1. Paws on Paws

    Paws on Paws3 時間 前

    Me: **realised that his next vid might be the day my favorite games huge update is** Also me: ** slowly scoots away from the game**

  2. Aritri Chaki

    Aritri Chaki4 時間 前

    I want Danny to never style his hair ever again.

  3. ity_bitty_gypsy

    ity_bitty_gypsy5 時間 前

    No Danny, I DO hate you!!! I’m such a hater (those were my sarcastic eyes talking)

  4. lil big kid

    lil big kid7 時間 前

    Let’s just jump into it

  5. Shocking Lucas

    Shocking Lucas8 時間 前

    When he was talking about penguins I was playing as the penguin in lego Batman the video game

  6. kristelle gwen

    kristelle gwen8 時間 前


  7. XZ

    XZ11 時間 前

    Episode Heh.... Star Wars episode IV a new hope the republic has fallen into dismay as the trade routes have been cut off by the republic idk something like that I didn’t pay attention lol

  8. Percussive Sounds ASMR

    Percussive Sounds ASMR12 時間 前

    I really love your the different voices! You should do audio books 😂

  9. Bre D Duck boop

    Bre D Duck boop12 時間 前

    When u scubsrib and cLiCk ThE bElL, then your a true greg2.0

  10. Madelyn Astwood

    Madelyn Astwood12 時間 前

    Is it weird that he looks like he's getting younger

  11. Milo and Diesel

    Milo and Diesel13 時間 前

    15:30 look in the bottom right hand corner

  12. Jonathan Giedraitis

    Jonathan Giedraitis13 時間 前

    Mia looks like Courtney Love cirka 1995

  13. le cucumber

    le cucumber14 時間 前

    this is I think before the Shane Dawson t e a

  14. stolentoilet

    stolentoilet15 時間 前

    hair look good

  15. Jena

    Jena16 時間 前


  16. fancytophatgirl

    fancytophatgirl16 時間 前

    Did anyone notice the girl he made in the beginning kinda looks like him? 3:12

  17. Mekhi Krichen

    Mekhi Krichen17 時間 前

    i swear this is Cody Ko's little brother

  18. little brunette

    little brunette18 時間 前

    5:42 I hate u Danny. Ur a bad youtuber and ur not a good youtuber and u have a baby face and ur not funny 😡 Did I do that right, guys? 😃👍

  19. VagueOutline

    VagueOutline18 時間 前

    I love how nobody in any Episode story has their own backstory or personality. It’s like if there was a super hero comic but you never saw his alter ego and all you got to do was watch his mmm wander around highschool and pretend to be normal so it’s just uhhhhh

  20. I dont say shit

    I dont say shit18 時間 前

    La Croix, when you gonna sponsor Danny?

  21. Matthew England

    Matthew England20 時間 前

    “Maybe they’re racist or something.” Well, they’re Shane Dawson fans, so they probably are.

  22. Jungy Hawaii

    Jungy Hawaii14 時間 前

    and thats why i will never watch shane dawson i really dont like shane dawson theres abunch of people like HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE SHANE I HAVE A BODY PILLOW OF SHANE I HAVE PICTURES OF SHANE shane dawson just sounds stupid and annoying and racist he is just really annoying and kinda dumb i know i will get abunch of hate but seriously he is really annoying 🙄🙄😑😑😒😒😒😒😒

  23. Wartoothandnail

    Wartoothandnail20 時間 前

    Danny lookin like a snack in that curly hair!

  24. oulart

    oulart20 時間 前

    Did ou see Shane Dawson’s new video? Oh honey.........

  25. Mia Stambrey

    Mia Stambrey20 時間 前

    hahaha i’m called that AND IM BRITISH

  26. kid whos cool973

    kid whos cool97321 時間 前

    I had to dislike for the 69 dislikes I'm sorry. (Great video though)

  27. Martine Bonita

    Martine Bonita21 時間 前

    Gregi sounds like a legitimate pet name for a young Eastern european boy

  28. juliet.

    juliet.21 時間 前

    He looks soft

  29. The Nerd Crusader

    The Nerd Crusader22 時間 前

    "hey, its me! george lucas! i made the star war! enjoy the star war! the main character has to be luke!" -Danny Gonzalez 2020

  30. Dan the Poop man

    Dan the Poop man22 時間 前

    Not just any Lacroix, specifically lemon, or lime, or lemon lime.

  31. McKenzie Janzen

    McKenzie Janzen日 前

    i love your second channel so much

  32. Victoria Oof

    Victoria Oof日 前

    I am currently rewatching this video (so I can watch part 2) and the line "Have you seen Shane Dawson's new video" is really funny to me bc of what happened-

  33. Jungy Hawaii

    Jungy Hawaii14 時間 前

    i know i will get hate but seriously he is soo annoying and racist he is stupid mean and just plain on rude you can hate but your a bit too late i wont change my opinion 🙄😒😒😒

  34. Victoria Oof

    Victoria Oof日 前

    @Michelle S kjkskjjjdkk

  35. Michelle S

    Michelle S日 前

    Just got to that part and was about to comment. Oof that did not age well loool

  36. that kinda hurted me doe

    that kinda hurted me doe日 前

    this hair is low key a vibe

  37. Shirley Tolan

    Shirley Tolan日 前

    Why does Mia's crush look like Draco Malfoy

  38. Nimi

    Nimi日 前

    australia spells it mum as well. i think most english speakers other than americans spell it mum.

  39. Oh Sangwoo

    Oh Sangwoo日 前

    “Have you seen shane dawsons new video?” *OHNO-*

  40. Daniel Magger

    Daniel Magger日 前

    Episode logic: even the choices aren't choices.

  41. reverse jesus

    reverse jesus日 前

    squeet reminds me of Sam from glee with that trouty mouth

  42. SenatorButtsmack

    SenatorButtsmack日 前

    who else thinks dannys hair is.... kinda cute 😳😳😳

  43. Virginia

    Virginia日 前

    Why does skyler remind me of Drew Gooden? 😂

  44. Tom G

    Tom G日 前

    Did anyone see the dog on Dannys floor

  45. Abigail Birdchest

    Abigail Birdchest日 前

    who is danny?

  46. NotAPolarBear

    NotAPolarBear日 前

    I hat u

  47. Mrs Potato

    Mrs Potato日 前

    Danny: Introduction videos never go viral, I've never seen it happen. Jennelle Eliana: Van life.

  48. Smruthi Pradeep

    Smruthi Pradeep日 前

    The guy looks like oli london

  49. Meirah D

    Meirah D日 前

    i love your hair!

  50. Kae Chap

    Kae Chap日 前

    “Did you see Shane Dawson’s new youtube video?”... *well that didn’t age well*

  51. Joe Jaren

    Joe Jaren日 前

    Wow your really trying to get that La Croix sponsorship.

  52. • JewelsTheCat •

    • JewelsTheCat •日 前

    NoEffortIncluded No one asked but okay

  53. NoEffortIncluded

    NoEffortIncluded日 前


  54. cheezy

    cheezy日 前

    That thing with the lemon is a old show I watched in Spanish as a kid called muzzy. It’s a great show

  55. Levi Nunya

    Levi Nunya日 前

    12:55 I secretly know you and don’t laugh at ANY of your jokes! 😡

  56. Kathryn Kososki

    Kathryn Kososki日 前

    Squeet, the high school meth head lol

  57. Lily Hunter

    Lily Hunter日 前

    THIS WAS MADE ON MY BDAY OMG YAZZZ!! Pls play roblox

  58. Sophie Filo

    Sophie Filo日 前

    I just started getting into Episode videos, so the timing of this was perfect. On that note, La Croix? Really, Danny? Tsk...

  59. shane

    shane日 前

    “Did you see Shane Dawson’s new video” “Yeah hellurrrr” That,, did not age well.

  60. Farah Redjel

    Farah Redjel日 前


  61. Door oof

    Door oof日 前

    Is it just me or does Danny act like a kid from a disney show? (Also love his channels!)

  62. lilz. xø

    lilz. xø日 前

    I love how he isn't reading trashy gem choice story 🤣 tho idk if this is a good first look on episode

  63. Frog Gamine

    Frog Gamine日 前

    *shane Dawson’s newest video*

  64. シIntimidatinq

    シIntimidatinq日 前


  65. Farah Redjel

    Farah Redjel日 前

    Gregy is canceled too

  66. ?

    ?日 前

    i like his hair in this video a lottt

  67. Laura Lacombe

    Laura Lacombe日 前

    I like ur hair like that u look swaggier

  68. RealGabriela

    RealGabriela日 前

    his hair in this video looks soo good

  69. emily salisbury

    emily salisbury日 前

    would love to see you try the key lime flavor and hear some feedback

  70. Üń Kñōŵn

    Üń Kñōŵn日 前

    2% of Brits talk how u think and most people talk like chavs in England

  71. K Sauerkraut

    K Sauerkraut日 前

    Üń Kñōŵn Most people know that but we dunno how to imitate the other accents 🥴

  72. Antwuan Butler

    Antwuan Butler日 前

    Who’s greg, also danny is a stinky piss boy and I hate him cuz he smells get hated on

  73. Spencer Richter

    Spencer Richter日 前

    i kinda like when he doesn’t do his hair 🤭 it’s all fluffy n shit, real cute

  74. Marine Willcox

    Marine Willcox日 前

    5:04 I gotta GoOoOoOoOoOo *cue peaceful music*

  75. Blue Bell

    Blue Bell日 前

    “This is just like reading a book, but you have to tap for each new sentence.” Oh boy, wait til you hear about visual novels.

  76. Elena lastname

    Elena lastname日 前

    I feel like most stories are, girl meets boy, boy has friends/brother girl falls in love with both brother and friend and has to choose one in the end...

  77. Oh Dang

    Oh Dang日 前

    Yo Danny, I love that shade of lipstick on you! Can I borrow it?

  78. Dani Rabinowitz

    Dani Rabinowitz日 前

    Why do Mia and Skyler look like they have a serious autoimmune disease

  79. Sophia Pursell

    Sophia Pursell日 前

    Wait your a JPreporterr in real life wow what a twist

  80. Toon Link

    Toon Link日 前

    His British accent is really good

  81. Apatheismo

    Apatheismo日 前

    when your mom looks younger than you

  82. Sanskriti Singh

    Sanskriti Singh日 前

    by wacky were you talking about your hair

  83. AnimeBoi_ BtsArmy

    AnimeBoi_ BtsArmy日 前

    I have an ash tray on my desk at home from my Grandma but I have an eraser in it So That's fun •,-,•

  84. Saqqaq

    Saqqaq日 前

    hello -Danny- Daniel

  85. Charles Childers

    Charles Childers日 前

    We stan messy hair Danny

  86. lance symonds

    lance symonds日 前

    Danny gets a sudden wave of hate

  87. Name

    Name日 前


  88. XxIcy BoyxX

    XxIcy BoyxX日 前

    Grace: your video got 100 views! Gregi: Really? Grace: *no*

  89. cropro viktor

    cropro viktor日 前

    Soo voice has deley

  90. BambitoBeano

    BambitoBeano日 前

    danny you goofy boy you put some of the clips in the wrong order 😂😂