EVERGLOW (에버글로우) - Adios MV


  1. Yasar Beg

    Yasar Beg7 時間 前

    My queen's keep going up:)

  2. rica mojares

    rica mojares7 時間 前

    Has the feels of the Boys by girls generation...esp part of yuri in the bridge

  3. Walker X

    Walker X7 時間 前


  4. Camila Park

    Camila Park7 時間 前

    Haaaaaa eu amo elas,cara eu sou muito apaixonada por elas

  5. Jeremy Santiano

    Jeremy Santiano7 時間 前

    So, this is where IZ*ONE's Yena go after the disbandment?

  6. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan7 時間 前

    Most likely

  7. Kang Fauzan

    Kang Fauzan7 時間 前


  8. Kim Eun-Kyung

    Kim Eun-Kyung7 時間 前

    mirip kill this love😂😂

  9. Louise Elen

    Louise Elen7 時間 前


  10. mimio

    mimio7 時間 前

    *everglow's official fandom name: forever* me: so it's supposed to be everglow forever as both fans and members? cool P.S i'm new to this fandom. :D

  11. Tätsūkï偽の愛

    Tätsūkï偽の愛7 時間 前

    If you a foreverglow (fanbase) liked the comment ! ↓

  12. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan7 時間 前

    Their official fandom name is *for.ever* since august 19th

  13. Tätsūkï偽の愛

    Tätsūkï偽の愛8 時間 前

    Goodbye,au revoir,adios

  14. Syeila De Sousa

    Syeila De Sousa8 時間 前


  15. myka tabal

    myka tabal8 時間 前

    this is the proof that you were here before 100M views

  16. Carmen Lau

    Carmen Lau8 時間 前

    I was walking past a restaurant and this was playing. And I shouted "IT'S ADIOS FROM EVERGLOW!" My parents looked at me disappointed. ;-;.

  17. my name is jeff

    my name is jeff8 時間 前

    "youtube no longer counts ads views as views" everglow is doomed in their next cb

  18. my name is jeff

    my name is jeff7 時間 前

    @pétale awjan you do realize that views helped with some % of their winnings? and they still havent won any even though their views is so high?

  19. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan7 時間 前

    @my name is jeff it's none. Bc the one that paid the ads are their companies not the artists. So, you will never got the answer. View alone didn't guarantee them to win. That's why they didn't get any trophy yet. It's bc their sales are low and not charting in korean chart. Everyone knows that fact

  20. my name is jeff

    my name is jeff7 時間 前

    @pétale awjan hecc,name me one kpop artist that buy views for their teaser,also their album sales is so low for high views mv and they didn't even get any music show wins or chart high on streaming sites

  21. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan7 時間 前

    @my name is jeff yes they do. So?

  22. my name is jeff

    my name is jeff7 時間 前

    @pétale awjan they even buy views for their mv trailer

  23. Aiperi Joldoshbekova

    Aiperi Joldoshbekova8 時間 前

    Слишком уж круто ❤️

  24. annie chung

    annie chung8 時間 前

    Black pink 偽物みたい

  25. 레알마드리드

    레알마드리드8 時間 前

    이유가 신류진 닮앗는데 젤예쁘네 ㅎ

  26. Sarah forisn

    Sarah forisn8 時間 前

    Anyone knows how many wins they got for music shows??

  27. Kang Fauzan

    Kang Fauzan7 時間 前

    Sadly None.... They Must Have But KNet Sleeping On Them

  28. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan8 時間 前


  29. browni

    browni8 時間 前

    Why does it sound like "I'm an albaotraoz"

  30. Rini Oktaviyani

    Rini Oktaviyani8 時間 前


  31. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan8 時間 前

    From what? Come back again with specific details

  32. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty9 時間 前

    EU : rapping queen Sihyeon : sharp high notes Mia : dancing machine Onda : ice queen Aisha : long legs Yerin : a gorgeous princess

  33. K I

    K I9 時間 前

    Let's hope to get 60M by next Thursday, marking a month from the music video release forevers! We can do it, it's possible!

  34. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty9 時間 前

    Forevers why aren't you str34ming? :(

  35. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty7 時間 前

    60M *Let's GOOO!!!*

  36. Meryll Fria

    Meryll Fria8 時間 前

    I am too

  37. Donald's Doughnuts

    Donald's Doughnuts9 時間 前

    I am

  38. MSP Dreamer Cat

    MSP Dreamer Cat10 時間 前

    Some parts the clip and melody little bit looks like BlackPink-Kill this love. But this song is also sounds good.

  39. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty9 時間 前

    I like that you said your opinion without offending everglow :)

  40. manisha cheran

    manisha cheran10 時間 前

    Damn wang yiren is from another world. Her beauty is mindboggling... m a girl but damn im falling fr her 😍😍😍😍

  41. lua

    lua10 時間 前

    *"no baile da rabiosa(é o que?)"* _- Lucas Fierce, 2019_

  42. Yuan OFFICIAL

    Yuan OFFICIAL10 時間 前


  43. Aku Debab

    Aku Debab10 時間 前

    *I'm An Albatraoz*

  44. Yen Nhi

    Yen Nhi10 時間 前

    We have 450k-500k in one day. Keep stre@m Forever

  45. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty10 時間 前

    Yes *fighting!*

  46. 145Byte

    145Byte10 時間 前

    Who is who??:v their face look same..

  47. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty10 時間 前

    0:18 Mia 0:26 Sihyon 0:34 Aisha 1:10 Yiren 1:26 Onda 1:43 EU

  48. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty10 時間 前

    Wait a minute I'll write a comment abt who is who

  49. Kang Fauzan

    Kang Fauzan10 時間 前

    OMG One Week I Am So Busy I Think It's 49 M V13ws.. And Now 55 M Vi3ws What?! Ok Now I Must Str3am1ng!

  50. Rina Marie Medel

    Rina Marie Medel10 時間 前

    Aisha really stunned me here.. Nyaaaaa.. Aishaaaaaaa.. FOREVER FOREVER....

  51. Koreli Genç

    Koreli Genç11 時間 前

    ı so love AİDOS

  52. Inegral Pıus kpop and cpop aşkı

    Inegral Pıus kpop and cpop aşkı11 時間 前


  53. Catarina Manha

    Catarina Manha11 時間 前

    I like them and the work they do but honestly I find it unfair that Mia does almost everything because others don't sing almost anything and still dance back there :(

  54. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty9 時間 前

    Yes they should give more lines to the other members BTW listeto their song _Hush_ it's so good :)

  55. Nelli Tarvainen

    Nelli Tarvainen11 時間 前

    I think 0:35 part sounds little bit Lisa's part in kill this love

  56. Оаксана Крищишин

    Оаксана Крищишин11 時間 前

    Du du du?

  57. Donald's Doughnuts

    Donald's Doughnuts9 時間 前


  58. Jane PlayzGatcha

    Jane PlayzGatcha11 時間 前

    Guys can you go and stream Bon Bon chocolat too?

  59. Anggita Hutami Ratnaningsih

    Anggita Hutami Ratnaningsih12 時間 前

    Cant stop watching this

  60. Choi Minha

    Choi Minha12 時間 前

    *Yiren* (Wang Yiren) at 1:10 3:14 - 29th December,2000 [Chinese] Height : 163 cm Weight : 42.3 kg Position : Lead dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Centre Her role model : Yoona , Jun Jihyun She was in PRODUCE 48 (Rank #28) She was voted to be #1 Visual Centre in PRODUCE 48 *Sihyeon* (Kim Sihyeon) at 0:29 2:24 - 5th August,1999 [Korean] Height : 168 cm Weight : 51 kg Position : Lead vocalist, Visual ,Face of the group Her role model : Yunho , Sunmi She was in PRODUCE 101 (Rank #40) She was in PRODUCE 48 (Rank #27) *E:U* (Park Jiwon) at 0:50 1:47 - 19th May,1998 [Korean] Position : Leader,Main rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist Her role model : Lee Hyori Her stage name means *Especially for U* She posted some vlogs on Yuehua's JPreporter Channel predebut. Her visuals are compared to a mix of Elkie and Sorn (CLC) *Mia* (Han Eunji) at 0:18 0:56 - 13th January,2000 [Korean] Position : Main Vocalist ,Main Dancer,Rapper Her role model : Hyorin , Ailee ,Park Hyoshin Her stage name means *Beautiful Child* She hates hospitals. She's afraid of dark and thunder. *Aisha* (Heo Yoorim) at 0:37 1:50 - 21st July,2000 [Korean] Height : 174 cm Position : Lead rapper, Vocalist Her role model : Sunmi, BLACKPINK Her stage name is inspired by ‘Asia’ Her stage name means *An Idol who takes over Asia* She was a former JYP trainee. She can speak Japanese. She trained for 11 years. *Onda* (Jo Serim) at 1:27 1:38 - 18th May,2000 [Korean] Position : Lead vocalist Her role model : Ariana Grande , Taeyeon Her stage name means *come to me* in Korean She was on Idol School (Rank #40) Motto : Always think deep and let's work hard.

  61. Choi Minha

    Choi Minha11 時間 前

    @pétale awjan 😅

  62. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan11 時間 前

    Onda's birthdate is may 18th

  63. Sirajam Mitu

    Sirajam Mitu12 時間 前

    How can they make so many amazing and beautiful songs 😍❤️😍❤️😍💗😍🙌😍❤️💗💗!!!!!!!??????

  64. Ervan Saifullah

    Ervan Saifullah12 時間 前

    Mirip lagu apa gitu gak si musik nya. Yg tau komen ya penasaran lupa nama lagu nya yg mirip 😂

  65. Haters Killer

    Haters Killer12 時間 前


  66. Maddie Maddie

    Maddie Maddie12 時間 前

    they will be the best group in future mark my words

  67. The Princess

    The Princess12 時間 前


  68. Jaspher Legaspi

    Jaspher Legaspi12 時間 前

    Better Than ITZY!

  69. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan7 時間 前

    @Jaspher Legaspi opinion is opinion. You can praise them without dragging itzy in. It will only lead to arguments. Compliment without comparison is way better in stating your opinion

  70. Jaspher Legaspi

    Jaspher Legaspi7 時間 前

    i just sayin my opinion peace

  71. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan8 時間 前

    *preference exist* no one is better than the other. They're good in their own ways

  72. multi jungg

    multi jungg13 時間 前

    0:34 _Aisha looks like siyeon_

  73. lcvely liz

    lcvely liz13 時間 前

    I love this song so much I took my time to learn this choreography-

  74. bighearts4

    bighearts413 時間 前

    VOTE EVERGLOw m.mwave.me/en/vote/mcountdown/vote

  75. Haters Killer

    Haters Killer12 時間 前

    bighearts4 of course i will

  76. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty13 時間 前

    Thank you I voted for them :)

  77. bighearts4

    bighearts413 時間 前

    Haters Killer are you gonna vote everglo?

  78. Haters Killer

    Haters Killer13 時間 前

    bighearts4 thanks for the link

  79. Nick

    Nick13 時間 前

    E:U is underrated. Remember that she is also main dancer along with Mia

  80. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty9 時間 前

    And she is the main rapper and she is the leader too :)

  81. Luka Luka

    Luka Luka13 時間 前

    We stoped,guys Why?!?! You betreyed Everglow

  82. Luka Luka

    Luka Luka7 時間 前

    @bighearts4 I already did that Some of us betreyed Everglow

  83. bighearts4

    bighearts413 時間 前

    Luka Luka i didnt betray. make sure you are voting too m.mwave.me/en/vote/mcountdown/vote

  84. Nia Lynson

    Nia Lynson13 時間 前

    This is my new must-listen-to-before-bed song before bed.

  85. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty9 時間 前



    I'AM BAD GIRL13 時間 前

    Goodbye Ovarios xD

  87. P ANDA

    P ANDA13 時間 前

    Есть русские?

  88. Alistair Jan Aguas

    Alistair Jan Aguas13 時間 前

    cause i'm an albatross

  89. Baho Ilok

    Baho Ilok14 時間 前


  90. bighearts4

    bighearts413 時間 前

    Baho Ilok vote everglo m.mwave.me/en/vote/mcountdown/vote

  91. Akjunis Mukhanbetjan

    Akjunis Mukhanbetjan14 時間 前

    Ddu du Ddu du+Kill this love=Adios👍

  92. Akjunis Mukhanbetjan

    Akjunis Mukhanbetjan7 時間 前

    @Donald's Doughnuts i think so

  93. Donald's Doughnuts

    Donald's Doughnuts9 時間 前

    I don't think so

  94. Nua Nua

    Nua Nua14 時間 前

    Everglow 선배 fighting 💪💕

  95. Greekmix

    Greekmix14 時間 前


  96. Aliass_Hps

    Aliass_Hps14 時間 前

    Good bye ovarios.