Exclusive interview with Elon Musk and Jim Bridenstine about #DM2, SpaceX's first crewed launch!


  1. Ritik Verma

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    Any elon's fan from India? 🇳🇪🇳🇪🇨🇮

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    yup right here

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    monique mccarthy3 日 前

    Who the hell is giving your videos thumbs down? Who are these nay sayers? Why???!

  4. sbmphr

    sbmphr4 日 前

    EDA: So Elon what is Dragon XL. Elon: A bad nightmare can we move on now.

  5. ClearlyChipped

    ClearlyChipped4 日 前

    This is how many times Elon Musk nodded in this video.

  6. sbmphr

    sbmphr4 日 前

    No one cares except you lol

  7. ESD Films

    ESD Films4 日 前

    Thank you Elon

  8. Sweet Awe

    Sweet Awe7 日 前

    They look ridiculous.

  9. Pfirsich Affe

    Pfirsich Affe7 日 前

    20th century: Albert Einstein 21th century: Elon Musk

  10. Mi Chelle

    Mi Chelle7 日 前

    Love the fact that Elon takes his phone out and leaves it in a corner while he does the interview. Respect.

  11. Daniel Jones

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  12. Chris Burgess

    Chris Burgess9 日 前

    As one of the most wealthy people on the planet Elon is also one of the most humble, likable, and unpretentious guys around today - Great interview - Respect from South Africa

  13. pioneer5555

    pioneer555510 日 前

    Killed the interview dude well done!

  14. tampa fl

    tampa fl10 日 前

    I will love to go to MARS i love space

  15. Edwin Leon

    Edwin Leon10 日 前

    What Elon said is so true, there is a lot of people that don't know that there is a space station orbiting around the earth.

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  17. Vivek Kumar

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    Now I am on .

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    Well, we can live in Florida and let Nasa come back to us ... in Australia than to take all the souk Republican-Mexican-African there !

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    sbmphr4 日 前

    You don't speak English do you?

  21. steft horman

    steft horman12 日 前

    I've been looking at jim, and he looks kinda left out.

  22. John Smith

    John Smith14 日 前

    *Locks eyes with Elon Musk* “Magnfisci- Magnifisc- Magnificent...”

  23. Timothy Harris

    Timothy Harris14 日 前

    What an interview! And then to watch the whole thing play out!! Well done 👍🏼

  24. Me You

    Me You15 日 前

    Wasn't this guys $tock$ like 400.oo a few months ago?

  25. Jasonl897YT

    Jasonl897YT15 日 前

    Imagine having the privilege of meeting Elon Musk in person

  26. KLA 248

    KLA 24815 日 前

    If I could humbly... Just ask more questions & make less statements next time. Otherwise, Nice Interview.

  27. The Canadian Boi

    The Canadian Boi16 日 前

    Elon should be the president of the U.S, even though I’m not American, Canadians like to have “good” neighbours...

  28. The Canadian Boi

    The Canadian Boi16 日 前

    Your Lucky you get to meet him

  29. Gareth DaBell

    Gareth DaBell16 日 前

    The thing i lover about this is @8:49 he says - were looking for any action that can improve our probability of success, and whether that comes from me or an intern - it doesn't matter. Want to know why Elon Muck is able to do what he does? That statement right there. You have to be run by ideas not hierarchy.

  30. Phil Thompson

    Phil Thompson16 日 前

    You PEOPLE ARE FOOLS! They have lied to YOU FOR 60 years! Just LOOK! Please

  31. Bhanu Chandra

    Bhanu Chandra16 日 前

    Superb interview. You did great work thanks for doing that.

  32. Sajinlal

    Sajinlal16 日 前

    Great conversation dude

  33. MyessYallyah Americus

    MyessYallyah Americus16 日 前

    The Lagrange points of the the Earth shadow. The windows of the dark pyramid of Earth's shadow. The edge is point break.

  34. MyessYallyah Americus

    MyessYallyah Americus16 日 前

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  35. MyessYallyah Americus

    MyessYallyah Americus16 日 前

    Mars would be better than any other option after the moon which is the jumping point. If the moon base doesn't work than mars won't be worth trying. The moon base will work. And so will mars. And evolution will take place at both. Pluto can work. Even Venus has a small sphere of influence that inspired life vast and expansive. Hopefully.

  36. MyessYallyah Americus

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    I think mars is an incorrect name. It's the dh. A distant hope. Designated hitmaker.

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    I am the center mass of America. Christ is Allah no. I push and I pull. As long as I'm alive.

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    How is it that I'm more left and more right than being so central implies

  39. M White

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    Elon is packing on the lbs.

  40. Cool dudes Track

    Cool dudes Track17 日 前

    Tim and people like Scott Manley are gods they can get interviews without the stupid questions the dumb media people give

  41. Pixlitol

    Pixlitol17 日 前

    That must be an honour just to talk to Elon, That's my dream.

  42. George Fenrich Jr.

    George Fenrich Jr.18 日 前

    Great job !

  43. MyessYallyah Americus

    MyessYallyah Americus18 日 前

    i look back at my real life experiences and im not impressed with america and what its done to me, its ugly and pathetic and uncalled for.

  44. ZV Abner Tim

    ZV Abner Tim18 日 前

    achievement is nasa or spacex ..

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  46. James Bond

    James Bond18 日 前

    Elton musk 😎is like me a legend in real life me on the movies 🎥

  47. Bystander333

    Bystander33319 日 前

    You've kind of lost the everyday astronaut moniker at this point. You're kind of stage 3. Stage 1 is the general media. Stage 2 is an interesting relatively unexplored place where we get a load of widespread news the stage 3 guys assumed we'd read, and then there's stage 3. Personally I'm starting to really dislike phrases such as "You probably already know so I'll skip over it"" from stage 3 guys. We didn't!

  48. Crazies

    Crazies19 日 前

    gayy mask

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  50. Hajime

    Hajime19 日 前

    -"Congrats Elon you've had a child" Elan: thinking .... - "Oh yeah..." Me: awkward

  51. Jessica Mac

    Jessica Mac19 日 前

    Love Elon Musk!! He is such a unique soul and I would love to just have a conversation with him. I would actually learn something from someone, not the other way around. I have one specific question that I wanna ask him! That is all.

  52. David Coleman

    David Coleman20 日 前

    anyone else notice how respectful Elon was? Did yall notice he put his phone down. That shows so much class. Elon youre the man!

  53. Basketvector

    Basketvector20 日 前

    Not bad for a youtoober

  54. Jaggith

    Jaggith20 日 前

    Amazing interview. You did an awesome job with some high powered players at a historic moment.

  55. ikichullo

    ikichullo20 日 前

    12:44 "yeah"

  56. Space Facts Wax

    Space Facts Wax20 日 前

    Thank you for uploading. I got the opporunity to witness a rocket launch in 2018. Amazing experience. I shared a pretty cool video of the trip on my page.

  57. MushyLex

    MushyLex20 日 前

    Flat-earthers disliked this video

  58. A A

    A A20 日 前

    This mask bullshit has to stop...

  59. Ollisean

    Ollisean21 日 前

    Elon is the best

  60. JJJT

    JJJT21 日 前

    They all look so uncomfortable standing there

  61. Keefy Gizzle

    Keefy Gizzle21 日 前

    Dude: they should just make you the head of PR at NASA... What you do for the business model (educate people/get people excited about space, probably better than anybody out right now, which in turn, can, and should lead to a bigger budget for NASA..) is so valuable... You're probably one of the most important components of the whole structure... In any case: great video, and I hope you keep it up.. Best wishes... Keith..

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    Really appreciated



    Hey dude you are doing such a amazing work... keep it up man

  65. Investing & the like

    Investing & the like21 日 前

    2:17 , you've had a kid , "o yer"

  66. GAZER

    GAZER21 日 前

    I love when elon whistles when hes micing up or about to speak. Noticing this almost every time now. Because i do the same thing when my mind is racing/im nervous and i like to think he does too. Its like chanting but you dont look crazy

  67. Libertad o muerte Freedom or death

    Libertad o muerte Freedom or death21 日 前

    GLORIA infinita a los gloriosos Estados Unidos y la Libertad en todo el mundo por siempre.

  68. Libertad o muerte Freedom or death

    Libertad o muerte Freedom or death21 日 前

    Elon eres grande entre los grandes.

  69. Erik Cokeley

    Erik Cokeley21 日 前

    The willingness to fail is the strive to learn!

  70. Simple

    Simple22 日 前

    Dang Tim got some "live" coaching at 9:48 ... lol

  71. Simple

    Simple22 日 前

    I like how Elon was looking at Tim to ask a GOOD question to the NASA Administrator ... aka Elon's boss in a sense lol.

  72. Eric M

    Eric M22 日 前

    Nice man! Nice get!

  73. Mohamed Aboubakar

    Mohamed Aboubakar22 日 前

    great video thanks guys

  74. Hell

    Hell22 日 前

    You appear to present very naturally. Great job.

  75. Deb

    Deb22 日 前

    Elon best lay off the in and out or he will need to buy 2 seats on the trip to Mars.

  76. Felipe Amper

    Felipe Amper22 日 前

    Jim Bridenstine is such a nice man!

  77. Nathan Lemoine

    Nathan Lemoine22 日 前

    "I always love talking to you". Dude, this sentence is the thing that's all of us are dreaming for ! I would give everything to work at Space X, unfortunatelly, I'm not American and I don't think they will let me have that green card to work with him ahah.

  78. Stanislav G.

    Stanislav G.22 日 前

    Why are they so far apart, is it because social distancing? Jim looks so small in the right corner.

  79. Moe Fawkah

    Moe Fawkah23 日 前

    Dude in rear; the one in the bad suit; he looking like he boutta give the ol throat-slit "Cut The Tape" signal....

  80. Michael Saxonson

    Michael Saxonson23 日 前

    "You had a kid" "Oh yeah" Poor Æ X-12

  81. The Bacon Empire

    The Bacon Empire5 日 前

    The correct name I believe is X Æ A-12

  82. Leander Pfau

    Leander Pfau23 日 前

    The only thing that could be better: if he wore your Full Flow Staged Combustion Cycle T-shirt

  83. skatterbrain

    skatterbrain23 日 前

    @16:14 Being able to "MOVE" the "MOON OR MARS" if you choose too ( Astounding.... Mind blown ), via commercial means by SpaceX & NASA. I mean just being able to casually talk about it is absolutely mind blowing . But your wrong Elon it's not the dawn of a New ERA , Its the Dawn of Human Kind as Species . RIGHT NOW SpaceX & NASA are shaping the Foundations for the future which will ultimately change Human Civilization as we know it 50-100-200 years from now those people will look back AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME just as we do " Christopher Columbus" -"The Wright brothers" - "the invention of the Automobile" -"Going to the moon " any pivotal moment in history that's ultimately changed the entire foundation of Human Existence. And AGAIN we are living RIGHT NOW through one of those times between Self driving cars , underground self automated Car tunnels , going back to the moon & to Setting foot on mars to Ultimate have humans Colonize the moon & Mars . And SO SO SO many people don't seem to realize that it's just absolutely Amazing stuff that's going to change the way our great great grandchildren are going to be able to live there lives & the Evaluation of Mankind... quote " That's one Small step for man , One giant leap for mankind- Neil Armstrong July 20th 1969, American" And that pivotal saying in one Moment of time couldn't ring more true then it did then as it does today and Elon Musk will forever be known for having set that into motion.

  84. Chetan Munde

    Chetan Munde23 日 前

    I watched his interaction with joe rogan.any 12th pass scince faculty asian student more intelegent than him.he is bussinesman.

  85. GenericName

    GenericName23 日 前

    Jim Bridenstine has anxiety