Eric Andre Enters a Fugue State While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We Feastヶ月 前

    Top 5 meltdowns in Hot Ones history? Go!

  2. Reese Riley

    Reese Riley時間 前

    @TheHoboThatLives OutsideYourHouse megan fox is a free mason

  3. James Peterson

    James Peterson日 前

    This one's in there

  4. Athletics 2k

    Athletics 2k2 日 前

    Definitely joji

  5. Casper Ayala

    Casper Ayala5 日 前

    The time bobby lee shat himself. I love you bobby!

  6. Remy Mae

    Remy Mae8 日 前

    he's been on it already אלעד אהרוני

  7. Wendi Landkammer

    Wendi Landkammer2 時間 前

    Give the man some scrambled eggs, it'll cut that fire so that it doesn't hurt so much. It hurts watching him

  8. Waleed Al-Rabbani

    Waleed Al-Rabbani12 時間 前

    I love you Eric

  9. B.L. Fisher

    B.L. Fisher21 時間 前

    Beastie reference, nice! (Edit) Just noticed the painting of the Pope hugging G.G. Allin, beautiful...

  10. Nate

    Nate日 前

    Pro tip there's another option besides fresh-squeezed (which are nice but a PitA to do all the time) fruit and sugary drink mixes. Just get the no sugar Lime/Lemon juices made for cooking and stuff. That shit is basically just pure juice without any other crap in it and is pretty damn good for drinks. I make whiskey sours and Moscow mules using those and it's pretty great.

  11. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith日 前

    Need to get a socially distanced studio. Just not the same. Joe rogan style.

  12. James Peterson

    James Peterson日 前

    Wait what. I didn't know ads could be non randomized. I got the Coors Hot Ones ad before this video started.

  13. Mr Taft

    Mr Taft日 前

    How many wings did he stick up his ass?

  14. TheMatrix52

    TheMatrix52日 前


  15. way of the meow

    way of the meow日 前

    I watched some old Eric videos of him doing street stuff and conventions. Turns out i just thought assholes were funny back then.

  16. Alex's Xtreme Path1987-AXP87

    Alex's Xtreme Path1987-AXP87日 前

    It worked! Eric got her pregnant she gonna have his daughter! We’ve come full circle

  17. Adam Edwards

    Adam Edwards2 日 前

    How can a human being not throw up with that amount of milk? I thought milk is like to try and cool off the mouth. Like what did he think absolutely CHUGGING gallons was gonna do lol

  18. CaptainHorn

    CaptainHorn2 日 前

    Thanks for wasting water, great job jackass!

  19. Zachary Iler

    Zachary Iler2 日 前

    Ciara from Try Channel would laugh at Sean and eat him under the table

  20. Andrew Schoonover

    Andrew Schoonover3 日 前

    this is so incredibly hard to watch, but also total schadenfreude.

  21. Kelp Farming

    Kelp Farming3 日 前

    What things mated to create that? Yet white liberals will call him handsome. Like Michelle Obama. Cheers

  22. Richard Breads

    Richard Breads3 日 前

    Eric Andre is a chaotic bastard on set. I love it.

  23. Karla Jaeger

    Karla Jaeger3 日 前

    Oh good, this is new. I was trying to watch the first time eric was on. I was worried for a minute.

  24. poppajonty

    poppajonty3 日 前

    I really wanna know if he’s ever been recognized while filming a bit

  25. Taylor Spencer

    Taylor Spencer4 日 前

    Save me Idris... save me from myself lol

  26. Kellen Taylor

    Kellen Taylor4 日 前

    I remember this guy off Zeke and Luther.

  27. Anamosa

    Anamosa4 日 前

    Is that the inception soundtrack

  28. E Kay

    E Kay4 日 前

    "I Didn't realize how popular your show was" His episode has 16 MILLION VIEWS

  29. Jim Lahey

    Jim Lahey4 日 前

    Eric is just an immature moron. Why do people like him.

  30. Levi Dawson

    Levi Dawson5 日 前

    the painting of gg allin with the pope is amazing :'D

  31. LipSmacker

    LipSmacker5 日 前

    Get Trump on

  32. cyberprompt

    cyberprompt5 日 前

    very disappointed you are doing this remotely. sad. you can eat lava but can't deal with a cold virus.

  33. Quincy

    Quincy5 日 前

    I got an ad for Hot Ones on this video lol

  34. Casper Ayala

    Casper Ayala5 日 前

    I wanna talk Rosario Dawson!!

  35. Zach Moore

    Zach Moore5 日 前


  36. Swamp Dog

    Swamp Dog6 日 前

    amazing show and great interview man. cant wait to watch more, glad to have found this channel again

  37. Randomest

    Randomest6 日 前

    "i got so much bad karma to cash in on" -eric andre, 2016

  38. Ben Smart

    Ben Smart6 日 前

    Eric Andre is such an enigma that this is his calmest interview

  39. RandyRandy

    RandyRandy6 日 前

    Whoa this dude cant handle the sauce! Seans a good host, cause this dont affect him, but he pretends hes burning.

  40. Ely Fox

    Ely Fox6 日 前

    I like to taste dabs from my hot sauce collection while i watch these to feel like I’m participating 😂

  41. gaming inc

    gaming inc6 日 前

    We need jonah hill please

  42. Coconyt

    Coconyt6 日 前

    Get 'The Mexican Runner' on this show; he's a under the radar Legend and maybe the most skilled NES gamer of all time. And a goddamn hilarious guy.

  43. John Blackmore

    John Blackmore6 日 前

    I fucking love eric andre

  44. etdrwho

    etdrwho6 日 前

    Ok great shoot today guys but im thinking of taking a break, maybe taking a foreign film sit back and relax.

  45. Stink Finger

    Stink Finger7 日 前

    why hasnt anyone metioned his gg allin pope pic

  46. Collin TheMost

    Collin TheMost7 日 前

    I knew Eric Andre would be one of the few repeate guests. Dude it really somthing else.

  47. Jesse Rogalski

    Jesse Rogalski7 日 前

    Round 3 next week

  48. Aobakwe M

    Aobakwe M7 日 前

    Hate how much he wasted water 💦 💧😩 by leaving the tap running.

  49. Katherine Kass

    Katherine Kass8 日 前

    Funny how those laughing at you may also be stalking you

  50. Fresh Heat

    Fresh Heat8 日 前

    He needs to be on wall of shame, pathetic.

  51. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson8 日 前

    Aww Sean's aftercare is so sweet!

  52. Kiesha Smartt

    Kiesha Smartt8 日 前

    I'm in tears 😂😂😂

  53. Nick Riches

    Nick Riches9 日 前

    Is it just me or is Eric looking kinda Swole these days

  54. Katie Wood

    Katie Wood9 日 前

    anyone want to see some of our favourite KPOP stars do this, BTS , TXT, Day6, Monsta X, Straykids, Eric Nam, Ateez, GOT7....I'll stop the list there lol

  55. Astaroth

    Astaroth9 日 前

    I think the psychological factor of being home made him too comfortable I think the hype of actually being there with sean could help you.

  56. Preston Galindo

    Preston Galindo9 日 前

    Put LA BEAST ON THE SHOW u guys would make such a good team for the challenge!!!

  57. sam ZEbra

    sam ZEbra9 日 前

    How can u not like him

  58. TJ Black Gaming

    TJ Black Gaming9 日 前

    Its weird i get hot ones ad when i watch this

  59. Evoke Spirit

    Evoke Spirit9 日 前

    Whatever you want man

  60. Steve Adrignola

    Steve Adrignola9 日 前

    You are not funny, go away

  61. Jack R. Westphal

    Jack R. Westphal9 日 前

    Get Nardwuar on here!!!

  62. Master James

    Master James9 日 前

    Yoooo he’s back

  63. Merika Johnson

    Merika Johnson10 日 前

    Bro Eric sounds like my freshman year history teacher

  64. Terrence Owens

    Terrence Owens11 日 前

    This was awesome!! Love Eric Andre, Bert, and especially Sean :)) epic show

  65. Niji Karasu

    Niji Karasu11 日 前

    Shout out to sean for not pushing eric to do the last dab