 前

    Stephen a smith would not happy

  95. Charlie Anselbach

    Charlie Anselbach4 時間 前

    Lmao this got #1 on trending

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  98. Nathan Lujan

    Nathan Lujan4 時間 前

    Rule number 1 of becoming a Falcons fan: NEVER CELEBRATE EARLY

  99. Bowser 101

    Bowser 1014 時間 前

    That is another huge lead the falcons lose I though the super bowl was it for the falcons

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