EXTREME Try Not To Laugh Challenge


  1. coco bork

    coco bork15 時間 前

    eugene gives off strong rosa diaz vibes

  2. Sanjukta Mitra

    Sanjukta Mitra15 時間 前


  3. Marie

    Marie2 日 前

    "cute dogs and adorable children dont get me, but once something shits in front of me..." -Eugene 2017

  4. Christa Anne Degala

    Christa Anne Degala2 日 前

    Haha I really love you eugene 😍

  5. Gachaworld M

    Gachaworld M3 日 前

    I remember Eugene laughing when Ned was mortified from Eugene’s blizzard of kisses

  6. Tamara Baeza

    Tamara Baeza3 日 前

    02:05 "hE jUst lEft mE :CCCC"

  7. Isabella Smith

    Isabella Smith4 日 前

    Eugene has no heart unless it's pigs. 🐖 Yet everyone loves him.

  8. ilovecake

    ilovecake4 日 前

    Its extremely difficult to smile when I'm alone but I laugh/smile around other peeps b/c I'm nervous

  9. Huskaya Ken

    Huskaya Ken4 日 前

    Eugene? ThatMidgetAsian? I know it’s not him but still

  10. Sophocles SHOUTS!!!!!!

    Sophocles SHOUTS!!!!!!4 日 前

    Eugene is the embodiment of my soul, but I don’t end up that way.

  11. 「 komaki sue 」

    「 komaki sue 」4 日 前

    *when u say ur not going to smile but u smile right after u say that*

  12. Haku Saku

    Haku Saku5 日 前

    comments made me laugh

  13. Harshita Chatterjee

    Harshita Chatterjee6 日 前


  14. Silvia Garza

    Silvia Garza7 日 前

    Do you guys see Clark’s pit stains??

  15. Anupriya Ganigera

    Anupriya Ganigera7 日 前

    I love Eric's face at last

  16. Fabulous Cactus

    Fabulous Cactus8 日 前

    "Has he pooped on everyone?" God 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Victoria Reis

    Victoria Reis9 日 前

    They gave me Rosa and Boyle vibes

  18. Lisa Manalo

    Lisa Manalo9 日 前

    Eugene crabs

  19. dominika kwiatek

    dominika kwiatek10 日 前

    Am I the only one who thinks Eugene looks a little like Cole Sprouse?

  20. Taehyung's Queen

    Taehyung's Queen11 日 前

    *I bet....Blonde guy is the great dad*

  21. Zoey luna kaname

    Zoey luna kaname13 日 前

    Play Lost in the beginning with the freaking bulldog with his hat I left when the pig took a poop on Eugene LOL

  22. Bannasqaudppl

    Bannasqaudppl14 日 前

    That's what you get for not smiling at such adorable things, a pig dropping

  23. ipsita parida

    ipsita parida14 日 前

    1:57 girl:hehehehahaha Eugene: oh flip here they come again

  24. Steven Castillo

    Steven Castillo14 日 前

    to be honest this is like a try not to laugh for me XD

  25. Pat Black

    Pat Black14 日 前

    Oh it killed me that Eugene didn't smile at the children... You HAVE to smile at children even when you're mad or sad or don't like children!

  26. Linda

    Linda12 日 前

    Uh no, you don't HAVE to.

  27. Maisha Munir

    Maisha Munir15 日 前

    I need a Clark in mah lyf

  28. ninaeatworld

    ninaeatworld19 日 前

    This combined Eugene's three biggest fears: kids, hugs and no alcohol.

  29. Anusha Nandan

    Anusha Nandan20 日 前

    well i failed the thumbnail made me laugh so...

  30. Anushka Harish

    Anushka Harish20 日 前

    eugene is kinda like Rosa Diaz

  31. Rosalinda Guidry

    Rosalinda Guidry23 日 前

    1:15 omg his arm pits

  32. Kheilas Reti

    Kheilas Reti25 日 前

    Clark = Joker Eugene = Batman

  33. Kheilas Reti

    Kheilas Reti25 日 前

    Clark = superman

  34. sabina mclaughlin

    sabina mclaughlin26 日 前

    EUGENE TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, how are you soooo good at not smiling?❤️🏳️‍🌈

  35. Chelsea Kirk

    Chelsea Kirk27 日 前

    He smiles all the time. Idk why he tries so hard

  36. Liger Tea

    Liger Tea28 日 前


  37. Mark Evans

    Mark Evans29 日 前

    Eugene just needs a hug. or to be pooped on

  38. Rita C

    Rita Cヶ月 前

    lmao the lil kids were actually cute

  39. Amaze the Amazing

    Amaze the Amazingヶ月 前

    1:15 look at his armpit

  40. Dani Danini

    Dani Daniniヶ月 前

    Damn, I don't think a youtube vidio has made me laugh that hard like EVER!!!! I'M CRYING😂😂😂

  41. Littlespider310

    Littlespider310ヶ月 前

    Its buzzfeed. Of course you'll never smile.

  42. retro aesthetic

    retro aestheticヶ月 前

    tHiS iS a PiG

  43. Alexandra Salusbury

    Alexandra Salusburyヶ月 前


  44. Best Belle

    Best Belleヶ月 前

    Eugene looks like zack king

  45. Lara Pritchard

    Lara Pritchardヶ月 前

    Eugene really reminds of Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn nine-nine.

  46. seremos extraños juntos o no

    seremos extraños juntos o noヶ月 前

    Wild Eugene being attacked by wild kids

  47. Angelic Exo-L 6104

    Angelic Exo-L 6104ヶ月 前

    You knw wht buzzfeed Eugene isn't a emotionless human being. He knw how to smile, laugh and he also knows how to have fun. You want some proof then watch THE TRY GUYS videos 😊 good day/night

  48. Katie Dykeman

    Katie Dykemanヶ月 前

    Yo why is Eric cutr

  49. Dork Forever

    Dork Foreverヶ月 前

    I just lost the pig!!!

  50. AsherahTheCat

    AsherahTheCatヶ月 前

    Eugene didnt smile at cute dogs Eugene didnt slime at cute kids *It did make him laugh when the pig pooped on him*

  51. xXGelxto MilkteaXx

    xXGelxto MilkteaXxヶ月 前

    *pig enters* me: iS THaT a CHicKEn?!?!?

  52. Kinzy Fouad

    Kinzy Fouadヶ月 前

    OMG .... I thought I'm the only person who doesn't know hoe to connect with children 😆

  53. Devotee

    Devoteeヶ月 前

    So basically Hufflepuff and Slytherin as persons

  54. Haru ki

    Haru kiヶ月 前

    How to make Eugene smile: *Be a pig and effing poop on right next to him*

  55. nirvaana mathi

    nirvaana mathiヶ月 前

    Why's no one talking about how sweet Clark is? And how he's not afraid to show his emotions.

  56. Adhil Haneef

    Adhil Haneefヶ月 前

    I laughed at the hardware joke

  57. Galaxy Equestrian

    Galaxy Equestrianヶ月 前

    1:41 me when i see eugene

  58. pink caramel

    pink caramelヶ月 前

    *"Eugene, Full of Hate"* wow mood

  59. Snowy Bunny

    Snowy Bunnyヶ月 前

    “I smiled once,I hated it” -Eugene

  60. Sanya Singh

    Sanya Singhヶ月 前

    Back here after watching the try not to laugh with smosh people and try guys oh how far Eugene has come

  61. Rebecca Cui

    Rebecca Cuiヶ月 前

    Lol everyone’s just here for Eugene... he needs to make a series about this

  62. Daniela

    Danielaヶ月 前

    Eugene: i have never smiled Next viddo: *try guys video and eugene is smiling in the thumbnail*