[ENG sub] [6회] ′머리부터 발 끝까지 무대에서′ 뽐뽐ㅣBruno Mars ♬Finesse @포지션 평가 190607 EP.6


  1. jei zainab

    jei zainab日 前

    There should be in posision evalution dance is HIGH NOTE LIPSYNC

  2. Choco Abs

    Choco Abs2 日 前

    Oh wow! Minhee is in Finesse team 😍😍

  3. n.naynay Naya

    n.naynay Naya3 日 前

    Where is hangyul. I didn't notice him eventhough i'm watching until the end

  4. mebo minhee

    mebo minhee日 前

    n.naynay Naya 1:49 thats him

  5. 韓国LOVE

    韓国LOVE4 日 前


  6. Yeon Kimin

    Yeon Kimin4 日 前

    Bruh hyeongjun saying “my big fat ass” still gets to me😭😭-

  7. JhinGer Bread

    JhinGer Bread5 日 前

    Hayup na mcdo commercial yan

  8. kang minhee stan

    kang minhee stan5 日 前

    okay pdx101 ended like months ago and I’m still addicted to this stage

  9. N

    N6 日 前

    sihoon did a very good job with the choreo. It is still one of my fave stage from this season. 😁❤

  10. Trinity R.

    Trinity R.6 日 前

    my man hangyul really isn’t going to quit his flipping career anytime sooner

  11. Sunny Haechan

    Sunny Haechan6 日 前

    Pause and click 1:25 then I pause for instant death

  12. Titin Eka Puspitawati

    Titin Eka Puspitawati6 日 前

    1:56 Nam Dohyun: He is my Hyung

  13. Jasmin Sinjali

    Jasmin Sinjali7 日 前

    IDC THIS IS THE BEST STAGE performance

  14. wanonly13

    wanonly138 日 前

    i like numdohyun reaction

  15. Sheila Moquiala

    Sheila Moquiala8 日 前

    Lee Hangyul and Minhee😊😍

  16. ほのか

    ほのか8 日 前


  17. reycmeup 28

    reycmeup 288 日 前


  18. Adrianna Beyker

    Adrianna Beyker9 日 前

    why do they record songs they dance to? they can simply dance to the original, right?

  19. ugly ass dog

    ugly ass dog9 日 前

    Hyeongjun . Look . So .good

  20. Naive Princess

    Naive Princess11 日 前

    I love this part 1:04

  21. Baekhyun and his voice

    Baekhyun and his voice11 日 前

    If only the production didnt high-pitched this song, ill blessed with hangyuls voice uhu

  22. Suga's Transmitted Disease

    Suga's Transmitted Disease11 日 前

    Oh no...I can't fall to a 19-year old boy. 😩❤️

  23. lee eunsang

    lee eunsang12 日 前

    si hoon

  24. Coxinha kapopera

    Coxinha kapopera13 日 前

    Simplismente perfeitos de mais

  25. ひかるひそか

    ひかるひそか13 日 前

    kang minhee im sorry i didnt notice you here

  26. yoyixing calix

    yoyixing calix13 日 前

    Who are part of x1?

  27. Bella Permata

    Bella Permata13 日 前

    Minhee, Hyeongjun, & Hangyul

  28. Bianca Lyn

    Bianca Lyn13 日 前

    dohyon's reactions are always the cute oh my

  29. 리우누나

    리우누나14 日 前

    Big fat a## got All them BOYS hooked 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈💕💕💕😁😁😁🔥

  30. MN L

    MN L14 日 前

    Rewatching Hangyul's stans peak moment because he was center and won 1st place here (aside from debuting!) 😻😻

  31. Super AmyGamers

    Super AmyGamers14 日 前


  32. Annisa Dwi Fajriah

    Annisa Dwi Fajriah15 日 前


  33. Gla Gla Playz

    Gla Gla Playz15 日 前

    I realise atleast 2 starship trainees will always be together Round 1 Koo Jungmo & Song HyeongJun The 7th sense Round 2 Han Wonjin, Kang Minhee, Song Hyeongjun Finesse Round 3 Koo Jungmo, Song Hyeongjun, Kang Minhee, Ham Wonjin (basically all) Pretty girl Round 4 Koo Jungmo, Ham Wonjin, Kang Minhee Boyness Its like they will always be connected...

  34. finn thefish

    finn thefish15 日 前


  35. Dahye C

    Dahye C16 日 前

    Song hyung jun is so handsome and cute but sexy at the same time

  36. Mark Lee's Eyebrows and multifandom life

    Mark Lee's Eyebrows and multifandom life17 日 前

    How can this be cute and sexy at the same time? I am personally feeling attacked.

  37. La meyn

    La meyn18 日 前

    Idk why but this is better then original😂

  38. Kawaii 365

    Kawaii 36518 日 前

    i miss kim sihun.. still supporting for him... the best leader and all-rounder trainee..

  39. Ansariya Nowbuth

    Ansariya Nowbuth21 日 前

    Produce 101 - Bang bang Produce 101 s2 - Shape of you Produce 48 - Instruction Produce x 101 - Finesse ICONIC.

  40. Gina Zhong

    Gina Zhong21 日 前

    This is the reason why I still hate Mnet Us international fans can't vote

  41. Krista Lenz

    Krista Lenz21 日 前

    @Gina Zhong wdym

  42. Gina Zhong

    Gina Zhong21 日 前

    Oh there is one more thing the voting did have a mistake if you guys didn't know

  43. syatirah hanan

    syatirah hanan22 日 前

    at this moment.. everyone doesn't expect min hee could debut.

  44. m u

    m u22 日 前

    Ham Wonjin ❤❤❤ Kim dongyun ❤❤❤

  45. Heart Harding

    Heart Harding22 日 前

    i keep repeating 1:48 and hangyul's highnote part...


    NBM NATION23 日 前

    i started to miss pdx hmmmmm anw , i like how dohyun fanboying to his bross , hangyul . hahahahaha

  47. Mythic Flood

    Mythic Flood23 日 前

    Sihun’s rankings went down after this performance??? Wake up guys! He deserves better!

  48. leerad mx

    leerad mx24 日 前

    X1's Lee Hangyul, Song Hyungjun & Kang Minhee

  49. #Cờ - him

    #Cờ - him25 日 前


  50. Adrianne Joy Montero

    Adrianne Joy Montero26 日 前

    I hope Si Hoon will join again. He's so good.

  51. Stella Chambers

    Stella Chambers26 日 前

    Perfect stage except for styling. Wish they were more colorful windbreaker and stuff, not a safari adventure.

  52. maddybg

    maddybg24 日 前

    That safari cracked me up. Especially Hangyul's really looks like it

  53. Shella Shella

    Shella Shella27 日 前


  54. Rhuan Thalles Ignez da Cruz

    Rhuan Thalles Ignez da Cruz27 日 前

    É muito engraçado ver coreano dançando kk

  55. Stephanie

    Stephanie28 日 前


  56. stan talent for bright future

    stan talent for bright future29 日 前

    0:04 i just notice that there is no watch on his wrist haha

  57. BTSLOVEのばな

    BTSLOVEのばな29 日 前


  58. 역시홍지수

    역시홍지수29 日 前

    Wow good!!! I like hyeong jun🥰🥰❤️💗💗💜💜💝💝💓💓🍗🐦

  59. Feriska Patricia

    Feriska Patriciaヶ月 前


  60. Senophile Godness17

    Senophile Godness17ヶ月 前

    0:39 please tell me this guy debuted...He's adorable and he has a good catch on this facial expressions 1:22 that lip bite. did he debut too?

  61. Senophile Godness17

    Senophile Godness17ヶ月 前

    @mieza vvil I feel bad for Sihun

  62. mieza vvil

    mieza vvilヶ月 前

    0:39 His name is Kang Minhee . He got debut with X1 1:22 I only know his name Sihun . He didn't make it until final line up.

  63. Suazilene Ferreira

    Suazilene Ferreiraヶ月 前

    1:06 Who else thought about Seventeen's "Adore U"? 🤔 Just me? Okay...

  64. Melisa Subetan

    Melisa Subetanヶ月 前

    Kang minheeeee kuhhh

  65. Amanda LOOFUS

    Amanda LOOFUSヶ月 前

    Dohyon’s face of relief after HANGYUL safely flipped was so wholesome

  66. Sak Luangphaxay

    Sak Luangphaxayヶ月 前

    What if cardi b saw this

  67. Ella-sshi

    Ella-sshiヶ月 前

    I'm still so goddamn pissed that Sihun didn't make the final lineup, dude, he's so goddamn talented.