1. AshesToDust

    AshesToDust7 時間 前

    My boi Damien shined

  2. Eli the one wheeler Yt

    Eli the one wheeler Yt日 前

    Qua-so in point, they have had service.

  3. YouTube Boss

    YouTube Boss日 前

    Who else gets Colgate optic white ads for smosh

  4. Sophia Michalovits

    Sophia Michalovits日 前

    Shane: this is a Taco Bell Me: wait a minute...

  5. Michael Albuernr

    Michael Albuernr日 前

    Indentured servants don’t get paid

  6. Cool Gamer

    Cool Gamer日 前

    6:13 is no one going to talk about how he said it was a Taco Bell

  7. CmpAnimates

    CmpAnimates日 前

    Damian making the first burrito made me scream eternally

  8. Vega Yagami

    Vega Yagami日 前

    If you're trying to eat healthy, why are you at a Chipotle?

  9. ツUcanet

    ツUcanet2 日 前

    6:03 me and my sister

  10. RAINDR0P -1

    RAINDR0P -12 日 前


  11. Itzel Sanchez

    Itzel Sanchez3 日 前

    4:01 when your teacher looks at you discussing homework

  12. Itzel Sanchez

    Itzel Sanchez3 日 前


  13. Itzel Sanchez

    Itzel Sanchez3 日 前


  14. Vicki J

    Vicki J3 日 前


  15. Arianaxedits By Suzy

    Arianaxedits By Suzy3 日 前

    Yeah but guacamole is guacamole- Courtney Miller 2019

  16. RTS FireWolf

    RTS FireWolf3 日 前

    Puado ir el bano

  17. Phoenix_Soul Art

    Phoenix_Soul Art3 日 前

    I want chipotle now

  18. Mr siror

    Mr siror3 日 前

    Can u do “every nandos ever”

  19. Mr siror

    Mr siror2 日 前

    Arianaxedits By Suzy oh I thought it wasn’t only in the United Kingdom

  20. Arianaxedits By Suzy

    Arianaxedits By Suzy3 日 前

    They’re not British they won’t understand 😂

  21. sniper 95

    sniper 953 日 前


  22. Cleanes paniniss :

    Cleanes paniniss :3 日 前

    3:51 look at his little tiddys

  23. Little potato

    Little potato3 日 前

    I love when he says DISGUSTING

  24. Elliot Blackwell the rock climber

    Elliot Blackwell the rock climber3 日 前


  25. Rad3r5

    Rad3r53 日 前

    Chipotle is like the Mexican Subway

  26. Kylo KRuo

    Kylo KRuo3 日 前


  27. Cecilia Reyes

    Cecilia Reyes3 日 前

    Corn tortillas have low calories

  28. MooseOps

    MooseOps4 日 前

    You guys better watch out , H&R Block is coming for you...

  29. sebastian

    sebastian4 日 前

    Tengo hambre

  30. Mike

    Mike4 日 前

    Literally no chipotle ever

  31. Ralph Jacob Miclat

    Ralph Jacob Miclat4 日 前

    Shawn: this is a taco Bell it's Mexican Me:it's a Chipotle

  32. Bilal Andkhoie

    Bilal Andkhoie4 日 前

    Damien trying to wrap a burrito gave me a anger problem

  33. Void Turtle

    Void Turtle4 日 前

    At 6:15 Shane said it’s a Taco Bell

  34. I bi

    I bi4 日 前

    Ok I love these videos 😅😂 but I'm offended 😂 you do you 😅

  35. Gswogger TV

    Gswogger TV5 日 前

    Waste of food

  36. Chris Saucedo

    Chris Saucedo5 日 前

    Should of gone over the the types of chipotle customer cuz I can make a whole video on that

  37. BraylensWorld _YT

    BraylensWorld _YT5 日 前


  38. lilac plays

    lilac plays5 日 前

    Disgustiiingg XD

  39. Fernando Soto

    Fernando Soto5 日 前

    Please tell me all that food was fricking expired

  40. ツPohani Krastavac

    ツPohani Krastavac5 日 前

    Omg that bowl lools so good

  41. Lia Zen

    Lia Zen5 日 前

    4:00 *dIsGUstIiiiiNg*

  42. Piggy Piggy

    Piggy Piggy6 日 前

    1:42 i always thought he changed his mind cause courtney is a girl