Ethan and Grayson AFTER SURGERY


  1. Zsófia Győrffy-Báthory

    Zsófia Győrffy-Báthory7 時間 前

    Аптека! Btw I'm hungarian and I live in Hungary😂

  2. Crow29803

    Crow298038 時間 前

    I don’t remember anything either or after when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I never say anything weird. I was sick from the codeine but other than that, I don’t remember pain or anything.

  3. Wolf Queen180

    Wolf Queen1808 時間 前

    Dolan Twins mom: You want some apple juice? Ethan: Apple Juice...? Hell yea I want some apple juice! *drinks Juice* Ethan: THAT HIT THE SHMOT.

  4. new needs

    new needs12 時間 前

    Take a shot every time one of them say I love you

  5. downinahole193

    downinahole19322 時間 前

    Man.. I don't know how, but even Grayson's *fingers* are muscular

  6. Michelle Do Cabo

    Michelle Do Cabo日 前

    You guys are so sweet

  7. Desiree Smith

    Desiree Smith日 前

    why does every youtuber that gets a nose job claims to have a "deviated septum"???

  8. Mon Pon

    Mon Pon日 前

    Awww hahaha

  9. Magition Man Magition Man

    Magition Man Magition Man日 前

    Lol love the "G" and "E" on their hand

  10. Sophie Sutcliffe

    Sophie Sutcliffe日 前

    This is me at a sleepover while trying to stay awake

  11. zoe may thomson

    zoe may thomson日 前

    10:57 "And I'm ready to go the f**k home"

  12. Christopher Young

    Christopher Young日 前

    Gray: "I'm dancin, I'm dancin" Camera guy: Watchout watchout watchout Gray: "I'm gonna stop dancing" This had me weak 😂😅

  13. Christopher Young

    Christopher Young日 前

    Grayson: Watch your head, come here baby 19:40 Also Grayson: I'm high on life right now! 😂😂

  14. Celestia8

    Celestia8日 前

    you want some apple juice? HeLL yeA I wAnT sOme aPpLe jUicE

  15. Ava Ryan

    Ava Ryan日 前

    ethan: this is the most supportive mother in the world steve: am i joke to you.

  16. Kai Guzman

    Kai Guzman日 前

    "he's a thicc body fella....APPLE JUICE?!" ethan dolan 2019

  17. Mary Reynoso

    Mary Reynoso日 前

    Hahaha you guys are so funny 😂♥♥

  18. Ffion Evans

    Ffion Evans日 前

    i love how Ethan and Grayson have E and G on their hands so they know the difference 😂

  19. Sophie Blackhurst

    Sophie Blackhurst日 前

    “hell yeah i’ve got better hair” ethan be speaking facts

  20. anna mukherjee x

    anna mukherjee x日 前

    i’ll take care of him he’s my little brother 🥰🥰 the sweetest thing in the world ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Mia Hoi

    Mia Hoi日 前

    This is the funniest thing I've ever seen

  22. maria diab

    maria diab日 前

    14:50 "sorry i felt the love" That was so sweet 😍

  23. Sameeha Nadeem

    Sameeha Nadeem2 日 前

    so much respect for their mama

  24. Neli Leota

    Neli Leota2 日 前

    Ethans the angle version of being high and Grayson is the opposite of being high

  25. Jocelyn Sanchez

    Jocelyn Sanchez2 日 前

    Am I the only one who thinks Ethan looks like Steve from stranger things 😂

  26. theoriginaljillybean

    theoriginaljillybean2 日 前

    "Hell yeah I want some apple juice!"

  27. FranzLouisa DeGuzman

    FranzLouisa DeGuzman2 日 前

    They were so cute and very affectionate to each other! ♥ I AM LOVING THEM MORE FOR REAL! ♡

  28. FranzLouisa DeGuzman

    FranzLouisa DeGuzman2 日 前

    They were so cute and very affectionate to each other! ♥ I AM LOVING THEM MORE FOR REAL! ♡

  29. FranzLouisa DeGuzman

    FranzLouisa DeGuzman2 日 前

    when grayson danced lol HAHAHA

  30. Rachel _Kisses

    Rachel _Kisses2 日 前

    18:32 “Real men cry. There should be no shame in that.” PREACH IT!🙌🏻

  31. Dalanee Grant

    Dalanee Grant2 日 前

    "I got a tampon in my nose" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. Sophie Dunbar

    Sophie Dunbar2 日 前

    The dancing killed me lol x

  33. Meily Molano

    Meily Molano2 日 前

    I've never laughed so much at one of their videos 😂😭😭😭

  34. HannahKay Msp

    HannahKay Msp2 日 前

    Grayson : im just bustin dOwNnnn bRuH Ethan : Mom, StOp hIm

  35. Lillian Fiello

    Lillian Fiello2 日 前

    16:26 its a mood

  36. Maggie Mae

    Maggie Mae2 日 前

    “Ayo was that anesthesia dairy free?” 😂😂

  37. Arely Beas

    Arely Beas2 日 前

    18:18 is killing me 😂😂

  38. Jan Elle

    Jan Elle3 日 前

    Ethan: “Give it. Oh sorry that was aggressive.” Even though he’s loopy he’s a sweetheart & respectful 😫😭

  39. Michelle Xcx

    Michelle Xcx3 日 前

    Make sure u sauce it down bro!

  40. Cute Owl

    Cute Owl3 日 前

    Ethan: They took him in? *yes* Ethan: Give him back

  41. Marie Jarju

    Marie Jarju3 日 前

    8:43 lmfao The whole video was making me run to the bathroom

  42. Samai Selga

    Samai Selga3 日 前

    ethan was so caring ❤

  43. Jada Johnson

    Jada Johnson3 日 前

    E-"I'll take care of him....he's my little brother" 🌸awwww

  44. rida khan

    rida khan3 日 前

    did the doctors really put their initials on the twins hand so they know which ones which

  45. It’s Tamara

    It’s Tamara3 日 前

    Anyone notice the “G and the “E to tell them apart 🤔

  46. Amouna Sobh

    Amouna Sobh3 日 前

    I’ve never laughed so hard in my life 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  47. Covers by Cameryn

    Covers by Cameryn3 日 前

    *AYE* , get offa me 🤣

  48. Himexxdollxx21

    Himexxdollxx213 日 前

    Ethan: we use to be a goop that turned into two goops and now we in this bitch

  49. Ashley

    Ashley3 日 前

    Gray: Is this what it feels like to have a tampon but on your face? Me: 😂🤣🤣 Oh shit

  50. Aisha Rahimi

    Aisha Rahimi3 日 前

    Ethan’s rap 🔥 7:20

  51. Aisha Rahimi

    Aisha Rahimi3 日 前

    I got a tampon in my nose 7:39

  52. Jessica

    Jessica3 日 前

    Grayson: *burps* Ethan: “don’t do that around mommy!” 😭🥺

  53. Mackenzie Marie

    Mackenzie Marie3 日 前

    Y'all are so funny 😂 Is this how it feels wearing a tampon but in your face 😭

  54. Mackenzie Marie

    Mackenzie Marie3 日 前

    Crazy that's actually what I go through but never had surgery I can only breathe outta my right nostril

  55. Chloe Myers

    Chloe Myers3 日 前

    “Hey yo, was that anesthesia dairy free? Alright, just checkin” I died😂

  56. Zara Adeel

    Zara Adeel3 日 前

    Ethan ; eww Grayson;sorry man I felt the love Me;😂😂🤣

  57. Brooke Roberts

    Brooke Roberts3 日 前

    “That’s my wombmate” aww

  58. Alya Scarden

    Alya Scarden4 日 前


  59. Ahmed O

    Ahmed O4 日 前

    Ethan: *became drunk* Grayson: *became a gangster*

  60. Lauren Aksdal

    Lauren Aksdal4 日 前

    why did gray bleed soooo much more