1. oh yagelnizzle

    oh yagelnizzle2 時間 前

    I really want to love this thing...

  2. Tanner Newton

    Tanner Newton3 時間 前

    Hahahaha The elevator pass code is 1234#

  3. J B

    J B3 時間 前

    Looks like a real piece of junk

  4. Default Blender

    Default Blender4 時間 前

    5:30 Ye boiii now we know the elevator login

  5. SKI Avalos

    SKI Avalos4 時間 前

    No comment

  6. Shahzoda Ahmedova

    Shahzoda Ahmedova4 時間 前

    Super cool you crazy guys

  7. Sha Ji

    Sha Ji5 時間 前

    Comon man faster we ar weating four your future machienes

  8. Sha Ji

    Sha Ji5 時間 前

    Iam from india

  9. Sha Ji

    Sha Ji5 時間 前

    God bless you

  10. Sha Ji

    Sha Ji5 時間 前

    You are our future man

  11. Sha Ji

    Sha Ji5 時間 前

    Good elon madk we are withu




  13. Tyrone H

    Tyrone H5 時間 前

    Elon Musk looked and sounded pretty nervous with this thing. Almost like he was waiting and hoping nothing went wrong

  14. Tyrone H

    Tyrone H5 時間 前

    Was Hoping to hear some constructive criticism from Mr Leno.

  15. ConceptMist V3

    ConceptMist V35 時間 前


  16. antonio volpe

    antonio volpe6 時間 前

    “it’s gotta fit in a normal garage” two idiots

  17. Ricky B

    Ricky B6 時間 前

    Tesla: leader in apocalypse technology. I'm in.

  18. producer73

    producer737 時間 前

    Everything from Blade Runner, I Robot, Terminator, Demolition Man to countless other future predicting films; the themes and plots of those films will eventually come to reality if we're not paying attention. Many have already have. Hollywood only makes two types of movies. What happened in the past and what will happen in the future. So if would like a world like Terminator, and I Robot ...then by all means buy into Elon Tusk's and others' drive to a cyber toleration world.

  19. web2yt

    web2yt7 時間 前

    Cyber truck is growing on me, awesome

  20. MVE

    MVE7 時間 前

    Wow, driving through a Boring Company made tunnel in your Tesla Cybertruck, charged by SolarCity Company's solar electricity, while communicating/navigating via SpaceX satellites, paying for your music online with PayPal and keeping that Not A Flamethrower at hand in the back! Elon Musk has it all figured out!

  21. Patrick James

    Patrick James8 時間 前

    You know got money when you have jay drive yu around...

  22. pakpala1

    pakpala19 時間 前

    Rocket Launcher on a truck? Stupid!

  23. Tim Etter

    Tim Etter9 時間 前

    Jay needs to be back on tv he needs attention like a child

  24. Jaime Fernandez

    Jaime Fernandez9 時間 前

    No thanks!

  25. Sterling Macdonell

    Sterling Macdonell9 時間 前

    when leno called the hyper loop the "boring machine" and elson's face I'm dead

  26. Lil_LyriX

    Lil_LyriX10 時間 前

    Most people else meeting celebrities: *Oh- Erm- Hello sir/ma'am wou- omg I am such a fan* Elon Musk: *Erm- So we're gonna try to squeeze this truck into a tunnel and hope it fits and we don't die.*

  27. every buddy

    every buddy10 時間 前

    The one thing I can say about that thing, it is one of the ugliest vehicles i have ever seen. I would rather drive a chevy capri that has rust all over and all banged up before being seen in this thing.

  28. bivens3ify

    bivens3ify11 時間 前

    I'm going to be sporting my Cyber truck while listening to my masters of my own records. Wow.

  29. Jesus God Almighty Young Disciple

    Jesus God Almighty Young Disciple11 時間 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-1_8K2FhhdMU.html URGENT MESSAGE 18-35 to 35-50+

  30. Cold Beer

    Cold Beer12 時間 前

    Looks like they ripped off a space truck design from a 1970's TV space show series.

  31. S L

    S L12 時間 前

    If it can tow an Airstream then I want it.

  32. From Dusk To Dawn

    From Dusk To Dawn12 時間 前

    CYBER TRASH!!!!!!

  33. L Clarke

    L Clarke13 時間 前

    I can't stop laughing long enough to type something witty..

  34. chris p

    chris p13 時間 前

    So strong you can only stand on it! 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  35. Victor Hugo

    Victor Hugo13 時間 前

    hopefully buyers on Mars and Jupiter have enough cash, otherwise its Xpeng G3 and P7 to the moon from here, sell Tesla stock now at crazy hype valuation and hedge into Xpeng undervalued, can´t go wrong, Tesla soundling like Ripple Crypto in January 2018 when the guy was 100 billionaire ... Xpeng gigafactories in Africa and South America planned .... so, time to act?

  36. H. in motion

    H. in motion14 時間 前

    Seatbelt cannot adjustment

  37. I scream fitness

    I scream fitness14 時間 前

    Elon musk just here to have fun with humanity

  38. I scream fitness

    I scream fitness14 時間 前

    The gangster car in the Future

  39. Chris Freeman

    Chris Freeman15 時間 前

    As usual elon is on a whole other level!!!!!

  40. GNo1X

    GNo1X15 時間 前

    BUT! did anyone spot that 370z in the back at 1:59 LOL

  41. Novah

    Novah15 時間 前

    when Jay's chin said "b" I felt that

  42. Davita D

    Davita D15 時間 前

    the way Elon explained why being underground is better during an earthquake is the best. even 1st grader would understand, i want this man to teach my kid

  43. Auryn

    Auryn16 時間 前

    Tony Stark is real.

  44. Jack Laidlaw

    Jack Laidlaw16 時間 前

    Where do I tie things down with my ratchet straps.

  45. AyKay

    AyKay16 時間 前

    elon: oh yea the side windows are bullet proof to a hand guy every guy in the hood: so when is it going to be out and how much does it cost

  46. J Vill

    J Vill16 時間 前

    What does it look like? Don't be shy say it. I know what your thinking. 😁

  47. John Barnhill

    John Barnhill16 時間 前

    Right after this video Jay smoked another bowl.

  48. Aleksandar be together not the same

    Aleksandar be together not the same18 時間 前

    TESLA is made in china 😁😁😁

  49. Thomas Acampora

    Thomas Acampora18 時間 前

    What's up with that 1234# password for the elevator? lmao

  50. Kyle Blanchard

    Kyle Blanchard18 時間 前

    Can Leno see the road?

  51. 10115조관희

    10115조관희19 時間 前

    one day there will be that truck on mars. AS A MAIN VEHICLE!

  52. Sareiviseth Diep

    Sareiviseth Diep21 時間 前

    Wow that cyber truck is amazing. Got to get me one of those when its out.

  53. harry #

    harry #21 時間 前

    Reduce the car by 5% ! That would definitely make the truck in competition with F150

  54. Blake R

    Blake R21 時間 前

    STILL NO SIDE VIEW MIRRORS...how is this street legal?!

  55. Killroy was here

    Killroy was here21 時間 前


  56. John Wayne

    John Wayne22 時間 前

    Elon: "At Tesla we like to make the production car better than the show car" The auto industry: But wait, that's illegal.

  57. Leon

    Leon23 時間 前

    Good to hear it will look better than this.

  58. Rein bwo

    Rein bwo日 前

    What if Elon musk dies someday ?

  59. Daniel Preciado

    Daniel Preciado日 前

    Looks like a delorean

  60. Arsalan Ali Sayeed

    Arsalan Ali Sayeed日 前

    Apocalypse tech? How about stopping the apocalypse?

  61. Fischi

    Fischi日 前

    It's the most OP car for a robbery lol

  62. Ryan Peralta

    Ryan Peralta日 前

    Can't wait to buy one and put a rocket launcher on the bed!

  63. Łâçhïē

    Łâçhïē日 前

    I would love to live in the cyber truck in an apocalypse! Then you can add a missile launcher to it!

  64. yfloW

    yfloW日 前

    1:58 370z Nismo

  65. Vladimir Overchenko

    Vladimir Overchenko日 前


  66. Acton Treadway

    Acton Treadway日 前

    I feel like Elon should have sat in the middle seat for the test ride.

  67. James Bordon

    James Bordon日 前

    A giant Prius made out of sheet metal at home, No I'll pass.

  68. Ryan Peralta

    Ryan Peralta13 時間 前

    @James Bordon Stupid design? LMAO You mean a design that YOU particularly dislike?

  69. James Bordon

    James Bordon15 時間 前

    @Ryan Peralta I'm expressing my opinion about a stupid design, No body is forcing to comment on it. lol

  70. Ryan Peralta

    Ryan Peralta15 時間 前

    @James Bordon Nobody is trying to convince you or force you to buy it lol

  71. James Bordon

    James Bordon17 時間 前

    Ryan Peralta No trust me it has nothing to do with affordability,. I will not buy it, period.

  72. Ryan Peralta

    Ryan Peralta日 前

    You just say that because you can't afford it lol

  73. Clear Adventure

    Clear Adventure日 前

    The interior with all that room and glass is absolutely stunning!

  74. drumtwo4seven

    drumtwo4seven日 前

    #26,902 👍

  75. Treyton 1738

    Treyton 1738日 前

    But if there was a apocalypse you cant store electric charge but you can store gasoline

  76. Lee

    Lee23 時間 前

    Treyton 1738 it’s called a battery. It stores electric charge.

  77. Bilal Anarwala

    Bilal Anarwala日 前

    This video made me realize just how cool of a person Elon is to be around

  78. i dont know

    i dont know日 前

    aww man, I wish I was smart, I like trying to create new stuff but I'm not smart enough to do anything academically.

  79. Brad Smith

    Brad Smith日 前

    Really, really, really ugly...

  80. Ryan Peralta

    Ryan Peralta日 前

    No it is futuristic! You are just not used to the design cues.

  81. jose reyes

    jose reyes日 前

    This vehicle looks as if someone built it in their backyard.

  82. Stay Fit

    Stay Fit日 前

    its so ugly, wuao, but seem like a lot of space inside.

  83. ChefGiovanni

    ChefGiovanni日 前

    Cool prototype, but .... Tesla No Longer Even A Growth Company; Going Bankrupt: Shortseller is in the news

  84. Lee

    Lee23 時間 前

    ChefGiovanni as the stock hits $1650, selling record number of cars, building 2 more factories



    elon is flexing on other billionaires

  86. Fabio Trucco

    Fabio Trucco日 前

    Reminds me the homer vehicle taht send his brother company to broke

  87. Yana Lasagna

    Yana Lasagna日 前

    They got this right.

  88. Mae Mae

    Mae Mae日 前

    I wonder if Musk is too lazy to design this cybertruck to compete with traditional trucks.

  89. YC Y

    YC Y日 前

    "1234*" to activate that elevator....interesting ...