1. Your average kid

    Your average kid5 時間 前

    I’m an Aquarius and this video just knows me

  2. kaity washere

    kaity washere7 時間 前

    i’m a leo,august 22, but do I acted like a leo? no,

  3. 『 pxeach chan 』

    『 pxeach chan 』8 時間 前

    _i'm a aries ... literally feel like it describes me perfect_

  4. Mr. Rebel Leader

    Mr. Rebel Leader9 時間 前

    I’m an aquarius

  5. Joshua Miranda

    Joshua Miranda14 時間 前

    Ok I’m a Libra and that’s dead on

  6. Wajd Alghamdi

    Wajd Alghamdi14 時間 前

    I’m a Pisces ♓️ and that is so me

  7. Green Gal

    Green Gal18 時間 前

    My mom's a Pisces and we had an,almost identical word for word scenario like that!

  8. the dog

    the dog20 時間 前

    Aries and I'm offended because I couldn't find me here

  9. kiana amarnani

    kiana amarnani22 時間 前


  10. kiana amarnani

    kiana amarnani22 時間 前

    6:27 piscees

  11. kiana amarnani

    kiana amarnani22 時間 前

    1:20 gemini

  12. kiana amarnani

    kiana amarnani22 時間 前

    0:20 tqurus

  13. Monique Carlsen

    Monique Carlsen日 前

    As a Virgo I can totally relate 😂

  14. Crackgear

    Crackgear日 前

    Cancer is 50/50 , Depending if your male or female and back life

  15. Faith P

    Faith P日 前

    I literally cannot. I'm a Virgo and that scene was a very true statement. I usually do everything in group projects because I need it to be how I imagined it

  16. ItsIxel

    ItsIxel日 前

    When you’re a Capricorn and Olivia’s impression of a Capricorn is a perfect interpretation of me, a Capricorn. Weird how that works as a Capricorn...

  17. The Kayley Show!

    The Kayley Show!日 前

    I'm a cancer and I relate sooooo much

  18. Marisa Vargas

    Marisa Vargas日 前

    As a Virgo....I felt personally attacked...but i'm not mad in the slightest

  19. Cj Animation studio

    Cj Animation studio日 前

    I’m a Gemini and it is really accurate

  20. Lis Tapia

    Lis Tapia日 前


  21. Nightmare Wolf

    Nightmare Wolf日 前

    I'm a Leo. I'm worth it too. BUY ME EXPENSIVE THINGS

  22. Chris k. Ortega

    Chris k. Ortega日 前

    I'm a "Leo" and if you think zodiac signs are real you are dumb.

  23. mimi gray

    mimi gray日 前

    Who else just waited for there zodiac sign

  24. Dove Papiroupolos

    Dove Papiroupolos日 前

    I’m a Taurus

  25. Sussy _

    Sussy _日 前

    I’m a Aries

  26. Robert Filip

    Robert Filip2 日 前

    What the duck?! I'm a virgo and freaking out. You nailed every little detail - including the mahogany red as fav color. WHAT IS THIS?!

  27. Margarita Koutouni

    Margarita Koutouni2 日 前

    Omg Scorpio is so on point

  28. XXAlex_21XXX

    XXAlex_21XXX2 日 前

    Ima ♊️ May 21 the beginning of Gemini ;) lol why do I relate xp

  29. Lana

    Lana2 日 前

    I think that Aquarius skit hit a little too close to home for me.

  30. Parker Smith

    Parker Smith2 日 前

    Ima cancer some one says something about me and I take it to literally and I’m like frowny face

  31. Bea Cat

    Bea Cat2 日 前

    Brooo I’m an Aquarius ♒️ soooo sums it up

  32. Stef

    Stef2 日 前

    For me honestly I did not really relate to Leo, I did more to Pisces and Virgo OMG I would spend ten days on that wall

  33. Nyx Chan

    Nyx Chan2 日 前

    Im a sagittarius *And im Kevins Twin!*

  34. Sketchbook

    Sketchbook2 日 前

    I love the Sagittarius clip!

  35. Sicurius0512

    Sicurius05122 日 前

    Saggitarius matches me

  36. DannyCake DeVito

    DannyCake DeVito2 日 前

    Why do these comments sound like bots?

  37. Ashwin Saechueng

    Ashwin Saechueng2 日 前

    Im Aries and they were so right!

  38. kristy davies

    kristy davies3 日 前

    Who here was waiting for their sign to come up I did I’m a Scorpio

  39. Future

    Future3 日 前

    I’m Virgo and yeah no one does anything right I have to do it myself lolz

  40. Ichiki Momori

    Ichiki Momori3 日 前

    As a sag I must admit to this

  41. Hunni tea

    Hunni tea3 日 前

    The libra one is so true I just- 😂😂

  42. BrandonMylesPadilla

    BrandonMylesPadilla3 日 前

    Im a Leo

  43. Zebra Gamer

    Zebra Gamer3 日 前

    6:29 i can relate

  44. Alexandra Isaac

    Alexandra Isaac3 日 前

    I’m a Gemini and I relate to this 100%

  45. susie benn

    susie benn3 日 前

    I'm aries and it's literally me

  46. Fred Bear

    Fred Bear4 日 前

    Aquarius ♒️

  47. rawr I'm scary

    rawr I'm scary4 日 前

    Sagittarius is so true tho🤣🤣 Sagittarius gangggg

  48. Celestial Forces Astrology

    Celestial Forces Astrology4 日 前

    Pisces! Trash Boy! Haha! I'm a Sag and I really resonate with that skit! Haha

  49. Zella Reyn

    Zella Reyn4 日 前

    I feel offended by the Capricorn

  50. Sara Saglimbeni

    Sara Saglimbeni4 日 前

    so theres no cancer?

  51. Kledsie Playzz

    Kledsie Playzz4 日 前


  52. boi mecboi

    boi mecboi5 日 前

    My name is Kenneth I'm also cancer

  53. Kinley Creamer

    Kinley Creamer5 日 前

    *Half of My friends (including myself) are Leo's, and the other half of my friends are Taurus.😐*

  54. Kinley Creamer

    Kinley Creamer5 日 前

    *Im a Leo...♌*

  55. Unorganized Introvert

    Unorganized Introvert5 日 前

    Uhmm. I'm a libra...I feel violated. But it's totally true.

  56. random person

    random person5 日 前

    Iam a Leo

  57. Ryan Andrada

    Ryan Andrada5 日 前

    Holy Crap I'm a Pisces and I'm scraed at how accurate this was

  58. LPS Group

    LPS Group5 日 前

    I'm Pisces but it's like I'm not even pisces

  59. chacha charlie

    chacha charlie5 日 前

    Who else is pisces?Like if you are ⬇️

  60. Panther 21

    Panther 216 日 前

    The only thing I know about zodiacs is that it’s just hokum