Ethan and Grayson AFTER SURGERY


  1. Adrianna

    Adrianna15 分 前

    They still even fight under

  2. Alexandra Gonzalez

    Alexandra Gonzalez時間 前

    “Give him back. I need that mans.” 🥺

  3. MR. JOKER

    MR. JOKER4 時間 前

    I also have the same problem

  4. Peanutbutterbutterfly

    Peanutbutterbutterfly20 時間 前


  5. Xixx Xxix

    Xixx Xxix21 時間 前

    In my country we just get local anesthesia

  6. Azari I

    Azari I22 時間 前

    Grayson: “ im ready to go home” Ethan: “ shhhhh” Grayson: “ sorry for my foul language” Me: dying of laughter the entire time their on anesthesia Also anyone else here in 2020

  7. Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson日 前

    Grayson in this video said: 💁🏼‍♂️💁🏽‍♂️💁🏾‍♂️💁🏿‍♂️

  8. Kailey Knoll

    Kailey Knoll日 前

    Tampons in my noise.. lol XD

  9. Roxan Padilla

    Roxan Padilla日 前

    20:30 Me after getting home from school.

  10. Roxan Padilla

    Roxan Padilla日 前

    18:32 Speaking facts

  11. Roxan Padilla

    Roxan Padilla日 前

    10:15 that is so cute!

  12. Romera Boston

    Romera Boston2 日 前

    “ he a thicc body fella”

  13. Cactxs _

    Cactxs _2 日 前

    They put an e on Ethans hand and a g on Grayson so they wouldn’t.t mix them up Hahhahahahahha I M D Y I N G

  14. Rebekah Delgado

    Rebekah Delgado2 日 前

    18:15 had me in my casket

  15. Jean Wade

    Jean Wade2 日 前

    Ethan: dId u SeE hIs boOBiEs? He’S lIkE a C cUp

  16. alex

    alex3 日 前

    i decided to revisit this video and 13:33 HAS ME ROLLINGGGG

  17. Jaye Remaly

    Jaye Remaly3 日 前

    What the hell did Ethan say at 12:40 lol?

  18. Craxy Ellie

    Craxy Ellie3 日 前

    Grayson: *kisses ethans hand* Ethan: EW! Grayson: Sorry! Grayson: I felt the LOVE!!!!

  19. Jillian Rombalski

    Jillian Rombalski3 日 前

    Can we just talk about how they have their first initials on their hands

  20. Kim Jennie

    Kim Jennie3 日 前

    20:55 awwwww

  21. Kim Jennie

    Kim Jennie3 日 前

    They look so cute

  22. LM D

    LM D3 日 前

    What do they give you in the US for these surgeries and wisdom teeth procedures? I never get like that :-/ :(

  23. Unnati Bachpan

    Unnati Bachpan3 日 前

    Dumb and dumber 😂🥰

  24. Mary Morey

    Mary Morey3 日 前

    Did anyone notice the e and g on their hands to tell them apart lmao

  25. Hailee Bush

    Hailee Bush4 日 前

    I love how they labeled which twin was which😂

  26. Quin gamer

    Quin gamer4 日 前

    they're so cute to each other

  27. Ruby

    Ruby4 日 前

    Not to be rude but this was not funny at all. But Ethans wisdom teeth was hilarious. wWhy couldn't it be more like that. I was so excited for this video now i'm just disappointed.....

  28. Anyoly Rosario

    Anyoly Rosario4 日 前

    Nobody G : at 18:12 😂😂

  29. regan stahl

    regan stahl4 日 前

    this will forever be the funniest video i’ve ever witnessed😂😂🤣🤣

  30. Crybaby Mimi

    Crybaby Mimi4 日 前

    The wisdom teeth were my absolute favorites Edit: THIS IS AWESOME 😂💓

  31. Mya Rodriguez

    Mya Rodriguez5 日 前


  32. Ely Madueño

    Ely Madueño5 日 前

    14:56 we'Re bLoOd bRoThErs

  33. Bella Marie

    Bella Marie5 日 前

    “Ma you look really nice for a 50 year old woman”

  34. Bella Marie

    Bella Marie5 日 前

    Ethan was so sweet💗🥺

  35. Faiza Ibrahim ali

    Faiza Ibrahim ali5 日 前

    How many times did you go say I love you💜 I can't stop laughing is just so hilarious🤣 I'm not being to be mean😟

  36. Farwa Ahmed

    Farwa Ahmed5 日 前

    Their mum : do u want some apple juice ? Grayson:ApplE JUicE

  37. Addisyn Johnson

    Addisyn Johnson5 日 前

    14:48 this is my favorite part 💀

  38. Addisyn Johnson

    Addisyn Johnson5 日 前

    No one: No one at all: Ethan: Aye yo is the anesthesia dairy free?

  39. Emmy The Unicorn Queen

    Emmy The Unicorn Queen5 日 前

    Grayson on wisdom teeth removal = Ethan after nose surgery Grayson after nose surgery = Ethan on wisdom teeth removal LOL HELLLLP THIS IS HURTING MY 🧠 BRAIN

  40. Bella Marie

    Bella Marie5 日 前

    Ethan talking about Grayson: “he a thick body fella”

  41. Vedika Sharma

    Vedika Sharma6 日 前

    15:45 he gets clothes on I want clothes on

  42. Vedika Sharma

    Vedika Sharma6 日 前

    No one: Ethan: IM ITALIAN

  43. Twilight Nightborrow

    Twilight Nightborrow6 日 前

    nobody: absolutely nobody: Grayson and Ethan: i got tampons in my nose!

  44. Olivia Engelhardt

    Olivia Engelhardt6 日 前

    Grayson after surgery is just me when I‘m drunk XD

  45. MacKenzie Cassidy

    MacKenzie Cassidy6 日 前

    ( 12:22 ) Ethan: *whispers* pancakes Grayson: *eyes widen* PANcaKeS ! HoooooLY shit! we gotta eat pancakes!! Ethan: *nodding head* pannn-motherFUckin-cakesSsS Grayson: we gotta eat pancakes cuzZzzzzz- AHhh OuuuUuu

  46. darcy butler

    darcy butler6 日 前

    i love how the doctors had to label them


    PUFFY KING6 日 前

    18:18 iconic

  48. Thugisa Namseok

    Thugisa Namseok7 日 前

    *I GoTt SoMe TaMponS IN MaH NosE*

  49. Juan Mxra1es

    Juan Mxra1es7 日 前

    Who else noticed that Grayson also said he wanted to run a marathon when he got his wisdom teeth removed.😂

  50. Sarah Sargent

    Sarah Sargent7 日 前

    Love how they're concerned about PANCAKES...

  51. Minellie _

    Minellie _7 日 前

    9:08 “where’s my mans?” “He’s still in surgery” “he just went in?” “Yea...” “they better bring him back! That’s MA MANS” gosh I love Ethan 😂😂❤️

  52. Minellie _

    Minellie _7 日 前

    9:15 “that’s my wombmate” 😂

  53. Kirstyn Loud

    Kirstyn Loud7 日 前

    Grayson saying he’s the calm one before the surgery then keeps waking up Ethan XD poor Ethan he just wanted to sleep the pain off

  54. arianaisabelle

    arianaisabelle7 日 前

    didn't they get the same surgery? why was grayson bleeding so much more than ethan?

  55. Grace Archibald

    Grace Archibald7 日 前

    It's tuesday happy tuesday

  56. angel a.

    angel a.7 日 前

    Ok but the amount of times they said "I love you bro" was the best part about this video 😂❤

  57. Leah

    Leah8 日 前

    Grayson lookin extra fine in this video😍😍

  58. SM

    SM8 日 前

    13:48 E: "you look like a fool" Gray: "WE LOOK THE SAME" *Awkward silence

  59. SM

    SM8 日 前

    Ethan: "come here to me, come close" Gray: "dOnT tOuCh Me"

  60. Taylor Renèe

    Taylor Renèe8 日 前

    *gray kisses ethans hand* ethan: ew! gray: *sorry , i felt the love*