Everything Wrong With The Lion King (2019) In The Circle Of Minutes


  1. John Watson

    John Watson17 時間 前

    I think the lions cheated when running from the hyenas they must have had a preset seed

  2. Liz Catty

    Liz Catty日 前

    Had a few really odd & just bad ads during this & kept expecting u (Jeremy) 2 jump in & point out just how dumb they were lol! 😂 ❤🇦🇺

  3. Sewer Tapes

    Sewer Tapes日 前

    Why didn't you sin baby Simba's butthole when he was in the tree, during the stampede scene?

  4. Nyah Gotcha life

    Nyah Gotcha life日 前

    Nothing can beat the original

  5. Ray Byrnes

    Ray Byrnes日 前

    All these realistic looking animals but none have lion balls

  6. Tim Drake

    Tim Drake2 日 前

    He missed a sin, Can You Feel The Love Tonight is sung in plan DAYLIGHT.

  7. Karla Otero

    Karla Otero2 日 前

    aH it's tHe tWiLigHt bABy- oh its simba🤣🤣

  8. Poindexter Flex

    Poindexter Flex3 日 前

    5:10 this so much. My daughter was five when I took her to see this movie, imagining that she would experience the magic I felt when I saw the original (though I was 10 at the time.) She pretty much had her eyes closed the rest of the time after the hyena attack. And she has no trouble watching the original.

  9. PistolGhostX Channel

    PistolGhostX Channel3 日 前

    Is it weird that I watched this in IMAX and enjoyed it?

  10. Pidge

    Pidge3 日 前

    17:33 The day is 29/02/2020, and Liverpool players said mean things to the Watford players before the game..

  11. Jakerina

    Jakerina3 日 前

    Scar's name was taka, which means "trash". There you have it

  12. Leo Bohnacker

    Leo Bohnacker3 日 前

    Simba and Nala are siblings right? Or cousins... Because the only male lion is Mufasa and scar... That's kinda awkward...

  13. Jasmine McShea

    Jasmine McShea3 日 前

    Scar's birth name was Taka, which means trash, so i'd say SCAR is an improvement

  14. Bro

    Bro4 日 前

    I love how so many of the sins in this movie were actual sins and not just poking fun at this being the remake. It's like he's using this live action version as a second look at the overall movie in general, to pick up more sins he missed the first time around XD

  15. Alex L

    Alex L4 日 前

    YMS is gonna lay down the Exterminatus on this movie. Be prepared!

  16. Animus Gacha Gurls

    Animus Gacha Gurls4 日 前

    I miss Be Prepared, although I do like the new Shenzi. She has a lot more power and strength than in the original.

  17. Ant Fart

    Ant Fart5 日 前

    2019 is on fire welcome to 2020

  18. G A

    G A5 日 前

    Dear Cinema Sins Guy, Thank you for showing me that I was right to save my money on this one and Please Don’t Ever Sing... again... ever... please

  19. ninjaknight M

    ninjaknight M5 日 前

    I really really do not need to say this but Cinemasins ruins every movie I've ever seen ever.

  20. Trevor Erickson

    Trevor Erickson6 日 前

    4:40 that’s some great singing there Jeremy 😂👌

  21. Kaitlin Mills

    Kaitlin Mills6 日 前

    'I am Simba, son of Mufasa' We are Thor, son of Odin, Loki, son of...erm, and Phil, son of Coul 😊

  22. Bro

    Bro4 日 前

    I thought he'd say "I am Simba, son of Mufasa...and *king of Pride Rock!"* as he went dashing away. Just confirming that he was a particular lion's son didn't really add much power to the scene.

  23. Dandee SalamancaÙwÚ

    Dandee SalamancaÙwÚ6 日 前

    You forgot the: "The sky gets dark when the villain wins and takes over the land" cliché.

  24. Venkataashish Gogineni

    Venkataashish Gogineni6 日 前

    Where's the other sins?

  25. David Weisleder Shacalo

    David Weisleder Shacalo6 日 前


  26. David Weisleder Shacalo

    David Weisleder Shacalo7 日 前

    4:39 the best moment

  27. JayHog1992

    JayHog19927 日 前

    "You'd think all that horrible stuff with scar would dull Nala's horny, but it hasn't." Nah, considering Scar is apparently the only male Lion in that place that we see obvious, if anything she's been pissed off because she hasn't gotten laid and no fancy suitors for her, so seeing Simba was like wishing Santa for a new (boy) toy.

  28. The Cornered Fanatic

    The Cornered Fanatic7 日 前

    ah man. Had to pause at that "Elephant Graveyard" bit at 4:15

  29. dalmatianduck1

    dalmatianduck18 日 前

    yes he dose have a rel name, it's akenyan name for trash acording to a lion king break down i've seen, so what would you prefer a african name for trash or Scar i know what i'd go for, ed

  30. Leon Streamer

    Leon Streamer8 日 前

    No way he predicted Watford beat Liverpool

  31. It’sNikhilAnimated

    It’sNikhilAnimated8 日 前

    If anyone is considering watching this film, DO NOT, it is not good, the script is bad and it is just a cash grabber, just watch the original, it is WAAAYYYYY better. The only good thing you can watch to do with The Lion King that is not the original Lion King is the Lion King Theatre Production, that is amazing, if you are lucky enough to see it then you definitely should spend your money on what is significantly better than this ‘live action’ atrocity

  32. Adaija Packnet

    Adaija Packnet9 日 前

    I mean there is a lot of issues with this movie but my biggest thing is that James Earl Jones just sounds really phoned in

  33. owen windham

    owen windham10 日 前

    dont be shy sing the whole song. 4:44

  34. Robert Olson

    Robert Olson10 日 前

    To understand how scar got his name you have to watch the lion guard

  35. Dreambig listen to my mixtapes

    Dreambig listen to my mixtapes10 日 前

    i don’t get how y’all mad for a live action movie when it’s supposed to be a live action movie lmao

  36. Dan Gurr

    Dan Gurr10 日 前

    You sang more in this than an actual Disney film 😂

  37. Marquandre Tyler

    Marquandre Tyler10 日 前

    Aslan 😆

  38. OKG2000

    OKG200010 日 前

    7:51 im literally rofl

  39. OKG2000

    OKG200010 日 前

    7:25 wow i think this is the worst movie of all time..

  40. OKG2000

    OKG200010 日 前

    3:04 ''let me explain......'' nah u cannibal

  41. OKG2000

    OKG200010 日 前

    it totally watch the Trials of Rafeki movie

  42. Josh Blaushild

    Josh Blaushild10 日 前

    I sin you for hating puns. I like puns.

  43. kcravenfilms

    kcravenfilms10 日 前

    Scar chose his name after he got his scar. they made a story about it somewhere explaining it

  44. jack cunningham

    jack cunningham12 日 前

    13:54 Hi Richard Hammond

  45. MeaganG08

    MeaganG0812 日 前

    The Lion Guard cartoon series explains the backstory on Scar's nickname.

  46. Dammn Deejay

    Dammn Deejay13 日 前

    This whole movie was a sin. The realism of the animals is just.....nooo

  47. Bruno Perez

    Bruno Perez13 日 前

    19:03 - Simba pulled out! Hahaha!!!

  48. Ninclow

    Ninclow13 日 前

    To be fair, there are three things this movie did better than the original: 1) In the 1994 version, Simba and Mufasa goes to the top of Pride Rock, and this is their exchange: Mufasa: A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king. Simba: And this'll all be mine? Mufasa: Everything... Simba: Everything the light touches... But in the 2019 version, it goes like this: Mufasa: A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king. Simba: And this'll all be mine? Mufasa: It belongs to no one. But it _is_ yours to _protect._ That's a nice change. 2) Mufasa's fight with the hyenas was better. 3) Donald Glover sings his own songs, unlike Matthew Broderick, and does brilliantly. Have you _heard_ him sing Hakuna Matata? Freaking catchy.

  49. Saidepais

    Saidepais13 日 前

    When a movie from 2000 (Dinosaur) is better than this

  50. Thesourpatchkidd

    Thesourpatchkidd14 日 前

    Everytime they remake this movie they take away from what made it so great in the first place. It's like the kid who does one trick and impresses everyone, but then keeps doing that same one trick for the next five years and still expects everyone to be just as impressed. And they should be sued for false advertisement for calling this live action because it is literally 100% animated. It's just worse animation because all of the emotion and therefore magic has been removed.

  51. dab dab gav gav

    dab dab gav gav14 日 前

    "And lenard"

  52. Kami Kelly

    Kami Kelly14 日 前

    My name is simba, you killed my father prepare to die

  53. Monde mwimba

    Monde mwimba15 日 前

    You are the worst JPreporterr i know

  54. Avani Srirama

    Avani Srirama15 日 前

    when you started singing I lost it omg

  55. Padraig McMahon

    Padraig McMahon16 日 前

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  56. Padraig McMahon

    Padraig McMahon16 日 前

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  57. gabrielulaw

    gabrielulaw16 日 前

    The original was far better than this rubbish.

  58. Greyhound Pack

    Greyhound Pack16 日 前

    28883sins for The whole movie

  59. Padraig McMahon

    Padraig McMahon17 日 前

    Star war Futures HOBIS♀️☀️🌌♈🔴🌕🌑DOMINDS🔴AIRES♂️☀️🌌♈Group god🔴War Strong DOMINDS🔴🇻🇮🇬🇷play GOD fat in uk or Marry I Techer am LEO say Rurmours fuck sun Pacterd MURDERER LEO lies work for Jupiter

  60. Padraig McMahon

    Padraig McMahon17 日 前

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  61. Chimmy Aneke

    Chimmy Aneke17 日 前

    8:00 yeah. His name was Takka.

  62. Assult

    Assult17 日 前

    12:13 couldn't have said it better

  63. Erin Howett

    Erin Howett18 日 前

    I like watching cinema sins because then I dont have to watch the actual movies.

  64. シRyder

    シRyder18 日 前

    We just not going to talk about how his college girlfriend probably went though something truly......exciting

  65. Timothy Moss

    Timothy Moss19 日 前

    Watching this a year(ish) later is that Nigel Pearson and Watford’s tactic to end Liverpool’s run.

  66. Aldo Roland Tandy

    Aldo Roland Tandy19 日 前

    15:59 For suicide?

  67. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy Wolf19 日 前

    Also scar’s real name is taka which translates to garbage and the way he got that scar was his father scratched him for disobeying him

  68. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy Wolf19 日 前

    1 sin for Cinema sins because he didn’t finish his sentence And 1 more Dang it

  69. Bethany Breen

    Bethany Breen19 日 前

    I loved this film!

  70. Nolufefe Maho

    Nolufefe Maho19 日 前

    Scar is his nickname his actual name is Taka

  71. Nolufefe Maho

    Nolufefe Maho19 日 前

    Isn’t Nala Scar or Mufasa’s daughter

  72. fire dragon

    fire dragon19 日 前

    8:00 in an animated thing it says that something happened and his brother (Mufasa) gave him the nickname scar because........I guess just a jerk

  73. BlackSilhouette

    BlackSilhouette19 日 前

    4:41 Boi

  74. Chimera System

    Chimera System19 日 前

    hey hey you forgot to sin the lack of lion junk in the trunk :D

  75. Kaylon Clement

    Kaylon Clement19 日 前

    4:39 and 6:33 he cheated us out of amazing lion king themed song verses!!

  76. Jorge Arnoldson

    Jorge Arnoldson19 日 前

    My initial thoughts on this movie: "shark still looks fake."

  77. Jason Carter

    Jason Carter20 日 前

    "All it would be is just CGI lions doin it" 🤣🤣🤣

  78. Andrew Mcdonald

    Andrew Mcdonald21 日 前

    This remake didn't need to exist.

  79. Jacob Chavez

    Jacob Chavez21 日 前

    I think jeremy should have added like 100 sins at 13:05

  80. Furious W4R10RD

    Furious W4R10RD21 日 前

    +1 sin for your terrible singing

  81. JooobJoob1

    JooobJoob121 日 前

    Im sorry i may be mistaken but im pretty sure 2020 is the one in hell 9:07

  82. Emoji Legend

    Emoji Legend21 日 前

    I love the animated Lion King better than this.

  83. Jonathan Merriman

    Jonathan Merriman22 日 前

    Cinemasins~I'm alive right now in 2019 and the world is on fire. Me in 2020~pathetic

  84. איתמר כפרי

    איתמר כפרי22 日 前

    I can't believe you predicted Watford beating Liverpool lol

  85. Don John

    Don John22 日 前

    The movie was so bad. Could have just dubbed some nature fotage..

  86. Adventurous Lesly

    Adventurous Lesly22 日 前

    9:05 but make it 2020

  87. Michael Harris

    Michael Harris22 日 前

    14:08 Disney has failed us!

  88. Meredith Carroll

    Meredith Carroll22 日 前

    No sins for how bad an idea it was to create realistic looking lions in a kid's film and then not make them anatomically correct because *it's a kid's film?* CLEARLY they were not going to be able to put in the berries and twigs, but it seems like it should have occurred to *someone* that any kid who's ever been to a zoo is going to look at Mufasa, Simba, and Scar and notice some rather *obvious* parts are missing. You can get away with that in hand drawn animation. Not so much when making the lions look real.

  89. The Big Quack

    The Big Quack23 日 前

    17:34 holy shit you FUCKING CALLED IT

  90. Josh Bautista

    Josh Bautista23 日 前

    Hinest to god this movie was shit and beyonce ruined it by having her songs in it, that's why they removed so many original songs fromt he classic

  91. Josh Bautista

    Josh Bautista23 日 前

    I love this dudes self nepotism

  92. Filip Popovic VI2

    Filip Popovic VI223 日 前

    LOL 😀😁😂🤣🤯

  93. DracoX2X

    DracoX2X24 日 前

    2:45 “This seems vague and immeasurable” l *Laughs in film theory*

  94. Lovin Animalz

    Lovin Animalz24 日 前

    You missed the sin: if its life action... why are all the male lions castrated.. and how could they reproduce?

  95. Reed Thompson

    Reed Thompson24 日 前

    Meerkat Manner reference at the end

  96. RedLikeReagan 0321

    RedLikeReagan 032124 日 前

    You can hear in James Earl Jones' voice "just kill me".

  97. Alexis Davis

    Alexis Davis24 日 前

    Well being that his original name meant trash, Scar works

  98. Pat mVm

    Pat mVm25 日 前

    Love the way he references watford beating Liverpool

  99. William Francis

    William Francis25 日 前

    This movie was shit because Jeremy irons wasn’t in it

  100. MrXime

    MrXime25 日 前

    hearing this man sing is music to my ears

  101. joe O Flaherty

    joe O Flaherty26 日 前

    This Is Not Really An Animated Movie, It's Live Action With Animated-Realistic Animals.