1. shivanna pooran

    shivanna pooran9 分 前

    Seeing Elle like that made me cry

  2. Anna Jensen

    Anna Jensen14 分 前

    he is so lucky to have catherine as a parent

  3. jmazumbu

    jmazumbu20 分 前

    Il follow you insgma

  4. Hunter Leader

    Hunter Leader23 分 前

    Your babies are so lucky to have you guys ! Congratulations on baby boy ! I love you guys ! ❤️

  5. Charley Salas

    Charley Salas29 分 前

    Congrats guys it's natural for the girls to react in that way

  6. Norton Family

    Norton Family37 分 前

    Also Congratulations I'm a Boy Mom too and its amazing. He's only 8 months and already a handful 😂 but its amazing. Love you ♥️

  7. Norton Family

    Norton Family39 分 前

    I've been watching practically since day one and EVERY TIME I show my boyfriend ur videos he gets all emotional and wants a baby. Now we have our son and NO LIE half way through he pauses it and says let's try for another baby ... So we did haha (Weve been wanting and talking about having another little baby but we just didn't know the right time) Ace family helping to grow other families 😂😂😂

  8. Ashley Mooi

    Ashley Mooi時間 前

    Looking for someone to sponsor me to raise 10,000 $ in exchange for fetish pictures just email me don’t be shy will be waiting on you 👀💋

  9. Haala Hiba

    Haala Hiba時間 前

    God bless you guys 😇

  10. Abraar Isaacs

    Abraar Isaacs時間 前

    I think the baby looks like Austin? 💕🙂

  11. ethio dt

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  12. Irina Protopopescu

    Irina Protopopescu時間 前

    Alaias talking is so cute!

  13. Emma Lyons

    Emma Lyons時間 前

    Was Elle sad in the video

  14. Bee Gang

    Bee Gang時間 前

    What about giveaways to the uk? My daughter adores you all. X

  15. sejla jahic

    sejla jahic時間 前

    It’s sad asf how their making people pay to interact with them now. That’s disgusting an supposedly the real fans would pay to be apart of “ace club” nothings genuine these days anymore in JPreporter.

  16. Ashley R.

    Ashley R.時間 前

    Awwwwwwww I literally had happy tears coming when Elle and Alaïa gave him that first kiss on the cheek , awww it melted my heart !

  17. Zitlaly Zamudio

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  18. preslee plays

    preslee plays時間 前

    I think Austin's voice in the intro is amazing . And if catherine is in there too cause I heard a girl voice she sounded amazing

  19. Jihan Br

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  20. Bre-Anna Henry

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  21. Bre-Anna Henry

    Bre-Anna Henry2 時間 前

    These kids about to give them a run for they money

  22. Bre-Anna Henry

    Bre-Anna Henry2 時間 前

    @9:23 head full of hair

  23. Its a girl thing

    Its a girl thing3 時間 前

    Oh my gosh welcome to this world baby boy, congrats you guys looking forward to seeing him and the the girls growing up on the channel

  24. Romi Monscheuer

    Romi Monscheuer3 時間 前

    Elle👧🏻 and Alaia👶🏻 were so nice to his baby brother👶🏻. It was difficult for Alaia👶🏻 to share her brother👶🏻 with Elle👧🏻. I am so exieted for ACE Clup. Love❤ you guys🧔🏻👩👧🏻👶🏻👶🏻

  25. Justin Chow

    Justin Chow3 時間 前

    IS She having another baby?

  26. lopez les

    lopez les3 時間 前

    i don’t know why people hate on them. there so grateful and care about there supporters. Also it’s so Dumb when people hate and say ‘ they use the baby for views’ anyways congrats catherine!!

  27. سهم الاتحاد

    سهم الاتحاد3 時間 前

    The husbind is black or white ?

  28. SimplySunshine C:

    SimplySunshine C:3 時間 前

    No hate towards this family..But she seems unhappy I can notice that you guys don’t give her enough attention.This usually doesn’t happen when they meet.

  29. Tracy-Ann Powell

    Tracy-Ann Powell4 時間 前

    Congratulations ace family love you guys as always ❤

  30. bilias hour

    bilias hour4 時間 前

    i love how elle is so emotional about her baby brother, she made me cry cause she’s so cute 😭😭😭😭💕



    Il et trop mignon

  32. tanisha Mali

    tanisha Mali5 時間 前

    Guys I like your family but why you guys just ingnore elle and always give attention to alaïa and ofc you have to give attention to the baby boy but then also why you guys just ingnore elle not only in this video in all video ok why you guys do that she was crying you was not giving attention to get only give attention to alaïa thats not fare age family I thing I am going to stop watching you guys video

  33. bilias hour

    bilias hour4 時間 前

    i feel bad for the grandma thooo

  34. Dürdane Türkoğlu

    Dürdane Türkoğlu5 時間 前

    hello I will make Turkish Turkish subtitles for us, I love you so much ❤️💕❤️😍

  35. habiba muhammad tambuwal

    habiba muhammad tambuwal5 時間 前

    I am so happy for you guys. I appreciate you guys so much, my ultimate dream is to meet you guys. You are both great parents and you make me wanna be a parent real soon. I love you guys so much. Welcome baby boy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. Story Time With Bianca

    Story Time With Bianca5 時間 前

    I would love to babysit for the Ace Family one day!😀

  37. Adalena Santos

    Adalena Santos5 時間 前

    Why are you named your son Steel what kind of name is that🤭🤔

  38. A'Jhnae Dore

    A'Jhnae Dore5 時間 前

    I love you so much 🥰🥰

  39. Camille Fournier

    Camille Fournier6 時間 前

    what in there ? my organs ! This woman is so funny x)

  40. Francheska Frias

    Francheska Frias6 時間 前

    i love ace

  41. Animals Worldwide

    Animals Worldwide6 時間 前

    People there is one more family vlog channel named The moore the merrier vlogs, they are super talents and creative and have great videos, please watch their videos if u like u can subscribe

  42. Roman palleschi

    Roman palleschi6 時間 前

    Congrat to the baby

  43. Kesha Laroche

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  44. Lili Jade

    Lili Jade6 時間 前

    how austin predicted the girls reaction was ugh.hahaha soo accurately cute

  45. Saleha Begum

    Saleha Begum6 時間 前

    Awwww Elle looks so sad it looked like she was going to cry and why would they use their children for views they had earn money and spend it on their children and giveaways to their fans so they would never use their children

  46. Ashley Arangure

    Ashley Arangure6 時間 前

    I feel so bad Elle feels neglected you guys should pay a lot more attention to Elle now because it seems like she feels like now that there is a new baby there’s no attention for her

  47. Lili Jade

    Lili Jade7 時間 前

    so inlove with this fammmmmmmmmm

  48. Sanearah Friday

    Sanearah Friday7 時間 前

    Awwwwe the baby is so cute 💞


    SULA ALSALEM8 時間 前

    i feel bad for the grandma thooo

  50. Kitty Playz

    Kitty Playz9 時間 前

    I’ve been here since day one and this family has honestly changed my life. In the best ways possible, Thank you..

  51. Lilly Visser

    Lilly Visser9 時間 前

    🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 i love you guys, so happy that you guys are okay and safe home

  52. Ina Manukau-Croft Manukau-Croft

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  53. Ina Manukau-Croft Manukau-Croft

    Ina Manukau-Croft Manukau-Croft10 時間 前

    100%austin mcbroom 100%

  54. Vee Vee

    Vee Vee10 時間 前

    Soooooo mannnnnyyyyyy ads!!!!!

  55. Bhavisha Chauhan

    Bhavisha Chauhan10 時間 前

    I love you so much!!may god bless you always n forever

  56. Alaa Farhan

    Alaa Farhan10 時間 前

    Love you guys ❤❤

  57. Natalia Abrego

    Natalia Abrego11 時間 前

    You guys are so lucky because u can get 10 cars and I can’t 1 phone all I really want is for u to come to my house and give me a iPhone 11 I now it will never happen but I can always dream right

  58. Monica Ali

    Monica Ali11 時間 前

    Congratulations on your beautiful Baby boy 💙 Just sending you love and support!!! Don't let the haters bring you down you are a great family and my kids love you all !!! God bless your beautiful family 🙏😇,❤️

  59. Kitboklang Marbaniang

    Kitboklang Marbaniang11 時間 前

    I think Elle is a little bit jealous but alaia i see she is very happy

  60. kingopp _glizzy

    kingopp _glizzy11 時間 前

    Hold up did she say it’s cold outside 😭

  61. Miss Lemon

    Miss Lemon11 時間 前

    Oh 😍 I just started doing JPreporter videos and you are such an inspiration to me ✨

  62. Brian Hester

    Brian Hester12 時間 前

    Ellen looks so sad omg ya need to make time for her please

  63. Brian Hester

    Brian Hester12 時間 前

    Ellen look so sad omg why tho

  64. Sandra Dunfield

    Sandra Dunfield12 時間 前

    Such a sweet time in your little family's lives. This video was so beautiful!

  65. Stella Carline

    Stella Carline12 時間 前

    the best video ever !!!

  66. priyanka priya

    priyanka priya12 時間 前

    Elle is not jealous she’s just feeling emotional!

  67. Feliz Shaw

    Feliz Shaw12 時間 前

    I just bumped into this channel your family seems so genuine thank you and congrats on the new baby ive been binge watching the whole day today thank you

  68. Anika Singhaniya

    Anika Singhaniya12 時間 前

    I am watching ace family since elle was a baby....I really think they should get elle a puppy...

  69. Jody Willard

    Jody Willard12 時間 前

    By our fam when a new born yawns we have too squeeze thé cheeks

  70. Sandra Pollack

    Sandra Pollack12 時間 前

    beautiful family

  71. Momosita4994

    Momosita499413 時間 前

    What’s the baby name?

  72. Kay Viera

    Kay Viera13 時間 前

    lmfao when alaiia smelled his feet hahhaggga

  73. M Monarez

    M Monarez13 時間 前

    A-austin and alaia C-catherine E-Elle S-steel

  74. _chloe2020_ xx

    _chloe2020_ xx13 時間 前

    Elle went happy to sad real quick

  75. Dahiana Peralta

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  76. Fabian Grant

    Fabian Grant14 時間 前

    Cute 💗❤❤😻🤗

  77. Kayla Martinez

    Kayla Martinez14 時間 前

    elles room compared to my room ... bru

  78. Sandra Rodriguez

    Sandra Rodriguez14 時間 前

    You're so blessed to have such a wonderful and beautiful family. Congratulations to you all. Take care of baby brother big sisters 💙. I just love watching your family cause there's not a lot of people who care the way they should for their families. And for not making it like money buys everything like all the other family's who put themselves out there. Thank you for allowing me and most of our families watch your life. God Bless ya'll always and forever 🙏 ❤.

  79. Victoria Watson

    Victoria Watson14 時間 前

    I cried when you guys said you wanted to buy someone's house, pay for someone's education, pay for their fertility treatment. These are genuine gifts that will change lives, and you guys are such a blessing to this world. I love you guys!! God has blessed us

  80. Riri

    Riri15 時間 前

    OMGOSH! Last time I watched this chanel Elle was Alaïa's age and Alaïa was the new born baby's age!

  81. Alexandra Carbonell

    Alexandra Carbonell15 時間 前

    Hey guys. I wanna say that I’m so proud of you guys and what you have done on JPreporter and what you have done with your platform. I’m so grateful to have run into your JPreporter account when you guys FIRST started and I wanna say I love you guys man. You guys have really set up your families for life. I enjoy every second of your videos and really appreciate the time and effort you guys put. I love you guys and I know many more blessings will come to you both as well as your kids and the rest of your family... 💗💗 I cant wait to see what the future has for you guys. I really enjoyed your podcast on ace club and I’m so glad I can be a part of it 🥺 I hope you guys see this