Every Karen Ever


  1. Itzolivia

    Itzolivia3 時間 前


  2. Samantha Cowick

    Samantha Cowick5 時間 前

    The lady in the blue sounds like my aunt Linda

  3. Fudge I'm Fine

    Fudge I'm Fine6 時間 前

    Karen invasion is scarier than zombies

  4. Fudge I'm Fine

    Fudge I'm Fine6 時間 前

    My mom is kinda a Karen....

  5. Zachary Lee

    Zachary Lee8 時間 前

    The fact that this vid got 2 thousand dislikes shows me that theres alot more karens then i thought

  6. deep games

    deep games8 時間 前

    Their neighbors: 👁👄👁

  7. Doogabadoo Swanson

    Doogabadoo Swanson9 時間 前

    His video is so inaccurate. The Karen’s in real life are way more toxic.

  8. Rajendra Kamal Ibrahim

    Rajendra Kamal Ibrahim10 時間 前

    Id like speak to the manager

  9. harrisson ber

    harrisson ber11 時間 前

    can you bring back old smosh please. just for 1 day


    I LUV DONUTZ12 時間 前

    Amanda as Karen is soo scary accurate

  11. jaymight playz

    jaymight playz13 時間 前

    Karen:your job is too easy Me: you know how to model blend script or making a game famous and make everyone make it 5 star and add more updates more script and make more updates or add npc add animation and the last one is no break and keep scripting and draw great art

  12. Trosihn Vlogs

    Trosihn Vlogs21 時間 前

    Figures this would have a left bias...

  13. Erika Itsumi - 212

    Erika Itsumi - 21222 時間 前

    The 2.1K dislike's are the karen's😅

  14. Quinn Lee-Newbury

    Quinn Lee-Newbury22 時間 前

    Why was "nice catch bitch!" So funny

  15. Adam Burcham

    Adam Burcham22 時間 前

    I'll never forget when I met a karen I was in McDonalds and I got to the phone and she said I was taking to long I was thre for 2 minutes just waiting and she got mad for no reason

  16. Dania Núñez

    Dania Núñez23 時間 前

    Where’s linda, Susan and Becky 😤

  17. Freddy Fazbear

    Freddy Fazbear23 時間 前

    My grandmother Mary is a Karen and I suffer everyday please pray for me

  18. 50 subscribers by 3000 A.D.

    50 subscribers by 3000 A.D.日 前

    Every Karen everNo one is safe

  19. Phiase

    Phiase日 前

    Was waiting for Shayne to pop up near the end as a grandmaster Karen and out-karen the karens until they ran away

  20. CyborgVison

    CyborgVison日 前

    You know everyone that disliked this video is a k*r*n

  21. Wolfie_Toonz

    Wolfie_Toonz日 前

    Please tell me why Shane was not in this sketch

  22. RedWinter V1

    RedWinter V1日 前

    It's their body... but it's my choice! That was great.

  23. Johan Thobias Hansson

    Johan Thobias Hansson日 前


  24. Lillian Collins

    Lillian Collins日 前

    Karen Ian

  25. Josh lapertyjab

    Josh lapertyjab日 前

    This is acc real Karen’s tho thx smosh imagine the Karen’s watching this

  26. Adithyan Vinod

    Adithyan Vinod日 前

    where's Anthony?????

  27. dezi phisher

    dezi phisher日 前

    I love that they have the 'KAREN' hand gestures down pat. I have been saying how all 'KARENS' say the same thing and use exactly the same hand gestures, especially the pointing finger.

  28. Chopstix

    Chopstix日 前

    kids don’t know old smosh

  29. JDM Cody

    JDM Cody日 前

    I love how Courtney is doing her Karen as the “My kids are listening to kids bop” mom

  30. Zoey Langheim

    Zoey Langheim日 前

    Courtneys shirt is perfect

  31. signeul bonae signal bonae

    signeul bonae signal bonae日 前


  32. Iggy Max18

    Iggy Max18日 前

    They are too good at this.

  33. Rainbow CN Tower

    Rainbow CN Tower日 前

    dude karen toupees look just wrong xd

  34. Em em

    Em em2 日 前

    The only dislikes are from all the Karens XD XD XD :)

  35. Kendall Pinette

    Kendall Pinette2 日 前

    I live in south carolina and this is PAINFULLY accurate

  36. •Espresso Meresso•

    •Espresso Meresso•2 日 前

    PUt Anthony back please

  37. gustavo padilla

    gustavo padilla2 日 前

    This video us 100% accurate

  38. Ben ALGER

    Ben ALGER2 日 前

    4:49 imagine if she just got hit by a car in return

  39. Bobtheblub

    Bobtheblub2 日 前

    The 2020 revolutionary war Karen’s v mangers

  40. Trey The weeb

    Trey The weeb2 日 前

    they took this karen ep very serious. wait there karens RUN

  41. Sakina Ali

    Sakina Ali2 日 前

    I love that it has the same characters throughout because all Karens behave the same

  42. Ελένη Γκουντέλα

    Ελένη Γκουντέλα2 日 前

    5:19 Just see it

  43. NMM

    NMM2 日 前

    The horrifying part about this is the fact that they are allowed to vote.

  44. gulsevim cenberci

    gulsevim cenberci2 日 前

    Oh nouh Karen Will Taking over the world!! :(

  45. Nathaniel Cerdena

    Nathaniel Cerdena2 日 前

    Karen checklist: -Flat earthers -Anti Vaxxers -Post minion memes on Facebook -Self-entitled -Conspiracist

  46. Enas Ghazal

    Enas Ghazal2 日 前

    You guys should do every cosplay ever or every fashion show ever or every painter ever 😊

  47. rockriled

    rockriled2 日 前

    3:16 ...how is she balancing on that car? O_O

  48. L Thomas

    L Thomas2 日 前

    Holy fuck....too damn good 🤣🤣

  49. ThatOneLeaf

    ThatOneLeaf2 日 前

    noah with the m&m hair is hard to take serious in any scenario

  50. FusionPlayz

    FusionPlayz2 日 前

    Who else remembers Eon Hecox and Anthony Padilla

  51. Mr doge Boi

    Mr doge Boi2 日 前

    FusionPlayz meeeeeeeeeeeeeee sad there gone ):

  52. Fishy army Hacks&mods

    Fishy army Hacks&mods2 日 前

    Ian is back

  53. Jared Walker

    Jared Walker2 日 前

    *Karens sees this video* "Can I speak with the manager to this youtube channel!"

  54. DuckDuckGames\screamoduck

    DuckDuckGames\screamoduck2 日 前

    I dont know if that was a voice crack at the bloopers or her demons just took over her voice

  55. dr destructive

    dr destructive2 日 前

    Completely random but who remembers smoosh the movie

  56. Toxic_ Acid73

    Toxic_ Acid732 日 前

    every Simp ever

  57. Duane Cahoon

    Duane Cahoon2 日 前

    What is this??? I love it

  58. zachary couture

    zachary couture2 日 前

    Amanda was the star of this video, what a great actress!

  59. Livnesiac

    Livnesiac3 日 前

    Amanda had the best karen

  60. Livnesiac

    Livnesiac3 日 前

    "You're so bad! XD" how accurate

  61. Mohammad Hossain

    Mohammad Hossain3 日 前

    hey the editing is pretty good

  62. Nam Onions

    Nam Onions3 日 前

    Heathers looks different here

  63. Rickypol 007

    Rickypol 0073 日 前

    Karen:VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM DONT BELIVE IN SCIENCE Guy whit a brain:but your kid died of measles Karen:well... I dont care you are stupid

  64. Rickypol 007

    Rickypol 0073 日 前

    Manager:let's check the cameras Karen:THE Karen:WHAT

  65. Rickypol 007

    Rickypol 0073 日 前

    @Elsa Johnson sure is steam ok?

  66. Elsa Johnson

    Elsa Johnson3 日 前

    hi do you want 1 doller

  67. Mythicalan

    Mythicalan3 日 前

    Oh tihs chill Karen oh kcuf

  68. anoosh

    anoosh3 日 前

    lets just say that amanda did the best kare act

  69. Ooopsie Peach

    Ooopsie Peach3 日 前

    * oh God* I used to work at Walmart, these Karen's attacked me. I ended up moving so I quit my damn job.

  70. Fandom Frenzy

    Fandom Frenzy2 日 前

    Im so glad your safe (hopefully?)

  71. Georg Mölder

    Georg Mölder3 日 前

    You missed the your attacking me!!!

  72. Joshua Rivera Music

    Joshua Rivera Music4 日 前

    That “the customer is always right” from Olivia hit different

  73. Warren Small

    Warren Small4 日 前

    Why are Courtney and Olivia are so good at being karens😂

  74. Astray Ψ

    Astray Ψ4 日 前

    Thank god they aren’t real karen

  75. Mike

    Mike4 日 前

    3:59 worse than Covid

  76. Kassi Adkins

    Kassi Adkins4 日 前

    3:18 my favorite thing my coworker told me is whoever started this moto is an idiot

  77. NyDat CoolGuy

    NyDat CoolGuy4 日 前

    I was expecting one to be a fake karen -Before the video gang

  78. EsskayGaming

    EsskayGaming4 日 前

    Amanda played Karen way to well😂😂😂

  79. Sonja Lam

    Sonja Lam4 日 前

    "Why are you doing this to me? I'm an AMERICANNNNNNNN" Me: Well, that explains a lot.

  80. Bardhok Ndreca

    Bardhok Ndreca4 日 前

    Kares are so American

  81. Tempting Beverage

    Tempting Beverage4 日 前

    Yeetus defetus general logic deletus.

  82. Tempting Beverage

    Tempting Beverage4 日 前

    Kerans: Powering 0 iq

  83. Crysteal Marshbanks

    Crysteal Marshbanks4 日 前

    “That my father is paying yOu” Y’all hear somethin? Y’all hear a voice crack? Was that a seal XD Btw I’m not roasting you it was just really funny

  84. Skeleton King

    Skeleton King4 日 前

    Watch a Karen comment on this... Go ahead, the internet will roast your ass.

  85. Nathan Adler

    Nathan Adler4 日 前

    2:12 I love this part the groan is so exaggerated 🤣

  86. duwustrader

    duwustrader5 日 前

    Smosh was better when there was mainly only anthony and eon

  87. ShAde_ ShaDow

    ShAde_ ShaDow5 日 前

    Remember this smosh? - Ian - Anthony - Ians Mom - Stevey - And That one camera man

  88. Callum Bremner

    Callum Bremner5 日 前

    We want Anthony back

  89. Asian Person

    Asian Person5 日 前

    When they were tiling the Karen’s they should’ve zoomed out into a picture of USA

  90. Shawn Tran

    Shawn Tran5 日 前

    my recommendation page is pretty bad and going to be worse after this

  91. Boba Cabinet

    Boba Cabinet5 日 前

    My brain hurts because it's so true- 💀😂

  92. MachoBrochacho 69

    MachoBrochacho 695 日 前

    COVID has evolved into a big problem

  93. thetrue hero

    thetrue hero5 日 前

    Do you ever think Karen's are just misunderstood

  94. iiStxrmy101

    iiStxrmy1015 日 前

    The Karen-o virus ;)

  95. Demon Bass

    Demon Bass5 日 前

    Karen:as u can see they are living devil

  96. Max Stacy

    Max Stacy5 日 前

    If Karen’s have enough self respect and guts to not wear masks then they’re okay in my books

  97. Hunter Young

    Hunter Young5 日 前


  98. Chris P. Bacon

    Chris P. Bacon6 日 前

    Chad Michael Murray Johnson 🤣🤣🤣

  99. Alee_ sx

    Alee_ sx6 日 前

    I haven’t seen Smosh in over a year, what the hell happened to all of you?

  100. Sonja Lam

    Sonja Lam4 日 前

    The Karen pandemic infected them all

  101. Seven Scissors

    Seven Scissors6 日 前

    Btw if you see a Karen you know you’re in hell

  102. Seven Scissors

    Seven Scissors6 日 前

    You know this is how you know smosh is very accurate because I deal with Karen’s all the time when I want a coffee at Starbucks or enjoy my restaurant mesl

  103. Jessy Nation

    Jessy Nation6 日 前

    I’m an Anti vaxxer and far from being a Karen i over tip, I open doors for every one even if I stand there for 15 min, I leave only good reviews, I just don’t like being negative to good people and because I work in the service industry myself so I know how hard it is.

  104. RNG Refl3x

    RNG Refl3x6 日 前

    Only ogs remember food battle

  105. Ranjan Biswas

    Ranjan Biswas6 日 前

    Soooooo, I realized something. Apparently, these Karens are the fault of privately owned closed door suburban communities where the people, who are rich as freak live. They can get any kind of service whenever they want in their self-centered *SAFE* landscape. So when they go outside of those suburbans, they still want to be treated the same. They are like this because they were spoiled in that kind of environment. Also not all suburbans are closed door.