Eight Times America Surprised Trevor - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show


  1. Antonio Torres

    Antonio Torres2 時間 前


  2. XeroRez

    XeroRez2 時間 前

    Done the window thing xD

  3. Latoya Manhertz

    Latoya Manhertz5 時間 前

    Lol am dying😂

  4. Vanessa Teles

    Vanessa Teles8 時間 前

    The happy birthday song in Brazil is the same melody, but super fun! You're supposed to clap throughout it all, screaming like hurray in certain places. In different areas of the country, we made up a few extra verses! And in the end people will blow the candle after the BUM in people singing RA TIM BUM at the top of their lungs.

  5. Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.

    Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.8 時間 前

    I'm surprised this douche doesn't crap his pants 3-times per day.

  6. tymika welsh

    tymika welsh15 時間 前

    Theres so many double standards between white ppl and black ppl still

  7. Sam Ayeni

    Sam Ayeni16 時間 前

    I can finally enjoy life because of, *b e s t h o m e j o b s .c l u b*

  8. charxoalArmy east

    charxoalArmy east16 時間 前

    The caption translated "folks fuckin beetle" stay safe people...

  9. David Brannon

    David Brannon17 時間 前

    How are the ratings going, Trevor?

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  11. Countess Crenchaw

    Countess Crenchaw20 時間 前

    Doja Cat a young lady from South Africa states being Black is too hard - she's a white valley girl.

  12. Sukalpa Kundu

    Sukalpa Kundu21 時間 前

    You had a car and a girlfriend at 18, that’s crazy🤣.

  13. Logan Jeffery andrew

    Logan Jeffery andrew日 前

    I think I’m general America could benefit from talking about any issues from the past.

  14. D Di P

    D Di P日 前

    He needs to go back to the studio, cuz he's not funny by himself!

  15. switchmuso

    switchmuso日 前

    Trevor's mum hating food be wasted was very beautiful... right at the end...

  16. Cool Girl

    Cool Girl日 前

    This law is used as a pretext

  17. Natasha Melo Siqueira

    Natasha Melo Siqueira日 前

    Oh my God - I think the latino commentator that Trevor was talking about was brazilian

  18. Zeus Incoming2

    Zeus Incoming2日 前

    Trevor Looks ALOT Like his MOM... Hes so Cute!

  19. Lexi the Slither-puff

    Lexi the Slither-puff日 前

    I just think he likes talking about chickens.

  20. votive

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  21. Barn Star

    Barn Star日 前

    Well, I just learnt what buffalo wings are! : )

  22. Zeus Incoming2

    Zeus Incoming2日 前

    Other Countries just try to emulates the US and may not always be on point. Atleast in Africa, they give the offender the benefit of the doubt.

  23. F1R3 P0W3R

    F1R3 P0W3R日 前

    I feel disappointed in this camera crew. They're distracting, and I'm taking a class on broadcast tech and it gets me on how distracting this is

  24. Joel Harkness

    Joel Harkness日 前

    yes! let the cat jump. it will ever do it again!



    in many other cultures food fights is very offencive. I can´t see the funny side about it any where




  27. J Bb

    J Bb2 日 前

    I wish you would go back to south africa

  28. Caitlyn Clyne

    Caitlyn Clyne2 日 前

    How have I been sleeping on this? Trevor is hilarious! 😂

  29. Corey Joe Hendricks

    Corey Joe Hendricks2 日 前

    On God, I would die for this man.

  30. sandra valencia

    sandra valencia2 日 前

    The latino sports commentator is Colombian! I’m sure those people got the best soccer comments!!

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  34. Fertile Dirt

    Fertile Dirt2 日 前

    Oh the look hahahahahahahahahahahna

  35. Fertile Dirt

    Fertile Dirt2 日 前

    Tell them about the stuff they put on top of the buses there.

  36. Shivani B

    Shivani B2 日 前

    I agree with the food part. You people waste lot of food even as a general public. What is wrong with you people. I guess because you people can print your money whenever you want..that's the problem. Nobody takes things seriously.

  37. Fertile Dirt

    Fertile Dirt2 日 前

    Go to the principles office. I've sang the Beatles version or the one your mom and you did. Perfect analogy

  38. Michael Cynocefal

    Michael Cynocefal2 日 前

    vacuity still expressing?

  39. Bandit Rider

    Bandit Rider2 日 前

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  40. NakiaDeon Presents

    NakiaDeon Presents2 日 前

    I think that's a black thing Trevor. We never sing the original song in my family. We sing the Stevie version or 50 cent's LOL. Being black Christians we also sing: "Happy Birthday to you, oh Happy Birthday to you. May you feel Jesus near every day of the year. Oh Happy Birthday to you, oh Happy Birthday to you...and the best year you've ever had!" Complete with the black Christian clap. That other song is way too boring and I always feel like I'm being forced to sing it when I'm in mixed company. LOL

  41. David Dapaah

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  42. Andrei Andrei

    Andrei Andrei3 日 前

    So you are smart but not smart enough to understand you are now a big part of the problem? Money can do that to you.

  43. S Garrett

    S Garrett3 日 前

    That's how I'm gonna sing Happy Birthday from now on!! (It's a celebration!)

  44. Joseph Suarez

    Joseph Suarez3 日 前

    He sounds bitter that he didn’t grow up in the US...

  45. Darren Martin

    Darren Martin3 日 前

    To this day it still baffles me there's a country where it's legal to carry a lethal weapon but you can be arrested for crossing the road

  46. lisa brygger

    lisa brygger3 日 前

    actually we not see the transaction beforehand

  47. lisa brygger

    lisa brygger3 日 前

    bird watching is like he was swimming in the ocean , not gonna happen

  48. lisa brygger

    lisa brygger3 日 前

    you know it , I know it

  49. Christy Luke

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  51. Rukayat Jimoh

    Rukayat Jimoh3 日 前

    I feel like all Africans police behave the same way that y police and Nigeria are never on time and close the station early especially when there is a shooting no one will come on time even if they are next door.

  52. Dawson Kay

    Dawson Kay3 日 前

    Trevor Noah is honestly the most relatable man on Earth

  53. Mario Rodriguez

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  54. Jerks

    Jerks3 日 前

    Why does anybody care what this bigot thinks?

  55. MeaningofSilence

    MeaningofSilence3 日 前

    "We are starving in Africa, why are they wasting food!" Dude, that was an amazing watch.

  56. Bimbo Odekunle

    Bimbo Odekunle3 日 前

    I love how the camera crew is enjoying this as well

  57. Sarah Bobbitt

    Sarah Bobbitt3 日 前

    I love watching you. Best way to get my news.

  58. Guy Phaux

    Guy Phaux4 日 前

    I listen to this guy and think how much of a genius Jon Stewart was....*is.

  59. PrettyBrown Eyez

    PrettyBrown Eyez4 日 前

    My mom always says that about wasting food: "People in other countries would love to have one bite and they're just throwing it away." 🤦

  60. Tom Daniels

    Tom Daniels4 日 前

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  61. Bonie Gadzama

    Bonie Gadzama4 日 前

    He is so good with accents